Report: Bucs Doing “Extra Legwork” On QBs

April 28th, 2021

Quarterback hunting?

For some mysterious reason, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero deleted the Tweet about this story (but Joe got the screengrab!). The story still, however, is posted on

For now.

It seems Pelissero went on “Good Morning Football” this morning with a report that the Bucs are heavily sniffing around college quarterbacks to draft.

NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported Wednesday on Good Morning Football that a handful of teams have done “extra legwork” on some or all of the potential Day 2 QBs.

Per Pelissero, that list of teams includes the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The New England Patriots also recently “spent a long time” in a virtual meeting with Mills, Pelissero added. …

The Bucs could be in the market for Tom Brady’s eventual replacement. With few holes on a roster returning most of its Super Bowl squad, Tampa could elect a mid-round signal-caller to learn behind the G.O.A.T. Waiting until Day 2 or 3 to grab a QB would allow the Bucs to add a contributor in the first round for another Super Bowl run while still preparing for the future.

So maybe the folks who are trying to link Stanford quarterback Davis Mills to the Bucs aren’t crazy? If Mills lasts to, say, the 50th pick, which is halfway through the second round, does Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht make a move?

The drama is building for tomorrow night’s draft and it isn’t even noon Wednesday yet. Joe can hardly wait!

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30 Responses to “Report: Bucs Doing “Extra Legwork” On QBs”

  1. Hodad Says:

    Day two, how about day one. I’m befuddled as to why Gabbert hasn’t been resigned, every media outlet including Joe hasn’t made a big deal of it. The most important position on the team has not resigned their back up one day before the draft. That’s a big deal. Your opinion Joe on what’s going on here Joe.

  2. FrankPillow Says:

    Beware of Kyle Trask 😉

  3. Medicated Pete Says:

    It’s a smoke screen so another team wants to trade up to #32 for a QB. Licht is fixin’ to FLEECE another GM.

  4. rriddler Says:


    No one’s concerned about the Bucs not resigning Blaine Gabbert, because, well, he’s Blaine Gabbert.

  5. 813bucboi Says:

    rather have kyle trask….

    trask will be the perfect QB to sit and learn behind brady….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  6. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    If one of the top 4 QB drops to #32, then take him.

  7. JGhotier Says:

    One more sleep….EEEEEE!

    Davis Mills realistically or Mac Jones (doubt he falls that far though) is my preference. Both seem to be more in the Arians mold. Also given their style of quarterbacking, they might have the most to gain from sitting behind and learning from Brady. At least of all the QB’s that could potentially be selected by the Bucs.

  8. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Because Gabbert sucks.

    I don’t care what the Captain says either.

  9. Hodad Says:

    No one’s concerned about not having a capable back up QB? I agree we’re talking about Gabbert, you all feel comfortable with Griffin?

  10. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    I like Davis Mills, but I think Arians is infatuated with Mac Jones. I think he thinks Jones is the next Peyton Manning. I’m all in on this year like Joe, but I sure don’t want the next 10 years to be like the last (before this year). I also think Bruce wants to set up either Leftwich or Bowles for the team to have the potential to be a dynasty.

    If Jones slips past the top 10 picks, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them trade up.

  11. lambeau Says:

    Mond>>Mills>>Trask but teams are so desperate all could go second round.

  12. DBS Says:

    If Tom Brady is not jumping up and down because Gabbert is not here I don’t care. He and the coaches know more than I do.

  13. geno711 Says:

    Mills>>Monds>>Trask for NFL potential. Just like Landon Dickerson – Mills issue is whether he can stay on the field.

  14. SB Says:

    I’m with 813. Trask sat on the Gators’ bench for years waiting for his chance.
    When he finally got it all he did was set Records and blaze up the field.
    The fact that he was on a team with a shoddy Rungame and Sh!tty Defense just demonstrates more how effective he was.
    19 starts- 69TDs, 15 INTs. This was when teams Knew we had to throw the ball and he Still was that effective.

  15. catcard202 Says:

    Kellen Mond over Trask or Mills in the 2nd…& would take either over Mills, all day – everyday.

    Mills, a former #1 rated Pro Style HS QB has a ton of potential…But all that means is he hasn’t accomplished anything of note through his time at Stanford. (Injuries or not…When on the field in 2019/2020 – he was a BLAH – nothing to mention here performer.)

    I trust 4yrs of SEC game tape on Mond… & how he really set himself apart during SR Bowl practice/interview sessions/game MVP performance….I’d trust that data set a heck of a lot more than a mixed bag of game tape on Mills & 1 scripted rainy day shorts FB Pro-Day hype train workout.

  16. Tye Says:

    JaMarcus Russell
    Christian Ponder
    EJ Manuel
    James Winston

    What do they all have in common?… 1st round picks Failed as starters ALL clones from Jimbo Fisher coaching…
    WHY would Mond be the exception?….

    Whoever the Bucs draft, hopefully it pans out to be a steal!…

  17. Bucanero Says:

    This draft is so thin at defense… the WR market is about to get a big hit. Godwin better extends his contract quick.

  18. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    AlabamaBucsFan the top 4 qbs will be gone by pick 10, no way one falls to 32

  19. SOEbuc Says:

    Licht and these guys are so good at blowing smoke up peoples ass it makes there head look like a chimney top. That’s a part of how all those deals he makes in the draft get done. A good backup. Round 6. Maybe five if they find the right guy.

  20. catcard202 Says:

    Tye…I put more stock in that list of “failed Jimbo Fisher QB’s being “GM & Scouting Dept” failures, than the players themselves. (3 of those guys had no business being selected in the 1st Rd, had their drafting teams scouting dept & GM done ample back-ground evaluations!!!)

    Nor would I be so quick to call JW3 a 1st Rd failure….He’s still in the league after his 1st contract..& is a likely starter in NO, this yr…So, just because he did not work out in TB, does not mean he was a flop on the J.Russell / C.Ponder/E.Manual level.

    (You do understand the history of 1st Rd Bucs QB’s no doing well in Tampa – but going on to have very successful careers outside Tampa….Trent Dilfer, Steve Young, Doug Williams, Vinny Testaverde…3 of those guys won SB’s, 2 SB MVP’s & HOF QB’s…While Vinny T playing 20yrs & made 2 Pro-Bowls.)

  21. SB~LV Says:

    10 foot poll on Mond…my cuz is an alum and seen everyone games of his, Besides being a social justice warrior that pissed off the student body…he is just a so so college QB

  22. Mort Says:

    Mills sucks. Draft Kellen Mond at 32 and be happy. Dude is a stud.

  23. Pewter941 Says:

    I hope this isnt like Green Bay last year, taking a qb instead of a wr or cb

  24. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Ryan Griffin has the best gig ever. Has made millions and never broken a sweat. Gets to hang around an NFL club every year .

  25. Steven007 Says:

    The Patriots will try hard to grab Jones before we do. Particularly if he falls.

  26. mhbucs1 Says:

    Bucs are taking Mills in 1st if it’s their guy. Bank it.

  27. Dave Says:

    They are doing the extra “legwork” in case one of these guys drops to the 3rd round or someone wants to trade up to #32.

  28. David Says:

    As long as it is round 3 or later. Very well could see Mills, Trask, or Mond drop to that

  29. Greg Says:

    I think they may have a reason to grab a QB in the first. Remember, we don’t have any seriously pressing needs. The only way a new QB would touch the field is if Brady gets hurt. And maybe not next year either. The first round gives them a fifth year option.

    Of course, if no one is available they like….

  30. David Says:

    Absolutely cannot see it in the first round, barely in the second. Everyone keeps saying they don’t have needs – depth is a need !
    They were very healthy last year.
    The front seven on the defense has 4 starters and the main back up linebacker all over the age of 30.
    They need someone to get into that rotation who can be a starter in a year or two.

    Unless they really really like someone for round two, I can’t see them taking a quarterback until around three or later.