“He Is A Phenomenal Coach”

April 14th, 2021

No one will ever accuse Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich of campaigning for a head coach position.

He shuns national interviews and doesn’t seek the spotlight. Even mild-mannered Todd Bowles has done a handful of media sitdowns since winning the Super Bowl as Bucs defensive coordinator. Bowles wants a head coaching gig and has no problem saying so.

Bucco Bruce Arians firmly says it was stunning and shameful that Leftwich didn’t get an interview last hiring season. Joe would blame some of that reality on Leftwich for maintaining such a low profile. So since Leftwich is so quiet, Joe feels compelled to share Leftwich love when it appears on the national stage.

Retired 10-year NFL guard Alex Boone was raving about Leftwich on SiriusXM NFL Radio yesterday.

“I played with Byron, you know, and he is a phenomenal coach,” Boone said. “And I love his mindset and his intellect, and the way that he approaches his game. And the fact that he is an offensive coordinator now, nobody can be happier than me.”

It’s interesting to Joe to hear the passion in the voices of so many NFL types when they talk about Leftwich as a head-coaching candidate. Iconic offensive guru Tom Moore, who doesn’t throw around BS, was so emphatic.

Boone went on to talk about what a juggernaut the Bucs are building, especially on offensive with the Giovani Bernard signing.

And Boone marvels at the Bucs’ ability to recruit free agents. There’s little more powerful, he claims than Jason Licht calling a free agent and saying, “Tom’s been asking about you.’


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13 Responses to ““He Is A Phenomenal Coach””

  1. David Says:

    Best thing that happened this off-season along with Shaq, LVD and Godwin resigning, BL and Bowles staying put


    BL may have been looked down upon due to the shaky start and lack of cohesiveness with TB12. Many gave Brady the credit for the quick change act. Let’s face it BL was never the QB that Brady is but it was the synergy of both and BA that created a scheme that worked for all. So BL gets just as much credit as anyone for the Bucs ladder success. Here’s an idea, hire Julian Edleman as Bucs WR coach. He would have them doing hills and eating dirt the first practice.

  3. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Absolute BS

    This is the facts

    7-5 record, Brady throws 3 ints to the saints. 1 pick 6 on an out pattern that was in slow motion that even Kobe Faker could have smacked the ball down

    during the bye weak, Brady threw out BA/BL twins playbook and demanded his scheme and fav pass routes

    immediately following that week, It was 95% crossing patterns and screens

    The truth and nothing but the truth”

    Kobe Faker

  4. lambeau Says:

    Kobe makes a good point; I have a feeling Byron’s apparently low ego personality works well in trying to meld together BA’s approach and Tom’s very different one. Bruce has flatly stated he likes to go long on 3rd and 2; I suspect Tom thinks this is craziness, and Byron has to mediate. Gio should help.

  5. David Says:

    Edelman as coach? Why? Has he ever coached? Has he ever shown a desire to coach? Good players or gritty players do not always translate to a good coach.
    See Singletary.
    There’s so many people who think someone has to have played in the league or been good in order to be a good football coach, it’s nonsense. Some of the greatest coaches ever never played.

    They need to keep the coaching staff they have in tact and, at this point, do nothing else but add the draft picks

  6. Natural Selection Says:

    Statistically it can be shown how ridiculous Faker’s conspiracy theory is in reality.

    We know Tom led the league in intended air yards per pass attempt. Pro football reference breaks that down into game splits. So we can see Tom’s highest 4 games for intended air yards per attempt are weeks 13, 14, 16, and 17. Weeks 16 and 17 being the only games last season Tom averaged over 10 air yards per attempted pass.

    So obviously he took over the offense and went to screens and crosses……

  7. David Says:

    Going somewhat deep on third and short should happen about once every three games. BA likes to do it way too much. It killed several drives.
    Move the chains.


    David, Eldeman played QB in college before being converted into a WR. He is a return specialist and has even played dback forPat’s, ,he is also a great route runner. Look at Bucs last WR coach Randalelle. Where do you think all these specialty coaches come from Walmart? Most have played the game. Your comment wasn’t very intellectual.

  9. BUCFAN4LIFE Says:

    During our “bye week” I believe the “Brady Effect” came into play . He must’ve had a “sitdown” with BA & BL and said “This is how I want to do it.” and they obviously listened because we started seeing WAY more play action and screen plays than before the “bye” . Tequila Tommy loves and thrives off of those type of plays !

  10. 813bucboi Says:

    boone is just preaching to the choir…lol…

    i’ve been saying BL is HC material since last year…

    he’s keeping a low profile because he’ll take over for BA…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  11. Natural Selection Says:

    Running back targets by week (in order first to last): 4,14,10,13,8,4,9,10,10,5,5,1,5,7,5,2

    Does that look like an upward trend after the bye?

  12. Hissylizzard Says:

    Lol….the guy wasnt a good player and everyone knows the offesne was all Brady,especially late in the season…

  13. G in MA Says:

    Let’s wait for Edlemen until October final 6 games and playoffs. Brady will convince him if he needs him .