Inside Chris Godwin’s Value

September 30th, 2021

Tom Brady embraces Chris Godwin after his TD run Sunday.

Chris Godwin, the Bucs’ 2021 leader in receptions and yards, is playing this season on the franchise tag.

Barring injury, he’s going to be a break-the-bank receiver in free agency when he turns 26 in February.

So how greatly will the Bucs value Godwin? Enough to pay him a mountain more than Mike Evans is earning?

Well, a little more light was shed on that this week on Buccaneers Total Access, an official team streaming broadcast.

Bucco Bruce Arians spoke about how Godwin is considered the Bucs’ “best runner we have with the ball in his hands.” And QB coach Clyde Christensen, who is very close with Tom Brady, talked about how Godwin is the dream receiver for any quarterback, more so than Mike Evans.

“Chris Godwin is one of those unique guys who just does everything well. He’s a quarterback dream,” Christensen said. “He’s always where he’s supposed to be, all those things. He can do about anyhing you ask him to do from, you know, blocking safeties or cutting off defensive ends, to going deep and catching balls down the middle or double-moving someone outside. So he’s really easy to get used to [for a quarterback] because he does everything so well. Mike is a great player who has a unique skill set. They keep finding ways, I think that’s still an ongoing, growing relationship [with him and Brady]. And that hasn’t come close to hitting on all cylinders like it will at some point because they’re both so talented.”

It sure seems unthinkable that the Bucs would let Godwin walk, espeicaly after hearing all that. And it’s also unthinkable that Godwin will want less than $20 million a year, assuming he’s healthy.

That’s just market value, for more than the five-year, $82 million Mike Evans contract that took hold in 2018.

19 Responses to “Inside Chris Godwin’s Value”

  1. Medicated Pete Says:

    He doesn’t even know how to get outta bounds w/o taking a huge hit

  2. Rod Munch Says:

    They’re not paying Godwin $20m, and I’m not sure he’d get that on the open market unless the cap is higher than expected. Now in 2023, when the cap is expected to explode, that might be a different story.

    Now for the pro-signing Godwin side, it’s possible the Bucs continue to say, screw the future, we’re all in until Brady retires and we’ll deal with the consequences later. In that case, playing cap tricks, they could probably get something done. BTW, I totally 100% endorse this view. If we have to deal with one or two or even three years of “cap hell” in the post-Brady years, who cares? I just don’t know if the Bucs will fully commit to that (I’d say they’re partly committing at the moment).

  3. VSyl Says:

    Agree with Rod Munch.

    I think the outcome of this year (winning or not, and how close in case of not) and TB’s decision to play more will dictate how deep they will go in their cap tricks. For sure godwin is a great receiver and Tom will want him if everything goes well.

  4. DBS Says:

    And then there is Chris Godwin himself. It does not mean it is just the Bucs but is he just after the money or does he want to stay here.

  5. teacherman777 Says:

    Anybody else re-watch the game?

    You guys see the Rams Linebackers celebrating Gronkowski’s injury?

    Go back and watch the game. 3rd Quarter around the 11 minute mark.

    You will see for a split second after the commercial break.

    Hollins and Lewis are jumping in the air for a chest bump while Gronkowski is on the ground surrounded by trainers. Tom Brady is standing over him as well.

    Lewis blindsided Gronk and could have broken his back or seriously injured him. Gronk wasn’t moving very much. He was seriously messed up. And Lewis and Hollins were CELEBRATING.

    Instead of waiting to see if Gronkowski could stand up, they were jumping in the air to celebrate the hit.

    The Rams played extremely dirty. They bullied us. They embarrassed him.

    They scared us. I’ve never seen our offense so scared.

    The Rams are a team of dirty players (like the Saints)

    They are coming for our necks.

    American Football is war. The Rams defense will show us no mercy or play fairly.

    We better toughen up real quick.

    God bless Gronkowski and his recovery. Bernard and Dean too.

    Go Bucs.

  6. SlyPirate Says:

    With all their FAs, the Bucs can only keep two … Evans, Godwin, AB.

    Godwin will have the highest price tag so he’s likely the odd man out.

    Developing Johnson will be important for the future.

  7. zzbuc Says:

    Agree Rod Munch, but let me say this, going all in for today and pay the price on the furutre doesn mean not to spent the money wisely…..I would pay for Godwin, I wouldn´t pay big money for let´s say Carlton Davis….I wouldn´t pat big money for another year on some vets…….I am always in favour of spending wisely, somethings the Bucs havn´t done for at least 15 years, with the exception of last 2……

  8. PassingThru Says:


    No surprise, it’s the nature of football. Defenses celebrate taking out players. My roommate was a LB, his favorite trophy was a helmet that was broken while tackling. It’s a violent game and players, particularly defensive players are wired to celebrate violence. That’s what makes football in some ways a guilty pleasure.

  9. ModHairKen Says:

    First, Chris Godwin should be revered. He has been a tremendous player and member of this community. Second, he should get every penny he possibly can, if that is choice and desire. This is a business. He does not owe anyone to take less than market value. Third, he and Mike Evans are in different generations, so to speak. Comparing what the market is today to the market when Mike Evans got his big contract is not reasonable. Comparing Mike after this year to Chris is also unfair.

    My only thoughts for Chris Godwin would be that going to a different team for more money involves a change in the quality of your life. There are not too many NFL cities as complete as Tampa when it comes to quality of life. Also, there are tax consequences to going to, for example, the Giants or Chargers.

  10. Ash Says:

    Johnson is never going to be as good as Godwin would really like to keep godwin but he might price himself out and Tyler is an ok substitute definitely need to keep Davis and I think they will, good corners are alot harder to find than recievers and I think Davis is a good solid corner

  11. HC Grover Says:

    PPY ratio. This is the Price Per Yard gained by a receiver or running back. His PPY is pretty good. Howards PPY is awful.

  12. webster Says:

    All you arm chair gms said the bucs could not bring back everybody after the super bowl. I was in the minority that said it can happen because the bucs had been planning for that situation all season. That is why BA was so adamant at the parade when he said “your @$$ aint going nowhere.” So like I said then, I will say it now, just shut up and let licht do his thing. None of you all are capologist or understand the salary cap or know how to manipulate the cap so quit it already. BA is already on record as saying “whats wrong with paying 2 number one receivers.?” The bucs value Godwin and therefore his @$$ aint going nowhere.

  13. MOK Says:

    Chris Godwin plays the WR as good as Mike Evans and plays the run game even better. Watch how well he seals the edge for running plays. The guy is a gamer. I thought it was a little silly not trying to sign him this past off-season, but I get they were attempting to assure they could get everyone on one year contracts. I really think Chris likes Tampa, as we gave him a chance. He’s played like a round one player since day one.

  14. Buczilla Says:

    If Godwin stays healthy all season and plays like he has been, he’ll be well worth 20 per year.

  15. Beeej Says:

    This likely Suh and JPP’s last year, some money will be freed up

  16. Patrickbucs Says:

    Amari Cooper makes $20 mil, no way Godwin does get around that on an open market IMO.

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Beej … “This likely Suh and JPP’s last year, some money will be freed up”.

    Welcome back to 2015-2019 if we start sacrificing defense salaries for even higher offense salaries … all offense; zero defense. Both Suh & JPP are high-quality 1st Rnd veterans surely destined for the HOF. If you intend to replace them with a quality ROOKIE, it better be a very early 1st Rnd draft pick (which we don’t have?). If you replace them with high-quality experienced FAs, it’ll cost you big time (quality starters don’t come cheap?).

    The AVERAGE NFL defense costs $67.2 mil this year. Bucs are spending $62.8 mil on defense this year, or roughly 34% of our adjusted CAP.

    The AVERAGE NFL offense costs $73.6 mil this year. Bucs are spending $89.7 mil on offense this year, or roughly 49% of our adjusted salary CAP.

    An obvious difference? For sure, but we’ve been making it work because our defensive starters have been getting a LOT of snaps & about 2/3rds of those starters (Davis, Dean, SMB, Winfield, Whitehead, White, Vea plus several quality rotational guys like Edwards & JTS) are still on their 1st contracts. That starts changing next year.

    So I’m not sure Beej that sacrificing defensive salaries for offensive salaries would be a really wise thing to do giving the existing mismatch AND what the future portends. Although I admit, I’d hate to lose Godwin.

  18. Darin Says:

    Not sure why you think he wil not take less than 20. Seems like the ultimate team player to me. Some value winning over a few extra bucks. I’m sure he can feed his family the rest of his life after this season. Doubt AB could tho. Anyway dont underestimate Tommy’s presence. Godwin isnt going anywhere until Tommy leaves

  19. Brandon Says:


    It’s football. The Rams played hard, they played clean, and the play in question was legal. Quit crying about another team playing harder than yours. They also played smarter. That’s life.