Bruce Arians Talks Edge Rush Job Security

April 30th, 2021

Playoff heroes Shaq & JPP have a new mate

So the Bucs just drafted a hungry and powerful edge rusher in Round 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Joe wants to know who told Jason Pierre-Paul as he enters a contract year.

Keep in mind 32-year-old JPP wants to play for several more seasons, he said in February, and he already explained ”the fuel to my [2021] fire.

Joe knows JPP isn’t having a tantrum; don’t get it twisted. Joe’s only curious how ultra-competitive JPP is taking the news. So the question was lobbed to Bucco Bruce Arians this afternoon. Coach, JPP and Shaq, those are a couple of guys who don’t like to come off the field at all, especially JPP. Have you talked to them about the pick? And what kind of competition do you think this is going to fire up for them?

Bruce Arians: I don’t think either one is worried about their job right now. But they know there’s always room for guys that can help, put their hand in the pile and help us go for two. Joe is going to fit right in. That’s a great room. Larry Foote does a great job with those guys. So Joe is blessed to be with those guys and Coach Foote.

Tryon sure is blessed. Foote has done a strong job and there are so many Bucs for Tryon to learn from. Imagine if Gerald McCoy walked into a room full of established studs in the trenches 11 years ago. What would that have done for McCoy’s game and approach?

27 Responses to “Bruce Arians Talks Edge Rush Job Security”

  1. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting today. “The new jobs a hassle and the kids have the flu.”

    I was luke warm on Tryon before the draft. After reading about him on this here website most all day, he sounds like a steal.!

  2. SlyPirate Says:

    Imagine if GMC …?

    You mean like Suh in Detroit.

    GMC = Good dude, Loads of talent, Soft AF.

    Joe, time to move on.

  3. ClodHopper Says:

    “What would that have done for McCoy’s game and approach?”

    He would have learned having fun wasn’t the ultimate goal?

  4. SB~LV Says:

    JPP’s fire and want to play will never diminish, it never does in champions
    The ability due to age and wear and tear eventually brings them all down

  5. SB~LV Says:

    The other 93 .. remember when he pulled up and apologize to TB just as Brady was releasing the ball

  6. Will Says:

    I knew things were going to get better when BA and his staff told GMC he didn’t need to come in. That started getting this ship turned in the correct direction.

    As for Tryon I wish him nothing but the best and with the guys he has in front of him to learn from hope he takes full advantage of it and turns into a great one for us.

  7. orlbucfan Says:

    Will Says:
    April 30th, 2021 at 4:30 pm
    I knew things were going to get better when BA and his staff told GMC he didn’t need to come in. That started getting this ship turned in the correct direction.
    Really? Why don’t you check in with LVD. He wouldn’t agree with you. Like seriously, how long have you followed the Bucs?

  8. TampaTown Says:

    “…help us go for ✌🏻“

  9. ModHairKen Says:

    “Imagine if Gerald McCoy walked into a room full of established studs in the trenches 11 years ago.”

    Would have ended the same way. That’s a lame excuse, Joe. Whoever said, “you mean like Suh?” is spot on.

    We have JPP, Shaq, Suh and Vea. Now Tryon. There was no need to mention the Ive Cream Man.

  10. Swampbuc Says:

    Imagine if Geraldine had walked into that room — they would have exposed his soft ass, inability to stop the run, inability to come through in the crunch to close out a game. Nothing would have been different with Geraldine.

    Suh is the real 93.

  11. tbbucs3 Says:

    Maybe GMC would’ve stopped apologizing when he hit opposing QBs?

  12. firethecannons Says:

    nice story till for no reason we have to read about GMC

    anyway JPP will help Tryon, we know it, he is a decent person and will probably enjoy passing off some tricks

  13. Kentucky Buc Says:

    @Jaymiss pick 6 again. I see what u did there. Nice.

  14. Will Says:

    @orlbucfan I’ve been a fan for a long time military brat born in Tampa both parents are actually from Tampa. I can say I was never a GMC fan. He may be a great guy but he has never been a player that I was high on. I always felt he was just happy to be in the league and giving interviews. So yes when BA didn’t bring him back I thought it was the start of getting things turned around but sure give me LVD’s # and I’ll give him a call and ask him since you seem to know him so well.

  15. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    All I gotta say about GMC is “I’m so sorry I touched you Big Ben”

  16. Will Says:

    That and the dancing on the sidelines when we were getting beat was the final straw for me.

  17. BUCFAN4LIFE Says:

    GMC’s a great man with a big heart , but he just lacks the “NASTY” (like Suh) that you need to have as a DT . He’d make a nice (no pun intended) backup .

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    This is hilarious Joe. On reading your article, I thought it was about JPP & Tryon. Turns out the it’s really about the ghost of GMC. Who knew?

  19. Rod Munch Says:


  20. Miller5252 Says:

    Suh is the real 93 and should be in the ring of honor before McCoy. McCoy was a top 5 pick that shouldn’t have needed the studs. My only issue with McCoy was he was never as dominate as a pick that high should be. And he’s not a ring of honor guy for the Bucs.

  21. WillieG Says:

    “Imagine if Gerald McCoy walked into a room full of established studs in the trenches 11 years ago. What would that have done for McCoy’s game and approach?”

    A leader doesn’t need to walk into a room full of established studs. A leader walks into a room and takes the F over, or at least starts laying the groundwork for the takeover.

    I know. I’ve done it. Not in sports, but as a paramedic.

  22. CHAMPS20022021 Says:

    Do an article on most hated Buc players tha would be a good topic here lol.

  23. CHAMPS20022020 Says:

    QB Kyle Trask 2nd round welcome aboard 👍

  24. Blue coffee Says:

    It’s the NFL. There is no job security.
    A team search the best players they can find. When we have a better player, we play him. The goal is to win.
    Brady have no job security. If a better option at QB comes, a good coach play the best available. If a player is a team player, he accept the fact that the coach put the best player instead of himself.
    Last year rooks played in front of veterans.
    Nobody must complaint about the fact that the coach put Wirf or Winfield on the field!
    A strategy is sometimes to play younger players even if they are not the best on the team;
    1- to prepare them to play when needed if injuries hit the best player
    2-to get a chance to rest our best player if we win by a large margin

    That’s how I handle things with my very young 12 y soccer team as a coach nowadays. I have learn it with experience. If you have never played a young back up all year long, in the finale game, in the playoff, you can be in trouble because the game is too fast for him when the starter fall.

    A little competition at edge in football can push your team higher!

    GO BUCS!

  25. teacherman777 Says:


    Nailed it.

    GMC was focused on “fun.” Not “winning.”

    Imagine of we had drafted JPP and not GMC?

    We would have been competitive during the lost decade.

  26. Sam Eldridge Says:

    Never to many in the trenches, as far as GMC he doesn’t play here anymore, if someone gets hurt we got a new man to play

  27. Sam Eldridge Says:

    I remember when you could get Bucs tickets under people’s windshield wipers, now you can’t get a ticket, I just read Brady had the most selling Jersey in the league, go bucs