Former GM: Trust The Smartest Guys In The Room

March 29th, 2021


After the Bucs won the Super Bowl, you could tell by Bucs players’ comments that they have the world of respect for and will do just about whatever a certain two guys ask for and/or order.

The first is a no-brainer. That’s park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, handshake-stiffing, jet-ski-losing, biscuit-baking, tequila-shooting, waffle-grilling, trophy-throwing, Bucs-Super-Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady.

The second is Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

Even a long-in-the-tooth veteran like Ndamukong Suh has total respect and admiration for Bowles.

And it is these two guys who, if possible, will lead the Bucs to repeat as Super Bowl camps, says former Jets and Dolphins general manager and big shot of, Mike Tannenbaum.

Appearing on “Stay in Bed” on BSPN last week, Tannenbaum cited the leadership of Brady and Bowles for why the Bucs are in excellent shape to “Go for Two.”

“I think Tom Brady and Todd Bowles are great force multipliers,” Tannenbaum said. “They are going to hold people accountable on their style, and Bruce Arians’ style works for him.

“So despite … the history and statistics [of teams failing to repeat], they have the right confluence of personalities to make this work. Imagine what a full offseason is going to be like with the greatest quarterback of all time.

“If anyone can [repeat], it’s them.”

Tannenbaum brings up one of the two points Joe likes to note. Quarterback coach Clyde Christensen told Pat McAfee right after the Super Bowl that the offense was eight games from peaking when they won the Super Bowl.

The other is the Bucs had two rookies who played critical roles, right tackle Tristan Wirfs and safety Antoine Winfield, Jr. (who may have made the biggest play of the playoffs when he punched the ball loose from slimy Saints tight end Jared Cook).

Are we to believe Winfield and Wirfs have already maxed out? Unlikely.

22 Responses to “Former GM: Trust The Smartest Guys In The Room”

  1. Bird Says:

    Dont forget the secondary level of play in regular season vs playoffs
    They looked like 2 different groups.

  2. Bird Says:

    Devin white in year 3 should scare every offense
    He looked unstoppable in playoffs

  3. Buc50 Says:

    Todd Bowles ability to adjust doesn’t get enough ink and that’s good for the Bucs. He gets penalized for being a Jets coach.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Don’t forget the “Savior Grisly” Devin White

  5. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    The Bucs will go from winning a Super Bowl in their own stadium to LA to win another one. From coast to coast, this team will own the NFL.


  6. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    It can be argued that Todd Bowles won the Super Bowl for us, with his Defensive Scheme.

  7. J.Allen Lofton Says:

    The harmony between the players, the coaches, the front office staff and the ownerships speaks volumes why the Bucs won a Super Bowl. Keep doing what you are doing. That’s a winning Super Bowl strategy.

  8. jimm Says:

    .. and winfields deflection of a sure i believe saints td

  9. ModHairKen Says:

    Bowles should be the heir apparent to Arians.

  10. Aceofaerospace Says:

    I just pray for no sophomore slump. I think those 2 are better than that.

  11. Beeej Says:

    Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:
    March 29th, 2021 at 9:54 am
    It can be argued that Todd Bowles won the Super Bowl for us, with his Defensive Scheme.

    When you can get to the quarterback with four guys, the possibilities are endless

  12. Defense Rules Says:

    @Tannenbaum … “I think Tom Brady and Todd Bowles are great force multipliers.”

    That’s one of the greatest observations I’ve ever seen written on JBF, and truer words were never spoken. Tom Brady is the ultimate ‘field general’. In 1 year, with no real preseason to speak of, he totally changed the culture and expectations of this Bucs’ offense. And the team for that matter. THAT defines ‘force multiplier’ IMO.

    But Todd Bowles has had a very similar effect, as a coach, on this Bucs’ defense. He’s shown himself to be a true master at getting the most out of each & every player on that field. Granted, he’s got some incredible talent to work with in guys like LVD, White, Suh, JPP, Vea, Shaq, Davis … the list goes on & on. Almost all of our starters are quality 1st & 2nd Rnd picks, and several could qualify as ‘generational talents’ IMO.

    And I’m still convinced that several (like Suh & Shaq) wouldn’t even be Bucs if not for Todd Bowles being our DC. Plus I’m also convinced that he had the biggest voice in selecting our defensive picks in the 2019 & 2020 drafts, and he certainly deserves the credit for developing those guys as quickly as he has. The turnaround for this defense from 2018 (ranked #31) to 2020 (ranked #8) has been dramatic, and we have Todd Bowles to thank for that far as I’m concerned.

  13. August 1976 Buc Says:

    The Succession plan is most likely is in place. The time will come when either Bowles or Leftwich, I believe will take over when BA rides off into an awesome Florida Sunset. Good times in Buc land for years to come. “1-2-3 DOMINATE” GO BUCS!!!

  14. SlyPirate Says:

    In 202 the Bucs couldn’t win a Super Bowl because …
    1. QB is too old
    2. Home teams never win
    3. No offseason
    4. Super teams fail

    We know how those reasons held up.

  15. 6throundpick Says:

    REPEAT? C’mon. Do you know how difficult that is to do?

    Why, the NFL hasn’t had a repeat performance since…Tom Brady.

  16. jamestb03 Says:

    Just step back and look at what we are discussing, going for two in a row! Watching these discussions for the last few years, we were hoping for a good draft and hoping for a playoff spot. People posting ideas on how to turn this team around. This is a great time to be a Buc fan. We all need to savor this feeling. What I love the most is talking to fans of other teams and their crying about Brady, their tears taste like honey.

  17. KCfan Says:

    Mean this with all due respect, but in the Super Bowl remember that Mahomes was hurt, his left tackle was out, he threw two touchdown passes that hit the receivers in the face that they didn’t catch, Kelsie dropped a key third down pass that he always catches, untouched, Brady threw an interception that was nullified by a penalty, two of the pass interference calls against KC were highly questionable and on any given day any team in the NFL can beat any other. Good luck to the Bucs but repeat will be tough.

  18. SOEbuc Says:


    “Are we to believe Winfield and Wirfs have already maxed out? Unlikely.“

    Doesn’t help your argument about no preseason. Gonna kick the sh!t out of em with coaching and communication.

  19. The Deflator Says:


    As I was reading your post, without looking at your name, I started thinking to myself “this guy must be a Chiefs fan”.

    After looking at your name and confirming my initial suspicion, I have concluded that you are in loser denial.

  20. Iamabuc Says:

    KCFan…the fact that your guys couldn’t repeat (we all saw how hard was for you…🤣🤣🤣🤣)……does not mean that the Bucs can’t. Stand by for the best show on turf, coming to your stadium soon!!…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. August 1976 Buc Says:

    KC fan, a team is as strong as their weakest link, no time to say X Y and Z is why this and that. The Cheifs took a beatdown for all to see. Every team has to deal with issues Bucs included. The Bucs are a deeper and better team. Mahomeboy is straight-up awesome, but 1 man is not a team, and the better, and deeper team won. GO BUCS!!!!!

  22. Ericb Says:

    KC blame it on the rain!!! Everyone had the same prep for the game and Bucs had to beat Brees and Rogers OTW to beating down Yall …KC yall took an ass whoopin and Mahomes even said so himself hes never been beaten that….also during the season yall won games by the skin of your teeth and should have lost to us in the season also..yeah good luck next year