A Whole New World

October 24th, 2021

Regular readers here know Joe doesn’t pretend to be neutral in any way.

Joe wants the Bucs to win at all costs — even if that means tanking for a draft pick. Joe started this site 13 years ago as a fan looking to have fun, maybe earn a little beer money and to escape boring mainstream media.

Back then, the Bucs were a good and proud football team fresh off the NFC South crown and disappointing playoff exit of the 2007 season.

Team Glazer was in hot pursuit of Brett Favre (they just missed) and the 2008 team had a lot of promise behind lots of veteran talent and coaching. That ’08 team started with 9-3 record and then the wheels fell off — for the next 11 years.

So Joe is among the masses so appreciative of what the Bucs have done over the last 27 games that it’s almost hard to accept as real.

Frankly, Joe barely knows how to behave on a daily basis with a Bucs team that is downright dominant with extraordinary expectations.

It’s exciting and not exciting at the same time. Sometimes Joe feels like the Bucs have been in the midst recently of an almost boring march to next Sunday’s Saints game, one in which the Bucs will be favored at the Superdome.

Today’s halftime lead was 35-3 against Chicago at The Licht House. It quickly had Joe remembering how the Bucs trailed 38-0 at halftime during an October game against the Ravens in 2014.

Mike Glennon was starting and, well, you know the rest.

That loss came a few weeks after the Bucs trailed 35-0 to the Falcons on national television. For that game, Joe sat directly in front then-rookie general manager Jason Licht at that game in Atlanta. Talk about awkward!

Damn, the Bucs have come a long way, from the bullied to the bully.

If the Bucs find a way to punch the Saints in the mouth on Sunday, Joe might actually get used to this wonderful new world.

30 Responses to “A Whole New World”

  1. #1bucsfan Says:

    I’m liking this new world too. Still get a little ptsd from time to time thinking the Bucs will be Bucs n find ways to lose but they keep on winning. The lost decade sucked and took a toll on us but it’s great to be a Bucs fan right now

  2. Posey99 Says:

    I share your shock of this reality, Joe. I was just thinking today how the Bucs brand has changed forever because of Brady and co. The franchise will Now be a place of interest for players for years to come. We aren’t the browns of the south anymore.

  3. JimmyJack Says:

    Joe I remember that loss to the Ravens. Thanks for making me puke in my mouth.

    Only you could find a way to refence something like that after a glorious Bucs blowout. You for sure are not mainstream media and thats worth a lot more then beer money in my book. Well earned success.

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    Saint’s game is going to be huge. If they take care of the Saints, if Payton doesn’t outwit Arians, that will be something.

    BUT I’ll take solace in knowing that we’re 0-4 against the Saints in the regular season in years we win the SB. Just have to keep telling myself that if things don’t go well.

  5. AMI_Chris Says:

    It is just surreal to be a Bucs fan now. It’s unbelievably great.

  6. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    So many predictions of a blow out this week really triggered my Bucs fan PTSD and I was ready for an ugly performance and possible loss. This team is just different. You know they want to do the same to the Saints. Three picks today and America’s Turnover Machine is up next! 6-1!?! Just crazy, man.

  7. SOEbuc Says:

    It was the throwback reds.

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I share the shock…and for me I wonder if it came too late.

    Try as I might, I just am not as into the season the way I was in the past. I went through the same thing last year.

    I mean, I am extremely happy with the results, and I’m not taking anything for granted…but I have actually missed parts of games this year (hated doing it…but…work).

    I try to make sure that, if possible, I watch the games. It;s the prime time games that I run into schedule problems with…because I broadcast on Thursday nights and my son’s wedding was on the Sunday night they played.

    I can’t exactly complain…that would be low-class, lol. We’re winning and I’m happy with it. I’m just not…as excited as I used to get. Maybe it’s because of the years of abusive losing…

  9. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Or maybe I’m just getting old…

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    “then the wheels fell off — for the next 11 years.”


  11. Buc1987 Says:

    Bonzai…it’s old age man…

  12. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Joe, great description of long suffering Bucs fans. The dark days were not long ago and I remember always thinking how the Bucs would always find a way to lose, especially during the Jameis and Freeman era. 6-1. How sweet it is! Beating the Saints and watching JW throw 3 picks would make for an awesome Halloween.

  13. gp Says:

    You say you started this site in ’08 as a fan. I think I’ve been reading/following/posting most of that time.
    The question I have, for curiosity only, no judgement calls at all…. How far back DO you go as a Bucs fan? As far as being a “hardcore” Bucs fan, as in borderline obsessed, Joe goes back to the Sam Wyche days.–Joe
    Personally, I remember the announcement of a new franchise. Living in the Orlando area at the time I had a choice between Miami and the new guys. Lets face it, pirates are a lot more “fun” to a teenager than mini whales. After the first couple seasons it became a stubborn thing I guess, kinda like protecting family.

  14. Jerry Says:

    Next week is huge. Hopefully we at least get Antonio Brown back.

    With the Panthers imploding and the Falcons barely able to handle Miami or the Jets, the Saints appear to be our only hurdle to winning the South. Win next week and we take firm control of the division at the mid-way point.

  15. Buc1987 Says:

    gp…it’s late and I’m drunk so I’ll tell ya my story of how I became a Bucs fan.

    I grew up in Mass. My mom moved me to the Tampa area (Pasco county)in 1987. I was a HUGE Celtics fan back then. Never into football very much as the Pats sucked too. On the way down here mom stopped into a gas station where I bought a Street and Smith’s Pro Football mag with Vinny Testaverde on the cover. I started reading up on the Bucs just a little bit. I had no idea how much the franchise sucked over the years. It was a week into living here that I bought my first Bucs shirt. I wore it to High School…a lot. Got picked on for actually being a Bucs fan…a lot. I stuck by them….a lot. When they won that first Super Bowl….I cried like a baby cause it meant so much to me after being picked on.

    I used to say a lot…that it ain’t easy being a Bucs fan. Brady makes it really easy nowadays. Do we deserve all this? YES we do ….a lot!

  16. ModHairKen Says:

    Anyone who has been a Buc fan for longer than 3 years has experienced the frustrating agony of having what happened to the Bears today happen to the Bucs. Year after year sometimes. The bad seasons outnumber the good probably 6 to 1.

    So I’m going to enjoy this. Like making the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

  17. Bucschamp Says:

    we haven’t played perfect football yet we’re dominating opponents. Beer is getting better

  18. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    I feel you guys. It was NOT cool to be a Bucs fan in the Tampa Bay area in the 80s. What a road it’s been. BTW, touch of humility needed – good Jameis can appear and have one of his ridiculous games, especially while this secondary is lurching.

  19. gp Says:

    Right there with ya tonight, the rum has been flowing freely!
    Just wanted to add something I’ve mentioned before.
    We were too far away to make season tickets viable but we still attended a few games here and there. More often than not, we had to stop at a Hooters on the way home just to see something that looks good in orange and white!

  20. SB Says:

    I was at the game in New Orleans in December of 77 when we won our first game! Next week will be special in Many ways to me.

  21. SB Says:

    @ 1987…………I’ve been chatting at you for at least 8 years.
    I appreciate that story. We need fans like you!.

  22. August 1976 Buc Says:

    For me Joe, I was thinking today about how the shoe is on the other foot now. After years of being on the wrong side of a lopsided scores too many times, I just am thankful that they are a dominant team right now.
    I was thinking about when Brady leaves, that the Bucs will most likely be back to being a team that is fighting and clawing with normal QB to win games.
    Who knows if Trask will become anything, or even ever start for the Bucs.
    And BTW guys I remember watching that Saint Game in 77, living in Largo. Never forget my dad saying before the game ” The Bucs are going to win today”, and OMG, they actually did lol. And then they won the last game the next week against the Cardinals for the first home win, along with the fans storming the field and taking down the uprights. 2-12 was sure a lot better than 0-14 record. lol. Yes they have come a long way lol, from 2-12 and tearing down the uprights lol lol to 2 time World Champions, only in Tampa Bay Baby!!!!

  23. Bird Says:

    1987- great stuff man.

    Gp – we must be related or something. I was born in largo but moved to orlando at very young age. So of course you are born a bucs fan. Anyway , the hooters in lakeland was a must stop on the way back to orlando. Me and my buddy (whichever one it was for that game) would start with “hootie hoo” chants as soon as we got near lakeland. It cheered you up a little after games like the ravens down 38 at half.

    And now we got to watch greatness. Brady after bears game admitted missing to many throws. He does not have his best game and he throws for 4 tds and no ints. Just best down a bears team who had our number recently. Same team who beat the bengals and raiders. Justin fields just woke up and got sacked again in his bed. We are watching greatness bros.

    And yes …we deserve this

  24. Pruritus Ani Says:

    I remember after the Bucs first victory against the Saints, my dad took me to 1 Buccaneer Place (off West Shore) to meet the team when they returned from NO. It was really something to experience as a kid. Hard to believe that was 44 years ago. A lot of suffering since then, but it’s great to finally be a consistent winner.

  25. Tim in PSL Says:

    Now I’m thinking of that dumb disney song. Thanks Joe.

  26. orlbucfan Says:

    Didn’t even know central FL had an NFL team until I moved to Orlando in 1979. My boyfriends hated pro sports, but my future MIL loved football. She turned me on to the Bucs that summer. I grew up liking NFL football. Born in DC, I cut my baby teeth on losing teams. The former Redskins for example. 1979 also turned me on to the Bucs tradition of great defenses. Lee Roy Selmon was one of my heroes. Class act both on and OFF the field. I’ve listened to the Bucs losing 35-3 by the half too many times to count. But it never stopped me from being a loyal fan for 42 years now. 🙂

  27. Mr Bean Says:

    So this is what Patriots fans got for 20 years with Brady. Now I understand.

  28. G.Marosi Says:

    Definitely proud to be a Buc’s fan as it’s nice to be winning and in a dominant fashion. Been a fan since early 80’s so besides 2002, 2007 & 2008 not to many good season. I hope we have at least 2 more good years. #GoBuc’s!

  29. Eddie Marz Says:

    We’re making new memories. Ain’t it great. GO BUCS!

  30. Crickett Baker Says:

    Oh, I remember. No matter how wonderful Succup is, I STILL get nervous every time a kick is coming. Just haven’t got over it yet. BTW, talk about Post traumatic stress..I think Mahomes is still suffering from the SB loss…but I smile when I think of it. GO BUCS!