Bruce Arians And The 30 Club

February 25th, 2021

Bucco Bruce Arians sounded yesterday like a man who can see the numbers clearly.

Below is a list of NFL Teams averaging 29.9 or more points per game over the last 11 regular seasons:

Every single one made the playoffs, and Super Bowl winners are on the list in seven of the 11 years.

Think that’s a coincidence? It’s not.

2020 Buffalo 29.9, Tampa Bay 30.8, Green Bay 31.5
2019 Ravens 33.2, 49ers 29.9
2018 Chiefs 35.3, Rams 32.9, Saints 31.5
2017 Rams 29.9
2016 Falcons 33.8
2015 Panthers 31.3, Cardinals 30.6
2014 Packers 30.4, Broncos 30.1
2013 Broncos 37.9
2012 Patriots 34.8, Broncos 30.1
2011 Packers 35.0, Saints, 34.2, Patriots, 32.1
2010 Patriots 32.4

In what was an unheard of display of firepower, the Bucs not only averaged more than 30 points per game in last season’s four playoff games, they scored 30 or more in each one.

Arians said yesterday that keeping his defense together via re-signing players is the free agency priority because Arians knows the team will score plenty of points. Presumably referring to the his offensive roster, Arians said, “Whatever’s left we’ll score enough points, so it’s a matter of keeping the defense as solid as we can.”

Joe agrees, but Joe’s not against getting greedy. If the Bucs can fortify the improving offense and jack their total up to 33 points a game, that would lessen the pressure on their defense.

Ringing in Joe’s head is an underrated comment from Todd Bowles on SiriusXM NFL Radio after the Super Bowl. Bowles talked about how a massive difference in the game was playing defense with a lead.

14 Responses to “Bruce Arians And The 30 Club”

  1. AlV Says:

    He spoke highly of Godwin so I see Godwin getting the tag. AB and Gronk return on team friendly deals.

  2. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    30 PPG is so much better than 30 INTs

  3. Chris Boyd Says:

    i think we may lose ab,but i also think thats okay. if we can keep godwin, shaq, david, suh, and gronk, im gonna be ecstatic.

  4. Chris Boyd Says:

    and succup^^^

  5. atlBucs Says:

    “Whatevers left…” sound like Godwin might be gone. He and Fournette are the only free agents on offense worth mentioning.

  6. atlBucs Says:

    Oh!!! I forgot about AB!

  7. Davenport Buc Says:

    reading between the lines

    AB over Godwin
    – half the money and AB is a better receiver

    Barrett over Brate/Howard
    – one of our $6m TEs have to go

    Suh over Gholston
    – draft a replacement for Gholston & save 4m

    Tag David
    – I don’t think he’s worth it but keeps the defense intact

  8. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Alvin Scissors Harper Says:
    February 24th, 2021 at 5:57 pm
    Do they consult with the Realist and Ndog for player personnel decisions? The sheep? The “clueless?”

    But, but, but, Jameis led the league in yards man!

  9. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    SC Bucs Fan Says:
    February 25th, 2021 at 9:28 am
    30 PPG is so much better than 30 INTs


    But, but, but, the Sheep will find out the Real reason that the Bucs will fail!

  10. Bird Says:

    The guys that dont want to give the GOAT any credit and say they have run game now (when jameis didnt) and bucs 2020 defense was the same as 2002 defense so brady was just another brad johnson average player fill in 😂

    Bucs finished #2 in passing …this year …only behind chiefs Mahommes

    Did you know bucs finished tied to 4th to LAST in rushing at 94.9 yards /game
    Only steelers, detroit and houston ran for less.

    Oh but we threw for 5000 yards last year. They rushed for more yards each year in jameis last 2 years under arians and koetter…points per game close last year at 28.6 so below this year. The ultimate stat that matter 35 turnovers to 33 tds. 30 picks and 5 lost fumbles.

  11. bucsfan951 Says:

    great article

  12. '79 Defense Says:

    “…the Bucs not only averaged more than 30 points per game in last season’s four playoff games, they scored more than 30 in each one.”

    Not quite, but close. They scored 30 in the Saints game– so not more than 30.

    Interesting how they scored right at their average all through the playoffs, scoring 31, 30, 31, and 31.

  13. Mike C Says:

    Care to nit pick a little more 79….

  14. Eddie Says:

    Scoring that touchdown at the end of the half to go up 21-6 put the defense in position to start teeing off on Mahomes. A lot of people don’t realize this.