Bargain Buy

February 9th, 2021

Sure, it was a gamble when Team Glazer, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht and Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians brought Tom Brady to Tampa Bay. Dude was 42 [at signing] after all.

That gamble hit the jackpot. Joe sincerely believes without Brady this team is not near a Super Bowl. Reading Albert Breer of, that may actually be an understatement.

From Breer’s research and perspective, it seemed Brady not only wanted to play quarterback, he wanted a hand in molding the team. Sort of like an extra coach.

And what the Bucs got in return was not only a tireless worker who is one of the best who ever stepped on a football field, they got both a coach and an attitude adjuster who spent time individually on various teammates to get their minds right and help them become their best football selves.

The roster in Tampa, to be sure, had pieces. But to Brady, that was just half the equation. The other half would be on him. He wanted the chance to show guys how to work, how to push themselves and how, ultimately, to become capable of playing the kind of football that wins on a stage like [the Super Bowl].

And… all those ideas came alive. That loaded Bucs roster was also efficient and running on all cylinders when it mattered most. The defense was really good—the first to hold a Mahomes-led offense out of the end zone in any of the phenom’s 54 starts as a pro—and the run game (33 carries for 145 yards) was way more than a sidecar to Brady and his galaxy of pass-catching stars. …

The team that couldn’t get out of its own way on that Thursday night against the Bears was long gone, as was the one that twice got beat down by Drew Brees and the Saints, and the one that sleepwalked through the first quarter against the Chiefs in Week 12. Brady had stayed on them, of course, but he’d done it in a way that showed an incredible amount of investment in each guy as an individual, beyond even what they could do as players.

This will likely never happen, but Brady is a guy Joe would love for Team Glazer to sell a piece of the team to whenever he retires, so that Brady can help formulate and guide new players that come into One Buc Palace.

Brady will never be a coach. Way too much work and he doesn’t need the cash (remember how he told Howard Stern his wife threatened divorce if he went to OTAs with the Belicheats?). Brady just bought a new pad in an ultra-exclusive island in Miami. He co-owns a Hollywood production company. Brady seemingly already has his post-playing days mapped out.

The way Brady helped shape his new teammates to become world champions, that’s a guy Joe wants to stay involved, even if that is only part-time.

27 Responses to “Bargain Buy”

  1. gotbbucs Says:

    ….and he “only” asked for $25 million a year to play. Thats how you win 7 Super Bowls, by not holding your team hostage in QB cap numbers.

    The money the Bucs saved on Brady’s well below market salary paid for ever single TD in that Super Bowl, literally.

  2. Bird Says:

    Just look at the super bowl

    Only the kicker could have been here without brady
    All other points in super bowl that were scored by brady and the guys that came here for brady
    Without them , bucs dont even sniff the playoffs

    Lets make something clear. If the bucs did not move on from the former qb , the following players would not be on this team:

    Shady mccoy
    Playoff lenny
    Brady himself
    Suh would not have re-signed
    Jpp would not have signed 2 year deal
    Shaq may have forced a trade even with franchise looming

  3. Bruce Blahak Says:

    He’s got at least 3 years left, barring injury…the culture change COULD carry on after it’s firmly established with this team…good times ahead!

  4. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Imagine what he did for the coaches!

  5. OBF Says:

    Yep.. the Glazers offering a real piece of the franchise to Tom Brady would be the best financial decision that Gene pool has made since blind siding Steven Story with that envelope! They could finally kick back and know that the team was is GREAT hands and enjoy the football rewards which is what the boys have wanted all along. They are football fans neck and neck with being bottom line businessmen! It would be too good to be true! I am worried that the Dolphins have the same offer in mind and I have that worry because of the Derrick Jeter/ Brady Miami connection, even though Jeter is Miami baseball he rubs elbows with the Dolphins shot caller.

  6. Joe Says:

    Yep.. the Glazers offering a real piece of the franchise to Tom Brady would be the best financial decision that Gene pool has made since blind siding Steven Story with that envelope!

    Oh, Joe doesn’t ever expect the Glazers to give a piece of the team to Brady.

  7. Casual Observer Says:

    Good suggestion to try to interest Brady into staying involved with this team in some capacity – down the road. It might interest him. Sure would be a good move for the Bucs.

  8. bucfanforever Says:

    hmm… Looking at the Charlotte Hornets, after Jordan bought in in 2006, they’ve won 3 playoff games.

  9. sauron's eye Says:

    Brady is not only the Goat, he is the best value at QB salary wise. He attracts quality players to Tampa Bay, which is the exact opposite of what we had previously, no one wanted to play here. No more free agents coming down here to loaf and collect checks. It is a great change in Tampa Bay. When Brady retires he will be done with football, I don’t see him having anything to do with coaching.

  10. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Brady for our next Offensive Coordinator! (when he retires)

    What I like about all of this is that there are no “Arians won with Dungy’s team!”

    All of the media is not only saying we deserved that win, but that we are a huge threat going forward if we keep the majority of our players.

    I suspect they will go after defensive line with the first pick, even though we need a young QB. I would certainly get Brady’s input on the QBs. He might be able to spot a diamond in the rough, and he’d be more invested in preparing and working with the guy if he had a hand in picking him.

  11. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Let’s all HOPE The Dolphins don’t make a play for Brady.
    If Brady played for Miami, he will have the chance to stick it to the Patriots,, twice a year!

  12. orlbucfan Says:

    Glazer Boys need to sell a piece or all the franchise to the Bucs FANS. Then actual justice will be done. Doubt it severely though. TB is married to an international fashion model. Celluloid hero, eh? He’s a CA boy, born and bred from what I’ve read. Not surprised by his informal coaching here.

  13. Mike C Says:

    Bucfanforever, to be fair, MJ is not the leader Brady is.

  14. mg Says:

    The price of the Bucs will continue to go up.
    The price of the Pats has to decrease with that roster of speedless old-timers. And a gm who is a egomaniac.

  15. 6throundpick Says:

    I keep sayin: TB12 is already working on the next one; already a work in process. And by the way, if this team had kept playing, they would have gotten way better. Too bad it cut short by that pesky Super Bowl!


    Bucs are scheduled to play Patriots next year in Foxboro. If he wins that game Belichick is going to need quite a bit of vaseline to get Krafts foot out of his ass. Belichick is so arrogant I bet he believes the Bucs success is his doing. Bill Belichicks boat is called 6 Rings, Brady should rename his One More Ring. That is unless Bucs win again.

    Belichick would never pay any player $25 million because that’s what he makes and his mind set is no player is valued more than him. Pat’s will a contender for a long time. Players had the allusion they would take less $ to play for BB becuase they had the chance at a SB but Sunday night changed that. Now players want to play with Brady becuase they have a chance for a SB. 2 teams 1st season Brady won a SB. That’s crazy! BB has to pay now.

  17. VabucSINCE’97 Says:


  18. Ericb Says:

    Brady always took pay cuts when he was with the pats to win just like ME13 says he would its dudes like this that will win games!! So proud of mike for saying that an awesome guy and he has a taste of winning and wants more i believe they will be back next year and to play the pats is icing on the cake BB coat brady an 8th ring against the eagles…he should be 8-2. BB should have never benched butler in that game eric rowe got ate up all game long and brady put them ahead to win all they needed to do was make one stop game over…well deserved sb for the bucs great job guys NOW ON TO THE NEXT ONE!!!!!! TAMPA BAY ALL THE WAY

  19. sgrd0q Says:

    BB ego definitely cost Brady a ring in the Eagles SB when he benched Butler. Brady threw for over 500 yards in that game.

  20. geno711 Says:

    tmaxcon Says:
    March 17th, 2020 at 3:42 pm
    Best thing for team is get rid of both the senile head coach and the washed up noodle arm former goat…. now back to your safe space

  21. Capt.Tim Says:

    What a night, and what a Monday!!!
    Ive posted here for a loooong time.
    Discussed needing Pass rushers, Running backs, when to give up on certain QBs.
    So many discussions, with so many great posters.
    And of Course, all led by The Greatest, most passionate fans- The Joes.

    Brady just answered the prayers, of a lot of long suffering fans. So smart of this organization, to give the GOAT what he wanted-to make this dream come true.

    So happy for the team, the staff, the Owners, all the people and JoeBuc.
    A huge Congrats to You, Joe. They did it!
    And Brady will make this team even better next year!!

  22. mg Says:

    Coach Bill has turned into a Wal-Mart greeter. And hand-job bob and his son complete the 3-stooge act.

  23. TampaTown Says:

    I hope he stays involved. Doesn’t seem like a stay home sit on the couch kind of guy

  24. AMI_Chris Says:

    It was amazing to hear Buc after Buc talk about Brady’s motivations. Each story ended with, “Well, the guy had won 6 Super Bowls so you took his word as gospel.” Talking is much more effective when everyone knows you’ve already walked the walk. That (and really good on-field play) was Brady’s real value.

  25. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    He’ll stay away for awhile… But he’ll come back and coach!! Football and winning is in this guys blood!! There’s no way he stays away from football!!… And I’m betting he comes to the bucs!! 😉 …. I’ve never seen him smile as much as he had here!!

  26. John rodgers Says:

    Good to see Brady”s buddy, Gronk finally turned loose to assume his normal job as pass receiver, he displayed great moves on his second td. If Bucs lose one or two receivers, Gronk may play bigger role on offence next season.

  27. Scooter Says:

    Want to thank HC/General Manager Bill Belichek for pushing Tom Brady out the door. Mr. Know-it-all. Coach Nepotism however keeps his 2 sons on the Patriot coaching staff.