Bruce Arians On Gruden: “I Think It All Speaks For Itself”

October 13th, 2021

Bruce Arians

Bucco Bruce Arians punted.

Joe can’t blame the Bucs’ head coach. No reason to fire up a bunch of headlines that potentially could distract your team hours before a huge Thursday night road game.

Arians is a Pennsylvania guy who also spent years growing up in New Jersey. He did a call with Philly-area media this week up and was asked about the Jon Gruden resignation and situation, and what it says about the NFL.

“It really has nothing to do with this game, so I don’t want to comment on it. I think it all speaks for itself,” Arians replied, via WHTM-TV.

Joe believes Arians will address Chucky’s demise during an interview eventually, maybe after the season.

Joe suspects Arians, along with Father Dungy and others like them who are all about second chances, would be open to Chucky finding ways to restore his name enough to return to the Buccaneers Ring of Honor one day.

93 Responses to “Bruce Arians On Gruden: “I Think It All Speaks For Itself””

  1. Beeej Says:

    There’s ZERO upside for him commenting on it. The best I’d have said is “email is forEVER”

  2. Buc92’ Says:

    Some things there’s just NO coming back from , may GOD heal his heart


  3. Alanbucsfan Says:

    would be open to Chucky finding ways to restore his name enough to return to the Buccaneers Ring of Honor one day.-
    Don’t see that happening…
    Gruden apologized and that wasn’t good enough for Glazers…

  4. Flyin Dutchman Says:

    Proud Bruce Arians is our coach.

  5. Medicated Pete Says:

    Joel Osteen can heal his heart for a $2,000,000 dollar donation

  6. OBP Says:

    Gruden is literally gonna have to spend millions of dollars and years to get back in the public’s good graces enough to make that happen. Hope he grows and learns from this, and can eventually earn his spot back.

  7. Buc92’ Says:

    Pete lol

  8. Beeej Says:

    He should have said he was hacked by space aliens, worked for Joy Reid. She still has a prime time show on MSNBC

  9. sasquatch Says:

    What could he do to redeem himself? It’s not happening.

  10. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Off topic, Tre Flowers CB for Seattle looking to get traded. What ever happened to the term Freedom of Speach! Not condoning what he said but if you have a beef with someone are we now supposed to send a bouquet of flowers? I’m pretty sure his intentions were not to attack an entire race or the entire Gay community. Now I don’t blame Glazers though, I would have a tough time promoting a man that suggest I perform oral on him.

  11. Adrnagy Says:

    Sam was / is a bust. Should’ve never played in nfl.

  12. Desertbucsfan Says:

    What are they going to do with the statue of 2002 team.

  13. kyle Says:

    gruden is done, end of story. Remove his statue and lets move on. Bruce will go down as greatest coach in bucs history anyways..

  14. Bojim Says:

    Dungy will but BA will say what everyone wants to hear. I don’t care. Take us to the SB again.

  15. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Suddenly, everyone is a Saint-Hood expert.
    Down here in the peanut gallery, lol

  16. Rayjay1122 Says:

    He apologized. Unfortunately for Chucky that is not going to carry too much weight. Most of the time people are not really sorry. They are just sorry they got caught. Only he knows his own feelings at this point but it seems like these were his feelings over years and not just a hateful rant one time in a fit of anger. That would still be unacceptable but this was worse.

  17. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    “I think it all speaks for itself.” That is his comment. That is a valid comment. It all does speak for itself, except for “dullards” like Rod Munch. Nothing speaks to that guy. For Christ’s sake it’s 9 years of emails. It’s not a mistake. It’s a way of life.

  18. mg Says:

    Mrs.Clinton is the only person that can beat an e-mail scandal…

  19. Jerry Says:

    Gruden is still the winningest coach in Bucs history with 57 wins (Dungy has 54 and John McKay has 44). You can’t erase those stats. All you can do is have someone break it. Arians would need to stick around a few more years to break it. He has 22 right now.

    Of course, if Arians wins back-to-back Super Bowls, that alone will dwarf the Gruden era.

  20. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I sure want to see what the other 650,000 Emails say ?

  21. SB Says:

    I want to see Jamele Hill’s emails for the last decade.

  22. Beej Says:

    On the bright side, we FINALLY found some emails the NY Times is interested in!

  23. mark2001 Says:

    What many seem to not understand no days is that words mean little to nothing, when it comes to something like this. It is a change and turning away from the old way…aka…repentance… that must be seen.

  24. Listnfrmafar Says:

    No one ever answers a question on this site, all they do is give their opinion. My question was, what ever happened to freedom of speech?

  25. mark2001 Says:

    List…you have never been able to say whatever you chose to, to your boss or other executives…or other workers, without consequences. That is the way of the world.. nothing changes. The exception being Ted Cruz when someone calls your wife a dog or something…and for him, that is acceptable.

  26. Beej Says:

    there isn’t one, despite what that piece of paper from the 1700’s says

  27. Winny Testaverde Says:

    I appreciate what Gruden brought to the Bucs nearly 2 decades ago. His legacy obviously hasn’t aged well…and has now died 1000 deaths.

    Arians is everything Gruden isn’t/wasn’t. Honest…loyal…current & former players love him vs hate him/want to fight him. Life is a long game…game over for Gruden while Arians licked cancer twice and is in the midst of football nirvana.

  28. mg Says:

    Freedom of speech left town. The Karen mob and its woke agenda will shut down conservatives attempting to speak on campus.

  29. ClodHopper Says:

    Taking the Belicheat route. I like that.

  30. D-Rome Says:

    Spot on Beeej. No upside to any comment.

  31. Defense Rules Says:

    Listnfrmafar … We have freedom of speech; just don’t put it on paper. Chucky seems to have made a few enemies along the way, and was at times a little arrogant. Those emails just gave his enemies the ammunition they needed to take him down. Personally I think he’s toast. Networks won’t touch him now & the NFL has already turned their back. Who knows though, maybe a college will give him a chance at redemption.

  32. webster Says:

    Some of you are morons seriously. Did you pay attention in history class? Freedom of speech means you can speak out against the government and not face punishment. This law was implemented because if you spoke out against the king and queen, it can result in off with your head. Thats why you cant yell fire in a crowded building. But because we broke away from england, we implemented freedom of speech and freedom of the press in order to keep checks and balances on our government “for the people.” Freedom of speech ie freedom from punishment does not apply to the private sector. You are more than welcomed to say what gruden said but there are consequences from that. Did you not notice he was not arrested? Jesus pick up a book and educate yourselves. I cant believe just how clueless a lot of you are

  33. westernbuc Says:

    Dungy is a conservative Christian which believes in a lot of things we’d call “problematic.” BA/Licht came from a team where seemingly every executive gets a DUI as part of initiation. TB owns a MAGA hat and is buddies with Trump. This doesn’t even include Sapp, AB, Sherman, Winslow, Winston, Mike Williams, and everyone else the Glazers have cut a check to.

    Everyone is guilty of something. It’s called being human. If you can’t envision a future where we take Dungy’s name down because he was opposed to gay marriage then either you aren’t paying attention, or you just don’t care.

  34. Ash Says:

    Freedom of speech protects you from the government trying to prosecute for said speech or trying to stop you in any other way from saying something doesn’t protect you from the consequences from everyday people or a business making a business decision.

  35. Nutbucer Says:

    Beeej feeling him some tonight, makes me miss weekday drinking. You don’t believe in aliens?

  36. Cobraboy Says:

    I give the Glazers credit for biting their tongue and putting Gruden on the wall in the first place.

    I doubt it was a big decision to take him down.

  37. Mr Bean Says:

    I don’t know what Gruden said. And I don’t care. If I were to read the emails I would probably disapprove. But there is a lesson to be learn from all this. When Nixon got re-elected with the biggest margin ever – it all unraveled because he chose to defend his guys and lied. The moral of the story – don’t lie! Gruden’s downfall is saying stuff in an email. Well, don’t. As simple as that. You can be a great coach. Have a great career. 100 million contract. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by making stupid comments. As simple as that. Great people are brought down for the stupidest reason.

  38. webster Says:

    Western buc dungy is not a conservative christian. He is a christian yes, but that does not make him a conservative. There are a lot of democratic christians that dont believe in gay marriage. Thats due to their religous beliefs. But they also believe they cant force their religous beliefs on you because the bible teaches christ is the only judge. You are aware you can be a part of a political party and not agree with everything said party does. I know in this trump republican party today that is hard to believe, but having a republican ie liz chaney speak against trump is not a reason to “cancel” her. I thought the right hate cancel culture. Dungy does not spew hatred and demeaning words when discussing gay marriage. Thats why he is not getting removed from the ROH.

  39. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    I can’t muster the energy to care. But if I could then you’d have to kick Sapp out too and cut Brown. Fat chance of that.

  40. Lets Roll Says:

    Gruden needs to start his own pod cast and do Xs and Os and use whatever language he wants about whoever he wants.

    If you don’t like it turn the channel. Me personally, I wouldn’t listen because I don’t typically listen to entertainment talking heads on any of the networks for any type of knowledge or information.

  41. Steven007 Says:

    Thank you Webster for what should have been an unnecessary tutorial. Obviously necessary for some. Well stated. Alvin, big props for dropping Captain Munch’s favorite d word! Well done.

  42. Jbeachbuc Says:

    @ Westernbuc
    So wearing a MAGA hat and being buddies with former President Trump is problematic & On par with coach Gru’s comments… lol.. Ok. SMDH.

  43. BucEmUp Says:

    Lets not fire anyone who has used the word cracker or honkey…I do not agree with Grudens words but how about some consistency. We can’t fire every white guy who makes a derogatory comment but let everything else just be whatever. Nobody wants to say it but it is so off balance. You will never see a person of color lose their job for making a derogatory remark about a Caucasian person. Why is this so one sided? Shouldn’t every individual who has made any comment in an email like this be fired immediately now? Break it down for me so I can understand.

  44. Jbeachbuc Says:

    @JBF weak. Extremely disappointed.

  45. westernbuc Says:

    Webster, Conservative does not equal Republican. Dungy endorsed a gay marriage ban and this is well documented. I didn’t know Gruden used that language until the NFL leaked his private emails. Who knows what kind of person Dungy is in private and out-of-context. As for Liz Cheney, she’s not a “Republican criticizing Trump.” She’s a warmonger who’s auditioning for CNN and her dad belongs in Guantanamo Bay for war crimes.

    JBeach, of course it’s not on-par. But those emails aren’t on-par with what Sapp/Winston/Sherm/AB allegedly did either. For people who think cancel culture is just “accountability,” there is no distinction.

  46. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Oops Never mind, my bad

  47. Lefty Says:

    Gruden’s Football Life Matters

  48. Natron Says:

    Captain Bruce needs to steer clear of the Gruden ship wreck

  49. Will Says:

    Yes there is still freedom of speech but there may be consequences.

  50. Lets Roll Says:

    Just look what happened to Kary Mullis for talking crap about his bosses.

    Gruden got off easy.

    I think Bill and Hill liked him and took Chucky up on his offer to blow him. Than told him to leave with his life.

  51. webster Says:

    Western buc stop it. Every republican ie romney, the late john mccain etc who have come out against trump yall cancel. Every republican who have been republicans for decades that worked in trumps administration and left due to their beliefs he is an idiot or a danger to america and wrote books detailing the same concerns the right has tried to cancel. And again being against gay marriage does not mean you are demeaning as gruden displayed. That is his religous beliefs. There are religions that believe eating pork is wrong (read leviticus 11. It goes over why pork is wrong and against the diet of christ). That does not mean you demean those who eat pork if that is your religous beliefs teaches otherwise. So again, dungy will not be removed from the ROH

  52. Lets Roll Says:

    The only consequences to free speech is that you have idiots that will try to punish and harm you if the disagree with you.

    Actions are ALL THAT MATTERS. If you don’t have anything good to say, you SHOULD keep your mouth shut but you are free to say what you feel. Perhaps that will make you feel better and you will learn your true feeling after expressing yourself.

    PERHAPS, you will realize your a dumb azz. PERHAPS NOT

  53. Lets Roll Says:

    There is NO SCIENCE that words have consequences.

    HOWEVER. if you have FAITH in Christ. Your words can be vary powerful. OTHERWISE words are EMPTY without ACTION. Jesus was able to speak things into existence because of HIS actions.

    Now if Jesus was running His mouth I would be listening and caring AND FIGHTING for His Right to say whatever He wanted.

  54. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Freedom of speech please! Kaepernick exercised his right of freedom of speech and he got black balled so Gruden deserves the same! FREEDOM OF SPEECH BUT JUST WATCH WHAT YOU SAY! THERE’S CONSEQUENCES AND REPERCUSSIONS SMOKEY!!! You make the wrong/right people mad see what happens.

  55. tampabuscsbro Says:

    Once again.

    Angry white 50+ somethings projecting in the chat.

    You guys are like my neighbors that still won’t take down their M@GA signs.

  56. Posey99 Says:

    If gruden made a rap song about it instead of putting it in emails it would have been fine..

    Name calling is name calling… referring to “old white dudes 50+“ in a derogatory way is suggesting you’re better then them by age and skin color… there’s a name for that.

    As dungy and others have said give it a few days for all the information to come out this is part of an investigation. Emotional knee jerk responses on the internet is pretty silly. Have you ready the contents of All emails? Give it time this could be a coverup/ distraction for Snyder

  57. Rod Munch Says:

    Derek Carr so far has had the best response – he said open up everything in every NFL teams’ correspondence.

    But that doesn’t go far enough, we need to see all the players emails, and text messages as well.

    If we want to have a good old public lynching, let’s go all the way! It will be great. We can all feign outrage, pretend we’re victims, pretend words hurt, cry out for everyone to be fired, and enjoy the show as it all burns down. There won’t be any football at the end of it, but that’s OK, football was steeped in white supremacy and toxic masculinity, and so it needs to go.

    Maybe then, finally, the dream of the [insert naughty word] would come true and we’d start watching soccer.

  58. lambchop Says:

    @Rod Munch,

    Nice way to deflect the blame. Nobody said Gruden is the only one. Unfortunately for him, his emails were under the radar of the Washington probe. If you’re dumb enough to put racist remarks in B&W, don’t be surprised when someone tells you your $hit stinks.

    This is not a public lynching. All Gruden had to do was pick up the phone and rant instead of leaving proof. I can guarantee a lot of people are deleting emails right now. But not getting caught doesn’t make you any less of a POS.

    Even employees at a company know better than to leave written proof.

  59. lambchop Says:

    And also, Derek Carr is an idiot. The league cannot go through everyone’s emails without a legal right to do so. Jon Gruden just managed to wiggle his way into an investigation that had nothing to do with him.

  60. Rod Munch Says:

    Arians is how old? 69?

    I guarantee he’s said more offensive words than anyone on this site. Because that’s what men do. They’re rude, offensive, make fun of others — because it’s funny to bust peoples balls, or just to ‘shock’ nerds who think words hurt.

    The issue I have is everyone knows that, literally every single person knows that. Every single person knows exactly what ‘locker room talk’ means. Yet some people will fake outrage because they gain from it, be it gaining attention, doing it for political reasons, trying to squeeze someone or some organization for money, etc.

    That is why anyone who jumps on the public lynching bandwagon of someone for comments, in particular made in private, are complete worthless and dishonest trash, and the world would be a better place without them.

  61. Rod Munch Says:

    lambchop – what was his exact ‘racist’ comment, what was the context? I haven’t seen it since I’m not a girl who reads people’s private emails. But please, post what he said so I know what you’re talking about.

  62. webster Says:

    Posey 1st of all dungy said that when the 1st email came out. Thats why you saw tim brown, and a few of grudens current players have his back.
    But please acknowledege dungy has now condemed gruden due to all the other emails that were brought to the light. Please keep up sir. As it relates to rappers, they are independent contractors. What do you not understand? They are not ceo’s of IBM or PUBLIX or Papa Johns or a head coach in the nfl. 85% of nfl fans have no clue who da baby is. And guess what, you dont have to listen to these rappers. No one is forcing you to stream their music. But check it, in the late 80’s the government put advisory warnings on the rappers albums. Funny how the government never put those type of warnings on hard rock albums before that that also talked about sex, drugs and violence. It only happened when rap started infiltrating the white suburbs and rap was considered a danger to society. No one ask rappers to lead men or be leaders in the community. They ask rappers to make us dance. Just like we ask actors to put out a good movie ie independent contractor. No one is canceling nicohlas cage or shia lebouf for their idiotic behavior. Maybe gruden should have acted no?

  63. lambchop Says:

    @Rod Munch,

    Go and Google it. I’m not here to educate you or exorcise your bigotry, which from your posts, makes it very clear the little bubble you live in.

  64. Rod Munch Says:

    lambchop – what you mean is you don’t actually know what he said. Got it.

    Also, you judge people by how they treat people. There’s literally been no one that I’ve heard from that has ever accused Gruden of discriminating against blacks or the gay.

    Words don’t hurt, cupcake.

  65. cmurda Says:

    Gruden calls Goodell the other “F” word but the NFL denies leaking the emails. RRRRRRIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHTTTTTT

  66. westernbuc Says:

    Webster, Romney/McCain weren’t “canceled.” Romney still has his job and McCain held onto his way past his expiration date. There’s a distinct difference between holding elected officials accountable, ie not re-electing them, and canceling random people for minor social transgressions.

    It doesn’t matter if Dungy said anything “demeaning.” Because cancel culture changes the rules depending on the target. He advocated for state law to ban gay marriage. One could easily argue that’s demeaning. If you can’t imagine a future where they take down his name, you aren’t thinking.

  67. Rod Munch Says:

    webster – who were those people going after the rappers in the late 80s?

    Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), co-founded by Tipper Gore — you know, the wife of Al Gore, who invented the internet. I mean if you listened to anything by Ice-T from the late 80s or early 90s, you should know that.

    Ice-T- Freedom Of Speech (1989)

    We should be able to say anything, our lungs were meant to shout
    Say what we feel, yell out what’s real
    Even though it may not bring mass appeal
    Your opinion is yours, my opinion is mine
    If you don’t like what I’m sayin’? Fine

    …also he ends it this way.

    Whatever. But, if you follow the chain of dominoes that falls down,
    What they’re really trying to do is shut off our access to information
    If they can’t do it by law they know there’s other ways to do it.

    … correct, Mr T. They will do it other ways.

    In fact it might have been Ice-T that turned me into free speech absolutist. Well that and the rhyme we learned in kindergarten, ‘Sticks and Stones’, you guys should look into it, turns out, words don’t hurt, and you judge people based on their actions, not their speech.

  68. Listnfrmafar Says:

    The answer us:
    free·dom of speech
    /ˌfrēdəm əv ˈspēCH/
    Learn to pronounce
    the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint

    DR and some others are correct, there are.consequences, most likely you cannot express negative opinions in places like work etc without repercussions. This is not exclusive to how you speak about your government. Kaperknick chose to express his opinion during work and his actions had consequences. Grudens obviously more targeted had the same. A little while back a country singer was walking to having a private conversation with I believe was his agent. Someone caught the conversation on video and made it public. Now the comment was not good and I don’t support it but why should he have to apologize to the public? As for Kaperknick, though it took a while he was given a second chance to try out but once again chose to use that as a forum to promote his views. Now all that styrotype police as all bad eggs, get on a 911 NO call list and ask for that portion of your tax money back. I just wonder how many of you would. Tampabuc, ever hear of age discrimination you hypocrite.

  69. Oneilbuc Says:

    How many times people on this site bring up Jamies pass on here ?? Just about every time they bring up his name you hear about what happened 6 years ago and plus his college years . And now for Gruden all I’m hearing is a bunch excuses about freedom of speech . And bringing up what other people did and how they should get the same treatment as Gruden.

  70. PassingThru Says:

    A quick memo to the fine legal minds here:

    “Freedom of Speech” does not equate to “Freedom from Consequences”

  71. adam from ny Says:

    rod munch…all about busting ballz and shocking nerds…

    gotta love it, that’s some funny sh!t

  72. adam from ny Says:

    dude 1 sipping beer at bar:

    “hey man, whatcha into…got any hobbies?”

    dude 2 sipping beer at bar:

    “fugg yeah broski, i really enjoy busting ballz and shocking nerds”

    bartender gassing heads for tips:

    “cool deal, me to broheim”

  73. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Munch right on….society is turning into 1984 and Tom Cruise’s minority report movie which punished people based on their possible future thoughts and wrong doings. Now basically if you are a white male you are automatically labeled racist before even getting into a conversation, that is prejudice alive and well. Everyone needs to watch the new Dave Chappelle special like he said basically you can kill someone and society will excuse it but if you say bad things about LGBTQ, you are cancelled.

  74. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Oneilbucyall, Jamais? Really? People bust him on this site because it’s funny, half of it is just comical narrative. You take it personal and probably shouldn’t comment on this topic because of ALL the posters YOU are pussed that a white Qb took over a previous black Qb’s job no matter what his credentials are.

  75. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Arians, just like 95% of the NFL, shudders at the thought that thousands of his emails could be published. Privately, he supports, well, privacy. Don’t we all?

  76. PassingThru Says:

    Some of you are way over the top. The Bucs are a private enterprise, part of a franchise (NFL). They can do what they please, but they also face consequences for their actions. Most of the revenue for the NFL is generated from advertisers who in turn sell products to the general public. If the Bucs or NFL tacitly accept Gruden’s slurs, people will boycott the product (viewership) and the products of the advertising sponsors. If you don’t accept that concept, fine, then you do not understand the nature of free enterprise.

  77. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:


    The absolute and only reason that Gruden is taken off the wall is due to the Glazers hatred of Gruden and Gruden’s obvious hatred of the Glazer boyz. The mouth comment nailed gruden off the wall & I would imagine that at this moment the statue at the buc’s palace is being altered right this second

  78. PassingThru Says:

    I tend to focus on the economics. The language in Gruden’s email threatens the precious revenue stream, that’s all that the NFL owners worry about. And in the case of the Bucs, it isn’t only the shared-NFL broadcast dollars at stake, it also may impact the ability of the franchise to keep or attract free agents. That too can have a major revenue impact.

  79. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    PassThru…there obviously some economic aspect at work here, but there are 650,0000 emails; gruden is a dent…right now Keyshawn is running Gruden’s name through the dirt every second despite the fact that Keyshawn was a bum in Tampa at the end and making BSPN show in a good light with their NFL package, all these people in the public eye screaming so loud better be saints with their texts, tweets and emails although in today’s society there are certain groups of people that can get a pass for being racist see stephen a

  80. Oneilbuc Says:

    Listnfrmafar. Lol 😆 🤣 😂 I like the Kyle Trask pick . I believe Dan Marino was a better quarterback than Brady. I believe Elway is a better quarterback than Dak . So I can’t see the racist in those beliefs. But I can see it in you I know how racist people sound and act . I can read between lines as well I grew up a Oilers fan and I’ve heard a lot racist comments about Moon and Houston. It was a common thing out here that Houston didn’t want any more black quarterbacks playing here. A lot of yall don’t know that Vick wanted to come to Houston but they chose David Carr. You had fans calling in sports talk radio saying they don’t want black quarterbacks in Houston anymore. So yes I believe that you are one of them that don’t like Jamies because he’s black !!!

  81. ModHairKen Says:

    Bruce Arians’ response was perfect. I admire his restraint. He is a good man. He deserved ROH. And HOF. I’m so glad he’s here. I love Gruden. Nothing has changed. Nothing. But I think what Coach Arians has done with this team makes him the best coach in franchise history.

  82. Hodad Says:

    Arains, and Dungy are about giving second chances, but not in this case. We’re not talking about a young 20 something year old here. We’re talking about a 50 something year old man who spewed hate over a seven year period. There’s no second chance for a man his age who did what he did.

  83. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Oneilbucyall, Moon was a great QB and I bet he worked in an organization that promoted discrimination in the “70’s & 80’s” and probably didn’t get much better in the 90’s but to compare that time to present is ludicrous. Do you really think Mahomes, Wilson, Jackson, Bridgewater, Jamais, Hurts, Taylor, Lance, Fields, etc are experiencing discrimination in the workplace or worshipped? You don’t know me dude, I have a homosexual older brother and nephew, transgender nice and a black brother in-law that is one of my best friends. So piss off I’m a racist, I bet not many white people in your world.

  84. Cobraboy Says:

    “Some of by best friends/family are (fill in the blanks______________ ____________ __________)”

  85. Posey99 Says:

    “They are not ceo’s of IBM or PUBLIX or Papa Johns or a head coach in the nfl. 85% of nfl fans have no clue who da baby is. And guess what, you dont have to listen to these rappers. No one is forcing you to stream their music. But check it, in the late 80’s the government put advisory warnings on the rappers albums. ”

    They are both entertainers; players, rappers, coaches are all putting out a product that that people are buying. People idolize rappers for their skills and lifestyles, same with NFL players.

    Record label CEO’s are not CEO’s?, give me a break. It’s ok for the CEO of aftermath records (Dr Dre) to say something derogatory, but not an NFL CEO?

  86. PassingThru Says:

    @Dusthty Rhothdes

    This was a tactical assassination, a true whodunit. Roger? Perhaps, but don’t you think the commish is a puppet? To be a puppet you need thick skin, which is why I doubt it was him. Besides, why would he want to piss off an owner, one of the guys who pays him? Mike Davis? Despite his protestations, it might be him, I can think of over $60 million reasons why since Gruden’s contract was likely guaranteed. Or perhaps someone who felt the Raiders needed to be derailed. Yes, this is a character assassination with a whodunit vibe.

    Keyshawn is a talking head, he has to stir the pot. If you cannot stir the pot, you won’t remain employed as a talking head (another economic incentive at play).

  87. Oneilbuc Says:

    Listnfrmafar. Bud Adam was part of the AFL wich they were the first to let black people play NFL football. The Olier organization believe in equal opportunity. And when they drafted Steve McNair a lot of the fan base was mad . This is America race in America ain’t going no where.

  88. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    Oneilbuc Says:
    “How many times people on this site bring up Jamies pass on here ?? Just about every time they bring up his name you hear about what happened 6 years ago and plus his college years . And now for Gruden all I’m hearing is a bunch excuses about freedom of speech . And bringing up what other people did and how they should get the same treatment as Gruden.”

    The allegations against Jameis involved physical assaults on people. Theft. Actual crimes. Words are not crimes.

    Jesus said you shall judge them by their fruits. Not their words. Not their thoughts. What they actually DO.

    I don’t care what anybody thinks about me. I care how they actually treat me. We can have all of the differences in the world as long as we can be respectful in each other’s presence.

  89. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Oneilbucyall, you’re living in the past bro, open your eyes.

  90. Dlavid Says:

    That is the best comment he has made since he has coached the Buccaneers! Not saying that he has not been right on point many other times, but there’s no need to beat a dead horse! Many will continue to love John, as do I !

  91. Mike Johnson Says:

    If the Raiders owner Al Davis said, Go ask the NFl, they have all the answers. Then this lets me know, This firing of Gruden was orchestrated by none other than..that sorry mass of a man, Goodall. And Davis was probably pressured by the league front office to fire Gruden. Because Davis wanted to keep him But since we got the Gruden story, let let all of the cat out of the bag. Don’t just make him the fall guy. Because I am sure WF Teams Mr. Synder was..knee deep in Kimchi as well as a lot of others. I liked ole Gruden. Guess I’d better delete all the emails from my past where I blew up. Big Brother is always watching..and listening.

  92. orlbucfan Says:

    Spare me. Chucky Gruden is an egomaniac. He’s too stupid to get it about emails in the 21st century? To Bruce Allen? He can run his mouth all he wants but to put it in emails?? He’s got plenty of millions so he can kick back and enjoy his pad in Reddington Beach. Good friggin’ riddance. At least BA isn’t a flakezoid when it comes to what one writes in a public arena.

  93. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    orlbucfan Says:
    “At least BA isn’t a flakezoid when it comes to what one writes in a public arena.”

    And you know this, how? Has he given you his gmail password?