Jason Pierre-Paul On Joe Tryon: “He’s Going To Be The Difference-Maker”

August 6th, 2021

Rookie chatter.

The master had something to say about the apprentice.

In so many ways, Bucs outside linebacker Jason Pierre-Paul is a sackmeister and a warrior. He may not be the Bucs’ sack king but consistently, year after year, healthy other otherwise, JPP produces.

And when the Bucs drafted Joe Tryon in the first round this spring, it  wasn’t much of a leap to call Tryon JPP’s successor. JPP, 32, is in the final year of his contract.

So today when JPP spoke with the Tampa Bay pen and mic club, he was asked about his take on Tryon. Let’s just say that JPP is a big fan.

“Oh man, hey: Joe man, he’s going to be amazing,” JPP said. “He is doing stuff — man, I wish I would have known that as a rookie.

“Me and Shaq [Barrett] were just talking him on the sideline watching him go at it. I told Shaq, ‘He’s going to be the difference-maker for us. … He just has to stay on his feet. I had that problem myself.”

Even though JPP never wants to come off the field, he admits that getting some needed breaks will pay off down the road. That’s where Tryon is so valuable currently, JPP noted.

“For sure,” JPP said. “A guy like that keeps us fresh. The rotation is going to be good.”

It’s not just Tryon’s on-field acumen that impresses JPP — JPP raved that Tryon is the complete package — but his mental engagement as well.

JPP said Tryon is always asking questions, always asking his teammates questions and that also includes JPP. And that both humbles and impresses him.

Joe is thinking if Tryon can get, say, seven sacks in the regular season, that’s going to be huge and will keep JPP and Shaq with more gas in the tank for the long haul.

31 Responses to “Jason Pierre-Paul On Joe Tryon: “He’s Going To Be The Difference-Maker””

  1. Duane Says:

    Looking forward to seeing Tryon in the preseason. This team actually drafted an edge player, he has upside, and we do not expect anything outrageous from him. I think hes in a perfect spot to succeed. I think he will learn to play the run on the way to the qb once Bowles gets him snaps up and down the line.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Interesting, JPP never said that about Anthony Nelson….Guess we were right to pick a pass rusher.

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I figured Tryon would be long gone by the time we picked, but like Wirfs, he fell to us!
    His play will keep JPP and Shaq with more gas in the tank, as well as add sacks of his own.

  4. ocala Says:

    Anthony Nelson was a mid round guy. He’s probably doing about as well as you would hope for a mid round guy….it’s great hearing the early reports on Tryon. Perhaps the Bucs got a steal even though he’s a first round pick.

  5. firethecannons Says:

    JPP will live forever by teaching the rook.
    I believe that Licht and Arians are correct in assuming Tryon would of been ranked much higher if not for the covid opt out.

  6. ModHairKen Says:

    If JPP says it, I believe it. I also think they should bring JPP back next year. If he is looking to coach after he’s finished playing, I’d add him to the staff. This guy is so tough. The injuries he’s come back from and dominated? The attitude and willingness to help young players? He should be HOF and ROH.

  7. Ben green Says:

    I don’t put much stock into the opinion of a person who blew his fingers off with fireworks. Camp is different now, you don’t really know what you’ve got until the regular season. Some of these guys dazzle in camp and can’t play in the league. Hopefully you won’t have to find out.

  8. mark2001 Says:

    I’d be happy with five sacks joe. But still…would be great for a rotational guy this year.

  9. webster Says:

    So a man has an unfortunate accident in the past so we should not listen to him? Im sure you never made a mistake or had an accident of any kind mr. perfect. You are really full of yourself.

  10. mark2001 Says:

    Ben….think you sound all wet. Now if I was evaluating him…or you…I’d say, bullsquat. But guys like JPP know what they see and know their jobs. I’d take their evaluation word over yours any day.

  11. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Ben green: I’m sure you’ve NEVER done anything in life that you’ve regretted. Lighten up, Francis.

  12. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Still shocked the luck Licht and the Bucs have had over the past few years. I thought we were lucky to have Tristan Wirf to fall to us, but Tryon with the last pick in the first round was a gift from the football gods.

  13. Buc92’ Says:

    Jpp not the kinda guy to sugar coat anything, if he said that then most likely that’s what’s going on with Joe tryon … Good news


  14. GhostofSchiano Says:

    D-line rotation is looking scarier for this year than last. GO BUCS

  15. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    Damn Joe! I knew this was a steal where we got him in the first round! Kid is gonna be a beast!

  16. ModHairKen Says:

    Ben green, you are a turd.

  17. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Ben you don’t sound to be all that intelligent then because the fact JPP blew off 3 fingers AND broke his neck but STILL answered the bell, and made a huge difference on our defense never using them as excuses and you wouldn’t listen to someone like him? I’d hate to see who you’d listen to about how to be a warrior on the field.

  18. Buxszntkt Says:

    Really, wTF is with Ben the turd ????
    Dumb ass accident on JPP’s part but that’s why they call them accidents you dooosh ! I’m sure you’re perfect, lol.

  19. SlyPirate Says:

    “Joe is thinking if Tryon can get, 7 sacks … that’s going to be huge,”

    Chase Young is considered “Dominant” with 7.5 sacks.

    7 = Huge
    7.5 = Dominant
    8 = ?

    I believe Tryon will get 8.

  20. Wild Bill Says:

    Don’t be so hard on Bengay. He is probably a really happy guy in person. Or not.

  21. TomR Says:

    Forty plus years a Buc fan all I can say is enjoy every moment. Bask in the franchises glory! Go Bucs!

  22. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I don’t get the Chase Young bashing. You wouldn’t want him on the Bucs? Nobody said Young is dominant, yet. He could be. I love Antoine Winfield Jr. (who some have said deserved DROY), but he was good in some games, just okay in others in his rookie year. Any way you cut it, 7.5 sacks is better than 3 sacks and 1 interception. Yes, Donovan Smith held Young without a sack in the playoff game. That doesn’t mean Chase Young is a bust.

  23. Kelsoland Says:

    Hey Ben, don’t let that key board blow up in your face

  24. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Joe in MI…

    And Donovan certainly didn’t handle him alone… Gronk had more chips than Frito-Lay.

  25. Architek Says:

    I like how they build up the kids and speak highly about them while they’re developing!

    That’s what culture is all about!

  26. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Chase Young has all the pressure on him. He opened his mouth and froze, a great player but showed he’s a rookie. He is going to be good for a LONG time, and YES Joe I would love to see him as a Buc. He tried to intimidate a guy that’s been called out for 20 yrs. Ain’t gonna happen rookie.

  27. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I forgot about Chase Young running his mouth before the playoff game, I understand where the bad feelings about him come from now. FYI: Bruce Smith had 6.5 sacks in his rookie year and turned out okay, 200 sacks in his career.

  28. Natural Selection Says:

    JPP had his ODB flair going today. His pressers are always must watch. He did mention Nelson positively and unsolicited later in the same response quoted here. What makes me more excited than platitudes for Tryon is how good he says he feels this camp. We’ve seen a broken JPP fighting and still playing effectively the last 2 seasons. Maybe his body is giving out and healthy seasons are a thing of the past for him. I have a feeling he’s about to blow up again and lead the team in sacks this season.

  29. alaskabuc Says:

    Thanks Joe! I was pretty certain that I couldn’t be any more excited for the season to start, but you found a way to jack me up even more. Love this s(p)it, go Bucs!

  30. Greg Says:

    Sorry I can’t let @ Ben green’s post go even after others have responded appropriately. You either put no thought in your post or you are enjoying some refreshments! JPP has delivered and is a primo leader in spite of his personal situations to the highest of degrees. The man emulates what you want on the line of our team to demonstrate what it takes to be an elite defense and you are questioning his opinion? Laughable in the least! Dang!

  31. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    After the way JPP got pizt off and put himself back in the game after his backup got 1/2 a sack in the Super Bowl, I had him figured as more of an old-school vet who would cold-shoulder rookies or backups who might threaten his playing time. Looks like I mis-read that whole episode.