Is This The Year The Streak Ends?

April 6th, 2021

Can he do it?

Yeah, seemingly every year, fans are looking for a streak to end.

The Bucs buried their streak last season and boy was it a doozy. The Bucs won their first playoff game since beating the Raiders in the Super Bowl. This year, the streak is a bit more trivial.

The Bucs have one of the longest streaks in the NFL without a 1,000-yard rusher. In fact, only three teams have a longer drought. Not since the great Muscle Hamster himself, Doug Martin in 2015, have the Bucs had a 1,000-yard rusher.

Oh, the Bucs looked like they had one last year. Ronald Jones seemed “this close” to getting 1,000 yards on the ground. But someone had to make his bonus.

Joe is willing to bet, barring injuries, that streak ends this year. RoJo was 22 yards from hitting 1,000, and remember, the Bucs will have 17 games this fall.

Or could Playoff Lenny be the man?

Either way, Joe is confident this streak dies in 2021.

24 Responses to “Is This The Year The Streak Ends?”

  1. geno711 Says:

    I for one am OK with us not having a 1000 yard rusher. If we split carries and have a committee and we win great. If it keeps running backs fresh for the playoffs even better.

  2. Greg G Says:

    Psshh! While we’re all riding this current high we’re on with our Bucs team, let’s just put out into the either that this year we not only break the streak but have 2, 1,000 yard backs…nothing wrong with overly wishful thinking!

  3. Casual Observer Says:

    Only winning games matters. Don’t emphasize individual stats too much.

  4. Cobraboy Says:

    I would not be at all surprised if Jones gashes for 1300+ this season, causing a huge “should the Bucs pay the man” controversy next offseason.

    And I won’t be surprised if he becomes a better receiving target.

    That’s what competition does.

    Jones is a much better runner than many casual fans give him credit for. The dude was seriously slowed down for several games, and still almost broke 1,000.

  5. Casual Observer Says:

    Who you callin’ casual?

  6. Swampbuc Says:


  7. Cobraboy Says:

    @Casual Observer: “If the Foo s#!ts, wear it…”

  8. Buc50 Says:

    ROJO was robbed. AB got his catches though.

  9. Mikadeemas Says:

    17 games!

  10. Mikadeemas Says:

    59/game average!

  11. rrsrq Says:

    It will be interesting as ROJO enters a contract year, does he remember that he was prevented from getting 1k for a guy who joined the team late and has made waaayyyyy more money than he has. Hope he stays, but wouldn’t be surprised to see him move on and continue to be successful.

  12. Aceofaerospace Says:

    I still can’t get over Jones’ mysterious injury that kept him out of the Washington game, last minute, after he didn’t get his 1k. He sure didn’t look too upset about not playing while on that exercise bike. I’d have been “throwing my helmet” pissed. If not downright crying on the sideline.

  13. Steven007 Says:

    And here I thought you were going to stick with Molly Hamster, which is maybe the one funny moniker you’ve come up with in some time.

  14. David Says:

    1. The bar of excellence really should be 1300 yards now. That’s just over 75 yards per game.

    2. With as good as they’re running game is, or has been, I’m pretty shocked that it’s been five years for the Falcons

    3. Equally shocked that it has been so long for the Eagles

    4. Absolutely no reason, barring injury, that RoJo and Lenny can’t reach 1000 each. That’s a little more than 60 yards each per game. 275-300 yards in the air 120+ on the ground… That’s the balanced offense that dominated

  15. 813bucboi Says:

    dont sleep on vaughn…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  16. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Cobraboy, LOL!!! Been a long time since I heard that line!!!

  17. SB~LV Says:

    Still need an explosive WR or RB on the roster, and while everyone likes the novelty of Scotty Miller , both RoJo and Scotty are going to have to step up and become something consistently that they have only flashed every now and then

  18. SlyPirate Says:

    After his playoff success, Lenny will likely take over as the featured back. Rojo will be coming off the bench.

    Lenny is a better blocker and pass catcher. Rojo is the change of pace. It works well for both of them.

  19. HeyItsAdam Says:

    In 2002, Michael Pittman actually had 900+ rushing yards too. Maybe there’s something about that 900 number……….

  20. Brandon Says:

    The Bucs could not possibly care less. If they did care, they would have given Jones 3-4 carries at the end of the final regular season game instead of force feeding Brown to get him to his incentives. Obviously we can see what was more important. Jones was robbed but then again… Stats are for losers.

  21. JA Says:

    Never understood the “stats are for losers” aphorism when losing is a stat unto itself. Losers, by nature, have accumulated a list of failures. And the counting of that list is a stat. Most would think a 1-15 team is filled with losers.
    What makes them losers? The 15 loses which is a stat.
    Sorry Brandon. Today is Language Reclamation Day. Thought I’d start with this age old oxymoron.
    If it makes a difference, I agree with your take on Rojo.

  22. AtlBuc Says:


  23. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I’d rather have 3 Bucs with 10 or more sacks than a 1,000 yard rusher, if we’re talking stats. Wins are what matter, and sacks equate more to wins, IMHO.

  24. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Stop thinking small guys. Let’s shoot for being the 8th team to field TWO 1,000 yard rushers.

    It’s not that out of the question especially since we now have 17 games.

    Tht last team to do it was Baltimore in ’19 and one of their rushers was the QB.

    The Falcons did it in 2006 with Warrick Dunn and again a QB Michael Vick

    In 2009 The Panthers did it more traditionally with two great RB’s in J. Steward and D Williams.

    BOTH of our RB’s are capable of 1,000 yards…both should be in the RB by committee this year and one thing is for sure. Unlike Michael Vick and Lamar Jackson…Brady will NOT be taking any running attempts from our RB’s LOL

    It’s truly a golden ooportunity.