Bruce Arians Unsure About Jason Pierre-Paul’s Status For Sunday

September 27th, 2021

Not ruled out (yet).

Yesterday at a waterfront watering hole while watching his teammates battle the Rams, hollering when Will Gholston got a sack and cussing when things went wrong, Bucs edge rusher Jason Pierre-Paul didn’t sound upbeat about returning to play against the Belicheats on national television Sunday night.

But JPP didn’t say he couldn’t play.

JPP was ordered by doctors to rest his ailing right shoulder and didn’t travel to Los Angeles.

Today Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians was equally hesitant to say JPP would play. But he added, don’t count him out yet.

“We’ll wait and see,” Arians said today in his day-after presser. “I have to wait and see Wednesday (first practice of the week). I don’t foresee it.

“But knowing JPP, yeah, anything is possible.”

JPP has a habit of overcoming adversity. He nearly blew off his hand with fireworks and returned to remain one of the most feared pass rushers in the game.

And in 2019, JPP got into a wreck on I-95 in South Florida and broke his neck. He came back to play that season.

If JPP can find a way onto the field, Joe is confident he will. Might not be Sunday but it will happen.

12 Responses to “Bruce Arians Unsure About Jason Pierre-Paul’s Status For Sunday”

  1. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Somebody better get on the ball Mr. Licht:

    Jaguars trade 2020 first-round CB C.J. Henderson to Panthers for TE Dan Arnold

  2. SlyPirate Says:

    The next four games are against teams at or below .500.

    The offense can outscore them all.

    Rest JPP and give JTS and the other young guns a chance to develop.

  3. deuceswld78 Says:

    we just need to hang on and not rush anybody back for one early season victory… we were way too lucky last year with injuries for it to happen again

  4. Your Mom Says:

    JPP was sorely missed Sunday. Like last year, Bucs D-Line production goes way down when he’s not in the lineup.

  5. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:


    When is Cam Gill scheduled to come off of PUP/IR? In addition to being stellar on special teams, Bowles had him in the pass rush rotation toward the end of last year and he even had 1/2 a sack in the Super Bowl.

  6. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    If JPP needs another week to heal up, let him take another week.
    I watch the Pats every week. And it appears to me, it’s been been mostly their defense, keeping them in games, (offense not so much)

    I’m no stat geek, but they don’t light up the scoreboard, and points are what matters. The offense not so good, defense much better.

    I think the Bucs offense, outscores the Pats offense. And that’s the main thing.

    Full disclosure : I’m no football expert. Only an armchair GM/Head Coach, who uses the eyeball test.

  7. yucboy Says:

    JPP is the hype man for this defense. At least have him on the sidelines keeping everyone in check

  8. ItzOK Says:

    JPP is the real life terminator he is indestructible. If he is hurt there is no question is is truely hurt. Give him some time he will be back wreaking havoc.

  9. View from 132 Says:

    If the defense needs JPP to stop Mac Jones the season is a bust.

  10. Erik Says:

    We certainly missed jpp against the rams I’m if he was healthy he would have made a difference as well as Murphy-bunting. He needs to heal and be healthy to continue on. There is not much of a challenge in beating the pats this weekend coming up. Mac Jones has been really lucky and their defense has been the reason for their wins. Our offense just needs to keep Brady safe in the pocket and give him time to make amazing plays. Defense needs to get best coverage of the wide receivers and pressure Mac so he makes mistakes and we can get some sacs and interceptions. If jpp is on the sidelines then he will get the defense fired up if he can’t play.

  11. #1bucsfan Says:


  12. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    @Sly Pirate, using common sense like that can get you banned from JBF, careful.

    Instead, you need to insist on trading Howard (no value) for Gilmore, or signing aging, slow, now ineffective Sherman to millions that we don’t have to begin with. CJ Henderson would be a steal too, if he wasn’t a total bust.

    Get with the program Sly. Your common sense approach does not fit in here. lol