Tom Brady = More Aggressive Pass Blocking

February 13th, 2021

Cool football nuance expressed this week by one of the Bucs’ starting offensive lineman.

Super Bowl-winning center Ryan Jensen explained to SiriusXM NFL Radio that Brady’s lightning-fast release and consistently intelligent decisions give O-linemen the confidence to pass block more aggressively. They no longer “just sit back and, you know, kind of eat the rush, per se.”

For an attack-dog lineman like Jensen, the Brady effect suits him perfectly.

“You know, if you get your hands on a guy and you’re a little aggressive and he beats on you on the edge a little bit, that Tom’s going to get the ball out relatively quick,” Jensen said. “… It’s a huge confidence boost.”

And so it goes, Brady makes everyone better in various ways.

43 Responses to “Tom Brady = More Aggressive Pass Blocking”

  1. Aceofaerospace Says:

    If only Mr Pick-6 would have had Brady on his team…? No telling how good he could have been.

  2. SCBucsFan Says:

    JW starts for us last year… sign same FAs … what is our record? 8-8?

  3. Lamarcus Says:

    We would won a SB with JW IF the team played like they did for Tom. But we have our reasons……Interceptions. LAME!!!!

  4. kyle Says:

    who cares about JW.. get over it yall, stop hating. Be gracious winners! Lets appreciate the goat!

  5. kyle Says:

    bunch of punk a__ Bit<<< fans

  6. Jon Says:

    How is it even possible that there are still fans of Mr. Magoo, J-miss?

  7. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    There is a world of difference in how fast Tom Brady gets the ball out. He reads a defense so fast he knows where the ball is going, sometimes before the actual snap.

  8. Bird Says:


    Always can count on you for a moronic jameis take
    So the team tried and played for brady unlike jameis , jameis would have won a super bowl

    Go back into hiding
    Every player was garbage except jameis
    You even called brady garbage when they were up and down early on
    I mean you should probably stop posting …let real buc fans rap here
    Saints need a ball washer

  9. Bird Says:

    Ah cmon joes

    That last line wasnt bad

  10. mark2001 Says:

    Bizarre…likely Jameis will never win anything. He digs the grave of any up and coming defense.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    So you admit Jameis didn’t inspire the team or instill confidence that we could win. Cool

  12. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Lamarcus: Players the Bucs would’ve been without if they resigned Winston:

    QB Tom Brady, RB Leonard Fournette, WR Antonio Brown, TE Rob Gronkowski, DE Ndamukong Suh, and OLB Jason Pierre-Paul.

    Did you watch the Super Bowl? All of the players mentioned played a major role in the Bucs winning the Championship. Can we agree on that?

    Also, the Bucs backup this year, Blaine Gabbert, had more passing yards and touchdown passes than Jameis did.

  13. Lamarcus Says:

    I can be a fan the way I want to be a fan. All you guys say is heresy and assuming everything under the sun but still have no answers. Again I believe we could of won it all IF the team played the way it did. Shoot even Bortles could of had a good year also. Teams win SBs not individual players. It’s not NBA

  14. SB Says:

    Don’t look now Lamarcus, but your ignorance is showing

  15. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Derrick Brooks was my all time favorite Buc. Always will be. Then one day, the Bucs cut him. I could’ve let this destroy my Bucs fandom, but I chose to get over it. No sense in wallowing in a self induced pity party, it wasn’t going to change the outcome anyway.


  16. cmurda Says:

    Lamarcus. Come on man. I’m all for speaking your peace but… Heresay? You said Jameis would have won if the Bucs played harder for him. That’s the definition of hearsay. It’s ridiculous to try to make that assertion.

  17. Youngbucs Says:

    Lamarcus at least you out of hiding oneilbucs not man enough to eat his crow!!!!!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Jameis had all the potential in the world. Tom Brady has everything else, and made a world of difference… I’ve been a tortured Bucs fan for a loooooong time and what Tom did is down right impressive, no matter who your allegiance lies with. You can say the Bucs were Uber talented (which we were..) but it don’t mean nothing when you havnt gone to the playoffs in over a decade. Call Toms entrance opportunistic, I call if f*%^kin magnificent!!!!

  19. Youngbucs Says:

    Winston nut huggers hold every one to a higher standard except Winston. They are excuse makers to the fullest.

  20. Davenport Says:

    if JW starts next year, you’ll see both the good and the bad. His bad is really bad and it equals losses. He can’t help himself

  21. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Seriously? You come here in Championship week to talk that smack?

    New Orleans Saints . Com

    All for you being a JW fan… go be one.

  22. Chris L Says:

    Remember on this site we said be careful what we wish for without jameis? Boy did that work out!!

  23. Bird Says:

    Chris L

    Good point. I remember that for sure

    Bucs go from being last 6 of 7 years in nfc south. No playoffs in forever
    They were bad before and during jameis
    1 winning season out of 5

    Bucs win super bowl in first year after jameis …with brady who only played with AB and gronk and had to learn new system
    Yet lamarcus thinks there is no answer. Only hearsay?

    About as smart as a box of hammers
    Him , ndog, tmax and el buco should start a book club

  24. 6throundpick Says:

    Yeah, try explaining that Jamis logic to the people at the Boat Parade. And make sure you tell them you feel deeply about it, which justifies the rest. And if that does not work- just tell them you are offended and demand that Brady be replaced with Jamis.

  25. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    I’m sorry but when your teammates stop trusting and believing in you then there’s no way they’re going to play their hearts out for you. Jameis is arrogant and foolish because he believes too much in his physical abilities but not his limitations. What was shown on and off the field is the reason even the 2020 team would never play hard for him. Tom Brady is great because he is confident in his mental and physical abilities and knows his limitations. He doesn’t believe his own hype ooh I can make any play! He knows when to hold em and when to fold em. Lemarcus someone said it best that you should be a Saints fan because right about now ain’t the time to be crying over someone who couldn’t have even gotten us to sniff the playoffs,.

  26. Jbeachbuc Says:

    @ Lamarcus…So looking forward to seeing JW twice (maybe thrice??) next season. Surely he can beat out the gimmick Tayson for the starting QB..Right ?

  27. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Jamieis was a turnover machine , but the Bucs would have gone 7-1 in the last half of 2019 if he had Evans and Godwin in those last two games. The Bucs would have gone 10-6 if Succup was kicking FGs. Not diverting all the blame from him but he was hardly the only issue this team had. Tom Brady would not have made the playoffs with any of the teams we had from 2015 to 2018. We had issues everywhere on offense, defense, and special teams. Jamie’s was the only bright spot we had for most of those years, other than Mike Evans. The thing that I respect about him is, he never quit. The work ethic and the effort was always there no matter what. He busted his ass for this team. Too many on this board forget about the sh!t defenses, feeble ground attack, the sieve we had for an OL. They ignore the garbage we had as coaches. They blame it all on Jamie’s. I hope he has great success with some other team, just not against the Bucs. He would have been so much better off if the Titans had drafted him.

  28. Patrickbucs Says:

    Lamarcus omg. Sure Brady will sign your JW saying W’s anything

  29. CocoaBeachBuc Says:

    The Lombardi would be in the bottom of the Bay if JW tried to throw that in the boat parade. Heck, some boat with KC fans would have probably intercepted it and took it back to KC

  30. D1 Says:

    Sparky ,

    If Winston improved each year, if he didnt make the same mistakes week after week, season after season, if he was as good as Fitzpatrick and shown growth on and off the field , then I would be the first to review his tenure in a fantasy perspective.

    You know, we would have been 9 and 1 if ..if ..if…..that line of thinking is fantasy football and absolutely embarrassing to use in support of a failed draft pick. Worse that is what Winston has been around his entire life and he isn’t better off with it. Thanks for supporting the demise of your guy!

    Winston had one of the highest bust number grade prior to the draft. Basically , the analysis of his potential career trajectory weighted heavily on the lack of improvement Winston would demonstrate over the first contract period. That’s what happened. No surprise.

    Winston still has opportunities to turn into the guy. He’s not ruined. There’s no one else to blame at this point. Let’s see if it happens.

    If not, he’s just another name in a long list of first round picks that didn’t work out. Not necessary to make excuses for failing, when failure is the most likely outcome anyway. But it’s damned embarrassing to hear fans recite the prerequisites of the position in an attempt to explain their support of him.

    Hard worker, never gives up…… after year 5 it’s time to stop the pre draft hype…
    engage what little grey matter is left , realize that those intangibles haven’t been predictive of actual results. How learning challenged are you , 6 years behind with no signs of improvement , just like Winston.

  31. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Jameis has never won more than 9 games in a season. Anything said about him like ” JW would have done the same thing with this team” will never be taken with any respect unless Jameis actually proves it on the field that he can consistently win in the NFL. Because of his play on the field, he lost the respect and belief of the players in the locker room. He had most turnovers by a wide margin over 5 years, which causes mistrust, and disrespect among your peers. Like Tom said when he came to the Bucs, during practice he said he had to earn the players respect with his play to be able to say things to the other guys. Jameis has all the talent needed to play at a high level, but he has to mature and not be careless with the football. The Jury is still out on Jameis, he is in a good situation in New Orleans, but he has to mature. I hope does well in life, just not when he plays against the Bucs. GO BUCS!!!!!!

  32. “That guy” Says:


    You have some good points, field goals were a huge part of our bucs losing in the past, so was the secondary, so was a incomplete offensive line, so was a lack of pass rush. But it is impossible to deny that turnovers was the biggest factor of them all. I would have, in the past, used the offensive line as a excuse for Jameis interceptions. Only I watched all of Jameis career interceptions on YouTube, and most of them their is no excuse. Some of the he sat in the pocket for 5 seconds(not all of them, just the really bad ones. Like the pick 6 he ended his Tampa bay career with, in over time, with the opportunity to win the game and SAVE HIS CARREER). I was wrong, I blamed that O-line for everything, but the film doesn’t lie. We literally won a super bowl on the first go after Winston was replaced. I don’t hate Winston, honestly I wish he would’ve signed with the bucs for the same contract the saints offered. He would have a ring right now if he did. But instead he abandoned the team that drafted him, and stuck with him for 5 years, only to go to a division rival, and score a half @$$ed touchdown for spite against his boys here in Tampa. Go be a saints fan if you want to defend him.

  33. 1sparkybuc Says:

    All I’m saying is respect the effort. Nobody worked harder or longer in worse situations. He never quit. Freeman deserved disrespect. He didn’t take anything seriously. Show some class and respect the effort.

  34. Brandon Says:

    LaMarcus, your take on Winston is as juvenile as your writing ability… could of, should of, there’s no such thing, little guy. Try could’ve and should’ve. With the exact same cast we couldn’t HAVE gotten past any of our playoff opponents with Winston. Two turnovers a game from one player is too much to overcome. Since Winston came into the league he leads the league in turnovers despite not having one last season.

  35. Usedtocould Says:

    I’m so glad to see the infighting come back to these comments. I was starting to wonder if winning the chip was worth it.

  36. yar Says:

    Who is this Jamis Winston guy you keep talking about?

  37. 6throundpick Says:

    Tom’s going to do what has to be done to win. It’s more than a great arm. It’s a fallacy to say that a player or team has to be first in every major statistical category to deserve to win. That whole potential argument, particularly the one about Winston, is a waste of time.

    Look at who Brady replaced in New England. Drew Bledsoe, a #1 pick overall; one of the best arms in the history of the NFL- check his stats. That guy could chuck ’em, and he could win some games. How many Super Bowls did Marino win? Can we say he was way better than that Jamis guy? Or is Jamis more deserving because…some fell more deeply about it. Look away!

    The bands that win the battle of the bands are not usually the best, and the ones who come in second/third oft do better on the charts. Just because you won a prize in grade/high school, does not entitle you to the rest. And in case you haven’t figured it out, yet, TB12 does not leave things to chance. It’s all cause and effect. He gets it. He backs it up. And no one is more consistent. People say; TB12 does. End of conversation.

  38. Brady fan 12 Says:

    LaMarcus, please give it up with the Jameis crap..
    If he was as great as you think he is ,he would of started for the saints when Brees got hurt. You do realize he was 3rd string on that team? During free agency it wasn’t like teams were fighting over really are not a bucs fan
    You are a Winston fan so please leave this site and let real fans enjoy our superbowl win

  39. lambchop Says:

    Lamarcus is about as bright as a rock.

    Tom Brady’s leadership and attention to detail changed a loser franchise in 1 year without a preseason and a new playbook and team. The team responded to a real leader and a baller. Jameis Winston only had an eternity to show us something consistently. Forget the D he had, he couldn’t do anything with the O. He’s the definition of a hollow leader. All talk and full of excuses. Jameis just tries to rely on talent. There is no other reason for consistently delivering the ball to the other team. You can rely on talent alone in a lot of positions, but not QB.

    There is only 1 Tom Brady who could have done this. The guy is just psycho Tom.

    Jameis can hold Tom’s jock.

  40. David Says:


    Serious ignorance.
    So let me get it straight, every player on the team, every coach, most every player who’s ever played for or against Brady, have all talked about how much better Brady is. How much of a leader he is. How everyone wants to go out there and play for him. How he has a presence and just makes everyone better.
    To paraphrase Mike Evans “he made me a better player. He made me run routes better. He made me watch film better. Hell, he made me a better man.”

    NFL stats show us JW leads the league in turnovers over the last two years… And he didn’t even play this year. LoL.

    But you know better and JW apparently only failed because… What? He didn’t eat enough W ‘s?
    Could it be that he held the ball too long, couldn’t read defenses very well, threw high over the middle constantly, couldn’t get through more than two receivers inhis progressions, turned the ball over on average twice a game since his arrival in the league….

    Maybe it’s those things or maybe everyone else is at fault and you’re right and he’s just the greatest quarterback ever and every professional in the NFL and in the entire Buc organization are wrong

  41. David Says:


    See above

  42. David Says:


    Your ignorance is showing. You’re talking about a missed field-goal and hurt players… Whatever. You can look at every game and point to several reasons why it didn’t go your teams way.
    But over several years when you have a quarterback who almost averages
    TWO turnovers a game… There seems to be a common thread that even you might be able to see

    Also, Brady has 100 other intangibles that JW doesn’t. And that’s not me saying that, that’s everyone in the entire Buccaneer organization and most everyone in all the other NFL teams

  43. David Says:

    Great article in THE RINGER from April 2020 about Winston being historic in his turnovers.
    “Jameis Winston’s Ball-Security Problems Go Beyond Interceptions”

    He puts the ball in the ground or in the other players hands with fumbles interceptions 1.9 times per game.
    He has 138 turnover since 2015. Only Philip Rivers and Kirk cousins are over 100, and they barely are, and both have played a half season more than Jameis

    The point is everyone who keeps bringing up Jameis on here needs to sit down and shut the F up already.
    We just won the Super Bowl!!

    Move on. He is gone and he’s never returning to this team.

    The only thing that should be discussed right now is bringing people back and the draft so we can repeat