West Coast Pass Rusher

April 15th, 2021

Washington DE Joe Tryon.

It’s now two weeks before the NFL draft begins. And Bucs fans are trying to pick the position and the player the Bucs will select No. 32 overall, if they do pick at No. 32.

Jenna Laine of ESPN seems to think the Bucs will go defensive line, either edge rusher or tackle. The Bucs are thin at those positions, especially edge rush.

Laine has her eyes on Washington outside linebacker Joe Tryon as a possible Bucs target.

Joe Tryon, OLB, Washington. Tyron opted out in 2020 after a sophomore campaign, his only season as a full-time starter, in 2019. In 13 games at Washington, Tryon recorded 41 tackles, 12.5 tackles for loss, 8.0 sacks and a pass breakup with multi-sack games coming against Utah, Oregon State and Washington State. His 15 incompletions forced by pressures ranked third in the Pac-12, according to ESPN Statistics & Information.

At 6-foot-5 and 262 pounds, he ran a 4.65 40-yard dash. He has great length with 34-inch arms. He changes directions well, as seen by his 7.18 three-cone drill, and he has an explosive first step. He doesn’t have ideal bend or ankle flexibility as seen by some of the premier edge rushers. He needs to improve as a run defender and in shedding blocks, and to come up with a better pass-rush plan and counter plan, but he could be coached up. A lot of his pressures also came when he was unblocked. He could be in play in the second round.

Tryon’s an interesting prospect in that he is likely to not be a high pick. Also, given that he opted out, you have to go back to 2019 for film but his numbers were solid for a young player.

In “The Beast,” compiled by NFL draft analyst Dane Brugler of The Athletic, he has Tryon as his No. 5 edge rusher, going late in the first round or the second. And guess who Brugler expects to draft Tryon? Whoever owns the No. 32 pick.

STRENGTHS: Looks like an action figure with his muscular, athletic frame…quick off the snap and accelerates well for a 260-pounder…executes loops and stunts with his lateral agility…occasionally uses a slap/swipe move to pry through gaps or clear obstacles from his rush path…uses his long arms to lock out vs. the run or keep blockers away from his body at the top of the rush…rangy, heavy tackler who strikes through his target…shows the grip strength to finish off the ballcarrier with his hands…smooth movements when asked to drop in coverage, and redirects his momentum without gearing down…competitive play personality and on-field effort with a coachable attitude (former Huskies head coach Chris Petersen: “He’s got good mental makeup”)…led the team in sacks and tackles for loss in his one season as a full-time starter.

SUMMARY: A one-year starter at Washington, Tryon lined up as a hybrid edge rusher in then-defensive coordinator (and current Huskies head coach) Jimmy Lake’s multiple defense, and occasionally lined up as an off-ball linebacker or hand-in-the-dirt lineman inside the offensive tackle. He emerged as one of the Pac-12’s best edge players as a sophomore, but when he opted out of the 2020 season he left unanswered questions about his development. Tryon looks straight out of central casting with his frame, length and athleticism and he doesn’t stray from his competitive edge. While eager to initiate contact, he needs to do a better job setting up and eluding blockers while also maturing his anticipation and arsenal of moves (needs to play more with his mind and not just his heart). Overall, Tryon is still a work in progress, but he owns the tools to streamline his pass rush skills with added coaching. He projects as a future NFL starter similar to Marcus Davenport when he was coming out of college.

Now Joe’s good friend, Emory Hunt, the Czar of the Playbook, has Tryon as his No. 1 rated edge rusher (Hunt’s draft guide is $10!).


– The quintessential definition of a Speed-to-Power rusher. Tryon has special physical traits in combination with the production to match it. He’s a QB harasser.

– He shows a lot of tools in his toolbox that’ll help him find the backfield as a pro. He’s explosive off the ball and that explosiveness is felt by the OT as he quickly gets his hands on him and in position of control.

– A read-and-react player, Tryon doesn’t get fooled a lot, plays with controlled aggressiveness & pursues the ball very well.

Hunt adds that the lone weakness he sees in Tryon is that he can get eaten up with double-teams at times.

This guy Tryon seems to have the measurements and and the numbers. Joe does believe he may be a bit of a project for missing a full season of college ball.

And that is where Joe’s trust in Bucs coaches to develop a guy come in. Tryon wouldn’t be an awful pick.

31 Responses to “West Coast Pass Rusher”

  1. Swampbuc Says:

    A guy with one year only of tape from 2 years ago who didn’t play last year and who is a project? No way our first pick goes to that guy, plus he plays in the PAC Soft conference. Later? Maybe.

  2. Joe Says:

    he plays in the PAC Soft conference

    Remember, the Bucs have a beastly nose tackle that played in that same soft conference.

    When evaluating talent, it’s a dangerous trap to get caught up in the conference they play in. If a guy can play, he can play.

  3. DingleBerry Says:

    Dude sucks. Hard pass. Might be worth a fourth round pick. Another classic example showcasing that just being a journalist doesnt mean you know anything about football.

    Honestly anyone who can watch this guys tape and say “yeah sure he’s worth a 1st round pick” should just give up their credentials and stop covering the sport.

  4. 813bucboi Says:

    trade down and stack the trenches…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  5. An Erection for Sacks Says:

    @DingleBerry: Dismiss the experts!!!🙄

  6. Medicated Pete Says:

    Bucs can get 2 impact players in this draft. Do what u have to do w/ all the picks to possibly trade-up to get who u want.

  7. Buczilla Says:

    Cool with me. Emory Hunt needs more love on his youtube channel. It’s good stuff.

  8. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Put your right foot in , put your right foot out , trade up, trade down and shake it all about. Crazy mother’s on this board.

  9. DingleBerry Says:

    @Mr Hard on for scrotums

    That’s precisely what I don’t do. I am however, skeptical of most so-called experts and only listen to the ones with a prove track record of successfully evaluating talent.

    He simply does not have the tools you are looking for in a 1st round pass rusher talent in regards to his ability to bend around the edge, convert speed to power, he has very little explosiveness or shock in his hands, he doesnt win with great technique or a developed arsenal of pass rush moves.

    He’s a stinker of a prospect and as I said previously anyone who looks at him and sees a first round talent should turn in their credentials and stop covering the sport.

  10. PSL Bob Says:

    Joe says, “Tryon wouldn’t be an awful pick.” Seems like we should be going for ok picks in Rds 1-3. Licht and coaches have shown a pretty good ability the last couple of years in being able to evaluate talent and to position themselves (via trades) in the draft to get their target players. I have confidence they will do that again this year!

  11. Joe Says:

    Emory Hunt needs more love on his youtube channel. It’s good stuff.

    He’s very good. Joe has even interviewed him once for Ira’s pod. Joe’s been a huge, public supporter of Hunt for years.

  12. DingleBerry Says:

    If this Emory Hunt guy really does have Tryon ranked as his number 1 prospect at edge rusher, he doesn’t deserve any love. I’m sure the guy means well but if that’s his genuine evaluation of the guy he needs to give it up. Anyone paying money for his draft guide is getting ripped off with evals like that…

  13. Mitch Says:

    Will probably end up being a 3-4 end during his career.

  14. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    I have watched the highlights of all the top edge guys in the draft. Joe Tryon’s tape is up there with the best. The fact that he did what he did in 2019 as a sophomore means he still has a lot of untapped potential. Playing behind JPP and Shaq while learning from Kacy Rodgers, I could see this kid being dominant in year 2. I think if he played in 2020, he would be a no doubt first round pick. I think the Bucs could benefit from the opt out by trading down and still landing him, or trading up in the 2nd to land him. If somehow he were to fall to 64, he would be an absolute steal.

  15. Joe in Michigan Says:

    While Tryon’s production (9 sacks in 2 years) was better than the other Washington player (Overrated Levi had 7 sacks in 3 years, and the Bozo known as Chris Simms said he had “great production”), I’d rather the Bucs draft a different edge rusher with a pick in the first 3 rounds. Someone that can bend.

  16. Jeff Says:

    Brilliant Pick! Look at that 3-Cone!

  17. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Dude doesn’t appear all that strong. Seemed to have difficulty brining down some of the bigger QBs.

    University of Minnesota (PJ Fleck) was pretty good to us last year. Any players of need coming out of there this year?

  18. Swampbuc Says:

    One year of tape, ONE. And then he sat out. What’s he been doing?

    And, Joes, I recognize where Vita comes from. Clocks strike 12 o’clock twice a day.

  19. DingleBerry Says:


    Lmao I’m pretty sure you’re being sarcastic, or at least I hope you are because 7.18 is actually a pretty poor 3 cone for a 260 pound edge rusher. Its just barely better than the lowest acceptable time for most teams.

  20. Erick Says:

    1st: pass rush/edge

    2nd: OL/ Quinn Meinerz if available

  21. Baby Grace Says:


    He doesn’t have the tools? What tape are you looking at? He may not be the player we pick, but your evaluation of him his laughable! I’m glad you aren’t in our scouting department. Go see an eye Doctor.

  22. DingleBerry Says:

    When an edge rusher has substandard flexibility, can’t bend well, doesn’t have a set of well developed rush moves, doesn’t win with good handwork, and the majority of his production came against awful lineman with terrible feet and technique, and you think that guy is a 1st round talent just because he has nice muscles, that’s whats truly laughable.

    When this dude a special teams player and a rotational 3-4 end on running downs 3 years from now we’ll see who actually knew what they were looking at.

  23. Baby Grace Says:

    Jeebs the Honey Bear

    I don’t know what some people are looking at. I think they just regurgitate what they read and think it makes them an expert. If you watch his game film and think he doesn’t have the talent to be a really good player at some point you should just keep quiet. I completely agree with your take on Tryon.

  24. Baby Grace Says:

    Yes, we will see DingleBerry. I wish there was a place to make a large wager on it.

  25. DingleBerry Says:

    Well you better be glad such a website doesn’t exist because you would lose that large wager.

  26. Baby Grace Says:

    Don’t make me laugh! I would bust you, but you’re probably broke if you bet like you evaluate players videos!

  27. DingleBerry Says:

    Ha… Well im really not worried what you think, I know for a fact Jason Licht has a great room of scouts and that there is zero chance we’d spend a 1st round pick on a 4th round talent.

  28. Baby Grace Says:

    I don’t know if the Bucs will draft Tryon in the 1st round. I never said they would or should. My point was that your evaluation of him is more then ridiculous. Someone will take him before the end of 2nd round.

  29. DingleBerry Says:

    You’re probably right, players get drafted higher than they should every year. His actual value is is much lower than that.

  30. SlyPirate Says:

    If the Bucs trade down, this could be a good R2 pick.

  31. unbelievable Says:

    Seems a bit raw. Slightly bigger version of Akeem Spence possibly?