Bruce Arians: Hustle Was Lacking On Defense

September 28th, 2021

Called out?

The “E” word is a dangerous one in football.

Effort has to be there. You don’t need to be a great defensive player to bust your ass from the snap to the whistle, playing with your hair on fire — and your mind focused.

Loafing is unacceptable. Always.

Bucco Bruce Arians was talking on WDAE radio today and he seemed irked by second-rate hustle displayed by his defense against the Rams on Sunday, specifically on the first-quarter play when Jordan Whitehead forced a fumble from Rams running back Tyler Higbee.

“That was a really good play by [Whitehead]. That ball seemed like it laid on the ground forever and just didn’t get it. If we’re hustling harder, playing harder, we’ll get that ball,” Arians said.

The play was a screen pass and Joe’s review reveals that Shaq Barrett and Joe Tryon-Shoyinka could have run harder to the ball carrier after they clearly recognized the screen.

Joe can’t see any one else on the play that may have been called out for poor hustle.

Arians is on point, Joe believes. If the edge rushers are running like it was a three-cone drill at the NFL Scouting Combine, the Bucs might have had a critical first-quarter turnover.

35 Responses to “Bruce Arians: Hustle Was Lacking On Defense”

  1. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Loafers should get traded. Don’t matter what you did last season. Play hard or go packing IMHO.

  2. 163doubleplay Says:

    From what I heard, Shaq is still busy counting his $$$millions.

  3. alton d green Says:

    Bruce, if a frog had wings, it wouldn’t bump it’s ass when it hopped

  4. Adrnagy Says:

    Shaq effect in full speed.
    Pot belly.

  5. Adrnagy Says:

    Arians…. Go get jamie collins and bench shaq.

  6. Stu Says:

    Hindsight is always 20-20…

  7. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Ya BA, that’s the problem, the defense lacks hustle. How about the invisible man secondary how was their hustle. The only hustle I can see is the one they played on management to get resigned. I cannot stress this enough, this secondary was bad last year and was not addressed. Last and I do mean last years front 7 made up for it. Fix that you fix your defense, the sacks will come. Teams have figured the defense out, quick underneath passes to prevent a sack then lull the DB’s to sleep and go deep. That Jackson TD was embarrassing.

  8. Buddha Says:

    One team really wanted it, the other didn’t. Same in Chargers v Chiefs. Love how BA is getting after his team.

  9. Infomeplease Says:

    I too was amazed how long the ball played there. Speaking of E, how about Dean’s potential interception!! How did he not come up with that? Just sayin’

  10. SlyPirate Says:

    Makes you appreciate Gholston.

    Most QB pressures last season. Most sacks this season. Steady professional. Doing his job.

  11. PassingThru Says:

    Jaime Collins used to be a stud LB but that was years ago. He has a terrible time staying within a given role as he loves to freelance.

  12. Joe in Michigan Says:

    The lack of hustle, lack of pass rush, poor secondary play, and Scotty’s turf toe can all be traced back and blamed on the Bucs not taking who PassingThru wanted them to take in the 2nd Round.

  13. Miller5252 Says:

    I think this is what you’re gonna see a lot of every year with teams that have older veterans. The way the NFL has changed practice and preseason these guys just seem like it takes more time to get them into football shape. The tackling, the penalties and guys in shape to make plays and hustle takes about a month in to get back in the groove of playing actual football again. The way we also treat our vets all summer, which isn’t a bad thing, to me is just gonna take some time to get back into it. Saying that…. I still think they have bigger issues then that on D

  14. Wild Bill Says:

    Well the air is out of the balloon. First two games we won by out scoring opponents rather than smash mouth defense. Then they got beat down on offense and defense. Old fashion butt kicking. The players should all feel embarrassed. It was an important wake up call. The better teams are not going to roll over for us. They are coming with everything they got. Arians and his staff need to fire up the troops this week and come out with a major effort. The best thing for team morale would be to kick the f–king crap out the Patriots from start to finish of the game. Man up Buckeroos!!

  15. Cobraboy Says:

    The lack of effort and hustle is the most disturbing part of this pathetic defense.

    I can live with injuries as long as the 11 on the field are selling out their bodies and minds 100%.

    But that is not happening. Every player on D needs to take a deep look at himself.

    Maybe they will see what we see.

  16. Bird Says:

    Go back and watch the game

    Devin white was getting chucked around. Havent seen him abused like that in a long time. Not sure what Is going on there. He isnt talking junk either. Where is the swag we love to see. Time for him to lead the defense

    And time for winfield to make some plays Him and carlton david need to step up for secondary

    I understand limiting suh and vea snaps but cmon. They need to be in more then 50 percent of plays. If we have some three and outs on offense so defense doesnt get breather then all good. If our offense has a nice long td drive then put them in the game

    The middle of the field is always open against our D

    Jamel dean dropping that INT was unacceptable. I think he was looking downfield already. Again he had room to run if he catches that. Sorry but my 3 year old niece could cAtch that.

    I figured bucs winning would be tough especially with no AB nor jpp. No smb. And dont forget about mickens of all people. Our starting field position so much better with him returning the ball

  17. PA Buc Fan Says:

    I actually saw several plays where Shaq qlwas dogging it. Go back and watch the film. Ball being run opposite side and runner cuts back and he’s jogging to the play. Disappointing cause I am a big Shaq fan. I didn’t take him for a guy who only cared about getting paid. Looks like I was wrong through the first 3 games this season. Truly disappointing. I mean leaders lead. In a game they needed him the most with the defense so banged up he loafing around on plays??

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    Shaq didn’t do much last year early on, remember all the discussions about if they’d even bother to bring him back? He was better down the strech and had a very good playoff run, along with the rest of the defense. But, then again, Bowles is doing nothing to help the defense out playing super basic schemes and barely mixing it up. Outside of the Atlanta game, after the Bucs were firmly ahead, the Bucs have run what seems like an extremely simple defense.

    This week, going against a rookie who throws mostly short passes, Bowles had better be willing to use his ‘exotic’ blitz packages and get some pressure. If he doesn’t, then Jones is going to sit back there and slice and dice up the defense all day long.

  19. HC Grover Says:

    ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’ plus the other 2 top draftees not ready for prime time yet, if ever. Meanwhile back at the Gravediggers, ‘Help Wanted’ sign is out. Gonna be a grind to try and win the division and get back to the playoffs it looks like. Need a blowout at the Patriot game.

  20. alaskabuc Says:

    Shaq’s breakout season was an anomaly. We learned last year that he is slightly above average when the offense has to focus on JPP also. When it’s just Shaq with no edge rushing threat on the opposite the offense stones him every time. Thank God we didn’t pay him a pile of money to put up average stats… oh wait

  21. Oxycodoms Says:

    Professionalism is what makes brady, gronk, brown special . Not everyone is willing to put in the work year after year

  22. PassingThru Says:

    Joe in Michigan

    I realize you have a man crush on me, but following me around is getting sad.

  23. DaBux Says:

    I see Marlon Mack is seeking at trade. Dumping NoJo for him might be a good option.

  24. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Shaq was talking all preseason on how he wanted to dominate this season. Oh well, I guess that was just crap to justify his overcompensation.

  25. Zwak Says:

    We will have a good year but we aren’t winning another Super Bowl unless they wake up soon gents!

  26. Destinjohnny Says:

    Arians needs to go Paul Bear Bryant on them

  27. Jerry Says:

    The defense so far definitely seems to be showing a lack of effort and a lack of heart. Offense has issues too especially at RB, but the rest of the offense seem to be trying. And I think the O will fix their issues ultimately.

    But the lack of effort and focus on the entire defense is very concerning. They don’t have the fire that they had last last year. Complacency has set it. Many of them got their money and ring already and just seem to be on cruise control.

  28. Jmarkbuc Says:


    And you can see the disappointment on TB12’s face. Take a look.

  29. Buc4evr Says:

    Jamie Collins is available for next to nothing since his salary is already guaranteed by the Lions. We better be talking to that guy like tonight.

  30. My Momma says Says:

    2019 when Shaq had his best season, he was only productive when Carl Nassib was at the left end position. When Carl was hurt, Shaq could do nothing until he returned. Personally I think Shaq plays better at right defense end, where he was most productive. And they Bowles kept him there even after JPP returned, if you all recall.

  31. Ben green Says:

    Ben thinks he plays better when he takes steroids in a contract year. But that’s just Ben’s humble opinion

  32. Ben green Says:

    Jamie Collins is a dog. Believe me, you don’t need that hump

  33. Bucsfanman Says:

    Lots of overreacting here. First off, credit the Rams for beating us. Second, yeah the defense looked ordinary but they were without JPP, their leader.
    Maybe the west coast trip messed with their head, I don’t know. There were a lot of things that stood out.
    Vea and Suh not getting push. Shaq and JTS not getting home. LBs missing tackles. Winfield looking ordinary……and the secondary!
    IMO, it was a lack of TEAM effort. It was just worse on defense.

  34. Listnfrmafar Says:

    When a 44 yr old man with absolutely nothing to lose is disappointed that his team couldn’t retrieve the perfect onside kick is telling. 10 points down and he wasn’t ready to throw the towel in. Kids these days don’t get it, that’s how you become the best.

  35. TOM Says:

    I don’t think JPP would have made that much of a difference. I say no to Collins. Maybe Howard for Mack. Also let Gio run more than just being a third down back. After all what do they have to lose. Ran pretty darn good with the Bengals, especially when Mixon got hurt last year. Bowles needs to better at coaching.