Leonard Fournette Makes Playoff History

February 9th, 2021

Only once in a while does a Wild Card weekend team make the Super Bowl.

The path, obviously, is more difficult. You must win three postseason games to earn a trip to the big game.

The Bucs made that run this season and in all four games, Leonard Fournette scored a touchdown. “Playoff Lenny” will forever live in Bucs lore. But he’s also now in the NFL history books with big names.

Per CBS Sports HQ, only Larry Fitzgerald (2008) and Terrell Davis (1997) have a four-game-playoff run of touchdowns.

Fournette is damn happy about it and is still thinking about the detractors that claimed he wasn’t a team-first winner.

45 Responses to “Leonard Fournette Makes Playoff History”

  1. Cannon Says:

    Lenny had some damn fine runs this post season. Those 20+ yarders to the house are just a thing of beauty.

  2. Casual Observer Says:

    Keep him!

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Happy for him! He was an absolute Beast in College, and he seems to have finally found a home here!

  4. Robert Says:

    after Rojo didn’t make that 1st TD I was screaming for them to put in Lenny. They did and the screen game came alive and he hit corners well. They both have their strengths, but I suspect Lenny would have bounced back on that TD and hit the corner. Rojo hit’s holes hard….Lenny looks for holes. Too bad we might not have him next year.

  5. Florida man Says:

    Give this man an extension

  6. Pirate Bay@TB12 Says:

    Very impressed by Lenny in the post season. It would be great if we could resign him.

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Casual Observer … I really want to see the Bucs keep Leonard Fournette also, but I have a hunch it’ll be up to him as much as it is up to the Bucs. There are a number of teams who desperately need an RB with his skills to compete for a playoff spot (starting with the Falcons?). But after how well he did this year, it could be hard for the Bucs to afford him, UNLESS … Leonard really wants to stay here and go for another SB ring.

    Actually it’ll be hard to afford several of the guys who made this TEAM so special. I’m convinced that several came here solely BECAUSE of Tom Brady, and toiled at less than their market value to do that. Big question now I think is ‘Will they want to cash in on that success or go for what’s behind Door 2?’

    Bucs’ ownership, Jason Licht, BA & coaches all have some tough decisions ahead. BUT … it’s awfully nice to be in a position where you have to face decisions like this, instead of always looking up from the bottom of the pit.

  8. DBS Says:

    Put him in on that goal line instead of RoJo he would have another TD. No question in my mind he would have made it in .

  9. Mike Says:

    He was a beast for us!

  10. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Fournette is a top 5 1st round pick.
    RoJo is a 2nd round pick
    Naturally, Fournette’s talent level is a bit higher, not to diminish RoJo’s talent which is high.
    But spending big bucks on RB’s is not a recipe for team success.
    Bucs won SB because they dominated defensively and OLine was great.
    That’s where the priorities should be – Barrett, Suh, David , then let’s see if deals can be made with Godwin, Gronk and Fournette

  11. chummaster01 Says:

    hey have you guys heard the new bucs anthem rolllin in the bay by dj eakin check it out I think it deserves national recognition

  12. JimBuc2 Says:

    Playoff Lenny indeed. Rojo bows to no man. What the Bucs have is ThundernLightning 2.0. Our rushing attack is potent, and respectable. You tough, huh? Great to hear ‘cuz we love Smashmouth, just ask Atrain Mike Alstott. His pregame speech was spot on: Go punch ’em in the ‘effing mouth.” Add in young buck Vaughn and the running back stable is looking very capable. Needed improvements will come, like finer points of blocking\blitz pickup(looking at you Cam Brate) pass catching, etc. Bear in mind the issues were present when the team won SBLV. It stands to reason a fully normalized off-season will afford everyone better training opportunities.
    Repeat SB Bucs!

  13. Casual Observer Says:

    Defense rules – Good argument. It may come down to a choice between keeping RoJo or Fournette. I’d rather have Fournette as my starter. Vaughn in the wings – RoJo in training, as it were. It may mean a trade of RoJo. That’s my opinion. Tough call for Licht for sure.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I find it interesting that many JBF posters suggest keeping players…….but there are no suggestions on who to let go in order to afford them.

    So….anytime from here on…..how about offering up a player..

    In the case of Fournette……it would have to be someone making $5 mil or more…so…who’s it gonna be?

    Gronk, Godwin, D. Smith, Suh, LVD,

    I suppose you’d like to keep all of them…..so….Bye Bye Lenny….thanks and good fortune!!!

  15. Casual Observer Says:

    LIcht will have to do a ranking. No question.

  16. Robert Says:

    Let Godwin and Suh walk. I think Tyler is ready to step up, and if that means we get LF and AB it’s a no brainer….just depends on what CG and Suh want.

    TB makes stars out of average receivers, and Suh is on the downside.

    I’d want to keep Gronk depending on price. not 10 million, but it’s hard to find a TE that blocks like a lineman!


    Let SB Lenny go make some money, he got screwed by Jags. Pick up James White & work with Rojo & Vaughn. I think Vea got in the way versus helping on Rojo goaline runs. I loved the idea but I would like to see White or Gronk lead blocking instead. I do agree Lenny was on a mission, when he ran over Sorenson and #56, that was awesome, he would of scored on goaline.

  18. TOM Says:

    IMHO I think the most expendible would be D Smith. I’d much rather have Suh, Godwin, Gronk, LVD & yes even Fournette. Who they get to keep will depend on $$$. Also need to sign Shaq to a long term contract.

  19. Aceofaerospace Says:

    It comes down to just how many players will be willing to accept a less than market value contract to stay here. If you will, you can probably stay and legitimately compete for another Super Bowl. If your only concern is how do I make the most money for the longest time (not that there’s anything wrong with that either), then there’s a chance that you won’t get that here. It’s as simple as that. The ball is almost totally in the free agent’s hand. What is more important to them. I cast no stones either way.

  20. firethecannons Says:

    Playoff Lenny is worth resigning, he is one of our star players! He is more reliable than ROJO and he can turn on the jets when needed!

  21. VabucSINCE’97 Says:

    Nah @Joe post wea SUPERBOWL LENNY asked the Gang if they wanted to run it back and the fact he included ROJO just shows this team is special and with a full offseason together awwwww man watch out

  22. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    keep the man; tahmmy will restructure, gronk will those 2 DO NOT need the $ they are going to be fine when their days are done in the NFL; the lower cap is going to impact every team. One thing licht/greenberg have done really well is manage the cap

  23. lowercaseg Says:

    He played very well down the stretch but I would rather keep all the other free agents to keep the team intact and spend a draft pick on another Rb or even signing AP

  24. unbelievable Says:

    SB Lenny!!

  25. PSL Bob Says:

    Ace, it’s more than just about the opportunity to compete for another SB. It’s the overall organizational atmosphere. With the exception of Godwin, all of the players being discussed have played for other teams. They know what coaches can be like. They’ve experienced dysfunctional locker rooms. Seems like, to a man, the players love it here. But as you and others have said, is that worth millions of dollars?

  26. BucfaninMi Says:

    Gotta keep him!

  27. rrsrq Says:

    Happy for Playoff Lenny to get the job done, let us not get it twisted, ROJO carried this team running the ball most of the year and had it not been for some coaching mishaps, only 5 rushes in the Saints game, taking him out in the Giants game and of course COVID and broken finger, easily a 1000 yard running back. I believe it was Romo who said Rojo was like 8 of9 on 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1, he was concerned about reaching that ball out

  28. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Would love to have him back! Give us a discount playoff Lenny!! Go Bucs!

  29. FrankPillow Says:

    28 evolved into a more powerful and dependable runner…with reliable hands. He can thrive here with TB12, but it’s going to be a $ game.

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    TBBF…always making me laugh.

  31. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    The man has a trophy now he’s gotta get paid. We only gave him a 1 year deal so we want him we step up to the plate or someone else will.

  32. Defense Rules Says:

    @Robert … “Let Godwin and Suh walk.” Might want to dig a little deeper on that one Robert. Letting a key future HOF player like Suh walk would imply that (1) you’ve got someone just as good ready to move up to take his place; OR (2) you can afford to spend a 1st Rnd pick on a starter-ready DT to take his place; OR (3) you can sign a FA DT who’s just as good for less $$$. Any other possibilities come to mind?

    Well, #1 certainly isn’t true; no DTs waiting in the wings of Suh’s caliber. And #2 is very very doubtful because we draft #32 for one thing, and for another we’ve got other NEEDS greater than DT (like DEs & OLBs pass rushers?). And it would seem like #3 is a fool’s errand because other teams don’t exactly let their star DTs walk especially if they’re ‘affordable’.

    Ndamukong Suh wants to play here another year. Far as I’m concerned, without him Bucs don’t even make the playoffs this past year, much less win the SB. Yes, he’s THAT important to our defense IMO. And BTW, so are Shaq AND JPP if we expect to make another run at the SB next year. We’ve got 1 more year to win another SB then the ‘window’ almost surely closes (Brady, Gronk, Suh most likely retire, etc). Hopefully the Bucs ‘do what they have to do’ in terms of massaging contracts, etc and go for it.

  33. Defense Rules Says:

    @LISTNFRMAFAR … “I think Vea got in the way versus helping on Rojo goaline runs”. I remember watching that play when Vea came in to block & had to laugh when it was over. Vea walked right through the DLine (I’m not even sure anyone blocked him) & ends up standing in the end zone. Had RoJo just tucked in behind him (he didn’t) it was a sure TD.

  34. Destinjohnny Says:

    Love this dude
    Should have been the mvp
    Roll tide!!
    Go bucs!!

  35. Defense Rules Says:

    @TBBF … “So….anytime from here on…..how about offering up a player.”

    Both of us have been here for years TBBF & I think you know that I’m almost always in the same camp (what some might call ‘You gotta balance the books’?). Salary CAP will probably be especially tight this year & I agree that we can’t keep everyone.

    But I also believe that we’ve got 1 more year to go for the gusto, then it’ll very likely be several tough years to regroup. We can probably rework a few contracts, but in the end I doubt that we can re-sign everyone who played for us this year. I’m a fan of Donovan Smith’s durability, but with Wirfs, Cappa & now Stinnie all playing very well, Donovan may be too high-priced to keep. And I’m really hopeful that Shaq doesn’t see himself as the 16 million dollar man. We NEED him next year to make another run at the SB, but I just can’t see him making more than JPP ($12.5 mil?).

    Strange thing is that I have the same ‘value’ issues with guys like OJ ($6 mil) & Cam Brate ($6.5 mil). With Gronk making over $9 mil this past year, that’s a LOT of $$$ to dedicate to just 3 TEs (roughly $2 mil per TD?).

  36. Dbbuc711 Says:

    I could not understand the Jags cutting Fournette.
    But I’m glad they did. 😀

  37. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Do not let Suh go. With Vita and Suh together have been historically good against the run. Just check actual stats. There are plenty of moves to make but keep Suh and Vita together. GO WORLD CHAMPION BUCS!!!!


    Bucs better look at a future QB, the avocado ice cream and blueberry smoothies aren’t going to last forever. Brady maybe pliable but there is no juice or stretch bans for reaction time.

  39. 813bucboi Says:

    I think licht shocks the world again and brings everyone back….


  40. Ericb Says:

    Hopefully everyone comes back…lets run it bac k for real!!! SB Lenny would of made that TD I believe also..damn good job boys WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIENDS!!!! NO TIME FOR LOSERS BECAUSE WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THHHHHHHEEEEEE WORRRRRRRLLLLLDDDD!!!!!

  41. orlbucfan Says:

    If Suh walks, fine. Same with Fournette and Brown. ME13 has already stated he’s ready to restructure his coin. This is a HOF receiver and no diva. JPP? He may shock all, and retire cos his neck injury scared the crap out of him. He’s got 2 SB rings now. ME13, CG14, LVD, and WGholston are the ones who will be Bucs next season. Watch.

  42. REDZONE BA Says:

    Gotta say, lotta LSU players on the field for that game, who were impactful. Not an LSU grad – but geaux Tigers!

    Devin White proved me wrong, big time! Dude is real, and love that he will be D-centerpiece as long as we can afford him.

    Playoff Lenny – hope we can find a way to re-sign him. Lenny “finds” the endzone. Like Rojo – but prefer Lenny if we have to choose.

    Felt like game was “over” after that pre-halftime TD. Punched the air out of Chiefs. I was blown away that Chiefs called time-outs >>> Did they not see our offense in 40secs or less? Or 8 seconds or less? YOUZA!!! BAD DECISIONS vs Bucs Offense.

    Sorry my fella Bucs fans for late posting – joining the celebration commenting late – doing that work thang….

    My old torn gear is appreciating the love….

  43. Brandon Says:

    Too bad people somehow think he’s better than Rojo. He isn’t and it isn’t even close.

  44. Roni Says:

    Jaguar Fan here! So happy for you Fournette. I hated to see you leave the Jaguars, but this was no doubt the best move of your career. Just know you are loved and thank you for all that you did for the city of Jacksonville! I will support you no matter the team you’re on. You are truly a special person.

  45. Anthony Chalk Says:

    That game was paid off for brady to look like he is
    The greatest quarterback ever. 🐂 S”””