Team Glazer Emerges

March 31st, 2021

Team Glazer member Joel Glazer

Believe it or not, Buccaneers co-owner and co-chairman Joel Glazer, a proud member of Team Glazer, will host a news conference via Zoom with reporters this afternoon.

The last time Team Glazer took questions like this was two years ago.

Joe might have to shower, shave, and get a haircut for this special occasion.

Normally, Team Glazer would host extended 1-on-1 sitdowns with Joe, as well as a few other select local media outlets, at the annual spring NFL owners meetings held at a posh, five-star resort. However, The Sickness cancelled those in-person meetings in 2020 and 2021.

So today, Team Glazer is making up for that loss by exiting the cone of silence to take live questions from an array of media.

Bravo, Team Glazer! The good fans of Tampa Bay want to hear from their Super Bowl champion owners!

Why Team Glazer doesn’t do a scripted and edited video chat with Scott Smith or Casey Phillips of is a mystery to Joe.

Once upon a time, Joel Glazer said Bucs fans are “our stockholders. … They’re what we play for — the people in our stadium and the ones that watch on TV. That’s what it’s all about: winning and how they feel about the team. If they don’t feel good about the team, then there’s something wrong.”

Talk to those stockholders, Joel!

In fact, there is still time for Team Glazer to invite a handful of season ticket holders into today’s Zoom news conference to ask questions. Be bold, Team Glazer! Address the people!

15 Responses to “Team Glazer Emerges”

  1. Wesley Says:

    Never understood the hate people had for the Glazers. They always spent to the cap and clearly wanted to win. They just made bad hiring decisions in the past.

  2. MattSpy05 Says:

    I’m fine with how the Glazers handle themselves. I prefer my owners in the background doing the philantropic things, writing checks, and accepting trophies.

    That’s it, media appearance do nothing but create speculation headlines.

  3. gbobucsfan Says:

    Wish the schedule was out. Wonder how long the waiting list is for potential Season Ticket Holders?

  4. ModHairKen Says:

    The Glazers are great people. Very fortunate to have them and Jeff Vinik in the community.

  5. HeyItsAdam Says:

    The Glazer Hate comes from 2 camps:

    1) Residual bleed over from the Man U crowd.

    2) People who did not or refuse to forget Malcolm leveraging Baltimore against Tampa to get a stadium built.

    The Bucs have one of the 5 cheapest game day experiences in the NFL (including ticket prices, parking, concessions, and merch). They’ve never been shy about spending money on players or facilities. So I agree. A lot of the hate is unfounded or irrational.

  6. based weeb Says:

    Not sure but I got my tickets gbobucsfan. Last year we bought but couldn’t go obviously. Can’t wait for the new season

  7. TampaTown Says:

    Joe I hope you aren’t only showering and shaving for special occasions.

  8. Chris Thomas from Heaven Says:

    Joel suddenly has big d*ck energy. The CITS will be rockin’ in Sept

  9. adam from ny Says:

    somewhere right now dirk koetter is saying to himself:

    “that is one bad azz football team”

  10. adam from ny Says:

    maybe there’s going to be a big announcement about concessions…

    the “covid special” will be new to the menu choices…

    1 hot dog and 1 soda for 5 bucks flat

  11. Steven007 Says:

    Me and my crew are long time season ticket holders. One of the perks is that we get invited to ship parties which are basically tailgates held on the ship before the game. Before anyone else enters the stadium actually. They do a great job with that with catered food and free drinks. At the first ship party Joel was there with his daughter. He mingled easily with everyone, there was only about 50 of us. He probably spent a good 15 to 20 minutes with me and my friend just discussing Bucs and life. It was a good experience and he seems like a very down to earth guy.

  12. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I met Joel Glazer in an elevator in downtown Tampa once. I found him to be a very down to earth guy.

  13. Tony Says:

    Just seems really strange having The Glazers Jason Licht & Donovan Smith as part of a Super Bowl team.

  14. AMI_Chris Says:

    Much easier to do media after winning a Super Bowl than after your 6th, 8th or 11th straight season of not making the playoffs.

  15. 2020 NFC Champs Says:

    Between the Glazers and Vinik, take a guess at which owner didn’t layoff staff after winning their league’s championship and blame it on covid.

    And the tally for laid off staff…
    Vinik – 30
    Glazers – 0
    If anyone wants to question the character of the Glazers, there you go. Joe certainly can’t verify these numbers, but NFL teams definitely make a ton more cash than NFL clubs, and the entity that holds the Lightning has many other properties and interests locally. –Joe