Bruce Arians: Tom Brady “Wanted To Try A Different Way”

February 15th, 2021

It’s unclear what internal force will move Tom Brady to be hypermotivated next season, but Bucco Bruce Arians seems to know what burned inside Mr. Seven Rings in 2020.

In a visit to Showtime, Arians was probed by Hall of Famer Ray Lewis to share what drove Brady’s fire this season.

As nicely as one could possibly express it, Arians said Brady wanted to get Bill Belichick to shake his head watching Brady hoist another Lombardi Trophy.

Ray Lewis: What do you think Tom’s motivation was this season? What was those chips on his shoulders? I’m sure that he shared with you for his motivation to win the Super Bowl after leaving New England and coming to Tampa. What was that for Tom?

Bruce Arians: I think his competitive spirit is so strong that he wanted to do it. He wanted to show people. I’ve never said anything bad about Bill Belichick; I know everybody tries to say I do. His record speaks for itself. He is probably the greatest one ever. But I think [Brady] wanted to try a different way.

And Brady got that different way, as you’ll read more about on this site at midnight.

Joe wonders whether one day it’ll come out in a documentary that Belicheat wanted Brady to walk so he could try to win a different way, too.

So far, only one guy gets to yell, “Scoreboard.”

33 Responses to “Bruce Arians: Tom Brady “Wanted To Try A Different Way””

  1. An Erection for Sacks Says:

    I’m with you, Joe: Sell TB12 a stake in the team, so his influence will remain even after he hangs up the cleats.

  2. Steven007 Says:

    It’ll be fun watching Bill try again with Cam Newton. Or Carson Wentz. Or some other free agent. Or some rookie. Good luck Bill.

  3. Bird Says:


    Jimmy garrrapolo retread year 😂

  4. Casual Observer Says:

    Brady is hard to criticize. He is a breath of fresh air for most of those around him. Solid attention to details. A great teammate. Positive influence for everyone. Too many intangibles/unquantifiables to mention. So many bonuses to having him. Keep him a Buc in some capacity for years please.

  5. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Bruce Arians has grown on me so much. I love this guy. Btw – that coaching staff that most of us were snarky about all year – outcoached Sean Payton. Outcoached Matt Lafleur, outcoached Andy Reid. Additionally, the culture he created in Tampa, how much fun they have – how much the players love it here….between that and the Brady effect, it’s a perfect storm now of Tampa now being THEE spot to play. Tampa is the pinnacle of the NFL right now in every which way and g-damnit it feels great


    Belichick devalues the player over the coach. The absolute best scenario is what would KC be without Mahomes? BB doesn’t see that, he considers players part of his chess board. Unfortunately for him Brady called checkmate and proved his theory wrong. BB is finding out the hard way elite QB’s don’t grow on trees and the Pats trouble for a long time, longer than BB will coach. I guess BB’s 6 rings will be the final number in his legacy.

  7. Steven007 Says:

    Bird, that’s very likely I think.

  8. Ericb Says:

    I was guilty of criticizing the coaching also and boy they turned it around and finished out amazingly!!!! I did call all year long we would win in was TB12’s destiny…therea a very good chance well run it back !!! Last team to do it was ummmm oh yeah TB12 and the pats!! BB was very ignorant for letting brady walk and not giving him weapons. And before brady BB always had a losing record.If he brings back cam(which i doubt they will) it will be another losing year. Lets start a new dynasty with the bucs and brady!!! TAMPA BAY ALL THE WAY!!!!

  9. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Better hold back on belichick bashing. With the opt outs and cap issues he basically had a team full of backups starting. Probably looking to rob the Bucs of free agents. Look out. You

  10. Ericb Says:


  11. 813bucboi Says:

    Yeah Brady wanted to tell bill screw you but IMO, Brady wanted to be more coach/teacher vs just being player/leader…

    I just hope everyone has the same sense of urgency when we return to work…


  12. lambchop Says:

    Bruce Arians has thrown indirect shade at Belicheat and I’m all for it!!!!

    When BA talks about what the Patriots didn’t allow Tom to do that the Bucs have, that’s a direct reference to “the Belicheat Way’.

    It is undeniable that what started out as a Belicheat/Patriot Way became the Tom Brady/Patriot Way, with the way Belicheat uses and throws veterans and routinely dumpster dives for players. That style of management wears thin and I think Tom was the glue that held that fractured egg together till he got sick and tired of shouldering the gargantuan burden of Belicheat’s ego/management style.

  13. lambchop Says:

    Could you ever imagine a post-Super Bowl speech by Belicheat where he says he’s going to do everything under his power to keep the band together or that xyz ain’t goin no where?

    Hell to the no.


    Bruce Blahak you are incorrect. There were only 3 starting opt outs of which Donte Higjtower was the only quality starter that would not of changed the final record outcome. As far as the salary cap, if they don’t sign two starting offensive linemen, two corners, James White, Edlemen. So if he doesn’t resign them BB needs to spend the $. He also needs to get a QB and a good one is going to eat up $20MM of the cap space. Oh he has 1 receiver and 0 TE’s.

  15. Shannon O Woodcock Says:

    If Belichick is able to get the Pat’s back into the playoffs then the negative conversion on him will end. But there will always be people that hate him.

    But he has problems. Buffalo has arrived and Miami is knocking on the door. Belichick will not have the advantage of being in a lousy division.

  16. REDZONE BA Says:

    After we signed Brady, I was concerned that Brady would not last beyond 8 games in a BA Risk-It offense with long-developing plays. In that vein, I overly-credited Belichick for the Patriot way with an offense that suited Brady, and the rings.

    I was wrong, big-time. Brady is the tide that lifted all the boats (no pun intended – SB partiers). I do think BA and BL shifted the offense to Brady’s liking, while still using long plays when appropriate vs the entire strategy. Regardless, Brady’s accuracy is crazy, his release is off the charts fast, and 20 yrs of experience smarts as QB who knew when to throw the ball in dirt or out of bounds to live another play.

    2020 Success was a confluence of Brady, BA and Licht being determined to WIN now, signing players in key spots, and demanding an attitude that worked (i.e. playoff Lenny), and the core players like ME, Godwin, LD craving a championship run.

    The strategy worked like a charm. There was no panic during the year. And Viola – Big SB win. Amazing.

    As for Belichick, you can count him down, but not out, at least not yet. With that said, looking forward to 2021 Bucs team, knowing we will have a winning record, likely NFC Division win, and return to playoffs with chance of doing it again.

  17. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Brady left between 60 and 100 million on the table during his pats career so they could build a team around him. In the end they basically said thanks man but we don’t want you anymore. Great article in USA Today about how all the disgruntled QBs want to be like Brady and have a say in the organization while simultaneously demanding top money and handicapping their teams.

  18. REDZONE BA Says:

    @Kentucky Buc – I read that article, too, and agree.

    Brady’s $25M Buc salary is still “under-market” relative to the top 5 QB salaries, in the $35+M/yr range. Brady just might get 8 rings – count them – 8 rings, since his QB salary still does not negate JL signing key players for Bucs to legitimately make a run in 2021. Brady’s collective QB salaries over his years are far under Stafford, Cousins and others in the same years….and Brady has 7 rings. Something other young QB’s should look at when negotiating their 2nd contract. Win or big money? And it’s all big money, BTW…

  19. Bird Says:

    Redzone BA

    He has 15th highest rated QB salary
    That is what you call a dealio
    Somebody yesterday was complaining about him being selfish and not working to give back money to help team. What a crock

    He just won us a super bowl. Some qbs making 40 mil range
    Brady is a pimp

  20. 6throundpick Says:

    TB12 account: “back to work” #EyesOn8

  21. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Having a player like Brady, and being in a weak division can make nearly any coach look like a genius.
    I ask you, if Belichik was such a genius, then why aren’t any of his ex coaches/coordinators successful ?
    Remember, they ran Belichik out of Cleveland once, and they will soon run him out of New England, once he starts losing.
    In fact, this may be his final year if he don’t win.
    They are already mad at him up there for allowing Brady to walk.

  22. REDZONE BA Says:

    @Bird – I was not sure where Brady’s salary range fell in the grand scheme, but recognized the Bucs and JL got – as you say – a dealio. 15th? Dude likes rings.

  23. Kentucky Buc Says:

    @KentuckyBuc — Joe doesn’t allow big cut-and-paste jobs in here. It’s like stealing someone else’s work. –Joe

  24. REDZONE BA Says:

    @Chris – that Belichick’s former coaches fail in NFL? Man, that is a thread unto itself. Very strange indeed.

    Tapping into that thought process, will be interesting to see the success of the BA tree, down the road. BL, Bowles, and others. One of those two guys might be the future HC of Bucs. I give Kudos to BA, for hiring talented coaches, who HAPPEN to be diverse, and including BA being the first HC to hire females….hoowah! Net – BA has never been one to shy away from the norm.

    Success for BA and Belichick > common thread – is still Brady. Just like college, winning is less about X’s & O’s and more about the Jimmy’s and Joe’s. Just say’in…


    Chris at Apple Roof , believe it or not Bill O’Brien made the PO’s 4 or 5 years in a row, Brian Floras is doing a great job rebuilding Miami and Romeo C. is also a good coach don’t forget Mike Vrabel played for NE thwn went on a def.coordinator at Houston under Bill O’Brien proot to Tenn.

  26. 0-26 survivor Says:

    Another part of the equation may be that Giselle is reportably worth half a billion , with an annual estimated income of 40 to 50 mil per year . I know he makes much less than other top QBs, but to him her wealth might just make it easier to say i will less to build a better team . Don’t know of any similar situation at all in the sports world.
    Also sad to hear # 83 has left us really sucks

  27. Jerry Says:

    In Belichick’s defense, Brady came to an already talented roster that would have made the playoffs in 2019 if it wasn’t for Jameis’s 35 turnovers. And the expectations were higher on Brady. If the Bucs failed to make the playoffs in 2020, the season would be considered a failure. No question. Meanwhile New England’s roster was slim and had holes. And realistically, not many people had the Patriots doing much last year. Some predicted them to win the division simply because the AFC East has been terrible. Buffalo was a little surprise which closed the door on that Patriots being able to make the post-season. They were not going to win a wild card with that roster in the AFC.

    Patriots never really were able to do much of a QB search. The Tom Brady divorce happened officially in late February. They barely had enough time to process the shock of his departure and FA was already starting. But now Belichick had a year to figure out what direction he wants to take the team. They are definitely in a rebuilding phase. But now over the next few years we will truly see how good of a coach he really is. Can he rebuild a roster? Can he develop a QB? If he fails to make any progress in the next two years….then that might ultimately dent BB’s legacy a bit.

  28. Kentucky Buc Says:

    That the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Not allowing a reference that’s there for anyone to read . If that’s stealing then there’s a whole lot of it going on. The 80s are over. Not like we’re writing term papers on here. Fine you don’t allow cut and paste but don’t get stupid.

  29. REDZONE BA Says:

    @Jerry — MAYBE Brady would have made playoffs with 2019 Bucs roster. And I agree about the 35 turnovers holding back Bucs for extra wins – no argument there.

    All speculation, mind you —-
    1) If Brady relied on Peyton Barber as his starting RB, instead of 2020 new confidence Rojo and Playoff Lenny…. yikes…
    2) Matt Gay instead of Succop – dayam, just XP’s, forget FG’s. Yikes
    3) Demar Dotson at RT instead of 1st round stud Tristan Wirfs Yikes
    4) No Gronk & AB Yikes

    Jerry – your post triggered me a little. Love Brady, but we LOADED the roster in 2020, and Brady delivered. So kudos there. But let’s get real, no way in heck or hell, does Brady get that 2019 Bucs roster past GB in a playoff game. JMHO…

    Brady might have lifted the Bucs 2019 to playoffs, but no way to a SB. Bucs were LOADED

  30. Mike Says:

    Last year I thought Bill accounted for 4 Super Bowls, but now I believe TB was responsible for 4. Without TB, Bellichick could be another Carson of Seatles or Reid, who can build a quality team. Brady is the difference making a quality team to a contender team every year.
    It is easier to find good coaches such as Bill, Reid, Carson, Arians, and others compared to find a new TB.

  31. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    as@LISTNFRMAFAR pointed out, some of Belichek’s coaches and players have had some success like Bill O’Brien and Mike Vrabel.
    And we can’t forget Romeo Crennell.
    Still, I think Brady is a lot responsible for the success of Bill Belichek.
    As far as the BA Coaching tree goes, who knows how it will do, down the road ?
    Some of my friends at the Sports Bar said Bowles was a terrible coach in NY. They called him Toilet Bowels! But, look at him go now!
    IMHO, he never had 1/2 the talent in NY as he does here in Tampa!
    Players make the coach, more than coaches make the players.


    Bottom line is look at the PO’s and the QB’s, Brady, Roger’s, Mahomes, Brees, Smith (injured but got them there), Allen, Rivers, Jackson, Wilson, Goff All good to great QB’s. Very rarely does a Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer get to a SB.

  33. Eddie Says:

    Belechick thought the system was bigger than the players. Sorry but you need great players to make “the system” work.LMAO