Rob Gronkowski Implies He Didn’t Like All His Patriots Teammates

March 23rd, 2021

Rob Gronkowski

It seems the Buccaneers’ chemistry could be more special than what Rob Gronkowski enjoyed in New England.

Gronk paid a visit to the Flutie Flakescast last week and talked about a lot of things, including how he’s not worried about getting injured playing sports and [snow] skiing during the offseason. In the mind of Gronk, life is too short to worry about a football-career-threatening injury.

He told host Doug Flutie that he went skiing for eight hours in one day early this month and when people ask him if he’s afraid to get hurt, he replies, ‘Yeah, I’m a free agent. I’m signing with the mountains today.”

But it was the Bucs football chatter that piqued Joe’s interest. Gronk implied that he didn’t always like his teammates in New England, where he spent the first nine seasons of his NFL career, and those relationships matter a lot to him.

Gronk acknowledged that he needs a lot of time away from football again, but he’s incredibly fired up to return whenever players must report for real practices. The NFL has not announced a date.

“Let me tell you, I need this break, need the couple months off and everything,” Gronk said. “But I’m excited to get started back up when it comes. Knowing the guys that we have coming back, knowing the guys on the team — football can be a grind. It can be the biggest grind. And when you got guys in the locker room that, you know, you don’t really want to be around, it gets tough. But let me tell you, everyone loved being around each other [on the Bucs], so it’s great just to see this team all come back and I’ll be a part of it and try to go for two in a row.”

Gronk seems to be on the same page as Super Bowl Bucs general manager Jason Licht. In multiple interviews this offseason, Licht has remarked about the incredible nature of the Bucs’ locker room, and that includes players being completely united and liking each other.

It’s no coincidence that the Bucs want to keep the band together and have yet to sign a free agent that didn’t play for Tampa Bay last season.

Unrelated, Gronk was adamant that he grew up in Buffalo eating Flutie Flakes every day, even though they had too much sugar.

21 Responses to “Rob Gronkowski Implies He Didn’t Like All His Patriots Teammates”

  1. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Now we just need to add Gerald McCoy for solid depth right?

    Ha ha ha ha

  2. Bird Says:

    I think “the guys” is belichik

  3. Chris Thomas from Heaven Says:

    Gronky is so loveable. Can’t wait to see what we do at RB

  4. Robert Says:

    their should be a Gronk Furby

  5. lambeau Says:

    Bird nailed it–Belichick–and that goes double for Tom. Here comes James White?

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Lets hope he liked James White…

  7. Drunkinybor Says:

    @Chris I think you nailed it. 😂

  8. Drunkinybor Says:

    @Bird I think YOU nailed it! @Chris I can’t wait to see how the rb room will look also.

  9. Chris Thomas from Heaven Says:

    Joe, NFL Drafts worked out for this Superbowl team

    Vita Vea > Quenton Nelson
    Devin White > Josh Allen DE

  10. 813bucboi Says:

    agree with bird…

    bill was the HC and GM…

    JL and GRONK love each other…same with BRADY

    GO BUCS!!!!

  11. Steven007 Says:

    I like Vea But I think it might be a wash with Nelson. He’s a stud. White over Allen for sure.

  12. D-Rome Says:

    I remember Flutie Flakes. I also remember watching the Hail Mary as a kid in Massachusetts.

  13. Steven007 Says:

    Of course the comparison du jour in Vea’s draft was him versus James. I think even the naysayers are on our guys side now.

  14. Rob Tanner Says:

    What about McCoy? I mean he played a series or two but I wouldn’t call that playing for us.


    McCoy, got his two in a row rings. I don’t think he broke a sweat in the 2019 SB. Ring grabber.

  16. MDFree Says:

    I remember when the Joes here were adamant that leadership and culture had little to no effect on playing winning football. What’cha think now?

  17. ModHairKen Says:

    I’m saying Gronkowski deserves Ring of Honor for the SB alone.

  18. sincethebeginning Says:

    @MDFree don’t hold your breath waiting for that answer brother! lol

  19. CyberDilemma Says:

    He had Aaron Hernandez in his T.E. room at New England and this is supposed to be news that he didn’t like all his Patriots teammates?

  20. Sport Says:

    MD Free. BINGO!!!

    In BA I Trust!

  21. Virgil Slick Says:

    No doubt Bird’s right it was belichick .