Devin White Details Todd Bowles’ Early Order

July 28th, 2021

Todd Bowles

Savior Buccaneers linebacker Devin White took fans behind the curtain after today’s rain interrupted practice at One Buc Palace.

Joe asked White if he could name a player to date in training camp that’s impressed him more than he expected.

White said he can’t do that because he only has expectations for himself. But White did say that every defensive player has direct orders when it comes to improvement.

‘’On Day 1 before we ever stepped on the field, Coach Bowles went around the whole room and basically told every guy their weakness that was on the team last year and told them, ’You know, we need to get better at it,’” White said.

”’So I mean there’s no complacency over here. Nobody is staying at ground zero. I think everybody is breaking above ground and getting better.’’

Now that’s a way to humble a Super Bowl defense out of the gate. Let’em all know their weaknesses — and let all their peers hear it.

12 Responses to “Devin White Details Todd Bowles’ Early Order”

  1. mark2001 Says:

    Great motivational tool…IF… you have the faith. trust, and the belief in your knowledge of those you lead, and they know it is for your own good and the good of the team.

    I think that again speaks volumes about the relationship between Todd and the players.

  2. Medicated Pete Says:

    Devin White is Pete’s man crush & Todd Bowles doing that is very smart. Athletes like specific instructions (this former JV player knows).

  3. mark2001 Says:

    True Pete…but in a group setting requires a great deal of trust and respect in a room full of guys that have been told they are part of the greatest team on earth, and they are all special athletes in their own rights. Push the egos aside…these guys are on a mission.

  4. Medicated Pete Says:

    Devin White is built just like Mike Tyson @ age 20. Solid muscle from neck to toe

  5. mark2001 Says:

    Pete…But above the neck, I think Devin is far brighter..

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think everybody is breaking above ground and getting better.’’

    Not opposing Offenses, Devin because Bucs are GRAVEDIGGERS!!!

  7. Medicated Pete Says:

    Devin wants to obliterate & annihilate his opponent

  8. Mike Says:

    This reminds me of a Socrates quote, “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”

  9. PSL Bob Says:

    White may become the next Derrick Brooks. Perhaps not quite as humble but just as effective. Look out NFL!

  10. Darin Says:

    Devin White is the best of all time! Just ask him!! Smack that boy Lavonte!

  11. AtlBuc Says:

    Brilliant!! They can help each other where one player’s strength is another player’s weakness.
    That’s one thing we never had around here during the dark years, player development. I can’t think of one player who got better under the last 3 coaches

  12. Wild Bill Says:

    Talking smack in preseason means zero. If you talk the talk ya better walk the walk when the games begin.