“I Know Exactly What They’re Going To Attempt To Do To Us”

September 27th, 2021

Tom Brady speaks

Mr. Seven Rings did his best tonight to say facing New England on Sunday will be just another game in many ways, but a little bit of his true mindset seemed to ooze out.

Forget the obvious drama, on the football side of things, Brady admitted he’s entering a rather unique situation.

“I know exactly what they’re going to attempt to do to us,” he said.

Yeah, Brady knew how Rex Ryan’s great Jets teams would get after him, but this certainly is at another level with Brady’s intimate knowledge of Patriots personnel and coaches.

Believe it or not (Joe does not), Brady says he won’t put extra effort in this week leading up to facing the Belicheats because he feels he gives 100 percent every week.

His comments came on the Let’s Go! show with Jim Gray heard on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio.

Among other nuggets:

*Brady said the Bucs got in at 3 a.m. this morning and he said when he saw his youngest son at home, the little guy was blasting the Rams-Bucs referees.

*Brady says he looked at the Ravens win on the NFL’s longest-ever field goal yesterday and sees the lesson that the difference between winning and losing in the league is six inches. He laid out a similar analogy referencing Green Bay’s stunning late comeback against the 49ers last night.

*As for the Bucs, Brady really stressed how they showed a ton of resiliency last season, and he expects it again. … Then sage Brady emerged:

“No great athlete wins all the time. No great team wins all the time. I mean it’s very rare where you have an undefeated career. You look at the Major League Baseball playoffs; I mean the Giants just won their 100th game. There’s a 162 games. You do lose,” Brady began.

“So you have to understand that losing comes in pro sports and the fear of losing can’t take away from the opportunity to persevere and perform at your highest.

“Why don’t people make it in the NFL? Because sometimes the fear of failure is too much for people. And I think when you’re in it as long as I’ve been in it, and as long as some of my teammates have been in it, the fear of failure is not overwhelming.”

*Brady acknowledged the Rams were just better yesterday. He likened it to Tiger Woods beating great golfers. Says Bucs need to play much better to win on the road against a great team, and the Bucs had a slim chance to win because they didn’t play well in all three phases. Can’t let the loss eat into a week of preparation, he added.

“Look, losing sucks. We don’t play sports to lose; we play sports to win.”

30 Responses to ““I Know Exactly What They’re Going To Attempt To Do To Us””

  1. Medicated Pete Says:

    Let Pete be the voice of reason here….if Bucs best Pats, we’re 3-1 and most fans would’ve taken that record.

  2. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    The Rams just seem to match up well to us. They beat us last year, and again this year. As JPP says, we will see their butts again.

  3. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    This Pats game will get a lot of media but the simple fact is we’re better than New England. Coming off that butt whoopin we should come out swinging and easily handle a lesser talented team. Brady will just be Brady and that should be BBs worst nightmare. This should be a win.

  4. SB Says:

    That is a Winner’s attitude.
    I think we needed yesterday’s loss as a team.
    The injuries we did Not need.

  5. Buddha Says:

    Yes, Chris and the Saints owned us last two years, then we beat them in the playoffs. KC just lost two in a row and should be 0-3. You could tell 5 minutes into the game, the Rams wanted it more than the Buccaneers.

  6. ModHairKen Says:

    Fear of failure is what leads coaches to have our guys laying off WRs instead of busting them at the line and ruining timing.

    Now if I was a betting man, and I am, I’d bet a boatload on Brady this weekend.

  7. Beeej Says:

    Well, even with two waiver wire specials starting at corner, Mac Jones isn’t gonna shred us like Stafford. Or Dak. Or…

  8. unbelievable Says:

    Brady has the right mindset. Not worried about him.

    It’s the defense that is most concerning through 3 weeks.

    We got beat in the trenches on both sides of the ball yesterday. Rams simply wanted it more. And that dogchit officiating certainly didn’t help.

  9. SB Says:

    Unacceptable that we let the Panthers get Henderson!

  10. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    yesterday he fought to the end…. @ one point I was mad why with 1 min 57 second, 17 point behind, he was acting like they were just one score away.
    He is amazing, and right now he is what keep most fans watching, even when math does not adds up.
    TB12, amazing individual.

  11. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Spot on… This defense has gotten content with themselves. That and chucking a receiver at the line must not exist. One second could be huge.

  12. Devin DiPalma Says:

    Beating rams at full strength is tough enough; with a severely depleted defense it is almost impossible. Don’t agree with the assessment that we got blown out but I’m also not surprised we lost given the sloppy play and us missing major defensive pieces. Like JPP said, we will see them again.

  13. PassingThru Says:

    New England looked quite bad yesterday, but of course every team over the course of a 16/17 game schedule will have clunkers. Mac Jones has some nice attributes but he should not be starting NFL games at this point. He has very good poise, has good accuracy, and a nice quick release but the game has not slowed down for him yet. This means he is prone to turnovers and taking sacks, which happened on Sunday. Some, if not most of that is the product of having an offensive line that provides at-times shaky protection and receivers who have trouble creating separation and hanging onto passes. The separation problem should work into the Buc hands as that will give the pass rush an extra tic or two to get to Jones.

    The defense isn’t as bad as Sunday’s score suggests. Their front line can generate pressure, their linebackers have not been consistent. Their defensive secondary is still decent even without Stephon Gilmore. I do think the LBs will have trouble covering TEs and Gio on pass plays, though it remains to be seen if Gio will be used.

  14. Rod Munch Says:

    I know people are going to panic if this happens, but I have the Bucs starting out 6-4, before kicking it into high gear and finish up 12-5.

    But looking at the schedule, the Bucs have some tough games coming up, but might have got lucky with some young QBs starting unexpectedly. The biggest, of course, is Fitz. Then again if Lovie just sit back, won’t rush more than 4 and gets zero pressure, it’s not going to matter who the QB is since they’re going to move the ball. Did I say Lovie, ooops, I meant Mike Smith.

    Did I say Mike Smith, my bad, I meant Todd Bowles, the man of a 1000 ‘exotic’ blitzes.

  15. FrankPillow Says:

    This has 2-2 written all over it. We don’t run the football, rush the passer or cover anyone particularly well. We will make the rookie QB look very good.
    On top of that Bill > Bruce + Todd + Byron. The only potential equalizer is #12s unparalleled dedication to winning.

  16. Iamabuc Says:

    Although I’m expecting a better showing by our boys, you know how the saying goes…”In any given Sunday….” As we saw in the last game.
    Anyway, I will always Go Bucs!!

  17. Jason Says:

    Because sometimes the fear of failure is too much for people.

  18. Jason Says:

    Looking at you ROJO.

  19. BuucccNASTY he p Says:

    I don’t know why it’s not being talked about.. the issue with our Defense is they are picking on our man down in the backfield. Last week it was Delaney who had back-2-back-2-back-2-… we’ll you get the point. We are hurt right now. And it’s tough for ANY rush to get to a QB in less than 3 seconds

  20. Tom Sumner Says:

    LFG!!! .

  21. Hodad Says:

    Our record against rookie QB’s hasn’t always been a stellar one.

  22. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    I expect the offense to carry us the next several games. I actually think we are going to win the next 9 I’m a row. I hope Todd figures out the defense in that time.

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    Does anyone think Belichick, if he’s losing late, might go full ‘bad sensei’? I don’t think he’s ever had that rep, and I have no idea what player would actually do it if ordered to Brady, in New England in particular, but it’s just a slight nagging feeling I got. Hopefully the Bucs get up big, early, and we can pull Brady in the 3rd quarter. I don’t expect it, but I can hope.

  24. David Says:

    Take it in stride. The O line and the D line need to step up play. Sure going undefeated was an awesome thought but it was very unrealistic.
    They squeaked by a lot of games last year, people tend to forget.
    The pass rush was very inconsistent most of last year.
    The run game gets forgotten at times.
    All that said, I still think they can end up with a historically great offense. I thought the defense had a chance at giving up on average 17 points a game but… Without a consistent pass rush it will never happen.

    All that said, I predicted they would have 3 losses, and figured the Rams was going to be one of them.
    The Rams are really really good and in the playoffs they better bring a serious pass rush on Stafford.

    The other 2 losses I predict will be one game to the Saints (say what you want about Jameis but that is a very good team) and the Bills.

  25. Youngbucs Says:

    The saints are hot trash this saints praise is ridiculous. They suck on offense I don’t know what games some are watching. Peyton is trying to suppress winston and his offense is suffering for it.

  26. Jerry Says:

    David Says:
    All that said, I predicted they would have 3 losses, and figured the Rams was going to be one of them.
    The Rams are really really good and in the playoffs they better bring a serious pass rush on Stafford.

    The other 2 losses I predict will be one game to the Saints (say what you want about Jameis but that is a very good team) and the Bills.


    Well that’s a stretch… you just took the 3 hardest games on the schedules and have us lose them all.

  27. BA4President Says:

    Look at Medicated Pete making sense

  28. Pickgrin Says:

    “the little guy was blasting the Rams-Bucs referees.”

    The kid ain’t wrong.

    The Bucs got outplayed – yes – but would have still been in that game with a chance to win at the end if it had been officiated properly.

    Joe’s pre-game article said this particular officiating crew liked to throw flags for holding…. Yet I saw at least a half dozen instances of BLATANT holding on the Rams (both sides of the ball) and it was never once called.

    Seems like it would be obvious to even the casual observer that the “calls” were favoring the Rams all night…

    Its just 1 loss in a long season – and we’re on to New England to show Bill in person what an IDIOT he is for ever letting Tom M’er Fin Brady get out the door – much less be pushed out…..

  29. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    Son of GOAT knows what he’s looking at. That game was not just badly officiated; it was egregious and should spark an investigation.

  30. Ontario Mike Says:

    Let’s cut out the dumb penalties…that would help. Lining up offside (which anyone watching TV could see…I threw a flag before the refs!) and a Gronk illegal formation in the Red Zone! Come on boys. No pressure on Jones could be a recipe for disaster with our weak backend. And let’s see our OL open up some holes so we can at least pretend we have a running game…can’t throw 50 times a game every week.