Bruce Arians Playing Coy On Starters

October 1st, 2021

Talkin’ JPP.

As Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians stated in his opening remarks of his final press conference before the Bucs travel to New England for Sunday’s game, the only injured players officiallhy out for Sunday’s game are Jamel Dean and Giovani Bernard.

That means Jason Pierre-Paul is, as Arians said, “a game-time decision.”

JPP was asked by doctors in Colorado to rest his sore shoulder; the extent of the injury is unknown to fans. JPP didn’t make the trip to Los Angeles last weekend but did watch the Bucs-Rams game at a waterfront bar as documented on his Instagram stories feed.

Arians was pressed for more specifics with JPP. Arians was asked if he was surprised that JPP practiced this morning.

“Nothing surprises me about Jason,” Arians beamed.

Then Arians was asked if JPP could start. Arians’ answer was, well, curious.

“He’s an amazing cat.”

There’s no doubt about that.

6 Responses to “Bruce Arians Playing Coy On Starters”

  1. Ben green Says:

    It’s the smart way to play it. Bill will no doubt, try to erase certain players from the game sheet. He did it to JJ watt every time they played. Bill will have contingency plans no matter what. But it makes it harder for the Patriots to zero In on a specific player

  2. Rico210 aka wutdaBucisthis Says:

    I know ya hurting big fella, but we need Sunday. Limited snaps of course.
    Go Bucs

  3. lambeau Says:

    Sherman’s gotta play.

  4. Hodad Says:

    If JPP plays, do something! All of them, do something! JPP has been a well paid cheerleader so far this year. All the scary talented high priced players equals three sacks in three games. Pats aren’t worried if he plays, they may very well hope he does. The whole darn defense needs to play great, not just show up.

  5. Tim R. Says:

    If JPP is not 100 percent then rest him Sunday. It’s time for others to step up and play like they did last year. Lets start the game by blitzing Jones and take some of the pressure of the secondary. D line push your blocker into the backfield and allow the blitzers a better chance to get to Jones. It is a bit early to play Sherman but there’s a real need. Not to many players could do it this soon but he has the talent. Go Tom and company the defense is in need for you guys to have a great day. Go Bucs!

  6. TOM Says:

    Hope Sherman gets in for some plays. They definetely need him.