Brady Envy Spreading Rapidly

March 18th, 2021

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It’s been exactly a year since Tom Brady sauntered down from behind Door No. 2 to One Buc Place and changed everything.

You cannot overstate the impact Brady has exerted on a team that had, up to that point, historically ranked as the least successful franchise in the league.

He raised expectations, lowered doubts and elevated the play of everyone around him.

Brady proved to be the ultimate individual difference maker in the ultimate team game — and he’s still working his magic. He just pulled Shaq Barrett out of his Buc cap. He just reached under a handkerchief and poof, Lavonte David materialized.

His hold on this organization is undeniable — and Buc Nation couldn’t be more appreciative.

Without Brady’s voice in the mix, there’s no way Tampa Bay forks over $8 million plus incentives to retain Rob Gronkowski, who turns 32 in May.

For his part, Gronkowski would have probably retired if Brady had called it quits after a seventh Super Bowl victory. Instead, Gronkowski will now make $2 million more next season than Raiders tight end Darren Waller, who has latched onto 197 passes in the past two years.

Nice work if you can get it.

Brady’s presence looms incredibly large over this franchise, and justifiably so. When the 2003 Bucs were preparing to defend their crown, Brad Johnson was confined to the quarterback room … he wasn’t allowed in the room where it happens.

Brady’s everywhere, including the minds of potential free agents apparently willing to take less money to play with a legend.

“It’s hard to quantify whether that’s $1 million less a year or $500,000 less a year,” says Andrew Brandt, a front-office executive with the Packers from 1999-2008. “I did experience that in Green Bay with Brett Favre and that has happened in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers.”

As examples, Brandt points to All-Pros like Davante Adams and David Bakhtiari, currently playing for below-market value.

“But they’re playing with Aaron Rodgers, and I think that’s what is happening in Tampa,” Brandt says. “I can tell you it’s causing a lot of Brady envy around the league. I’m guessing Russell Wilson is one of those guys that’s like, ‘I want some of that.’ I want some of that power, some of that ability to bring in players, some of that ability to call the shots.”

Even an all-time great like Joe Montana acknowledges Brady is on a different level. Montana’s play in the NFL’s showcase game remains unassailable — four starts, four wins, 11 TD passes, zero interceptions. But the larger body of work favors Brady and his transformation of the 2020 Bucs adds a fresh chapter in the book you can’t put down.

Accomplished quarterbacks like Wilson and Rodgers pine for the kind of influence Brady now exerts. You could tell from the comments made by Rodgers after the NFC title game loss that he isn’t clear about his clout within the Green Bay organization.

Brady’s remarkable 2020 season only enhanced his influence. Bruce Arians and Jason Licht would be fools to deny Brady a powerful say, and these are not foolish men. Brady is going to finish his career with Tampa Bay and by the looks of things, he’s far from finished.

If Rodgers, Wilson and Deshaun Watson have come down with a severe case of Brady Envy, that’s just too bad. Put seven Super Bowl rings on your fingers and then you can whine with justification.

There’s only one Tom Brady — and he chose Tampa.

Get over it.

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29 Responses to “Brady Envy Spreading Rapidly”

  1. Chris Thomas from Heaven Says:

    Russell Wilson, Erin Rogers, Deshawn Wattson all had bitter beer face after they saw what Brady did. There Ego’s were insulted. Too bad, they ain’t Tom

  2. TampaTown Says:

    Nice Swag Ira! Hey NFL: put that in your pipe and smoke it. He’s ours ♥️ and furthermore, he picked us.

  3. Buxszntkt Says:

    F Yea Joe !

  4. cape codder Says:

    But the larger body of work favors Brady and his transformation of the 2020 Bucs adds a fresh chapter in the book you can’t put down.
    Exactly why I come to this site.

  5. Swampbuc Says:

    Ira telling the truth! Yeah, baby!

  6. TampaTown Says:

    This article sounds like what happens when a guy leaves one girl for another. Which ironically Tom has been through. “Ya had your chance, he’s with me now. Talk to him again and I’m going to handle this a different way 👊🏻“

  7. AKicknTheBucNuts Says:

    To the rest of the NFL.


  8. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Could it be that Joe was a catalyst for this unbelievable good fortune? He did ask Arians after all to name a Door # 2 /grand prize QB…to which he replied matter of factly “Tom Brady”. And so it was manifested from there. The Glazers and Buc Nation owe you a debt of gratitude…if not a large ad/banner “buy”. 🙂


    Genius envy!

  10. SlyPirate Says:

    Winny Testaverde … Wow! Joe is the reason we have TB12. Which means TB12 is the reason we won the SB. We all pestered Joe about Winston so actually is was US. We are AWESOME!

  11. Pickgrin Says:

    Thats a cool take Winny.

    Perhaps Joe’s question to Arians was the catalyst for Tom Brady coming to the Bucs….

    Once BA spouted the name publicly – it got the wheels spinning in Tom’s head – Brady did some research on the team’s talent level- and the rest is Bucs fairytale history.

    Joe – you’re the m(e)n!


    Awesome writing as usual Sage.

  12. crazybucs_CL Says:

    “..There’s only one Tom Brady — and he chose Tampa.”
    “..Brady proved to be the ultimate individual difference maker in the ultimate team game — and he’s still working his magic..”
    No much to add… very well put it together, KUDOS to Ira.
    …only TBT politic_byro journalists, having VERY hard time to admit that… is there brand…they hate TB12. Who cares… 🙂

  13. Steven Says:

    Award worthy article.

  14. Shecky Says:

    LOL. That was awesome, Ira. As the cliche goes “it’s {fill-in-the-blank’s} world and we’re just livin’ in it.” Except this time it’s not just rhetoric, it does seem like it’s Brady’s world.

  15. Hoya Buc Says:

    Aside from the rings providing the clout, remember that Brady consistently takes below market deals to improve the talent around him. That means something not only to the rest of the team, but also to the coaches and front office. It shows he understands the importance of the team aspect of the sport. Maybe if Rodgers and Wilson want more clout, they can start by not solely trying to maximize their earning potential in contract negotiations.

  16. mark2001 Says:

    Nacho resigned.

  17. Steven007 Says:

    Nacho back in the house… 2 years / 5 mil

  18. StAugBuc Says:

    Welcome back Nacho

  19. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    Preach on my brother! 😉

  20. adam from ny Says:

    nice to have big nacho back in the mixxx

  21. SlyPirate Says:

    I wonder if other QBs are just now starting to figure out taking less money equals more talent and championship opportunities. Doubt it.

  22. Youngbucs Says:

    A F*cking men!!!! We have a generational talent playing for us and people butt hurt. It baffles me seriously this has never been seen before. Might not ever be seen again!!!! Look at Brady stats and accomplishments since turning 40 there is no debate. In a pandemic with no off season at all smh some of y’all need to realize what you’re seeing and enjoy it.

  23. BucsBeBack (Artist formally known as: BringBucsBack) Says:

    I came to say what SlyPirate said in his second post and a big “dilly-dilly to his first post!

  24. IrishMist Says:

    NFL just signed a big TV deal with Amazon, so hopefully the cap will go up and these back loaded deals won’t hurt us too much down the road. Plus, now I can watch Thursday night football on Prime.

  25. Rayjay1122 Says:

    BANG…… Drop the Mic Ira!

  26. ItzOK Says:

    Brady is worth his weight in gold and then some to this franchise and city. Honestly the Bucs should back up the brinks truck and just give him a 10 year 250 Million dollar fully guaranteed deal. So what if only plays 2 more years he has been worth it and the City of tampa should kick in some funds for the guy too.

    I have no doubt he already belongs in the Bucs ring of Honor. Like seriously why wait. There needs to be some plans to erect a statue of TB outside of Ray Jay now. unreal what this guy has and is doing.

  27. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Sage, how do you do it? Every article is a “WOW”. Another great job – you keep talking sh!t, we like it!

  28. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    Brady would not have chosen us if Licht had not already provided the base personnel and Arians had not provided the staff to bring out their best.

    Say it again. 🏈 Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers! 🏈 🎈 🌞 💥

  29. MarkR Says:

    There’s only one king…and his name is…