Derrick Brooks Talks Dominated Bucs, Inconsistent Bucs

August 25th, 2021

Hall of Fame Buccaneers icon Derrick Brooks raises key concerns out of Preseason Game 2. Enjoy TAMPA TWO, presented by Converged Technology Professionals. Brooks is sharing his insight with The Sage of Tampa Bay Sports, Ira Kaufman.

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One Response to “Derrick Brooks Talks Dominated Bucs, Inconsistent Bucs”

  1. b4l Says:

    It’s sounds like BA is trying to emotionally convince the fanbase that somehow these aweful resulsts are a positve. It’s the same old BS loser NFL head coaches have been feeding fanbases for decades. Not saying that BA is a loser coach and that the Bucs are back to their default Yucks mode. But that this is the quality of what we a hearing from BA. There a no excuses for the results, and the results show that either the Bucs coaching staff have failed to coach the depth on this team, and the depth is talented. Or that the depth is not talented despite the best effort from the coaching staff. Either way the depth is not going to get the job in the regular season, and this draft class is a bust already in the sense of contributions THIS season at depth and special teams. The special teams gave up another big return, even though it was called back. And yes Tryon looks good for a rookie against backups, but he is still making plenty of rookie mistakes and has proven nothing at this point about himself that we do not already know. Go Bucs.