Tag Option Ends For Shaq Barrett; It’s Now Sign Or Leave

March 9th, 2021

Bucs kingpins have spoken

Justice was delivered to Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett today and Joe is trembling along with many fans.

Reports have the franchise-tag option going to Pro Bowl receiver Chris Godwin, dumping about $16.5 million in his pocket for 2021. So that means the Bucs have no hammer to keep Barrett in town for the upcoming season. Shaq is free to test the free agent market starting Monday and/or re-sign with the Bucs.

Now what?

The Bucs brain trust has opted to gamble on their sacred pass rush in a passing league. Or, to be optimistic, perhaps Shaq and the Bucs have an agreement that says Tampa Bay will match any offer he gets on the open market?

The betting man in Joe must note that it appears the odds of Lavonte David playing his 10th season in Tampa just got longer.

Joe wonders if the the big guns at One Buc Palace believe they can find a guy who will get them 8 sacks versus the 12 they think Shaq would rack up next season — at half the price.

As Joe wrote yesterday, if that guy is durable and consistent Carlos Dunlap, then Joe wouldn’t cry for too many days if Shaq is wearing Jets green next season.

55 Responses to “Tag Option Ends For Shaq Barrett; It’s Now Sign Or Leave”

  1. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    He disappeared when Vita went out but then magically reappeared once he returned tells me that Dunlap might be an OK replacement at a cheaper price. If rather LVD back with Devin White for the foreseeable future.

  2. Steven007 Says:

    The tag premium on Shaq for this year would be very close to $20 million. The Bucs just told him he’s not worth that to them. He will almost certainly get that or close to it elsewhere. The decision is likely his though he has already telegraphed that he’s in it for the money at this point with his break the bank comment. The franchise obviously doesn’t want to be handcuffed to one player on defense that would take up such a high percentage of the cap. And they obviously believe they have a good contingency plan if he leaves. We shall see.

  3. firethecannons Says:

    Shaq will be a Buc

  4. Adrnagy Says:

    That’s what I been saying. Let shaq test the market. Show his value. There’s no team willing to sign shaq for $20m with a lot of DE/ edge FA and one concerning issue is shaq has been a starter 2 yrs with a hall of fame dline. That’s why I’m down that shaq only recorded 8 sacks.
    What really saved his value was in the playoffs. I’d it wasn’t for that shaq will be value 0.

  5. Robert Says:

    Who think Shaq will get 12 sacks? He got big money and somewhat disappeared short of the playoff run. The difference there could be in part on the offense, as a few weeks before that is when they started running TB’s offense and kept the D off the field as much and fresher. Shaq got 1/2 as many sacks when he got paid. By that math, you pay him again and he get’s 4. no thanks.

  6. Casual Observer Says:

    If Shaq leaves, got to emphasize keeping David. For sure.

  7. Joe Says:

    He disappeared when Vita went out

    That is simply nonsense and Joe has written a few stories documenting this fiction (feel free to use the free archives). But go ahead and try to prove Shaq wasn’t critical to the Super Bowl win.

  8. Adrnagy Says:

    Offense is right on point now. We can add junk parts for cheap. Offense rolling to avg 30pts a game.
    On defense we are not that bad right we a really good. We can go to the draft if anything and find a wirfs on pass rusher

  9. Bobby M. Says:

    If we keep David and Suh, i think we can replace Shaq. He’s obviously talented…..but he’s surrounded by elite players everywhere on that front seven. I really believe a guy like Dunlap will have equal success with that much help and I highly doubt Shaq will deliver $20 million per year in value to whatever team he plays on.

  10. Steven007 Says:

    The optics of Shaq playing okay during the regular season and great during the playoff run is not lost on me. Then hand him a wagon full of money and what is his incentive to play at the highest level then. He’s got two rings and he’s going to get paid. That doesn’t create the type of hunger he had before those events.You mentioned his motivation in a previous article. What would be his motivation after getting paid?

  11. Cobraboy Says:

    Joe, was there any starter on the D that was NOT “critical” to the SB win?

    I like Barrett. I want him back. I’m just not sure his lack of consistency is $20 million worth of good.

    And the fact is he WAS not that significant for the majority of the season.

  12. Lamarcus Says:

    Shaq only works when the entire front 7 is there. He doesn’t single handling teams so nothing to cry about

  13. Joe Says:

    Joe, was there any starter on the D that was NOT “critical” to the SB win?

    As critical as Shaq? No one. Bucs simply do not beat the Packers without Shaq. Maybe they wouldn’t have beaten the Chiefs without Shaq. Why are we trying to diminish the most important position on a defense??? Does “Michael Bennett” mean anything to people?

  14. zzbuc Says:

    Agree 100% with your view Cobraboy!!!

  15. Beeej Says:

    Kwon. HOW much money did SF offer him?

  16. Adrnagy Says:

    Bennett means nothing. He won because of the legion of boom.. after that he suck. He suck before the legion and after.
    Shaq is the same. He’s nothing without our hall of fame dline. And yes we can win again at packers with other edge. So stop it.

    To all you shaq lovers — take that ! BA and licht prioritize Godwin. There’s no way shaq returns.
    What you expect now ? The Bucs to cut players contract and throw the money at big mouth break the bank guy?( not giving credit to other players on the defense ) It will not sit well in the locker room.

    Take $5M yr and be happy shaq. Open for return.

  17. Joe Says:

    Shaq only works when the entire front 7 is there.

    Not true (Joe has written about this), but keep trying to tear the guy down… to prove what exactly? smh

  18. adam from ny Says:

    shaq is completely a system player here in tampa…

    system works for him and he thrives in it…

    if he goes elsewhere he could be in deep doo if production doesn’t match contract…

    city, fans, media and hecklers will be all on him making his new destination sheer misery outside his huge weekly check…

    sometimes you gotta be careful what the trade off is…

    shaq is a fit here…elsewhere prolly not so much

    #ListenToAdamShaq 🙂 #StayAndPlay

  19. Joe Says:

    shaq is completely a system player here in tampa…

    system works for him and he thrives in it…

    Amen. In other words, do not try to fix something not broken.

  20. Adrnagy Says:

    But but …..

    It will be interesting to see whether news breaks of Barrett’s new deal today.

  21. Adrnagy Says:

    The rumor is shaq close to sign 5yr $47m , 28m guarantee

  22. Cobraboy Says:

    Joe Says:

    As critical as Shaq? No one. Bucs simply do not beat the Packers without Shaq. Maybe they wouldn’t have beaten the Chiefs without Shaq. Why are we trying to diminish the most important position on a defense??? Does “Michael Bennett” mean anything to people?

    Not White? Suh? JPP? Winfield? David?

    You watched a different SB than I did. Barrett was important, but every player on that incredible D effort was, too. Mahomes had nowhere to throw the ball, and it was not because of Barrett alone.

    I challenge the statement that the Bucs do not win the SB without Barrett. That is a hypothetical that is 100% opinion, and not fact, based.

  23. Steven007 Says:

    The situation with Bennett in 2012 has no relation to the situation now. Back then Bennett was a good player on a crap, uncompetitive team. Shaq is surrounded by talent at all levels here. Wasn’t the case with Bennett in 2012. And they’re much different players regardless. Bennett then played on a Seahawks team with a great defense. I understand not wanting to lose a pass rusher, but using this comp simply doesn’t make sense now or ever.

  24. David Says:

    The people who think shaq dropped off to nothing this past year are just completely ignorant.
    His quarterback pressures, tackles for loss, QB hits and sacks combined were second in the NFL. Over the last two years combined he is second in the NFL. Yes, the sacks fell off but he will be back at 10+

    There are a lot of edge rusher‘s in the draft. I hope they don’t think it’s that easy to replace him though.
    As much as I love LVD, it will be easier to replace him. There are a lot of speedy linebackers that will be around in the first two rounds as well

  25. Godlovesbucs Says:

    The big issue is cost, not quality or production. Every player has a number that is worth it to a team and above that, they are too costly. My guess is that there will be at least 1 team out there that views his number is higher than tampa does. Hopefully he takes scheme, location, coaching and team into consideration and doesnt just take the highest payout. More often than not, that seems to hurt guys in the long run.

  26. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Yes, feel free to search the archives guys and get back to us next month when you finally find the article you were looking for!

  27. Adrnagy Says:

    haason reddick 2021
    12.5 sacks
    16 qb hits
    63 Tackles.

    26 yrs old.

    Add him to our dline. Vea. Jpp. Suh. White.

  28. adam from ny Says:

    that’s bs adrnagy :

    if shaq takes 5 years 47 mil here, he will be guaranteed the whole dang thing !!!!


  29. MadMax Says:

    We saw this coming….we cant afford him….and it sucks

    Zaven Collins is man next up…i like your guy Bolton, but not in the first.

  30. MadMax Says:

    Im not feeling signing anyone here….build through the draft…Licht knows what he’s doing 😉

  31. adam from ny Says:

    if the bucs can grab shaq for say:

    4 years 60 mil you do it…

    maybe 5 for 75 mil if rosenhaus forces their hand…

    if a team swoops in and pays him 5 years 90 mil, he’s most likely gone, but he will also flop out like a pablo sandoval did with the red sox a few years back…

    he can kinda be a legend in tampa in this system over a few years…or a uber rich bust somewhere else

  32. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I think LVD is going to be odd man out.


    He wants the pot of gold, go get it and if it’s the Jets, enjoy going from hero back to zero.

  34. adam from ny Says:

    shaq will get endorsements here too…

    especially if brady keeps delivering…

    and him being the highest paid defender…

    is shaq gonna be the one guy to run in the opposite direction of one thomas brady???…

    tampa is the best thing that ever happened to shaq…

    he’s living the dream – now take the money – be a rich man – and ride this dream out

  35. Capt.Tim Says:

    They better have him ready to sign a deal, or this will go down as another incredibly stupid move by this Franchise.
    Godwin is a very good WR. He aint great.
    He looks great, because Mike Evans draws all the double teams!
    Until Antonio Brown got up to speed. Then they doubled either Evans or Brown.
    I challenge you to rewatch the playoff at GB , and the Superbowl.

    How many times did Godwin rate a double team.
    Evans? Brown?
    Ill wait.
    Hint. Godwin got the Double team less times than Scotty Miller.

    And a hell of alot less than Shaq got double teamed.

    This is a huge mistake

  36. Adrnagy Says:

    I’m all in to pay shaq what he is really worth. Take away the one year wonder.
    Hasson reddick is far more productive and slippery without a pot belly….
    So anything below what jpp makes is reasonable.

  37. Adrnagy Says:

    Let me teach you something son,

    Capt tim joe … the same way you talk about Godwin , you should talk the same about shaq. Same comparison.

  38. adam from ny Says:

    what if:

    rosenhaus is all in his head and has shaq basically brainwashed…

    don’t agents get at least 10%

  39. Adrnagy Says:

    Lol … when Antonio brown got up in speed …. when vita vea got up to speed.

  40. Snook Says:

    Good to see the gloom and doom never really left Tampa. Settle down folks. David and Shaq will be back. We’ll mortgage the future a bit to maximize the window we’re in. If the Saints can mortgage their future and win the division every year, I’m pretty sure we can do the same and be smarter about it and win a few more Super Bowls with the Goat.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    I think he gets like 4 yr 75 mil 50gtd

  42. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Teams wont overpay Shaq

    Teams have a smaller salary cap

    Teams know Shaq is lazy when the team is losing”

    Kobe Faker

  43. MadMax Says:

    @Capt Tim, we go way back…long timers here…you look at what else Godwin does…the cerebral which Brady needs…and look at the dropped passes from KC receivers right in their face. You keep that kind of talent, thats why I wanted this…easy decision really…

  44. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Kobe Faker: Shaq had 19.5 sacks when the Bucs were 7-9. You have some of the most ridiculous posts, including how Vita Vea was going to get blown off the line of scrimmage vs. Green Bay. Weak.

  45. Darin Says:

    The brain trust has watched every play of the season numerous times. So yes they are soeaking to you. So listen.

  46. nate Says:

    id take von miller cheaper or pay shaq gotta have plan a or b if you get von miller try to get patrice peterson too that would off set shaq

  47. Bobby Says:

    @Capt Tim. When Brady says you have the best hands he’s ever been around I think that puts you above just “good.” The mistake would have been to let him go. That’s why you post and don’t coach or manage.

  48. Bucsfanman Says:

    I wish people would stop saying Shaq “disappeared” when Vea was injured. That same argument could be applied evenly across the board, for one. Secondly, Shaq was tied for the LEAGUE LEAD in pressures for the season. So, while he didn’t have the sack stats, he was doing what he was supposed to be doing all season, harassing QBs.
    He deserves to be paid, and it should be the Bucs who pay him, IMO.

  49. Davenport Says:

    Barrett’s long term deal will be announced shortly. There is no way that the Bucs would risk him walking.

    Good for Godwin but that’s a “go for two” contract — way too much money to have tied up in WRs long term. 2021 might well be his last season here

  50. Bird Says:

    The normal toilet drinker putting a guy down to build up another

    Talk about one year wonder

    Hasson reddick has been in nfl 4 years. Only good year in contract year
    He had sacks of 1 , 2.5 and 4 in other three years

    His breakout year , he had 5 sacks in one game so almost half his numbers in one game

    But yah 19.5 sacks is a fluke . Shaq is a nobody
    Keep drinking your poopy water Its hard to find stmts of yours that are ever right

  51. Durango 95 Says:

    A lot of sad faces at JBF world headquarters today.

  52. Will Says:

    I know money is going to be tight but this team looked like something we’d never seen before as far as the love for each other and the way they sacrificed for each other. The Brady effect is real and I think some of these guys will see that the grass isn’t greener on the other side and will come back for less than their market value to go for two and get other endorsements and things to set them up for life after football. We did this in a pandemic can only imagine what they may be able to do if everyone returns and we have a true off season.
    Maybe someone will take the money and run and heck to be honest I wouldn’t blame them one bit. It’s easy for us regular joes to talk about home town discounts, the love of the game and things like that. At my job a Captain told me early on “kid you love the job but the job don’t love you. Take care of you and your family when you leave they’ll be some young kid ready to take your place.”

  53. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    The Shack did disappear when it came to sacks when Vita went out but you’re right I should’ve said when the play offs came about he appeared and was a monster. Sorta reminds me of playoff Lenny who wasn’t all that great during the season but when the playoff cameras were on him he blew up which tells me Shaq was holding back until the true national spotlight was on the Bucs and he played harder for his upcoming payday. Still would rather have LVD than Shaq at $20 mil

  54. Ben Says:

    Bucs banking on LVD being loyal and patient.

  55. BillMFL Says:

    Shaq is good but he got neutralized a lot last season. And he jumps offside way too often. With Vea back there are some decent guys already on the team to rotate at Shaqs position. Also a solid prospect in the draft or free agent a good possibility. In the past three years Shaq had one great year and two ok years. Not enough to break the bank. A decent offer plus bonus money should be fair enough.