Dak Prescott Drama Builds

August 19th, 2021

Bucs’ Week 1 opponent?

Now Joe has been on record that preseason games are fully worthless. It’s a core belief of Joe’s.

Proof that NFL coaches have the public hoodwinked on the value of preseason games came last year. With no games, regular-season penalties were down and scoring was up.

Additionally, the Bucs won the Super Bowl with a new quarterback, Tom Brady, in his first year playing for Bruce Arians. With all new teammates aside from his old tight end with the Belicheats.

Don’t get Joe started on this nonsense the NFL needs preseason games. It’s the only level of football that plays exhibition games.

So Joe doesn’t know what to make of the fact that the Bucs’ first opponent this year when the real games begin, Dallas, won’t get its quarterback on the field until the Cowboys travel to Tampa Sept. 9.

It seems Dak Prescott has a shoulder strain of some sort. The Cowboys tried to wave the injury off as no big deal. Then Prescott missed more practice time. Then he had a second MRI — you don’t often have second MRIs if your shoulder aches from too many 12-ounce curls.

Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Cowboys are expected to keep Prescott on ice until Week 1. The way the Cowboys have been consistently moving back the dates of Prescott taking the field (practice or game) for the first time in 2021, who knows if Prescott will even be active gameday for Week 1?

Maybe Michael Irvin was right? Maybe the Cowboys are hiding a major injury?

Of course, Cowboys fans being Cowboys fans, they are melting down over this.

22 Responses to “Dak Prescott Drama Builds”

  1. unbelievable Says:

    This just feels so Cowboys, doesn’t it?

    Dak will not be 100% if he plays, IMO.

  2. Steven007 Says:

    Dak likely won’t be 100% all season. Between rust, the brand new ankle, and the shoulder thing. You got to believe the defense is licking their chops and hoping he’s in there week one.

  3. GMC hater Says:

    If our dmen so much as breathe on him they’re going to get flagged.

  4. Bucs in Hawaii Says:

    I can’t stand when the Bucs play against #2 QBs. They historically play down a level. This is never a good thing.

  5. Beeej Says:

    They prolly should have kept Andy

  6. Todd Says:

    Bucs in Hawaii, excellent observation. Let’s just hope the Bucs we get this season (all season) are the Bucs of the last 8 games of last season. I don’t think “those” Bucs are impacted by curve balls tricking their brains they can take the foot off the gas.

    We’ll see!

  7. Bbro Says:

    With our defense if his shoulder and the rest of his body isn’t hurting it will be September 10th 😉

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Preseason is good for the vendors….parking attendants, ticket takers….and don’t forget the future mattress movers, UPS drivers & insurance adjusters…

  9. SOEbuc Says:


    “Now Joe has been on record that preseason games are fully worthless. It’s a core belief of Joe’s.”

    I know they’re boring and we only have one series to watch the starters, but they have to get into live tackling before they start the regular season. What’s the point of the draft if you can’t make the 53 man cut. And Defense and depth win championships and that needs to be determined in live game action. On the other hand I think joint practices every week could be a nice addition for teams and fans.

  10. SOEbuc Says:

    *joint practices every week of preseason I mean.

  11. Cobraboy Says:

    Don’t forget the Cowboy cap geniuses gave him a massive $40miil/yr. contract this offseason.

    I’m not a fan of PS football, but at some point, you need to get your real hitting against someone other than your teammates. Joint practices do that, but not under game conditions.

  12. Lakelandsteve Says:

    Not a cowgirls fan or a Dak Prescott fan, but I hope he plays and is 100% so the cowgirls don’t have anything to complain about when we beat the brakes off them in our first regular season game of 2021. Go Bucs!

  13. Bucsfanman Says:

    Lakeland- I’m right there with you! In fact, I can’t stand them. Too much pub for an overrated team.
    I’d like to see us beat the brakes off of them! We should not lose to a team that has a player that sports a half-shirt!

  14. Roadwarrior Says:

    Am I imagining things or can we watch the Cowboys every single week on TV

  15. Timothy J Barns Says:

    Dallas has been a media darling for years always in the headlines whether they are good or bad Jerry loves attention good or bad. Dac isnt Dac and like they always do put all their eggs in one basket.

  16. Hodad Says:

    Just destroy those cow jokes.

  17. Panthers suck! Says:

    How he gets back to 100% so we can kick his a$$!

  18. Panthers suck! Says:

    Hope ^

  19. Jeff Test Says:

    From a lifer Cowboy fan living in Washington State..this season I say “Ehh”.. Like the weather up here.. I’ll believe it when I see it

  20. Jeff Test Says:

    Just remember where Dak came from and how he got here. He is tough. He’s one those guys that what doesn’t kill him .. Makes him better. Borrowing any cheap shots by the opposing team. All weather fans..hang on!! It’s gonna be a ride

  21. Tampadeuce21 Says:

    @jefftest end it

  22. Buczilla Says:

    The cowboys are the new Browns. A pathetic (damn good businessman), over his head, unable to evaluate talent properly, owner/gm has doomed this team for years to come. Dak is above average and injury prone, yet he’s paid like a superstar. Zeke was maybe worth the $ when he got his new deal, but he has done nothing but regress. Amari is another above average player that gets paid like a superstar.

    The only hope for cowboys fans is if the team gets sold to competent ownership who will hire true football folks to run the franchise. Jimmy Johnson made this team relevant again in the nineties and they’ve never recovered after foolishly firing him.