Peyton Manning Unearths Bucs’ Edge

February 21st, 2021

Hidden advantage.

Yeah, the Bucs played a home Super Bowl, first-ever. Yet some believe the Bucs didn’t have an advantage because the stadium was maybe only one-third filled.

Throw in the corporate folks and casual fans, and these same people believe the home crowd was negated.

Well, from Joe’s perspective in the press box, it was definitely a Bucs home crowd. Joe has stated repeatedly it had the feel of a Bucs home game: plenty of visiting fans and empty seats, but the majority and loudest were Bucs fans.

Even others like Pat Kirwan of SiriusXM NFL Radio and Phil Simms, both CBS analysts and in attendance, said the same.

Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning noticed as well. He said there was a huge advantage for the Bucs offense and park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, handshake-stiffing, jet-ski-losing, biscuit-baking, tequila-shooting, trophy-throwing Bucs Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady.

You have probably already seen the NFL Films clip of Brady going to the Bucs” offensive line asking if they could hear him just calling signals normally, and if that was OK for them.

This, Manning said in a BSPN video, allowed Brady to use his normal cadence, which cut down on a lot of potential communication issues.

Then Manning broke down a key play by Playoff Lenny that demonstrates Brady’s ability to change offensive line protections, which gave Brady extra protection but helped open up a passing lane for Playoff Lenny.

Good stuff here.

Hearing and seeing Manning break this down, Joe recalled a conversation Kirwan had on his radio show, “Movin’ the Chains” on SiriusXM NFL Radio, about how Brady would automatically and significantly cut down the Bucs’ 2019 sacks total.

That almost seemed crazy to Joe as Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, could avoid traffic whereas Brady was a statue. Kirwan explained that because of Brady’s quick release and his ability to recognize defenses and check offensive protections at the line, sacks would drop.

The Bucs allowed 47 sacks last year. This season? The Bucs gave up 22 plus six in the playoffs.

86 Responses to “Peyton Manning Unearths Bucs’ Edge”

  1. Destinjohnny Says:

    Funny how people were whinging when Tom came in.
    It’s funny listening to players in interviews when they are being candid

  2. youngbucs Says:

    Wow this is exactly the point I made to a previous commenter in the other article. And I’m no Peyton manning I gave him an example of Brady’s significance cutting the sack in almost more than half. But what do I know I just wanna give Brady all the credit 🤷🏽‍♂️. BA said it we had talent but Brady was the missing piece and it only took 1 man!!!!!! It’s just the truth this is another example of how it’s undeniable it is. Who are you to deny current players coaches and current hall of famers analysis it’s indisputable.


    Covid or not the fan base would of been in Bics favor. I have to believe less KC fans would travel no matter what stadium if the game was played in the southeast. Plus the addition of New England fans would surely help tip the scales. Manning’s point about TB12 secret. Brady’s strengths have always been reading defenses and a quick release. This is the main reason for the 2020 slow start, the adjustment to BA’s throw it up and pray offense takes time to develop, plus lack of practice and unfamiliar with new receivers.

  4. youngbucs Says:

    And before any troll response to me please post my comment from the other article first or don’t bother debating me thx.

  5. [email protected] Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    It sucks that we were unable to fire the Cannon’s, but Yes, we had a home field advantage.
    It was called 7,500 drunk Nurses, LOL
    It will be a long time before another team plays in a Super Bowl at home, and then wins it!
    That accomplishment might stand for 50 or more years.

  6. youngbucs Says:

    Youngbucs Says:
    February 20th, 2021 at 10:46 pm
    Oneilbucs when you come in quoting rob Parker we know you got nothing. Robert horry go see the wizard for a brain 🤡. And Tom Brady better than ever single player you just listed. And miss me with that physical bull crap also the nfl is a violent sport no matter the era any play can be your last Brady does a better job than most at protecting himself it’s part of his style just another unique thing in his play. His pocket awareness and movement is some of the best the nfl has every seen those little nuances are elite. But I know I’m talking over your head you know nothing about the little things. I’ll bet you think the sacks where cut by more than n half because we drafted wirfs right. And in not saying wirfs is not good don’t put words in my mouth. I’m saying Tom Brady doing his job at a high level makes others jobs easier Ryan Jensen recently said this out his own mouth no need to speculate. But even when the players speak it it means nothing to you. Do you even listen to what the players say they’re the ones on the field who know last better than them.

  7. youngbucs Says:

    There I did it for you!!!!!

  8. Dapostman Says:


    or the Rams might do it in 2022.

  9. Mort Says:

    Your “Good stuff here” link doesn’t work.

  10. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    Funny….home field didn’t mean spit when the Chiefs pummeled the Bucs (at least in the first quarter) this past November 29th.

  11. webster Says:

    That and the bucs used extra tackles and kept gronk in to block a lot. That was a new element to arians offense this season. Look at big ben, carson palmer all had high sacks and high qb pressures when playing in this offense. Many local articles about that was written when arians was hired here. Thats what no risk it no biscuit was all about ie 4 -5 receivers out in routes on every play. Not so much this year.

  12. Jerry Says:

    The Rams are going to try to do it next year. Looks like they are going all out for a run.

  13. Bird Says:

    These are my favorite articles when brady and jameis are included in some kind of fashion. I mean you would think jameis by his cool monikers is the QB that is a winner …better yet a 10 time super bowl playing qb who won 7

    You would be wrong

    Jameis was third string qb last year but he is a cult hero apparently
    What a Crazy fantasy world we live in on this site


    Stafford is overrated. As the Bucs proved this year it takes a total team effort. Which brings me to my next point. Looking at.the Bucs WR’s, they have no true #1 receiver in comparison to other NFL teams that rely on them. No offense to ME13, AB or CG but they are very good #2 receivers but I wouldn’t put them I’m with the top level #1’s on most teams. That being said those are the perfect receivers for Brady because his game is all about spreading the ball around to prevent predictability. I write this in a previous post, not sure why Godwin is valued so high, what team in the NFL would be be considered their #1 receiver?

  15. IanB Says:

    what are you talking about @LISTNFRMAFAR

    Mike Evans is a top 5 WR and has been for years, AB had been a top 5 WR before he derailed his career and did you not pay attention to the year CG had in 2019? He was an All Pro and would easily be a number 1 WR on another team

    Sometimes I wonder if people actually watch football or just pay attention to their Fantasy scores

  16. Architek Says:

    That’s why BA had to see what was behind door #2, more than the interceptions and occasional brain farts; he needed a QB that knew the nuances of the game.


    Iran, again no disrespect to any of these guys, name me the teams Evan’s, Godwin or AB would be the #1? On KC they would all be #3’s. Maybe NE, Jets or Det.


    I meant IanB, freaking auto correct

  19. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Which brings me to my next point. Looking at.the Bucs WR’s, they have no true #1 receiver in comparison to other NFL teams that rely on them.


    Either put down the crack pipe or go back to NE dude!

  20. German Buc Says:

    ME13 no true #1, Listn? The only place in the NFL where he would have some real competition about that spot is Arizona.


    German Buc, off the top of my head these are the teams he would not be #1 receiver, Buff, AZ, Chic, Atl, GB, Minn, Seattle, NO, Indy, Dallas, Tenn, Pitt, KC, Giants, Cleveland, Cincy, Balt, Chargers, Rams, Raiders, I give up debating, he is not as good as Godwin or AB but still love him as a player. Take the emotion out.

  22. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Of course the Buc fans were loudest….we were kicking the ever-living-$hit out of them from the get-go……I think casual and even KC fans started rooting for the Bucs…….
    The NFL didn’t plan on teams having a home field advantage….perhaps they should plan SBs in neutral cities…..London, Mexico City, St. Louis, San Diego….Vero Beach

  23. buxsxntkt Says:

    MORT, even though you were unable to appreciate our indepth discussion of the high quality women broadcasters, I believe Joe is referring to Peyton’s “Detail” video of TB12 available on ESPN+.

  24. Oneilbucs Says:

    So we just going to act like this was the same playbook and running game that was here the past 4 years lol lol lol 😁😆😅

  25. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    You have now Officially taken over for Ndog as the resident Idiot here.
    I will now make sure not to miss any of your comments.
    I love a good laugh

  26. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Only Tyreek Hill and Devante Adams had more TDs than ME last yr.

  27. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Zero WRs EVER have had 7 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons to begin a career.
    Not Jerry Rice, Not Randy Moss, Not Julio Jones………Nobody.
    WTF are you smoking dude?

  28. SmoothBayRider Says:

    Not sure where this listen from afar guy came from , but my oh my , he is a about as sharp as a beach ball .

  29. SmoothBayRider Says:

    I think this Lstnfrmafar guy is actually Ndog

  30. SmoothBayRider Says:

    O’Neilbuc . You sir are still dangling from Jameis’ nuts

  31. cmurda Says:


    Damn man. You had some potential with your comments but then you said that the Bucs don’t have a true #1 on the team. I could have laughed that off if you had too much to drink but then you named Godwin, Evans and AB as if you are sober enough. Wow. You want me to list the teams that Evans and Godwin are number 1’s on. Here goes in no particular order. Ravens, Panthers, Aints, Bengals,
    Bears, Browns, Cowgirls, Broncos, Lions, Texans, Colts, Jags, Raiders, Chargers. I’m just going to stop now. This is dumb.

  32. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:



    Fellow posters, there is no doubt in Evan’s and AB’s prime they were two of the most elite receivers in the league and are still great, but do you all really believe Evan’s is as good as a Hill, Diggs, Metcalf,Adam’s, Robinson, Hopkins, Hilton, Jones Kupp etc? TODAY! They’re just not, AB is still somewhat explosive, Evan’s not so much. Godwin maybe down the road but he isn’t there yet. I am not saying there is a huge difference but elite #1 is a stretch. It’s like Gronk, he is great but is Kelce better today? Would you replace Brady if you could at same price with Mahomes, Watson or Wilson as QB now that Bucs won the SB? The answer should be yes. Take the emotion out of it.

  34. youngbucs Says:

    Fellow commenters this nonsense about different offense is gibberish. BA has disputed this him self. Is there more play action absolutely but Brady lead in deep attempts and completions facts are facts. More deep passing than he has done in over a decade. The coach said people don’t know what they’re talking about his suggestion watch the film.

  35. Buxszntkt Says:

    Oneils not dangling, he has both fully immersed in his mouth , running his tongue around them

  36. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I hate to be the one to tell you that @ 27 Mike Evans is still in his prime.

  37. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    LOLOL That was a good laugh there. Kupp couldn’t hold ME’s jock strap.
    Man you are one dumb dude.
    As Joe said, perhaps you should take up knitting


    Sorry Tampabaybucfan, playing prime has nothing to do with age. Where is Defense Rules when you need him. It’s tough to communicate with people that if lucky played 2 games of JV football. I can only go by what I’ve seen this year, he was good but not great. As far as I can remember other than Moss, I don’t think Brady ever had a true #1 elite receiver. Also, if Bucs could get Justin Hebert tomorrow I would let Brady go, his job is done here. Bucs may not win SB in 2022 but they will get darn close.

  39. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Kupp …….974 yards, 3TDs

    ME……….1,006 yards 13TDs

    LOL……..Bro, can you even spell ‘football’?

  40. Brandon Says:

    Winston held onto the ball way too long and most mobile QBs do… mobile QBs are often the most sacked QBs in the league. Funny thing is, QBs that hold onto ball too long make their offensive line look bad. Bad QB play gof.Donald Penn ran out of town despite being very good and Donovan Smith tons of criticism despite it not always being his fault.

  41. PassingThru Says:

    There was a home field advantage edge to the Bucs, but it had little to do with the fans. It was the ability to sleep in their own beds the Super Bowl eve. The Chiefs practiced in KC for the two weeks following the AFC Championship, and then boarded a plane on Saturday afternoon for Tampa.

    NBA teams have studied sleep behavior and its effect on games. Most of the teams now travel 2 days (schedule permitting) in advance of the game so that their teams are well-rested, and better adjusted to any time zone difference. The upshot is that it is harder to function at peak performance the night after sleeping in a strange bed, but the difference becomes closer to negligible with each subsequent night.

    In terms of the fans, I don’t think they helped either team. I’ve been to a Super Bowl, it was teeming with corporate-types who were there gratis as favors from vendors. And then there were even more people who were there for a good time (the marketed “experience packages” which are concerts/parties. Super Bowl weekend starts on Thursday night and carries through to the game. These people do like football I suppose, but they’re there for the parties, and they’re non-partisan fans. Super Bowls are less rowdy and loud than playoff games, it’s not even close. But hey, it goes with the turf as there are no “cheap seats” at an SB. Even your crappy tickets run $7,000 or more in normal, non-pandemic years.

  42. Will Says:

    We were a QB away from being a winning team. That’s no doubt, but bring in Brady and you’ve got some intangibles that can get you to the playoffs and maybe to the Superbowl with the roster from last year. But I don’t think we were a Superbowl team with just Brady. Call me crazy if you want. Don’t forget everyone that scored points in the Superbowl including the kicker weren’t on the team last year. This argument that’s being had will never be settled because of that reason imo. But it’s fun to have just like people love having the debate of Jordan, Kobe or LeBron and in the Hip Hop World Nas, Pac, Biggie or Jay Z. All fun debates.

  43. Executive Concerts & Management Inc. Says:

    Anthony Brown is the best receiver in the game. Played record setting years with the Steelers being double teamed every game. Now he is in warm weather and does not drop anything. Not to mention the best route runner in the game. Super fast, blistering cuts and smart. Check the years AB made all-pro being double teamed all game
    Let us check Mr. Hills stats next year being doubled team from start of game to completion. He did not fair well in the Super Bowl did he? I like Hill though but at this point AB is superb. Mr. Hill is going to experience growing pains especially if Mahomes toe injury is career altering.

  44. youngbucs Says:

    Will you sound silly so because of 1 gm which happened to be the Super Bowl and those guys where the only ones that scored it means it couldn’t have happened without them. Even with Brady you say is cherry picking at it’s fullest. I understand where you’re coming from but that run scored by Lenny could have easily been rojo he need nothing special the hole was massive the set it up the play call was perfect. That pass to ab could’ve been called for any of the receivers. That second td to gronk he wasn’t even the first read it just played out like that. The gm just happened to fall that way but I get where you’re coming from.

  45. youngbucs Says:


  46. Buxszntkt Says:

    The toe injury ! Definitely and interesting issue ! How well will that heal. Will Mahomes be 100% every season or will that flare up and limit his extending plays ??? But back to AB, given TB’s < 2.5 second release don’t think AB will have a lot of those spectacular deep ball plays, but combined with Julian Edelman style plays that may doom CG 🙁


    I tried to answer earlier but apparently I was sensored. I will concede, given the chance AB is an elite #1 receiver. Evan’s is no longer (my conclusion is based off 2020 season). Godwin dropped 6 balls in playoffs, 2 for TD’s. No way he is a #1 and shouldn’t be paid like one. Maybe next year they both light it up, love to see it.


    Sorry Joe, not sensored. Saw post above just came in late. Evan’s thru 15 games 122 attempts, 68 receptions. Do the math Goff or Brady? Kupp was injured. He would of been the second coming of Wes Welker for Brady.

  49. Oneilbucs Says:

    Youngbucs one more question why Brady couldn’t help his team win last year in New England ?? The Patriots defense played good that game when Brady threw a pick 6 and lost the game ?? So I guess to you wanted to throw that pick 6 !!! Lol lol 😄😁😆😅 I will always give credit to the hold team not just the quarterback like what Skip Bayless think !!

  50. Oneilbucs Says:

    He wanted to

  51. youngbucs Says:

    Oneilbucs just shut up you bring no logical arguments.

  52. Steven007 Says:

    Wow, glad I came in late on this thread. I think I lost IQ points just reading through some of these comments. Evans is easily and clearly a number one receiver on three quarters of the teams in this league. In a year with a new quarterback he needed time to get into a rhythm with given covid, and the fact that we have plenty of other targets, he still got his thousand yards and was one of the leaders in touchdowns. Ffs is that really too hard to digest?

  53. Will Says:

    Youngbucs all I’m saying is I don’t believe with just a QB change (even though it was Brady)and the exact same roster from last year that we would’ve won a Superbowl. All those pieces we added this year along with Brady are the reasons we won. Sure all the TDs and field goals that were made throughout the year could’ve been made by someone else that was here last year BUT they weren’t therefore we can’t say that we were simply a QB away from winning a Superbowl. I love the debating though.

  54. 6throundpick Says:

    Translation: TB12 is even better than most people understand. And he’s trying to get better. #EyesOn8

  55. geno711 Says:

    So O’Neil is Brady currently the 3rd best QB in the league or the 28th?

    Because last year at this time you had him washed up and Winston was way better than him. Why should we take your analysis as anything worthwhile?

    By the way, there are extremely ignorant posters on this site that act like BA offense has been the same year in and year out just do not analyze anything.

    Just because BA has stated he believes no risk it no biscuit does not equate to a simple and same offensive style each year.

    Really, BA has developed multiple different game plans in his past so it was no surprise to me that he could adapt with Brady.

    That being said, BA offenses do not work out well with less than average quarterbacks; There is no denying that!


    O’Neil, get your facts straight. The game you are referring to the defense played horrible, Derrick Henry ran for over 200 yds. Brady was staging on of his game winning comebacks, he threw a pass to Ben Watson to put them in field goal range only to get called back illegal man down field. He later had a 3rd down play that hit Edkeman right in his hands that was dropped. The int was 4th down with 9 seconds left in the game. FYI Edkeman could barely walk, Watson had an ankle injury and the remaining receivers sucked. Get your facts straight.

  57. Oneilbucs Says:

    Geno711 Brady is still not the same quarterback he was 5 years ago . He came to a team that had weapons the only thing we didn’t have the past 4 years was a running game and good defense . This year they gave Brady a running game and we ran the ball more than last year . What happened when his team couldn’t run the ball he looked bad the pass years before he came here . The year they beat the Rams Sony Mitchell ran them to the superbowl in the playoffs . He didn’t even throw a touchdown pass in that superbowl . The year they beat the Falcons Blunt had 19 rushing touchdowns that year . I’m convince you are a fantasy football guy you and Youngbucs . That’s why a lot of people hated the superbowl against the Rams but real football fans loved it . The media said that was the worst game ever .

  58. Oneilbucs Says:

    Brady did the same thing Brad Johnson did when we won the superbowl . But yall say it was the defense when Johnson was on the team . But now it’s all Brady is the reason why we won lol lol 😁😆🤣…

  59. youngbucs Says:

    LISTNFRMAFAR his facts are never straight. oneilbucs just throws spit against the wall and hope it sticks. He does stuff like this all the time 😂

  60. Robin bell Says:

    Peyton Manning your old washed-up and jealous Tom Brady who’s the best quarterback ever hit the field and it will be for a long time to come

  61. youngbucs Says:

    He literally knows nothing in the 20 years Brady was with the patriots the run was average. The only had a runner go over 1000yds 5 times in 20 years he was there. Go ahead and spin those facts oneil it’s what you do best.

  62. Blue Coffee Says:

    Good debate. A tough one. What I’m sure of? We have a lot of excellent receivers. ME13, AB, CG. All #1 receivers if they go in a lot of others teams from my point of view. But, call me a true fanatic if you want,… because it’s true,… and with all my illogic sentiments, for me, our best is still ME13. A great star. Yes I’m biased! And I shoot my call hight and loud! As a Fu**ing true fanatic in a free country it’s my right, no? Ha, ha, ha.
    AB was a star in Pittsburg, and have the potential to become again a great star if he stays with us. And I hope so. When he will stay a BUCS for a complete year, as a fanatic, I will call him a true #1 again! You hou! Biased? YES! I assume it.
    And more than that, we have others very good WR on our Bucs also in Scotty Miller, Tyler Johnson, and Justin Watson. They all can take a greater place if Chris Godwin quit us, and we will win another Super Bowl.
    Because of Tom Brady. Brady will be effective with all of them, because he is the more intelligent QB on the field. And, for the other debate:
    Brady is still the #1 QB in the NFL.
    Forget Mahomes, Winston, Watson, Brees, Prescott, Went, Tannehill, Bridgewater, Goff, Roethlisberger and even Lamar J, and all the others. Well,… you can make a case for Aaron Rodgers,… he is so good! And perhaps Russel Wilson! Yes.

    So, true #1 QB now in the NFL? Brady, AROD, Russ. Pick one of these, OK. And none of the above.
    Why Brady is superior to Pat Mahomes today? Because he get rid of the football faster. Brady is not the best runner QB in the NFL. Granted. Is he slower than J Winston? You bet! Yet, who get sacked more? Not Brady. Why? He can pass with success to a receiver with less than 2 yards in separation from a defender. Precision is the key. Anticipation is the name of the game.
    Mahomes have a lot of separation when he put the trigger! In fact Mahomes have the more separation between his WR and a defender in the last tow years in the NFL! If you put his receivers at less than 2 yards from a defender, he missed.

    Will Mahomes become a better QB than Brady someday? I say: probably. But now in the SB we have seen both at the same time, and Brady won the match up, looked a lot better than Mahomes who stay too long with the football in his hands and was running for his life. His O-line? They looked bad. The O-Line of Brady with his quick released? They looked great!

    Brady is still the GOAT.
    We will see if Mahomes will win 7 rings before he retires, and then I will begin to consider him as good as Brady,… No before that. Sorry. Stop anticipating, prove it first!
    Our BUCS land the best QB today. Am I biased? Ho YES BABY! Ha! Ha!

    GO BUCS!!!!

  63. youngbucs Says:

    The longest run in those 20 years was 59 yds 😂. Doug Martin had more than that in 1 season I believe. The year Blount had a 1000yds and 18tds he averaged 3.9 yds a carry. I remember that year well all short goaline tds lol. Blount longest run that year was 44yds. Now should I post Brady all Brady seasons stats year for year why bother.

  64. youngbucs Says:

    You know what the common denominator was those 20years? Besides the coach yup that would be Tom Brady the 🐐.

  65. Colonel Angus Says:

    SB, Jerry Rice had 957yds his rookie season, then had 11 consecutive 1,000yds seasons (probably avg. 1200Yds plus each year). Then 97’ happened (Sapp broke his leg) and he followed that up with another 1000yarder. Big Mike has a looooong way to go to sniff Rice’s jock! I love Evans though, but Rice is the G.O.A.T. receiver.

  66. Bird Says:


    I think its hilarious when you do these 😂 at other posters comments
    Dude. You continue with a narrative that is not true
    Do your own research. Nothing you cant find yourself.

    Brady did what brad johnson did ? Now that deserves a 😂
    Truly laughable
    Brad joshnson – 3000 yards …22 yards and 6 ints. Missed a few games with injuries

    Brady 4600 yards. 40 tds and 12 ints and no lost fumbles. Remember they sat brady in detroit game too cause he had 350 and 4 tds at half. That wins an mvp most years non mahommes and rodgers blowing up years.

    You know what else its better then? 😂

    Jameis. 5000 yards 33 tds and 30 ints and 5 lost fumbles ( 35 turnovers)
    I mean he had more turnovers then tds and you guys keep pointing to this like it is gospel. 😂

    I mean thats not even close. But you care about yards. 😂

    I have said this twice to you and you wont respond

    The bucs ran for more yards in each of the last 2 years with jameis at qb and arians and koetter as coach. Yes more rushing yards in both years then with brady this year. Look it up.

    Oh and the defense got it together at the very end of this season. So bucs defense had one new starter in a rookie – winfield. And you are comparing it to 2002 defense to make your argument sound better.


    But keep with the wash , rinse repeat argument that has zero credibility and deserves to be 😂 😂 😂

  67. Colonel Angus Says:

    2019 Bucs had 409car for 1541yds and 15TDs with 3.7 avg
    2020 Bucs had 369car for 1519yds and 16TDs with 4.1 avg

    2019 Bucs had 630pass for 4845yds and 33TDs/30!!!!INTs with 7.2avg
    2020 Bucs had 626pass for 4626yds and 42TDs/12INTs with 7.1avg

    Pretty much even except for those ugly 33INTs. 41 total turnovers as a team (35 coming from our QB, with 7 going straight into the endzone). 2019 Bucs D was pretty damn solid. Consider this: 41 turnovers minus 7 pick sixes = 35 extra drives that the opposing offenses had vs that 2019 defense. That equals roughly 3 games worth of drives. Now I believe that 20 of those INTs happened inside of the Bucs 30yd line, so the opposing offense’s had the short field alot of times. Which I’m sure didn’t negatively impact their ppg total right? Turnovers kill in the pro’s, it is THE most important stat in determining who wins. 70% plus of teams who win turnover battle, win the game. And that has been true every decade since at least the 60’.

  68. Oneilbucs Says:

    Look all of yall are Brady fans and that’s ok I’m a bucs fan . I also know that Brady is yall great white hope this is America expectly in the south . So yall believe we won only because of Brady . And I believe we won as a team . How many yards Rojo rush for last year vs this year ? What about the defense vs this year and I know what yall going to say just like the media narrative yall believe in it was Jamies fault lol lol lol 😄😁😅😅 . Heck yall thought Fitzpatrick was great . So as for me I wish Jamies nothing but the best in his life . Because I’m not a hater so I’m done with conversation . Facts or Facts and I will never discreid the defense and the running game we had this year . So yall go listen to your Skip Bayless who has disrespect this hold fan base . It’s clear that’s who yall follow for information.

  69. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    Any of us with a brain knew Brady would cut the sack totals. Jameis running around like an idiot was the cause of many of our woes, including that one. The o-line didn’t look bad last year, Jameis did.

  70. Colonel Angus Says:

    Oneil, you are the only clown on here crying about race. A grown ass man, crying because the QB of his favorite team is a honky. You are a good laugh, and sad bitter dude. We don’t win the Super Bowl without TB12. Pretty much every Bucs player has said that in so many words, and most of those players are of your preferred skin tone. Stupid times we live in.

  71. Oneilbucs Says:

    Colonel Angus I’m not crying about nothing and being bitter is far not the truth . I make 6 figuers a year so I don’t know about being bitter . I don’t care about what color the quarterback is I will always look at the team vs 1 player over the team . I will never believe that Brady was the only reason why we won . Just like in 2002 I celebarted the bucs winning the superbowl . Yall can celebarte Brady just like Skip Bayless does lol lol 😁😆😅 I laugh at you clowns who don’t know nothing about football . Yall are national media sheeps . And as for race in this country I will never turn my head are close my eyes to it . I know it makes a lot of white fokes mad . That’s why yall call Shannon Sharp a racist because he will call it out in a hart beat . And it makes some of yall uncomfortable . Lol lol lol 😁😆😅

  72. Youngbucs Says:

    See how we show oneil how his gibberish is wrong with facts and evidence. It still doesn’t get responses from him correctly. He just types the same foolishness.

  73. Youngbucs Says:

    Facts bird I love it facts colonel I love. I would have no problem with oneilbucs if he would actually have a valid point once in a while. But he sucks at debating gotta give him an A for trying I guess.

  74. geno711 Says:

    Oneilbuc previous “expert analysis” in the last year included:

    1. BA is destroying this team and you can’t see it.
    2. Brady is trash.
    3. Defense is not good enough to get to a Super Bowl
    4. Running game is not good enough for a Super Bowl team
    5. Beliheck was the reason Brady won – and as an example said that Brady never blew anyone out in the Super Bowl.

    However, Now Brady has blown someone out in the Superbowl.


    Oneilbucs, obviously no one man won or got a team to SB. You cannot deny Brady’s arrival, work ethic and winning attitude is the main reason a already talented team woke up realized their capabilities and excelled. Very few if any QB’s can change the culture of a team especially in one season. Unlike a Mahomes who makes Hill & Kelce great, Brady reinforces to the ME13’s, CG’s, Wirfs etc they are great and just under achieving. That was his role and without it NO SB W!

  76. Oneilbucs Says:

    Geno711 Name one bad defense Brady played with in New England I’ll waith ???? Lol lol lol 😁😁😆

  77. [email protected] Says:

    Oneilbucs, you’re stuck in a loop saying the same old crap dude. Your takes basically all revolve around:

    1. Brady isn’t the only one that deserves credit for the Bucs SB run/victory.
    2. #3 wasn’t treated fairly by Bucs Front Office, Coaches and/or Fans.
    3. It’s a race/prejudice thing.

    Give it up, we’re tired of your endless excuses for #3. The GOAT just made us, minus the nut-huggers, forget all about him.

  78. Oneilbucs Says:

    Kev The question has nothing to do with Jamies . Lol lol 😁😆😆. I know the national media got yall believing what you believe about the quarterback position and your goat Brady . You see that’s the stat they don’t tell yall about the Patriots . So yall don’t know and that’s why none of yall never answer the question. Yall just try to avoid the question by bringing up Jamies . Jamies ain’t on the team anymore so get over talking about Jamies and answer the question ?? Lol lol 😁😆😅😅

  79. [email protected] Says:

    Oneilbucs, so your pearl of wisdom here is that defenses win SB’s? No sh!t Sherlock. But QB’s that throw 30 INT’s ensure you never reach the SB, Y’all!

  80. Oneilbucs Says:

    Kev So why do you believe so hard that Brady was the reason why we won ??? Brady was another Brad Johnson with us and I know that goes against the media narrative but it’s true . So stop coming at me about Jamies !! He’s not on the team any more !!! I want to know how they are going to substaine success long term . Are is this another one hit wonder and we go back to the bottom for the next 15 years . Talk to me about the future of the team the superbowl is over and done . I’m done celabrating now I want the moves they make for the future of the team .

  81. Oneilbucs Says:

    To see the moves they make

  82. Youngbucs Says:

    Kev you wanna know why he’s using brad Johnson as an example. It’s because rob Parker said it he uses his quotes all the time. Rob Parker has been proven wrong for over a decade it not even funny anymore. Chris Broussard should get a new co host because rob brings nothing he’s constantly out debated.


    Oneilbucs, I answered your question in a previous email. What you fail to mention is the Bucs exceeded 30 points in every playoff game and more than that leading up to the playoffs. The 31 points in the SB were not defensive scores. Brady has NOT always had great defenses in SB’s. How about Atlanta come back down 28-3? Yes some key stops but mostly offense. AFC Championship game against KC ALL offense. A balanced offense & defense is the key. That’s what the Bucs have. The insertion of Brady on the team changed the entire culture for the positive. You are right about Jamias, he is a gone and couldn’t sniff Brady’s jock strap.

  84. Oneilbucs Says:

    Youngbucs I don’t even know what you are talking about lol lol 😄😁😅. You go by what Skip Bayless say about our team . Lol lol 😁😆😆. !!!

  85. Oneilbucs Says:

    Listn Well I don’t think about another mans joke strap like you do . So don’t come at me with the gay talk . I don’t get down like that !!!

  86. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Told you all those sacks were Winston fault… My dad FINALLY admitted it this year that is was all in Winston why they didn’t have a winning record last year