Football Outsiders: Kyle Trask Has Jameis Winston-Like Traits

May 4th, 2021

Bucs QB Kyle Trask.

In going through analyses of Bucs second-round draft pick Kyle Trask, Joe noticed a few things that should scare fans, at least those who are devout haters of Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

It seems Trask and Jameis share some traits, including the bad ones.

One thing Joe has read is that Trask doesn’t have a quick release. Remember, that was also a knock on Jameis as he had that baseball-like release, which was easy to understand since he was a pitcher.

Joe’s good friend Mike Tanier, typing for Football Outsiders, isn’t fully sold on Trask.

Kyle Trask, QB, Florida

Upside: Matt Hasselbeck
Downside: Nathan Peterman
Likely Comp: Nick Foles

The problem with evaluating Kyle Trask is Kyle Pitts. Trask threw 43 touchdowns, but Pitts made 12 of those touchdowns look easy. Wide receiver Kadarius Toney, picked earlier [Friday], caught 10. Alabama’s Mac Jones had the nation’s best weapon corps, but Trask was a close second, and there were some games (like the opener against Ole Miss) in which everything just looked a little too easy.

Trask has many appealing “soft skills,” including eye discipline, the ability to reset in the pocket, and a knack for checking down and tossing flair passes that give his running backs space to move. He’s a fine deep touch passer. But he has about a C+ arm and mobility. There are also many troubling flaws to his game, including fumblitis and a habit of throwing into coverage. Trask also benefited from several dropped interceptions last season.

It’s tempting to pencil Trask in as a heady NFL game manager. But he’s likely to endure too many strip-sacks and throw too many interceptions when NFL defenders get the jump on his cut fastballs. Hence the Foles comp: Trask may prove capable of looking like a folk hero under ideal conditions but will end up fumbling and stumbling his way out of multiple jobs when everything isn’t clicking.

In summary, Trask is the perfect quasi-successor for Tom Brady: good enough to get through a game or two if called upon, but not nearly good enough to be perceived as a threat and banished to the TB12 dungeons.

Grade: C

So Trask suffers from fumblitis (just like Jameis?) and has a tendency to throw into traffic (just like Jameis?).

Now another knock Joe read about Trask, specifically this comes from former Bucs quarterback Chris Simms, is that Trask isn’t going to adapt well to what some consider the “modern NFL” because he is not that mobile or not a great athlete.

Joe thinks this is an absolute load. Bucky Brooks of NFL Network is always pushing this crap. As former NFL suit Michael Lombardi said recently on his “GM Shuffle” podcast regarding those who disparage immobile quarterbacks now deep into the 21st Century, “Are you trying to tell me Danny Marino couldn’t play in today’s game?”


Like Peyton Manning couldn’t play? Shoot, Philip Rivers had a nice year last year in his final season and led the Colts to the playoffs. Rivers is so immobile that when he comes off the field, managers have to wipe the pigeon crap off his shoulder pads.

Oh, and look who won the Super Bowl last year, a 43-year old man who can’t run.

At the end of the day, a quarterback is not going to fail if he cannot run. He will fail if he cannot throw. Dinging Trask for being less than mobile is a crock in Joe’s eyes.

89 Responses to “Football Outsiders: Kyle Trask Has Jameis Winston-Like Traits”

  1. adam from ny Says:

    trade him for eason right nowzers 🙂


  2. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Truly……….another 2nd Rd wasted pick by Jason “beer” Licht

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    Something tells me that our QB training collective … Bruce Arians, Tom Moore, Clyde Christensen, Byron Leftwich and Tom Brady … will know soon enough if Kyle Trask has what it takes to be an NFL QB, either as a starter or as a backup. All due respect to Tanier & Simms, I’ll reserve judgment until they finish their analysis.

  4. Drew Says:


    They said a lot of the same things about Brady when he was drafted in the 6th round. 20+ years later, setting NFL records and 7 superbowl wins. Kyle is sort of in the same mold.

  5. Drew Says:

    They published the same thing about Brady and 20+ years later he set NFL records. Won 7 superbowls and proved everyone wrong. Kyle reminds me a lot of the young Brady when he entered the league. Hope he learns and plays with a chip on his shoulders and quiets the naysayers.

  6. Swampbuc Says:

    The dropped interceptions thing, fumbling, and wide open receivers are why I said “don’t touch.” I agree with Tanier.

    I don’t agree with Chrissy Batted Down Sims about the mobility thing.

    And ultimately BA, JL, BL and Clyde know more than I do, so, yeah.

  7. Leighroy Says:

    There’s fumblitis and then there’s whatever afflicted Jameis with laterals to nobody and windmill tosses to avoid sacks. Like comparing food poisoning to the plague.

  8. John Says:

    The more people speak negative the better of a pick Trask becomes. The rich keep getting richer. Its the Buccaneers turn. Everyone keep putting him down. Then you all will praise him later. Oh by the way I went to FSU.

  9. Medicated Pete Says:

    Kyle’s GF was all juiced-up when the Bucs called bcuz she’s from Orlando

  10. Bird Says:

    Joe –

    Does that mean we get to call trask Americas quarterback then. Even before he plays a down . We can add mr entertainment too after he gets some playing time whether its good or bad


    And we will treat him with kid gloves and really just worship his “it” factor. Found that on an old telecast


  11. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Bucky sucks. Hard to listen to. The slow release is the biggest worry. Jameis’ big issue.

  12. Teflon Don OG Says:

    LOL its like these guys expect these kids to not get better as a football player.. we havent seen it from the QB position yet but there has been plenty of development at other positions to give me hope on Trask. Didn’t watch much of him in college but learning under brady and having the maybe the best coaching staff tampa has ever had makes me comfortable with this pick

  13. Drew Says:

    Did I forget to mention the young Brady played behind a 3 time pro bowler Drew Bledsoe and developed under his tutelage. Trask is in a similar situation with the GOAT.

  14. richbucsfan Says:

    Ok, enough on Trask. He hasn’t played a down. He hasn’t done training camp. Enough is enough. Way below previous articles.

  15. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Well then… that’s it, we need to cut him. Geez…

  16. BucsBeBack (Artist formally known as: BringBucsBack) Says:

    When watching highlights of Trask in the AL game, I also noticed some of the Jameis-like tendencies. Where they don’t resemble each other is in their baggage, conduct & maturity. Save for something completely unexpected, Trask won’t embarrass himself, the team or community. He also will not be gifted a starting job due to his draft position or have that expectation.

    At FSU, Jameis also had NFL talent that “bailed him out” at times; Mac Jones, too. I’m most concerned about Trask’s fumbling, ability to process & release speed, as I would for any QB. It’s hard to quantify because it’s so early.

    Trask is a Buc now and Jameis is an enemy, for those of you that are unaware!

  17. Steven007 Says:

    So the variable would seem to be, will he take to coaching as defense notes? Or will he play hero ball like we saw for five years from JW? I think there’s a good chance they might be able to coach him out of the hero ball mentality, hopefully from the start.

  18. Buc50 Says:

    At least he throws check downs. Jameis refused to do that.

  19. Allbuccedup Says:

    I remember a before the 2020 draft all these so called experts said Justin Herbert was to be a flop. He was going to cost the GM who drafted him, his job. I not comparing Trask to Herbert but these experts are not coaches they get paid to throw out BS. These experts love Trey Lance and his only played 15 or 16 games and even looked shaky in his last game against weak team. Hes a runner by nature I believe hes going to have a rough tome in the NFL. But these so called experts have hyped him so much the niners picked him with the third pick and passed on Justin Fields go figure.

  20. Tye Says:

    No point in cursing the poor guy!…LoL

    No qb comes in completely polished and NFL ready… At least the Bucs aren not in desperate need for him to be their starter or those bad traits would matter more… He has time to develop and learn from some great coaches AND if he turns out as bad as JW, kick him to the curb and bring in the next guy…

    Anyone can pick any qb coming out of college to nitpick and embellish their flaws!

  21. Noah Mills Says:

    Cmon man you cant compare a gator to a seminole. Thats just straight disrespectful

  22. SB~LV Says:

    lol… I only got to the headline as I had my first sip.
    Cruel trick! 😈

  23. mark2001 Says:

    The biggest things these two guys have in common is that they are both big guys. And neither is todays prototype elusive in demand QB .

    But in fact, they are both human beings. So yes… I they are similar. I guess it is how you look at it.

    Stop with the comparisons…he is simply one of our current back yo QB’s. Let’s all root for him, and hope that he has the value Coach sees in him.

  24. Hodad Says:

    Compared to Nick Foles. Wasn’t he a S.B. MVP? Didn’t Brad Johnson, and Trent Dilfer win a S.B.? Football is the ultimate team game. Even when Mahomes won, he had a good team around him. Did I mention Joe Flacco won one? This was not a wasted pick. The kid has enough talent to play very good in the SEC, and make it to the NFL. We needed new blood in the QB room. This kid will at least be that.

  25. Mitch Says:

    He is a hard working developmental QB that fits the mold of what BA looks for in his offense. We won’t know anything until he starts in two-three years and Byron is coaching the team.

  26. Buc92’ Says:

    He’s nothing like jameis’ , nobody outside the Tampa bay community wants to see us continue having success especially once Brady leaves. Trask is here let’s embrace & get over it . Fellow buc fans stop feeding the negative push on Trask


  27. Aceofaerospace Says:

    We’ll know in time, but I believe Trask is teachable, Mr Pick-6 was not. You can’t fix stupid and you can’t coach stubborn.

  28. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    To say at this stage that Jason Licht blew another 2nd round pick is absurd.

    If there was ever a pick that had heavy influence on a GM from others it’s this one…….Arians, Leftwich, Moore, CHristiansen and biggest influence of all, Tom Brady.

    You don’t have a QB with the talent & experience of Brady and not take his recommendation on QB.

  29. mark2001 Says:

    Don’t think most of us hate Jameis. But many of us do hate the wasted five years, that more closely resemble a chemically induced debacle, than actually building towards a championship. It was even more embarrassing than being a Jets or Bears fan during those five years, except with more off the field drama.

    But in retrospect, it wasn’t because of an entire organization of ineptitude and self-destruction. It ended up being a handful of guys in the organization.

  30. Allbuccedup Says:

    These so called experts picked Justin Herbert to fail. These experts are not coaches they just talk smack because thats their job.

  31. Jim Says:

    Comparing a number one overall pick to a late rounder? Really? The Bucs have made a small investment in Trask; he may develop into a Buc starter, he may become trade bait. Winston was a huge investment that cost mightily and only gave us five years of heartbreak football.

  32. Allbuccedup Says:


  33. Allbuccedup Says:

    Joe loves articles running down Trask. Must be a Noles fan.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    @TampaBayBucfan. Agreed. Let him at least get on the field. Lol

  35. DingleBerry Says:

    He also has a slow wonky almost Tim Tebow like release.

    Top 11 QB’s going into 2021

    1. Patrick Mahommes
    2. Aaron Rodgers
    3. Tom Brady
    4. Russell Wilson
    5. Josh Allen
    6. Deshaun Watson (if he plays/isn’t in jail)
    7. Dak Prescott
    8. Justin Herbert
    9. Matthew Stafford
    10. Kyler Murray
    11. Lamar Jackson

    Hmm, seems to me that the only remaining pocket passer in the league that’s truly great just happens to be THEE greatest QB of all time and a QB who has always epitomized the phrase “the exception, not the rule.”

    By the way, mobility for QB’s isn’t just referring to their ability to run the ball, but also their ability to escape pressure, keep plays alive, and throw on the run. But yeah sure, the old timer Joe who still thinks RB’s are more valuable than O-lineman and hates all things new and probably tells kids to get off his lawn thinks it’s a crock.

  36. SB~LV Says:

    Trask wears a size 13 shoe
    Jameis a 14
    So we are safe!

  37. D-Rome Says:

    Remember, that was also a knock on Jameis as he had that baseball-like release, which was easy to understand since he was a pitcher.

    All the knocks on Jay-Miss coming out of college were 100% spot on. Every single one of them.

    Just a quick look on Trask it appears that he threw less INTs over his 3 year career than Jay-Miss did in 2014. Even if all the critiques on Trask’s game is true it’s still a good pick in that position. After all this success and with all the future talent on this roster there is no way this organization can make the mistake of sticking with a turnover machine at QB once Brady is gone. Trask won’t get that chance nor should he.

  38. Hope springs eternal Says:

    Premature ejaculated! So the kid has not even had his first practice or first coaching or detailed evaluation of skills during practice sessions, but the beer sucking slob experts on here already condem him as the second coming of Jaymess. Amazing that none of you haven’t been recruited as Buc scouts. Surely you are better experts at appraising talent than the Bucs GM and coaches. This pick was a development pick with what was left of qbs in the second round. The kid comes in with no pressure or great expectations in the near future. By the end of this season the coaches will know exactly what his long term potential is. Brady started his career in much the same circumstances. Having won the superbowl, etc. the bucs will be stuck with low first and second round pics for at least the near future. So the reality is evaluate what you could get, trade for a established vet, or trade for a higher pick in next years draft. No easy solutions.

  39. Joe Says:

    At FSU, Jameis also had NFL talent that “bailed him out” at times; Mac Jones, too.

    Pitts and Toney aren’t exactly NFL undrafted free agents.

  40. Joe Says:

    Joe loves articles running down Trask.

    Absolutely not. Joe really has no firm opinions of the guy. Did see the Cotton Bowl and Oklahoma totally ambushed him. But it is irresponsible to judge a player on one game.

    Joe tends to lean towards Bruce Arians and Jason Licht here. Haven’t they earned the benefit of the doubt? And Joe has for months argued it would be a waste not to develop a quarterback with the coaches the Bucs have and to watch and learn from the best quarterback.

    Anyone that wears a Bucs uniform Joe wants the guy to dominate. Don’t be dumb here.

  41. Ash Says:

    The fanboys are just as bad as the haters we don’t know anything until we see him take some snaps I wouldnt have picked trask because I felt there was better value there but bucs did so that’s that. The comparisons to brady are ridiculous just because brady does something certainly doesnt mean anything for anyone else brady is a unicorn a qb we are likely not going to see again for a long while

  42. doolnutts Says:

    TheBucsAnthem Says:
    May 4th, 2021 at 5:37 am
    Truly……….another 2nd Rd wasted pick by Jason “beer” Licht


    What does “wasted pick” actually mean? You not liking the pick doesn’t mean it is wasted. The fact people in the “wasted pick” camp don’t understand is that most picks don’t work out in the draft and your Super Bowl-winning GM happens to be hitting more often than anyone else in the league right now. If the man wants to draft depth at the QB position then who are you to criticize that? We needed greater depth along most of the areas JL drafted. It is too early to call Trask a wasted pick.

  43. Ben green Says:

    Maybe he can cover kicks

  44. SB~LV Says:

    There is a bit of relevant information explaining some of the Oklahoma performance . No doubt Trask will be schooled by DC’s in his early appearances in the NFL , just like Devin White was. The delicate balance for BA is having Trask sit and learn from the best and getting actual playing time, the later is an absolute MUST!

  45. Marques Says:

    17 of the past 21 Super Bowl winners were pocket passing non running quarterbacks.

    The other four Mahomes, Brees, Rogers, Wilson.

  46. gotbbucs Says:

    Trask’s throwing mechanics are better than Justin Fields, and Fields is being talked about as some kind of a steal for the Bears.

    If Trask can throw an accurate ball and can process the field he’ll have a chance.

  47. DingleBerry Says:


    21 years ago Brady was a rookie. And he won 7 of those 17 Super Bowls you’re referencing.

    The past is the past and the future is now. It’s no coincidence that literally all of the best/most promising young QB’s in the league today are very good athletes with mobility and an arm that’s either very good or elite.

  48. geno711 Says:

    Shocking I disagree with Dingleberry again. He creates his own term for what a current pocket passer is. Not sure that he fully defined it but he lists a bunch of quarterbacks in the league and then says that Tom Brady is the only good pocket quarterback in the league remaining.

    I would say at this point of their careers not only is Brady primarily a pocket passer but so is Rodgers, Stafford, and Ryan (not sure why Ryan was left off Dinglberry’s list except it did not fit his narrative). Obviously, if you are of the position that you want a rushing QB then Trask is not your guy.

    Really lots of ways to win in the NFL still and you do not need a super mobile guy to win in this league at QB.

    Please name me the elite mobile quarterbacks not named Mahomes that have been to a Super Bowl in the last 15 years. I am not saying that these mobile quarterbacks can not get to the Super Bowl.

    Yet the truth of the matter is during the playoff’s to win it all, you need a quarterback that can dissect the other teams defensive personnel through his mind and not through his legs.

  49. geno711 Says:

    I love Justin Herbert. My favorite QB not on the Buc’s. He is clearly mobile. Yet, he succeeded last year by his pocket skill not his mobility skill. Certainly there is some relationship between them but there is no doubt that he understood how to get rid of the ball quickly and on time in the right position to receivers. It had so very little to do with his escapability/mobility. It had to do with his processing of the things in front of him. Tom Brady 2.3 seconds.

    If Kyle Trask with 6′ 5″ height can develop 2.3 seconds. We will be fine with him.

  50. CChead Says:

    Geno…Russel Wilson. But name another, I agree with you. Let this play out. Its not like Trask was a top 5 pick ffs. He was pick number 60 something. Lets let this coaching staff see what they can do and if it doesn’t work out , not a big deal. Bucs have won 2 Super Bowls with veteran free agent qbs.

  51. Jonny Says:

    Kyle Trask is a career backup material. I see this as a wasted pick considering Mond, who offers A+ tools and accuracy at all levels of the field was still on the board.

  52. DingleBerry Says:

    And as far as giving Licht and Arians the benefit of the doubt. Sure for the most part they’ve earned that. Especially at certain positions. Wide receiver, Offensive line, and Linebacker especially. With the rest being a mixed bag of very good/great pick ups and mind boggling headscratchers/locker room cancers.

    But neither Licht or Arians have a track record of drafting and developing QB’s. Granted, the sample size is smaller, but the last QB that an Arians led team picked to try and mold into a starting caliber QB? Logan Thomas. He plays tight end now.

    If there was a QB in the 2021 NFL draft that was a later round guy with a shot to become something in this league, it was so clearly Kellen Mond, the guy has elite tools and can absolutely sling it. Yeah yeah yeah, Jimbo Fisher QB’s, but still, if you’re gonna take a guy as a project, at least pick a guy with some physical ability and upside.

  53. Jonny Says:

    Mond outplayed Trask head to head without any of the weapons Trask had. I can’t believe our front office saw Trask as the better prospect. If not for Brady bringing his experience and energy, this still is an organization that throws away draft picks from time to time.

  54. SKBucsFan Says:

    I am not a fan of mobile QB’s. They are more prone to injury from scrambling and leaving themselves vulnerable and they tend to do stupid things with the ball. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. After watching America’s ADHD poster boy scramble for his life for 5 years I prefer the steady style of a pocket passer.
    I must admit though, it was fun watching Mahomey run for his life versus our defense last February!

  55. Ilkley Rocks Says:

    So he was only decent because of Pitts and Toney? And they are better than Evans, Godwin, Gronk, Brate, Brown? Sounds like he’ll do OK to me.

  56. Hodad Says:

    Those other four QB’s also are pocket passers with better mobility. I wouldn’t call Brees, and Rodgers running QBs. Mobility is nice, but the game is still won from the pocket.

  57. DingleBerry Says:

    Geno… Jesus dude. Google is your friend. Russell Wilson literally went to back to back Super bowls and came one bad play call away from winning them both.

    And just because a QB is mobile, or has mobility, doesn’t mean they can’t throw from the pocket. But what I said is 100% true. Tom Brady is the last truly great non-mobile pure pocket passer left in today’s NFL.

    Matt Ryan? Dude still hasn’t mentally recovered from what Brady did to him in SB 51. And he isn’t better than any of the QB’s that I mentioned.

  58. Ilkley Rocks Says:

    So he was only decent because of Pitts and Toney? And they are better than Evans, Godwin, Gronk, Brate, Brown? Sounds like he’ll do OK to me.

  59. mark2001 Says:

    So Moore, Arians, Lefty, Clyde, and Brady know nothing about QB’s or developing QB’s. You have to be kidding. I don’t know if Trask has the ability. But these guys signed off on him. So I think that speaks volumes more than our comparative mouse squeaky nitpicking.

  60. mark2001 Says:

    I think the one big elephant in the room with these “highly mobile QB’s” is that as they get a little long in the tooth, the injuries mount up. You can’t keep taking hits from DLinemen, LB’s, and Safeties, and maintain that “mobility”. And at that point, they better have well developed other skills, or they wash out of the game.

    The point I’m making is that you have to choose your poison. As Arians said…he want a QB and not a guy that can run…paraphrased. So as long as he is the coach, that is probably what we can expect.

  61. Bobby M. Says:

    Trask is light years ahead of Winston in the most important area……his brain.

  62. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    Trask will not have any excuses for not succeeding. No pressure… time to acclimate…. being tutored by the best. If it doesn’t happen for him there are NO excuses.

  63. CChead Says:

    We had the first pick in the draft not to long ago. All the same people saying we wasted our 64th pick on Trask are probably the same people who said Mariotta was going to be an elite QB.

  64. 813bucboi Says:

    its obvious fsu joe wrote this article…lol…

    its also obvious trask film vs bama was a major reason why he was drafted in the 2nd round….

    our coaches will continue to develop trask just as dan mullen did….

    and JW aint highly mobile either….more like clumsy as hell!!!

    stop bashing trask…the kid hasnt even gone thru TC yet…

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  65. 813bucboi Says:

    Drew Says:
    May 4th, 2021 at 6:17 am
    They published the same thing about Brady and 20+ years later he set NFL records. Won 7 superbowls and proved everyone wrong. Kyle reminds me a lot of the young Brady when he entered the league. Hope he learns and plays with a chip on his shoulders and quiets the naysayers.

    I AGREE @DREW!!!!

    you’re spot on….

    i think brady will turn trask into his little brother….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  66. Al Pastor Says:

    Why is a guy that will not play getting so much hype?

  67. Joe Says:

    Why is a guy that will not play getting so much hype?

    New to football?

  68. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Love how the Jameis Haters are viewing this comp as a bad thing.

    Jameis was 10 times the college QB that Trask ever was…..that’s a fact. And likely will end up being the better NFL QB.

  69. SOEbuc Says:

    I’m far from a Gator fan but am a diehard Bucs fan, so I’m officially giving him a break and see what happens. Like all the others in this soft QB class other than Lawrence have high bust possibilities (not psychic), than Licht fcuked up big with that number two. He does a have a slow release that will get picked all day in the NFL. Terrible stants in the pocket in the NFL.

    But…This is same everyone that said we’d go 9-7 cus they all had no clue and underdogs against the three HOF QBs to win the Super Bowl. I fycking love how Tom gave a shout out to Skip for having his back lol. We have a great coaching staff so we’ll see.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    It’s ok because we gotta draft a qb next year too

  71. Capt.Tim Says:

    Good draft.
    Except Trask.
    Doesnt have the arm, to drive the ball on out patterns.
    But, Ive already said all that.

    Cant hit every pick.
    We oughta start forfeiting our 2nd round picks

  72. All lives matter Says:

    The fumbling problem is a little disconcerting, especially since he has relatively large hands @ 10 1/8 “

  73. mark2001 Says:

    Tbbucs3…Jameis might end up being the better QB…but he hasn’t shown being capable of leading a team to the playoffs as the starting QB in six years. His time is getting short before no one will view him as a starter.

  74. gotbbucs Says:

    What a pointless bunch of arguments. Athletic ability be damned, can a guy play the position of QB? It’s the most unique position in competitive team sports.
    This is why they talk more about intangibles rather than tangibles when referring to the QB position. What’s between his ears and what kind of an attitude does he have? Can he lead men or does he make “Eating W” speeches that terrify his teammates?
    Throwing mechanics do matter. How fast his legs get him from Point A to Point B are almost a measurement of how much trouble he’ll get himself into or how fast he’ll abandon his progressions.

    Trask can either play or he can’t, and God willing we won’t need to find out the answer for a couple more years and many wins from now. He was a late 2nd round pick, find something else to piss and moan about.

  75. BA4President Says:

    Immobile quarterbacks win most of the Super Bowls over the past 15 years.

    If you want to get knocked out in the playoff rounds, get a mobile quarterback.

  76. Bucanero Says:

    He was overdrafted… “Develop and trade” if we can find a sucker. Bad decisions happen, just got to move on. QB of the future is not part of the roster.

  77. TampaTown Says:

    I don’t understand what it is about this guy that triggers everyone. The last draft pick I didn’t like? Devin White. Dead wrong. So STFU and let him play

  78. Hodad Says:

    The one thing he wasn’t, over drafted. He was drafting right where he was slotted, along with Mond, and Hill. You can argue who was the better pick at 64, 66, 67, but you can’t argue where the pick was made. Wasn’t the first pick in the 2nd, or last of the first. He was picked where projected.

  79. SlyPirate Says:

    “Trask is the next Brady.”

    There have literally been thousands of white, 6’5, below average athleticism QBs in college. They all get compared to Brady … yet there has only been one Brady.

    Just stop. You sound stupid.

  80. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Allbuccedup Says

    That comment made me wonder…how would Vinny have done in today’s NFL? He went on to be pretty good elsewhere, and that was before the league went all QB and offense friendly.

    I couldn’t stand him when he was in Tampa though.

  81. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Not for nothing, but how many fumbles did he have in college?

    I did a quickie search and couldn’t find fumble stats.

  82. mark2001 Says:

    Bonzai…I found 10 in his final 22 games on MSN sports.

  83. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Man there’s a bunch of quarterback experts on this site. I’m impressed. Not.

  84. catcard202 Says:

    Let’s see what Trask looks like in training camp & pre-season play, before writing him off as a major reach/bust @ the #64 pick.

    The kid carved up plenty of SEC Defenses loaded w/ NFL talent over the last 2 seasons. Which to me, proves the kid can play big boy ball & handle the moment.

    Give him some time in the system & let’s see what he becomes.

  85. Eric Bishop Says:

    I have been a Bucs fan since I can remember! I’ve watched every single game since Direct TV come out with NFL Ticket! & I have witnessed all the good times & unfortunately all the bad times! & I don’t care what this analysts says compared to what this coach says to what a players high school coach says! Is he going to throw Ints? Yes! Is he going to fumble? Yes! Is he going to get sacked? Yes! Is he going to throw touchdowns? Yes! Is he going to do a QB sneak to gain a 1st down in critical situations? Yes! Every QB in the league whether they’re mobile or not are going to endure & experience all of these moments in their career! So what I’m saying is instead if listening to what this person & this person says lets let the young mans game on the field speak for itself before downing him before he takes an snap in the NFL! I think a lot of people underestimates Head Coach Bruce Arians! Understand it took just 1 season to realize Winston was not the franchise QB that everyone thought! But there is something he sees in Trask! That being said Trask has the best seat in the house right now! He’s sitting behind the GOAT! & he has Brady to help mold him into the future & the franchise QB for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Who would you want to teach your rookie QB for your team? Me personally I would want Tom Brady to! & Who is Brady going to be teaching? Trask! That being said we don’t know how he’s going to come out & play after sitting & soaking it all in from Brady & Arians! I think Trask will be great as long as he listens soaks it all in & puts the knowledge he gains to use in his game! & with a good defense you don’t need a great QB to go out & win you games! You just need a QB good enough not to go out & lose games for you! Everybody loves to talk about what they don’t know! Right now we know nothing!

  86. Hope springs eternal Says:

    You can’t teach a qb to be 6ft 5in. In the pro game that is a big advantage. Can he increase his arm strength? Hell yes. In the next couple of years can he learn to read pro defenses, quickly see who has got a step on a defender or is about to break open? That will be the key to his career. Everything happens way faster in the NFL. Some qbs that were great in college can’t react fast enough in the big. Only time will tell. Brady does not have one of the strongest arms in the NFL. There are so many intangibles that determine how good a qb can become. Jamess had the arm. That wasn’t enough. The coaches knew the kid is a development project. It will be what it will be.

  87. Mike28277 Says:

    Each talking head has their on opinions as do we. If someone has a crystal ball that can see our Team and players and our record when and if TB12 retires, let me know. Otherwise, this is all merely speculation and voodoo.

  88. Buczilla Says:

    Marino would throw for over 7k yards and 80 touchdowns under the sissya$$ rules that we have now. I love watching these running quarterbacks, but to say that less mobile qb’s can’t make it any more all of a sudden is just dumb.

    I trust Arians, Leftwich, and Christianson far more than this Tanier dude or Simms. If Trask can’t make it with all of the advantages that he has with us, then we seriously dropped the ball in our evaluation of him. I’m gonna side with my superbowl winning gm on this one though.

  89. Gstock Says:

    Oh we’re taking QB evaluations from a guy that played just 23 games (16 Starts) for his career with a 12/18 TD/Int stat line. I hope you think your dad for your career every day .