Jordan Whitehead On COVID List

July 23rd, 2021

COVID among us still

[UPDATE: 3:52 p.m.] Boy, this is a wake-up call.

Bucs hard-hitting safety Jordan Whitehead, just hours after he and his teammates received their Super Bowl rings, has been placed on the NFL’s COVID list.

So August isn’t quite here yet and already Whitehead got lit up rather than dishing out the hits.

Joe cannot confirm whether Whitehead was or was not at the team ring ceremony last night. And we do not know if Whitehead tested positive. He could have just come in contact with someone who tested positive.

But this is a quick eye-opener. The football season is almost here and The Sickness is very much a part of our lives, still.

[UPDATE 3:52 p.m.] It appears from Whitehead’s Instagram stories account that he may not have been at the ring ceremony last night. Whitehead opens his ring box in the video in what appears to be someone’s apartment (with an aerobics video on the TV in the background) with a timeline of some 17 hours ago, which would have been late yesterday evening, roughly the same time his teammates would have received their rings at the ceremony. While this isn’t hard evidence Whitehead was not at the ceremony, it seems to suggest he wasn’t.

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