Jameis Winston Lands Another Year In New Orleans

March 15th, 2021

The reports are flowing in across the NFL Network ticker.

Jameis Winston, America’s Quarterback, will be back with the Saints to compete for a starting job after the weekend retirement of Drew Brees.

Man, Joe is feeling damn good about the Bucs winning the NFC South this season, which they haven’t done since 2007.

Jameis, per reports, has a bunch of incentives in his contract that could earn him $12 million on the one-year deal. That’s less than Mike Glennon got guaranteed from the Bears when he bolted the Bucs in 2017.

If Jameis wins the starting gig, will Vegas post an over/under prop bet on interceptions?

Last season, Carson Wentz and Drew Lock tied for the NFL dishonor of being league leaders in interceptions. Each threw 15 picks. Jameis chucked 30 for the Bucs in 2019.

86 Responses to “Jameis Winston Lands Another Year In New Orleans”

  1. Rayjay1122 Says:

    WTF was that rant about from this article?

  2. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Well, it is gone. I swear thete was a rant. Or I am going crazy or I am being punked by Joe. Lol
    Seemed like the guy posted under the wrong post. –Joe

  3. Chris Thomas from Heaven Says:

    I’ve hated playing the Saints for the last 15yrs. It’s gonna be fun now

  4. lambchop Says:

    There’s no team that knows Jameis’s tendencies quite like we do. We’re going to eat him for lunch and spit him out. Can’t wait. The Saints will be fighting for relevance once again.

  5. SCBucsFan Says:

    We will all be able to remember when the Saints became the Bucs of old right after we became the Pats of old.

  6. AJ Says:

    As bad as QB play in the NFL is these days. I’m really surprised Jameis can’t get a better offer and opportunity to play. I mean Cam Newton just resigned and he has been absolutely terrible the last few years. That kid Hieneken or whatever from WTF. He got a better contract than Winston, because of one good game against the Bucs in the playoffs. Mariota gets more money as a back up. Winston put up good numbers and is competitive as hell. Is it perception or reality that the NFL has given up on Winston. Is it all about the 30 interceptions?

  7. Youngbucs Says:

    I’m just here for the cry babies 😭. I’m taking bets on the first dumb comment. The odds on oneilbucs is -2500😂.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Ahhh. Mr Pick 6. Please win the starting job. Please.

  9. DISCOYAK Says:

    Remember when people were saying the Bucs were going to have to pay him $30M a year. lol

  10. Lamarcus Says:

    Jw is still my guy. Good for him. Not good if turns out like Brees career path did

  11. VA Tom Says:

    1 mm deal? Its a place holder incase they don’t get the guy they want in free Agency or the draft. They don’t have confidence in him.

  12. DBS Says:

    Now let’s see if the Saints. Keep him.

  13. SB Says:

    Well, there’s a few extra intersections for a young secondary to get more confident on next year. Plus probably an extra at least 21 points out of those two games

  14. Robert Says:

    More picks for us

  15. James Leventis Says:

    surprised he didn’t get a 4 yr deal over 100 million when we all know it was a poor D and poor kicker that caused him to struggle in tampa

  16. PhillyBuc Says:


  17. Waterboy Says:

    Cha ching!! Big jump from the 1 mil a year he made while in QB school last year but a long ways away from the 30 mil he thought he was worth while in Tampa.

  18. ItzOK Says:

    I’d prefer Jameis not be in our division. No way Hill beats him out. Good for Jameis getting solid backup money plus he is setting himself up for a huge payday next season when the salary cap kicks up. He can produce a lot even if he tossing 15 picks a year. The 30 picks was an anomaly and big part was coaching.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’d like to wish him well….but he’s in our division…..so, JW……I hope you don’t even get to start…..or if you do….you $uck…..

  20. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    It’s going to feel weird going back to the Super Bowl and sweeping the Saints instead of being swept by them.

  21. Tom Sumner Says:

    jboooooooooo not….

  22. Wesley Says:

    Funny how he’s now a top tier Q.B. according to Saints fans.

  23. BradyBucs Says:

    Who is Jameis Winston?

  24. Lokog Says:

    Can’t wait

  25. Adrnagy Says:

    Nice set up for a big $$. If he developed a brain. 0-2 against us. Wish him the best.

  26. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    It has to be about the 30 interceptions, because he threw for over 5000 yards.
    That, and Sean Peyton chose not to play him, when Brees went down doesn’t help him either.

  27. EA Says:

    No way he starts for the saints, he drives coaches crazy.

  28. Logan Says:

    That moment Cam gets more money than Jameis, and Cam was hella bad. Remember when all those Jameis fans swore Brady was washed up and Jameis was the QB of the future? The market doesn’t lie…Winston is awful.

  29. Blue Coffee Says:

    Ha, ha, BradyBucs,… LOL.
    Yet, I am not against JW. We had good moments with him. I rooted for him as long as he was a BUCS. And I don’t regret it a second. He played some very entertaining games when we won. Of course, he never progress pass a certain critical point.
    Brady is a huge upgrade. Brady was, is, and will be next season the best QB in NFL. I continue to say that Brady is better than Mahomes, Rodgers, Wilson, Big Ben,… And Brady will stay at the top until prove otherwise, period.

    I wish you well JW. Good luck man! But,… I wish you not so much good luck when you will play against our BUCS! Ha! Ha!
    A fan is a fan!
    GO BUCS!

  30. HarlemBuc Says:

    We’re still talking about this guy? Bucs having second bomb a$$ free agency in a row and we’re talking about Mr Inaccurate? Really? Stick a fork in him and the the whole Aints franchise…

  31. J$MCSports Says:

    I dont think he will win that job. If they were smart they would keep Tayson playing trickster on offense and let JW get under center. The Saints are dumb though he will only play one more year there I feel. Hes in familiar territory in the musical chairs at QB. I just got a feeling he will be back in Tampa once Brady is gone to be a bridge QB to end his career off. I like JW was a huge fan when he was here but he took a beating. Another year behind Hill would heal him if you ask me.

  32. Oneilbuc Says:

    Happy for him but hope he plays bad against us . But I still don’t understand the hate for Jamies . But I will say this Drew Brees had 78 interceptions in his first 5 years . But I wish him well until he plays us .

  33. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    The cherry on top for this part of our outstanding offseason is the Saints re-signing this clown. Looking forward to his first stiff-arm from #45.

  34. unbelievable Says:

    I’ve never had any hate towards Jameis, but I’m not gonna lie, I would definitely enjoy watching our defense pick him off… Some payback for the frustrating rollercoaster that he was lol.

  35. Blackmagic00 Says:

    He owes us 30 interceptions. Would gladly take that at 3 a game.

  36. SlyPirate Says:

    I LOVE THIS! It adds so much intrigue to the Bucs-Saints games.

    Saints have a lot going for them … Top coach, AK, best oline, a lot good pieces on defense, and a true number WR.

    They’ve lost a few good players but they have the draft. They’ll be good.

  37. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Somewhere NDog just got tingly….

  38. Swampbuc Says:

    The secondary is an order of magnitude Better than Jameis would remember it, as is the pass rush. That first meeting will be can’t miss football.

    Might Jameis try to show up his former team and go down in flames in the process? One hopes. The flip side is he has the talent and the work ethic and is maturing away from the goofiness that soiled his “leadership” banner. Might he also play better than he ever has?

    It’s the NFL, anything is possible.

  39. Tye Says:

    Strange feeling to feel bad for Saints fans and at the same time watch the rapid decline of their team…
    I see the NFCS title battle just between the Bucs and Falcons for the next few years!

  40. Oxycondoms Says:

    Its not like bucs made huge mistake. they needed a qb mariotta didnt pan out either . Personally i wouldve picked mariotta at the time due to his physical conditioning and maturity over jameis but bucs took a gamble and saw more potential upside in jameis arm. It was a bad year if you were in need of a qb

  41. ModHairKen Says:

    I think the Super Bowl invincibility talk has run its course. This team was 7-5. Then 8-0. Which was the real team? The best evidence that there are no guarantees next year is 2003, after the 1st SB. They brought everyone back and then injuries decimated them into 7-9. You think the Saints are going to roll over? Guess again. You think Jameis is going to throw 30 picks next year? Give me odds.

    It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

  42. Oxycondoms Says:

    In retrospect the move wouldve been to try and trade draft position to chip kelly

  43. Rod Munch Says:

    If any of you dopes knew your Bucs QB history, you wouldn’t be cheering this. Can always tell who the idiot bandwagon riders are, they’re always the ones saying the dumbest things, and being the loudest about it.

  44. Rod Munch Says:

    Speaking of idiots, who was the idiot yesterday telling me that Winston was out in New Orleans because Hill was signed for $144-million? LOL! Talk about your morons that don’t bother to read past the headline – even then you have to be incredibly dumb to think that was real money.

  45. Mike Johnson Says:

    12 mil for a yrs deal plus incentives is not chicken feed. I sure as hell would take it. Most of you would too. I would not say bad things about a player who still has longevity and upside to his career. I’m glad he got a good deal.

  46. Jerry Says:

    Yeah OK, and who was the last Bucs QB to leave the team and then go on to win a SB? Dilfer maybe? That was 25 years ago. Before that was the Culverhouse era where he purposely threw good players out because he didn’t want to pay them.
    Everyone needs to stop acting like there is some kind of curse.

    And Sean Payton better solve Jameis’s turnover problem. That’s going to give him a headache real quick.

  47. Lamarcus Says:

    I still think JW is a good qb. 30 ints is bad and Brady threw 12 is bad for him also. If Jw had this team we would of been just as good but somehow NFL players don’t work like that. They need some motivation or something like that

  48. adam from ny Says:

    jaboo for the win ???

    i think not…

    he’s prolly gonna to keep them above the mendoza line tho…lol

    #JameisMendozaWinston #SeanMendozaPayton

  49. DaBux Says:

    SMB likes this signing.

  50. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Talk about stars aligning! WinSTUNNED leads Saints lol

  51. Joe in Michigan Says:

    “No way Hill beats him out” comment from above…He did last year.

  52. Jason Says:

    Some of you say Winston couldn’t beat out T. Hill last year, what I believe you are failing to see is, Sean Payton purposely didn’t play Winston, in order to keep his stock in FA low this season. If Winston would have balled out in those games, no way the Saints are able to bring him back next season for such a low price. It was a calculated risk they took by starting Hill over Winston. I’m glad Winston will get another chance and glad Brady is still our starter!

  53. Bucsfanman Says:

    He’s competing for a starting job. So “yay”! (sarcasm)

    Who cares?! He’s a division OPPONENT!

  54. Youngbucs Says:

    I see six at least six guys here from the original nut huggers squad 😂. By the way lamarcus wins dumbest comment at 12:51 am.

  55. Joe in Michigan Says:

    My point is he’s America’s Backup Quarterback, until proven otherwise. Believe me, I don’t care that you don’t care.

  56. SufferingSince76 Says:

    So one year carrying a clipboard in NO took care of all of Winston’s bad habits? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  57. Allbuccedup Says:

    Saints will be lucky to go 8-8. Two wins for the Bucs!

  58. geno711 Says:

    Good for the FSU fans that want Jameis to have another chance.

    New Orleans has elite offensive and defensive line play. If Jameis gets the majority of playing time over Hill, he has a chance to be better than he was here with the Bucs.

    Ultimately my bet is that he shows the continued inconsistency and that is why he just got another 1 year deal with New Orleans because Payton still is not convinced he is the long term future.

    I am more worried at New Orleans in the trenches than I am either of New Orleans two quarterback choices.

    Certainly will be games where he will be great and horrible next year. History almost always wins out in the end with quarterbacks. We saw that with Tom Brady.

  59. Buczilla Says:

    The Jeff George of this era is the enemy and plays for the hated Saints. I hope that he loses every game as long as he is in our division. I wanted desperately for Winston to succeed and despite doing some dumb things off the field, I don’t think that he is a bad guy. He still has the potential to be damn good, but he was a bust with us and constant source of frustration. Brady was a godsend and we are damn lucky to have him after so many years of having mostly putrid quarterbacks on our team. Winston goes back in the closet as “out of sight, out of mind” until we play his sorry a$$ (yes, I’m still bitter that I wasted 5 years hoping that he would become good). 😛

  60. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Saints will still be tough, IMHO. Sean Payton is one of the best coaches in the NFL, if not THE best. Jameis will probably get a shot somewhere along the line.

  61. mark2001 Says:

    Sure…averaging about 7 mil. a year for two years play in NO. Isn’t that just about the same he was asking from us? But we chose to go chasing for Brady. What an opportunity we missed. We could have locked him up for over 100 mil. for 4 more years, likely. Stupid Arians and the front office. We had a choice between America’s QB or the GOAT. Man, we surely screwed that one up.

  62. tickrdr Says:

    Oxycondoms Says:
    March 15th, 2021 at 11:50 pm

    In retrospect the move wouldve been to try and trade draft position to chip kelly

    One story reported that the Bucs were offered TWO 1st round picks and TWO 2nd rounders for that #1 overall pick that year.

    The big JabooBoo ………………………… FIVE years wasted.


  63. Jim Says:

    He signed a one-year for $5.5 million base (guaranteed).

  64. Joseph Mamma Says:

    ItzOK Says:
    March 15th, 2021 at 10:09 pm

    ………He can produce a lot even if he tossing 15 picks a year. The 30 picks was an anomaly and big part was coaching.

    You’re absolutely right. It was coaching, as in the other team’s defense was coached to catch the ball.

  65. mark2001 Says:

    JM… Jameis was so much less as a QB in so many areas, other than pure talent. Why can’t some of you understand that? Watch how Brady has elevated so many things on this team, including the culture. I hope Jameis does well against everyone but us and games that effect us. But I think he isn’t the guy to lift the team and manage the offense, in so many ways. Maybe he can be a good piece in a good team. But I think that is his ceiling.

  66. 813bucboi Says:


    you have your head so far up JW @$$ you cant see the truth….lol…

    12 INTs for brady, on a new team, with a new staff, without TC and PS is great!!!!

    JW is str8 trash….if we had jw in 2020, we wouldve went 8-8 9-7 at best….and he wouldve led the nfl in INTs again….

    JW sucks and you blow!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  67. Anonymous Says:

    “Chek Yo Sheet!”

  68. rrsrq Says:

    Joe, I believe they want an article on Fitz’Magic” too

  69. Gingjoe Says:

    We get it you’re in love with magoo

  70. sauron's eye Says:

    I wish he had gone to another division. I would then wish him more success. Since he is the QB on our top rival I want us to own him for2 games next year.

  71. Gingjoe Says:

    Whats next an article about fitzy signing with Washington clown

  72. mike Says:

    @lamarcus… if any NFL gm had that opinion then JW would of had many suitors and a big money multi year deal, But he had 2 offers and a 1 year deal worth 1 million dollars and this year, a one year deal for 5 million with a coach that says he wants JW to win a qb competition.

  73. Rev. Willy Says:

    Saints have a good roster. But for 11 broken ribs and a collapsed Brees lung, Bucs would have been 0-3 vrs. Saints last year, and Brees could barely throw the ball 15 yards. Y’all should be careful what you wish for.

  74. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Sorry, Rev. Willy. Injuries will always be a part of NFL football. They don’t show injury numbers on the scoreboard, only points. Any way you cut it, the Bucs won.

  75. mike Says:

    @Rev Willy… Seemed to do ok vs Mahomes and A Rodgers, I think we will be ok.

  76. Eric Says:

    JW is getting 12 million.

    Local yahoos will be mowing the half acre in front of their double wide on Sundays.

    Who is the chump?

  77. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Saints fans need to hit up the JoeSaintsFan website. World Champion Bucs fans don’t have time for your weakness.

  78. Oneilbuc Says:

    As a bucs fan I believe they failed Jamies at some point you have to start looking at the organization. I’m a true but real bucs fan . I’m happy we won the superbowl last year but I’m done with the celebration. It’s a new year and I am concerned about the future of the team . That’s why I say they should go head and draft a quarterback with the 32 pick . Because Godwin is going to want more money . The offensive line they’re going to have to focus on . And the defensive backs will be up for contracts .

  79. Youngbucs Says:

    At some point you have to start looking at the player. He had his chance here 5 years. He will have another chance stop trying to put all the blame on the Bucs it’s laughable. I find it so funny and hypocritical you say you’re worried about the future of the team. The world is ending cause the got rid of winston give me a break. Guess what you talk your big stuff when we signed Brady and was proven wrong. So will you hold winston to the same standards or have your saints excuses started already. Because saints players say it’s super bowl or bust also for them. You yourself have said the saints better than the Bucs oneibucs. So I ask you is it super bowl or bust for winston??? He sat for a year big bad BA not coaching him so what’s the excuses now???? Super bowl or bust!!!!!

  80. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Okay, Oneilbuc, I’ll take the bait…How did the Bucs “fail” Jameis Winston? If you’re really a Bucs fan why are you still crying the blues over a QB they couldn’t win with? Your post is full of contradictions.

  81. Youngbucs Says:

    The truth is truth he came out of college with a rap for turnovers y’all still blaming coaches. Jameis Winston is talented he has to take the next step but let’s stop acting like he holds no blame that’s my gripe.

  82. Youngbucs Says:

    Also whenever someone had to start off saying they’re A True But Real Bucs oh nevermind.

  83. Youngbucs Says:

    Big bad Bucs organization even stood by him after he hid and lied to them about Uber gate!!!!!

  84. Youngbucs Says:

    Y’all been praising the saints I’ve heard they got everything. Good organization great coaching a defense run gm offensive line a kicker everything so it’s super bowl or bust for them right oneilbucs clean house lamarcus rod munch adrnagy Ndog and others he got everything know let’s keep that same energy and standards y’all put on the Bucs super bowl or bust for me!!

  85. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Yes, Youngbucs, that’s all we heard for months, Super Bowl or bust. Like it was a big mistake to sign Brady if the Bucs didn’t win the SB. Well, we did, and all you heard from the peanut gallery (Oneilbuc, Ndog, Realisto, Clean House, etc.) was crickets. They’re not even man enough to admit they were wrong. Oh well, they still have EXCUSES as to why Jameis wasn’t the best ever, and they’ll cling to the EXCUSES while the real Buc fans celebrate our 2nd Super Bowl win. One more than the Saints.

  86. Natron Says:

    Yeah, Brady is old and tired, we need to get Jameis back here to insure a bright future for the franchise, and why not get Gerald McCoy back here for a final paycheck!? Also, where is Ndog, when we need him?