Crying Cowboys

September 7th, 2021

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Joe can just hear it now.

Moments after the Bucs boat race Dallas, Cowboys owner frisky Jerry Jones will find the first microphone he sees and whine about not having Zach Martin.

While he might whine, Jones will have a good reason to use the excuse of losing the Cowboys’ All-Pro right guard due to The Sickness (vaccinated but still tested positive).

Per numbers run by BSPN, it seems the Cowboys’ run attack takes a good hit when Martin isn’t on the field, as long-time Cowboys beat guy Ed Werder points out.

That’s a 15 percent dropoff. And as Werder documents, the Bucs are beasts against the run.

Joe really hopes the Bucs line up JPP on the inside on passing downs and find a way to get Joe Tryon-Shoyinka on the field.

Joe really wants to see Dak Prescott try to run on his gimpy ankle like Pat Mahomes ran in February in the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway.

56 Responses to “Crying Cowboys”

  1. Bird Says:

    Zeke – suh and vea coming for yah
    Those runs up the middle . Good luck.

  2. MidAtlanticBucsFan Says:

    Perhaps Medicated Pete should wait by Dak’s locker with some pills before (and after) the beating on Thursday night. #gobucs

  3. Mike C Says:

    Stadium on Dale Mabry??? Did Jason make you mad Joe?

  4. Casual Observer Says:

    I like that setup as well. With JPP on the inside and JTS at OLB. Hope they use it a lot.

  5. Craig Says:

    Zack Martin move Vita Vea? Don’t make me laugh, please.

    Cowboys might get 4.5 yards in practice, but not against the Bucs line.

    I think Dak is smart enough not to try to run, more than once, against the Bucs; a long ride home for the Boys.

  6. SB Says:

    ‘Vaccinated but still tested positive’


    Been hearing that A LOT lately.

  7. mg Says:

    Celebrating winning a bet was never better than seeing the town of Austin Texas go silent after “The Catch”. Such a glorious moment in NFL history.

  8. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Heaven help us AND the rest of the country if the Cowboys win on Thursday night. We will here nothing but how the COWGIRLS are back up until the playoffs.

  9. SlyPirate Says:

    Losing Martin is HUGE! Martin was the key to Dallas’ game plan.

    Martin is 1-2 top guards in the NFL. He can likely block Vea 1 on 1. That would free up Badiasz to get to the second level (White) which opens the run game. Running the ball would keep TB12 on the sideline.

    I’m not saying Dallas would win with Martin but I know they can’t win without him.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s Raymond James Stadium…..they paid for the naming rights……they shouldn’t have to pay anyone else to call it what it is.

    Joe calls other stadiums by their names….Fed Ex Field, AT & T etc….and they are opposing teams…..


    TBBF is proud to call it Raymond James Stadium.

  11. Buxszntkt Says:

    I don’t like Jerry Jones or Bob Kraft but according to the link you provided the girl already accepted hush money so WTF? These two and Trump show it’s good to be a billionaire !

  12. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Of all the names for our stadium, I like Tampa Stadium the best, because us Taxpayers of Hillsborough County paid for it. But I am ok with Raymond James Stadium. Heck, anything is better than The Den Of Depression.
    I remember being at a Steelers Game when we sucked as a team.
    Our Stadium was full of Steeler Fans, with the Towels.
    That was Depressing!

  13. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I’m sure the Cowboys have a decent backup on par with Bucs backup Aaron Stinnie. Do I think the Cowboys and their fans will whine, cry, and make excuses if they lose? Yes, probably as much as the Chiefs fans.

  14. Delaware Bucs Fan Says:

    MVP of DAL is usually an excuse for their on field antics. It puts in work 24/7.

    Remember the cowboys star isn’t a logo. It’s a rating.

  15. christopher s hoops Says:

    MVP of DAL is usually an excuse for their on field antics. It puts in work 24/7.

    Remember the cowboys star isn’t a logo. It’s a rating.

  16. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Compared to Cleveland and Seattle, Tampa has the worst fans who only come out when the going is good.

  17. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Brady is going to whip their arses. Once he heard Dak was ranked higher than him by Frelund, the gloves came off. Another doubting Thomas. Love it.

  18. Joe Says:

    Raymond James Stadium…..they paid for the naming rights

    They haven’t paid Joe a red cent. So Joe will call that crib whatever he damn well pleases. If the suits at the St. Petersburg-based investment outfit want to rectify this, they can contact Joe and we will work out a deal. Until then…

  19. Buc1987 Says:

    Just don’t call it The Licht House please.

  20. Buczilla Says:

    Martin or no Martin, it won’t matter either way. Bucs 35 Dallas 10.

    As far as Tampa Stadium is concerned, I could care less what the leprechauns paid for the naming rights. I’m not seeing a dime of that money and neither is anyone else outside of ownership, so I’ll call it what I want.

    When ownership extorts us for their new stadium in 10-20 years, I hope that they have the decency to remake the Big Sombrero in a modern, fancy, shmancy way. 😜

  21. Java’sFriendlyGhost Says:

    Joebucsfan is one of the cooler sites, run by good people.

    Thank you for allowing discourse. Without it spirited discussion, there is no thought, let alone freedom.

    Kudos to JBF!

    Bucs 97
    Boys -3

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  22. Joe in Michigan Says:

    DavidBigBucFan99 Says:
    September 7th, 2021 at 11:53 am
    Compared to Cleveland and Seattle, Tampa has the worst fans who only come out when the going is good.
    Are you speaking for yourself? You certainly aren’t speaking for me or several other of the diehard Bucs fans on here.

  23. SlyPirate Says:

    I like the “Licht House”.

    He’s earned it.

    It’s beats the hell out of the “Den of Depression”.

  24. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Agreed ‘87…

    Licht House is silly.

  25. mark2001 Says:

    Yeah…Jerry will likely be reading down the excuse list, and extolling how much better they will be as the season progresses.

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    “Joe really hopes the Bucs line up JPP on the inside on passing downs and find a way to get Joe Tryon-Shoyinka on the field.

    It sounds nice to get the shiny new sports car into the race, but not by potentially compromising what we already do very, very well. The Bucs have been #1 against the run for 2 straight years, using guys like Suh, Vea, JPP, Shaq & Gholston in some very well-defined roles (even on passing downs). At the same time, they’ve been able to generate an exceptional pass rush. Those 5 guys in particular complement each other extremely well and have 2 years together of learning each others strengths & weaknesses. It’s obviously paid off handsomely.

    Like you Joe, I also want to see JTS get his share of defensive snaps because I think he’s got a boatload of promise and the only way to bring that to fruition is to get him on the field. But not by compromising JPP by sticking him inside. JPP, at 270 lbs, surely loses some of his effectiveness when operating in close quarters against 300-350 lb behemoth Guards & Tackles. May very well increase the probability of getting him injured also.

    JTS will probably end up getting 40-50% of our defensive snaps this year just in the regular rotation spelling JPP & Shaq, assuming everyone stays healthy of course. That’s plenty to get his feet wet in this his rookie year playing on a loaded championship team.

  27. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Joe in Michigan did I hurt your poor lil sensibilities again??? Remember I tweaked them about Jordan Whitehead. I’m sure you make every home game being the rabid Bucs fan you are, but you and a few others you speak of are nothing compared to Browns fans who endured worse seasons than Bucs fans but still filled their stadium EVERY game. What’d Buc fans do while the team sucked??? Made excuses and stayed home. Why does truth hurt your butt so much???

  28. Bird Says:

    Browns started in 1946
    Bucs 1976

    They got 30 years more of tradition…jim brown. Dog pound.

    And florida is composed of many transplants from up north including snowbirds
    Not sure that is fair comparison

  29. SOEbuc Says:

    Same crybaby BS from KC. Champs have depth. We made sure of that with Stinnie in the playoffs.

  30. Bucsfanman Says:

    I don’t care about the injuries or the excuses, I can’t stand the Cowboys. We better not lose to a team with a guy that wears a halter-top!

    Normally I say a beating is a beating. Not THIS time! I want to crush their collective will so badly that they never recover!!!


  31. Bucsfanman Says:

    Have to side with DavidBigBucFan on this. In my office of 30+ with a workforce of over 150 in the field, I can count on ONE hand how many true fans work here. Literally, everyone is a Cowboys, or Pats, or Colts, or whatever fan.
    We win the SB and everybody is like “ya’ll bought it” and these people are from here, grew up here. They cannot wait for our first loss so they can pounce and say “see, I told you”.
    Then there’s the ones who suddenly appeared with Brady jerseys claiming to be longtime fans!
    No, our fanbase stinks! It consists of mostly “some timers”! Unfortunately, that’s a fact.

    Please, please, please embarrass the ‘Girls on Thursday night!

  32. webster Says:

    no this fan base is horrible. I was listening to Ian Beckles and Jay reacher about a month or so ago trying to give away tickets to the rolling stones and was asking simple questions about our sports team. The so called fans would say when they got on the air that they were big buc fans or lightning fan etc. These said callers could not name the starting oline, or the starting lbs on the bucs, could not name who the head coach for the lightning was etc. They had to take about 12 calls with simple questions like that before someone answered another gimmie question. Ian and Jay were confused because they were practically giving layup questions. It was just an embarrassing display and some of you wonder why fans/sports casters from other areas pick on this fan base. Exhibit A

  33. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Sadly, you’re correct.

    1997-2002 were the last great true fan years. In those years, all of us who had suffered since ‘76 finally got to the mountain top. The lost decade, and the NFL itself really damaged our fan base.

    As far as buying a SB, that’s what the salary cap is for. Every team is trying to buy a SB. Ask Jerrah.

  34. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Big Dave: You’re talking about something you know nothing about. You know, like you did about Jordan Whitehead the other day. You said “he stays injured”, yet played in all of the games last year. Whitehead has missed 3 games in 3 years. Sorry if facts hurt your feelings.

  35. RustyRhinos Says:

    Yeah SB “Vaccinated but still tested positive’


    Been hearing that A LOT lately.”
    Have you also heard it as:

    “Un-Vaccinated but still tested positive’


    Been hearing that A LOT lately.”.

    Unfortunately, I have had to hear this from far to many friends and family way to often in recent weeks.
    It SUX!!!

  36. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Godwin may be out for Thursday game with a quad.

  37. PassingThru Says:

    CG was listed as limited in practice today. AB was out.

  38. Stpetematt Says:

    Call it Super Bowl Victory Stadium. I like the sound of that, and since we won it there- why not?

  39. Stpetematt Says:

    Call it Super Bowl Victory Stadium. After all, we won it there. Comment disappeared. Sorry if this is a repeat.

  40. Joe Says:

    Joebucsfan is one of the cooler sites, run by good people.

    Thank you for the very kind words! Much appreciated.

  41. Joe Says:


    You have to remember most of those who called trying to get Rolling Stones tickets were very likely not sports fans at all (but claimed to be so they could sell their free tickets or just go to the concert). They were just trying to get tickets for free.

  42. SB~LV Says:

    There won’t be nearly as many Cowboy jerseys walking out of the RayJay as walked in!

  43. Rod Munch Says:

    The same thing is going to happen to us at some point. Everyone will get this, so maybe hold off on your pointing and laughing.

  44. Biff Barker Says:

    The KC Chiefs were originally the AFL Dallas Texans.
    They shared the Cotton Bowl for three years with the upstart NFL Dallas Cowboys.
    Must be something in the water there that causes whining
    Look up Lamar Hunt. He spearheaded the AFL-NFL merger.

  45. webster Says:

    @ Joe I hear what you are saying but I dont know about that. For instance, I do not like country music so why would I listen to a country station in order to get bucs tickets. How would I even know if a country station is giving away bucs tickets if I am not listening in the first place? I don’t know many non sports fans who watch sportscenter let alone listen to a sports radio channel in hopes that the on air personalities are giving away tickets to my favorite artist.. What am I missing?

  46. Joe Says:

    @ Joe I hear what you are saying but I dont know about that. For instance, I do not like country music so why would I listen to a country station in order to get bucs tickets.

    People are weird. This happened to Duemig all the time. So he started quizzing people about the Bucs or the Lightning to weed through the folks who just called to get free swag.

  47. Buc1987 Says:

    DavidBigBucFan99…I disagree.

    Just because you don’t go to games doesn’t make you less of a fan.

    There could be many reasons why you can’t go to games.

  48. SB~LV Says:

    I have thought of Duemig many times over the last year, Lightning, Rays and the Bucs….
    Judging by the photo of Jerry he needs to revisit his plastic surgeon and get his skin stretched again

  49. Crickett Baker Says:

    Seems like all info states that Raymond James Financial company got a 13-year deal on the naming rights. Well, that was in 1998. Obviously, that’s over now so someone can donate another $62 M and name it something different, it seems to me..

  50. But Unto Death Says:

    Starting to think Dak has a high probability of getting reinsured or worse.

  51. Howard Cosell Says:

    Howard thinks that “ Stadium” has a nice ring to it

  52. Rod Munch Says:

    I still like when the old stadium was called Houlihan’s Stadium for a year, even though there weren’t any Houlihan restaurants within a 1000 miles. Still, it was kind of a cool name.

    Personally I’d go for Tom Brady Municipal Stadium Brought To You By Monsanto. It rolls off the tongue.

  53. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    Let the excuses begin. Lol. 😄😁😆😅🤣😂😂🤣😅😆😁

  54. Rod Munch Says:

    Jmarkbuc Says: 1997-2002 were the last great true fan years. In those years, all of us who had suffered since ‘76 finally got to the mountain top.


    Going to games before, during and after that – having season tickets in 97 – I must say I agree with you. I think it’s mostly about the slow build to that 2002 SB – we had years of build, we had tons of home grown talent, so it felt like you were on that journey with them.

    Also the crowds back then were insane. That 2000 MNF vs the Rams, I was poor and had to have poor people seats up top, but man was that place rocking and it felt like the whole place was going to fall down. Also having season tickets in 97, and seeing that build, the first year of success that I was old enough to remember, it was a party every week, rowdy crowds, almost a college like feeling. In addition to the ‘journey’ stuff, the other thing that has to be said are phones – people are just not as in to every moment of the game when they’re constantly looking at their phones – so it never gets as loud or as rowdy. I’m not even complaining about it, it’s just the way things are, and it’s why I don’t ever think you’re going to see that level of insane in this market.

    Also the Lightning, at the Thunderdome, had the same level of insane fans. I’ve never seen so many fights and such a mean rowdy crowd as when you’d get a packed house at the Thunderdome. Meanwhile, years later, I went to early Rays games in the place, when the games would be literal sellouts, and it was so quiet you could hear individual fans yelling across the stadium. I’ve never been a baseball game, and that lack of atmosphere is a big reason why.

  55. Tampa Brady Fan Says:

    I’m still wondering how the Dallass Cowgirls ever got to be known as “America’s Team”. More like the team America loves to hate. I’m going with the Bucs, with a score of 52-3. Suck on that Dak-Azz.

  56. Oneilbuc Says:

    Biff my dad and other people told me why the Texans left Dallas and it was because of racism. The Dallas Texans had black players and at the time they wanted a all white team back then! That’s why even till this day he always hated the cowboys. My dad is over 70 years old so I know he’s telling the truth because he lived it !!!