Bruce Arians: “We Don’t Need To Look At Anybody Else”

March 27th, 2021

“Hey Mark, we’re re-creating the 2011 offseason, except my Bucs don’t have any holes.”

Remember the old days of Bucs offseason talk, team officials usually said things like, ‘We will turn over every rock to find players that can help this football team.’

This year, it’s a very different story. It’s more like, ‘We don’t want your castoffs in our perfect locker room.’

Obviously, this is all fueled by the Bucs dominating in the Super Bowl, the exclamation point on an eight-game winning streak. And having a general manager who said, “I hate free agency” could have something to do with it.

Speaking about free agency last night, Bucco Bruce Arians told The Loose Cannons on YouTube, ”We don’t need to look at anybody else. Maybe a guy or two.”

The Bucs already are the first team since the 1979 Steelers to return its entire Super Bowl starting roster, and they’ve got many other key pieces returning. Remember, Vita Vea didn’t start in the Super Bowl, and neither did Ronald Jones or Cameron Brate.

Back in 2010, head coach Raheem Morris puffed his chest and declared his season was a Race to 10 (wins). This year sure feels like a Race to 13.

Enjoy yesterday’s Ira Kaufman Podcast, presented by Bill Currie Ford.

40 Responses to “Bruce Arians: “We Don’t Need To Look At Anybody Else””

  1. Dewey Selmon Says:

    We were 10 points away from playing those Steelers.

  2. Chesapeake Bucco Says:

    Race to 20 wins!

  3. MadMax Says:

    Zaven Collins
    Jackson Carman

    We need one of them at #32…

    what a great position to be in to draft best player available

  4. Durango 95 Says:

    ”We don’t need to look at anybody else. Maybe a guy or two.”

    Maybe a guy or two? Yes, that makes perfect sense, no point In drawing a line in the sand so early in the process. Hell, I can think of a guy or two they should at least look at.

  5. mark2001 Says:

    I’d love to see another pass rusher.. in case JPP or Shaq have an injury during the season. Most definitely.

  6. MadMax Says:

    AB will come back at the right price…but if not, we’ll get by.

  7. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Full Licht quote was:

    “I hate free agency, unless your 1 overall pick QB is Jameis Winston and the greatest QB that ever lived is available, and then he make all my questionable picks and player look like superstars, and then he wins you a Super Bowl, then I don’t hate free agency.”

  8. Cobraboy Says:

    I remember when Buc fans got all giddy over Plan B free agency…

  9. mark2001 Says:

    I think Licht got a bad deal for years…Smith was his boss and he followed orders. I think Smith had a great deal to do with those draft and personnel decision. Koetter had less power than Lovie, but still with the QB guru that was to develop Jameis into the franchise QB. He was a good position coach, but not HC material. And that coaching staff couldn’t develop a cold, much less a young NFL player.

    I think the real judge of Lichts GM prowess lays in the last years since Bruce came here. He finally had all the powers of a GM, and a top notch coaching staff that could develop young players. I would hope if we have one more top notch draft…. considering we are drafting at the bottom of every round, even the haters if truly fair and unbiased, must concede that Licht isn’t just a decent GM…but a top notch GM.

  10. Youngbucs Says:

    Joseph mamma more like that #1 pick at QB was making the team look worst than what they are! I’ll say it again what that defense accomplished in 2019 was incredible considering the hand they were dealt. You better go check your sheets!!!!

  11. Youngbucs Says:

    Even the offensive line greatly benefited from the former top pick departure.

  12. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Bananarama-lovin’ ex-GM Mark Dominik was attracted to every free agent out there like a goddess on a mountaintop, but he couldn’t keep key players. Bucs fans had to endure every cruel summer in anticipation of training camp. I heard a rumor (or ‘rumour’ if you are British) that he is still crying over extending Michael Clayton but losing Michael Bennett.

  13. Alanbucsfan Says:

    I get a little uneasy when Joe predicts 13 wins – last year, if memory serves, the Joes predicted around 8-8. Only Ira predicted an accurate 11-5.

  14. TOM Says:

    Keep the mo going.

  15. PSL Bob Says:

    Who on their schedule’s going to beat them? They beat the top teams in the league during the playoffs. They get all their starters back. And, according to Todd Christensen, they weren’t even playing up to their full potential at the end of the season. I mean, unless they are plagued with injuries or some other really bad luck, which is a legitimate concern, this team should easily win 13 games in 2021. They are going to rock the NFL this year!!!!

  16. Louis Friend Says:

    Cobraboy Says:
    March 27th, 2021 at 9:41 am
    I remember when Buc fans got all giddy over Plan B free agency…


    I bet you were one of them.

  17. Cobraboy Says:

    @Louis Friend: of course.

    Under Phil Krueger, and at the direction of the cheapest owner in the history of sports, that’s all we could look forward to beyond the draft.

  18. Joe in Michigan Says:

    MadMax: Every Draft website I’ve looked at has Jackson Carmen the 8th or 9th rated OT. Be honest, were you one of the posters that called for the Bucs to take Ed Oliver in the 2019 Draft? That dude has 8 sacks in 2 years, less than Devon White.

  19. Iamabuc Says:

    Last year I predicted 12-4, we ended up 11-5. This year I’m going for 13-3!!…Go Bucs!!

  20. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Well a pass-catching, pass blocking RB would be nice.

  21. Darin Says:

    Eff AB max. Not sure why anyone cares about the guy. He isn’t needed. Nobody will sign him so if the injury bug hits he’s an option. Otherwise lets watch the youngsters make plays

  22. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There are two good things about our FA signings this year.

    !. We know how well they play and what they are like in the locker room.
    2. They all have Super Bowl rings.

  23. MadMax Says:

    @JoinMich, i didnt realize he moved up so fast above others in my ranking …fk rankings, i go with the eye test…ive been pointing him out for quite a while…but if im wrong, its rare.

    And no i never called for oliver, who is that? I was one of the first if not the first promoting “Devin” (get the spelling right) White. Trust me, I remember being berated on here, “LB is too high of a pick for #5 overall”, lol…i just laugh at them in that memory.

    I watch mocks here and there and one has Carman going top 20…i dont know, you cant pay much attention to them, i mean look at our 6th rd GOAT lol.

  24. down in the dirt doug Says:

    We should make every effort to sign Brown if Brady thinks it is important.Keeping our leader happy should be the number one rule for the year.

  25. Joe in Michigan Says:

    MadMax: Okay, just asking. Sorry about my spelling error. Who are your favorite edge rushers this year?

  26. Joe in Michigan Says:

    The one prospect I didn’t want the Bucs to draft last year was Ashtyn Davis, after reading that scouts considered him the next Chris Conte. I waited for years for the Bucs to get a better Safety than Conte, then they go and draft a similar player? Thank God they took Antoine Winfield Jr. in the 2nd Round instead.

  27. August 1976 Buc Says:

    At least 14-2 or 15-2 if 17 game season. To be honest, with this team being together- players and same coaches, the Bucs maybe lose 2 games in reg season but even that is going to take the Bucs making mistakes or bad penalties to lose 2 games. They will be a very well oiled machine from game 1. Look out NFL, it is a Bucs world in thr 2021 seaon. GO BUCS!!!!

  28. AtlBuc Says:

    For me it a race to 16.

  29. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It seems to me that if we still need a backup QB…..they should be looking at at least two players…..perhaps 1 if you intend to draft one.

  30. WillieG Says:

    Race to 21

  31. MadMax Says:

    Joe, all good. Zaven is the only edge rush for me…dont get me wrong, theres others but we need to remember LD is 31 yrs, JPP is 32 yrs…need that OLB/ILB core to stay strong and paired with Devin, I think he would be a grand slam pick….that is if he’s there, he probably wont make it past the browns.

    Carman is off a lot of radars, just like Big V was. He has the size and speed, just needs the right coaching and Ive watched him grow…so we think about LT and RT for the future right? If somehow in the future Smith is gone at LT, we move Wirfs to that spot, then plug Carman in at RT.

  32. Joe in Michigan Says:

    MadMax: I see your points. Would you trade, say the Bucs 3rd Rounder to move up for Zaven Collins, if need be? I see him as an edge rusher who can also be an ILB after David retires. The good news is the Bucs aren’t locked in to taking an edge rusher in the 1st, but I’d like to see them draft a good one somewhere in this draft. What do you think about Azeez Ojulari (sp?)?

  33. Stanglassman Says:

    Not that long ago you were attacked on these pages for not only supporting Jason Licht. People even questioned whether or not he was even the real GM.

  34. Joe in Michigan Says:

    A few interesting notes on Azeez Ojulari:

    1) He models his game after Shaq Barrett
    2) Lance Zierlein describes him as a “humble teammate with tremendous football character”
    3) “Built like a superhero with a broad chest, thickly muscled arms and a tapered waist”
    4) He was a team captain as a Freshman at Georgia

  35. J$MCSports Says:

    You guys crazy if you think they dont wanna kick tires on Fitzgerald out there. I believe they are trying to bring Fitz and Brown in this offseason. Fitz and Evans on the outside and Brown and Godwin on the inside to run spread

  36. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Fitzgerald on the outside? C’mon man.

  37. J$MCSports Says:

    Oh yeah Joe. Fitz on the outside. You know he,Godwin, Evans& Gronk will block great on the running plays for RoJo and Lenny

  38. Beej Says:

    Jason needs to do some sit-ups. There. I said it

  39. REDZONE BA Says:

    @Beej — LOL –Jason needs a nutrition coach. Lay off the carbs, Dude!

  40. Jim Says:

    Stop the madness! Where’s the 17-0 guy?