Rodgers Will Play; Thomas To Return For Bucs Games

July 27th, 2021

The hot chatter about Aaron Rodgers leaving Green Bay and news of Saints stud receiver Michael Thomas needing ankle surgery don’t appear to be the Bucs-friendly buzz they were earlier this week.

Yesterday it was revealed that Rodgers will come to terms with the Packers and happily play under a reworked contract this season.

As for Thomas, NFL Network reported that he’s expected back for Week 7; the Bucs play the Saints in Weeks 8 and 15.

Joe talked about the potential of Rodgers leaving and Thomas losing a season were big plusses in the Bucs’ quest to repeat as Super Bowl champs. So it’s only fair to put their return out here for all to consider.

Last year, the slimy Saints had the Bucs on the ropes in the NFC Divisional Round playoffs before Antoine Winfield, Jr. saved the day. But keep in mind Thomas missed the first half of that season, too.

Joe can’t wait for the first Bucs-Saints game at the JameisDome on Halloween. Hopefully, the Bucs already have a two-game lead in the division and effectively put the Saints out of reach.

20 Responses to “Rodgers Will Play; Thomas To Return For Bucs Games”

  1. Steven007 Says:

    Thomas is the most overrated receiver in the NFL. Has made a living off of 5 yd slants from Drew Brees. Interesting to see what he does now. We’ll be getting him on a gimpy ankle in the first game at least. Davis will lock him down like he did last year. Not worried about him.

  2. Flyin Dutchman Says:

    will see how it goes for Thomas… will Jameis still be starting by week 7? If Bucs host the NFC title game any contender will do, whoever gets that far. I don’t think GB will make it 4 times in a row.

  3. Winny Testaverde Says:

    The Thomas ankle injury occurred ( I believe ) Game 1 last season when Payton was trying to run up the score and get Kamara some TDs. Whoops. I’m a little surprised Rodgers has come around…thought he’d hold out for a trade at the request of his Hollywood Starlet. I’m not sure she won’t Markle ™️ him and make him soft & less edgy.

  4. Pine Hills Says:

    Thomas won’t have Brees throwing him those slants anymore.
    Rodgers has so poisoned his locker room the Pack is wack.
    No big deal on either counr.

  5. PassingThru Says:

    Yeah that Thomas injury was karma.

    I don’t know if he’ll really be 100% the game Tampa Bay plays against the Saints, I think Thomas is projected to be back two games prior. I’ve had a very nasty high ankle sprain, it damn well took well over a year before it felt normal. Though surgery will expedite the healing process, it wouldn’t surprise me if it takes a bit longer for Thomas to get back into the groove.

  6. Pine Hills Says:

    I can’t sleep so I looked up the latest Rodgers saga online.
    Honestly, they should just trade him to the Texans or some other desolate team … even the panthers or saints.
    He is poison.
    Only DeShawn Watson is worse.

  7. Pine Hills Says:

    Rodgers is the perfect example of the anti-Brady.
    He eats up so much cap there’s not enough for anyone else and it’s all about Rodgers, not the team.
    Wilson is the same way.
    To a lesser degree so is Roethlisberger and Prescott
    So used to be Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell and Eric Dickerson and Meeshawn Johnson.

  8. Hodad Says:

    Rodgers must have been taking Tom’s advise on the golf course, because he got the Brady deal from the Packers. Let’s make nice, play for us this year, and we’ll part friends next year. Just like Brady did with N.E..

  9. Beeej Says:

    Davis ain’t worried about slant boy

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Doesn’t always pay to rely on other teams’ misfortunes…..but it’s natural to wish them ill. Much will happen between now & the end of the season….lets just hope our Bucs are healthy & stay out of trouble.

  11. allbucedup Says:

    The Pack wont even win their division. Whining Rodgers attitude will poison this team.

  12. Bird Says:

    It sounds like rodgers is signing up for 1 year so he can go some place else of his choosing after this year. Maybe i am wrong but does that sound like a guy committed to going for it all? Will put his body on line for team?

    Read somewhere it was for 45 mil too or some crazy number

    How can you look at this chump and say what a leader

  13. Bird Says:

    And who cares about thomas. I agree , he will be out so long for almost same injury last year that the guy was a ghost after that.

    And slimy saints stuck with his contract

  14. dls5492 Says:

    Love the picture. Suh lives rent free in Rodger’s head. So does Tom Brady!

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    I know it sounds flippant but, so what?! Just like ‘strength of schedule’ arguments, you play the team in front of you.
    As TBBF stated, it is the health of our Bucs’ roster that I am most concerned with.

  16. Joe Says:

    And who cares about thomas.

    Oh, just going to guess for starters Todd Bowles. 🤷‍♂️

  17. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Let them both play. They can share the blame when the Bucs kick both of their arses this season.

  18. Bird Says:


    Age 28 for receiver …(29 in march) which most arent jerry rice or larry fitzgerald….with Back to back seasons of significant injuries (ankles and knees i believe) and no drew Brees & signed a monster contract. And he is one of the biggest baby divas in nfl. Watch( and it will be archives.) but i think if saints could somehow trade him they would. damaged goods ? So like i said …who cares and he will be a high cap hit for the slimy saints for years to come.

    Ill be honest if wrong about it Again love comments in the archives Cant change em

  19. Duane Says:

    We are talking about 2 guys that have no heart and love themselves waay more than the game, or winning for that matter. Thomas got his money, and will never play up to his contract because he takes half a season off. Rodgers was not likely to ever leave GB because he has his built in security there where he can just blame lack of success on everyone else. He doesnt have the stones to move and put his name on it like Brady did. These two are such a pain in the ass, that even their presence poisons the well, and in particular every off the field issue we can imagine. To me, they are both front runners who already see the writing on the wall before the season even starts.

  20. DungyDance Says:

    F— Rodgers. Big baby. All he cares about is attention. I only hope we get the chance in playoffs one more time to jam the football straight up his a–. Go Bucs!