Schooling Awaits

April 30th, 2021

New Bucs outside linebacker/edge rusher Joe Tryon

So last year, rookie right tackle Tristan Wirfs developed in a hurry in part because of Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett whipping him in training camp and accelerating his learning curve.

Now, in comes 6-5, 260=pound rookie edge rusher Joe Tryon out of the University of Washington, Tampa Bay’s first-round pick  last night.

Tryon rushed from all sides and angles in college, and up the gut, and he’s got a treasure of studs on the Bucs offensive line from which to learn.

Wirfs is the best right tackle the league and he’ll be an eager teacher of the rookie. Plus, they’re both 22 years old and should bond well. Donovan Smith has 100 games of experience to share, and Ali Marpet and Ryan Jensen won’t be shy with the rookie.

Of course, Shaq and Jason Pierre-Paul are Pro Bowlers at Tryon’s position, though JPP will be very protective of his snaps, which reminds Joe of one of the great stories in modern Bucs history.

Also, outside linebackers coach Larry Foote is a hands-on dude who spent 13 years playing linebacker, and he’s done a great job with the Bucs.

Tryon’s about to go to school, and if his effort and attitude are there, it’ll be hard to fail.

32 Responses to “Schooling Awaits”

  1. DingleBerry Says:

    The kid is probably a good person. But he had no business being picked in the 1st round. Licht basically got honedic*ed by a dude with big muscles who can’t actually rush the passer.

    May as well have just burned the card and not taken anyone. Horrible pick. One of Lichts worst.

  2. Al121976 Says:

    Tryon that for size!!!

  3. Aaron Says:

    Extremely well put together,” one scout said. “He’s going to be overdrafted for what he’s actually done in his career.

  4. J$MCSports Says:

    He will have time to develop for sure. Great pick.

  5. firethecannons Says:

    can’t have too many good edge rushers, great time to get one with great potential

  6. Leighroy Says:

    So were Jamar Chase, Micah Parsons and Greg Rosseu overdrafted bc they didn’t rack up stats in 2020 too?

  7. Aaron Says:

    Ok, let me try…great pick…I see 20 sacks a year…how did 31 other teams miss this pick

  8. 40Forever Says:

    Let’s leave judgement for 1st rd pick till next year. That’s what this was about. Not for the first round starter.

  9. teacherman777 Says:

    He’s 21. No injury history.

    Fresh legs. And he’s got 2 years to develop.

    Perfect pick.

    Now let’s draft another defensive lineman in round 2.

    A DT to develop under Duh or a beast to backup Gholston.

    Or even the best NT in the nation to backup Vita Vea. (Who has injury issues)

    Why not have have two beasts at NT? Why not?

    They can rotate and just destroy centers and guards all game.

    Defensive line is where Super Bowls are won

  10. carzyBucs_CL Says:

    Tryon opted out last season …. that is the biggest negative for this kid….drama queen maybe….another D Smith cry baby… ??? hope not.

  11. adam from ny Says:

    i kind of like the pick…

    he’s got a little jpp to his game…not a lot…a little

    i think he can learn a lot from jpp and gain even more from being his understudy…

    i’m liking the pick

  12. DaBux Says:

    He could easily keep his snap speed and put on 10-15 lbs of muscle which is a major plus. While learning from our coaches, Shaq and JPP will push him to be better which is why this “luxury” draft pick might just keep both of those guys healthy heading into the postseason as we need a lot of depth.

  13. David Says:


    Holy crap dude. Get over it. There were guys I like to over him but give them the benefit of the doubt and get over what you read from some scouts. There’s 1000 scouts out there with different opinions, who cares?
    You have to trust the Bucs scouting department, which over the last three years has been doing pretty damn good.

    I keep seeing you saying they need a cb or safety… The youngest group on the field that goes seven deep and that’s what you think they should draft? LOL that’s laughable

  14. JGhotier Says:


    He actually tried to opt back in, but was unsuccessful

    I’m appreciative that he put in work during that time still though as evidenced by the soon to be famous Gladiator/Superhero looking picture and his numbers at Pro Day/Combine testing

  15. SufferingSince76 Says:

    You armchair GMs are the limit. Thanks for the laughs.

  16. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Tryon was not picked in the top 10 or in the middle of first round. The dude was the last pick of the first round. He was the 7th Edge OLB/DE drafted. His ceiling is almost as high as Jayson Oweh and could have been drafted much higher if he had not sat out last year in college. I think this was a great pick given that he was already delegated as a backup due to two pro bowlers at his spot.


    Jpp is not going to be around forever, great pick he gets to learn from the NFL’s best.

  18. alton d green Says:

    how can the Bucs go wrong? He even LOOKS like the Lombardi trophy!

  19. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    Looks like Tarzan, opts out like Jane.

  20. Hodad Says:

    The opting out doesn’t bother me. If he pans out, I think he will, at 21 you get a D end on that rookie deal for 5yrs is like striking gold. He could end up being a steal like Wirfs was last year. Good edge rushers are hard to come by. This was a perfect spot to take a swing at one, that’s all you can do, take a swing. Baltimore moved up ahead of us to pick the PennSt kid who played last year, and had no sacks. That to me is a disaster, getting this kid at 32 is a score.

  21. Infomeplease Says:

    On tape JT looks to be the real deal! Does everything you want from his position. Add a super bowl coaching staff and teammates like Shaq and JPP. He will become a keeper!!! Time will tell!!: GO BUCS!!

  22. Ash Says:

    I don’t think that was a very well kept secret seems like that this was the projection for a few days. Perfect spot for him to develop hope for the best liked some Jok would have been nice surprising he dropped out of the first jenkins as well

  23. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Had he not Opted out last year, he would have went higher.

  24. Mitch Says:

    Anyone giving him grief for opting out should know that he tried to opt back in but it was too late.

    Can’t really judge these kids making a choice for their health. Especially with all the fear driven info out there.

  25. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    “Looks like Tarzan, opts out like Jane.”

    Great line, Bellingham!!

    I’m not a fan of this pick but then again, I didn’t like Vita Vea either.

    At least they went defense and avoided the Christian Barrmore land mine!

  26. TOM Says:

    Let’s just wait and see.

  27. Casual Observer Says:

    All pics are a gamble. But this guy looks like he has the potential and attitude to be a great NFL rusher. I like the pick a lot. In Licht I still trust. Keep in going in these next rounds.

  28. geno711 Says:

    …rangy, heavy tackler who strikes through his target…shows the grip strength to finish off the ballcarrier with his
    hands…smooth movements when asked to drop in coverage, and redirects his momentum without gearing down…competitive play personality and on-field effort
    with a coachable attitude (former Huskies head coach Chris Petersen: “He’s got good mental makeup”)…led the team in sacks and tackles for loss in his one season as
    a full-time starter

  29. JGhotier Says:


    Heavy tackler is great way to describe it. He definitely has a unique way of tackling. He latches on, almost kinda whips his body around and in the air (causing the recipient of the tackle to carry ALL of his weight), then let’s gravity, his weight And his grasp take them down hard

  30. 813bucboi Says:


    c.baremore would be great in round2…

    but i have a feeling we go OL in round 2 or LB(Dylan Moses)…DT-tadarrell slaton will be there in round 3….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  31. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    Man, you guys are quick to judge, he might have lived with or where close to people that were high risk at the time when covid started, do you know why he opted out or just rushing to judgement? SMH.

    He can line up anywhere, Bowles perfect kind of DE/OLB and perfect for his system. Smart Pick IMO.

  32. Baby Grace Says:


    Completely agree with you on Tedarrell Slaton. He could play nose or 5 technique. I think we have to get him in the 3rd because he want make to us in the 4th.