Sack-Challenged Bucs

September 26th, 2021

Rough day for the Bucs’ rush.

Our beloved Buccaneers have just three sacks through three games — after averaging three per game last season.

It’s disturbing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, opponents are throwing short passes, lots of them. But it’s not enough to justify the Bucs’ impotent rush.

Shaq Barrett? He was missed today, even though he was there.

The combination of rookie Joe Tryon-Shoyinka and Anthony Nelson had little impact replacing Jason Pierre-Paul today (injured shoulder).

Vita Vea saved a touchdown with a hit on Matt Stafford, as Stafford couldn’t follow through fully and hit a wide open DeSean Jackon. But that was the highlight, along with Will Gholston’s late sack with the game out of reach. Devin White’s quarterback hit came on a blitz on the Rams’ opening play, but it was no factor.

Stafford finished 27-for-38 for 343 yards and four touchdowns. Good chance he’ll be the NFC Offensive Player of the Week.

No pass rush + poor secondary = hard to beat a good team. It always will.

24 Responses to “Sack-Challenged Bucs”

  1. BerrickDrooks Says:


  2. DaBux Says:

    Reading way too much of their own press

  3. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    We sucked today. We’ll see these guys again in the playoffs. I sure hope we have another corner or two by that time.

  4. 813bucboi Says:

    We’ll be ok…


  5. JimmyJack Says:

    Joe saying Devin White and no factor in the same sentance makes a lot of sense. Afew nice tackles in 3 weeks and thats about it. I expect a lot lot more.

  6. bucfanforever Says:

    Reminds me of lawn chairs

  7. ElioT Says:

    Great job using Suh’s picture for this article – freaking BS.

    Suh had done his job… where’s Barrett?

  8. RuKa44 Says:

    Too many players believing they are all Tom Brady after winning the super bowl.
    Hope this humbles them just in time to work hard and save the season

  9. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Why were Suh and Vita coming in on 3rd downs so many times, why not on 1st or 2nd downs. Yes they were there too, but where were Vita and Suh for many plays of this game. The Bucs got whooped on the line of scrimmage today. And the O line was physically beat too. Whats up with this?

  10. Coburn Says:

    Sadly jpp looked old and sloe last couple of games. Not expecting him to be saviour of this d. Tryon got a bit of pressure early, but then nothing. I happened to notice he got doubled at least once on an obvious passing down later on the game

  11. Dano407 Says:

    Vea & Suh should of gotten much more snaps.

  12. Hodad Says:

    Joe, you made it sound like JPP was missed, how? He hasn’t exactly been lighting it up either. All our front seven has been laying a big turd this year. Vea has pushed the pocket, big deal, he’s not getting sacks, no one is, no one’s making any big plays up front. We’re on pace for 17 sacks lol.

  13. Ash Says:

    I don’t get why bucs pass rushers drop into coverage so much what a wild scheme hate it haha

  14. Ash Says:

    Devin white is still terrible in coverage he plays to aggressive and teams have been exploiting that and he knocked Davis off of coverage on a td definitely needs to calm down out there

  15. Leighroy Says:

    Blitzes didn’t get home and it left the secondary exposed. Who called it?!

  16. JimmyJack Says:

    Today we forced so many 2nd & 10s. Lots of 3rd & 10……..Every times it feels like the same thing. No pressure, no pressure, no pressure. Nothing.

    This pass rush totally sucks right now.

    I’m starting with Shaq Barrett. Aside from playing the run well hes not making plays. So far our front 7 is overrated.

  17. Bucamania Says:

    Totally impotent. There were plenty of times Stafford was holding the ball. No pressure.

    Even the blitzes didn’t get home. Sony freakin’ Michel STONED Devin White on a blitz. Dude, how do you let a little RB stone you?!

  18. 163Doubleplay Says:

    If it wasn’t for Tom Brady carrying this team, we would be 0-3.

  19. WillieG Says:

    Mr DPOY is on pace for 5 sacks! Hopefully No Sack Shaq wakes up and terrorizes the rest of the way.

  20. unbelievable Says:

    Devin White clearly got too high OG himself this off-season.

    He’s been soft all 2021 so far.

  21. unbelievable Says:

    *too high on himself

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    How about Bowles use those ‘exotic’ blitzes everyone has to constantly mention, yet we rarely ever see. Instead of just sticking with a 4-man rush that clearly wasn’t working all day, why not switch to a balls to the wall all out blitz at some point, and if you give up a long score, well, you were going to do that anyways.

    This is the Bowles of last years regular season, the one people seem to have forgotten about.

  23. Delusional Intelligence Says:

    Shaq & Nelson couldn’t win 1 on 1’s when they got them.

  24. Dan Williamson Says:

    Bowles. Figure it out. NOW!