The Slimy Saints Choke Again

January 17th, 2021

“Sean, I will send you some cheese curds and Spotted Cow beer next week. During Super Bowl week, Big Storm beer is on me.”

The slimy Saints are known for two things:

Running their mouths and choking in the playoffs.

Oh, sure, the slimy Saints won a Super Bowl (beating a playoff choker himself in Peyton Manning).

But in recent years the Saints have gagged in their home dome in the playoffs. Minnesota. The Rams.

And now the Bucs punked them!

Joe got a ton of satisfaction watching such a mouthy team have to walk off the turf of the Superdome dragging their arses and preparing to head to Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic while other teams continue to play.

This time it is the Bucs who head to the NFC title game.

And to be honest, the biggest play the slimy Saints had tonight was from their soon-to-be starting quarterback, Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

Bye Saints!

59 Responses to “The Slimy Saints Choke Again”

  1. Architek Says:

    Eat these NUTZ Jameis!!!!!

  2. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Break a leg Coach

  3. Chris Says:

    Jameis Winston has about as much of a chance to be the Saints starting QB as I do.

  4. EA Says:

    We’ll said Joe, let eat this Dubbya

  5. Walter Says:

    I can’t wait to kick Jameis’ ass twice next year. Might get 8 picks off his squinting ass

  6. Davenport Says:

    There’s no way Winston is the Saints QB next year. Come on. What has he done to prove that he’s not a 30/30 guy? Nothing. They let Hill start with Brees out. That says it all.

  7. Miller5252 Says:

    I think that’s gotta be the biggest win for the Bucs since Philly. After getting owned twice in the regular season and starting the game slow they really kept fighting and ending up having the D end the game. Huge win!!

  8. tbbucs3 Says:

    That Antoine Winfield fumble on Cook changed everything. The Saints were moving the ball on that drive and had all the momentum. That was a true fight, even closer than the score said.

  9. WiscoJoe Says:

    Spotted Cow baby!!! Love it. Go Bucs, let’s feast on Sunday.

  10. Bird Says:

    Couldnt happen to a crappier guy
    Sean payton is a great coach but a lousy human being
    And the saints are 100 mil over next year cap

    And looking forward to playing the turnover machine

  11. Cometowin2 Says:

    Great game. For a fan since that first win in 1977 it was glorious to see. Thank you Tom Brady, the offensive line, Leonard & Ronald and the defense with Devin White the player of the game in his return.

    Go Bucs!!!

  12. tbbucs3 Says:

    Jameis will be a starting QB again and a damn good one. I cant imagine how butt hurt the anti Jameis crowd was after that pass. You guys need some water?

  13. the_end Says:


  14. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I do believe I saw Brees getting all misty on the sideline with JayMiss and it appeared to me that he was saying you’ve got this from now on, it’s your show baby.

    It was quite touching.

    So I touched myself thinking bout all dem picks we be gettin!

    Loves you Jaboo!!!!!!

  15. Buddha Says:

    Sad to watch the deterioration of Drew Brees. No zip on the ball and couldn’t throw more than 15 yards down field.

  16. RIs_Buc Says:

    They were running their mouth and trying to act like bullys…
    I’ve never seen a team try to bully a team more than NO today. Egging on O-line, grouping up on offensive skill players.

    This was such a satisfying win FR.

  17. Jersey buc Says:

    Great game. D came to play they needed 2 and they did!
    Go beat on cry baby Rodgers next week

  18. DoooshLaRue Says:



  19. Leighroy Says:

    Drew Brees rating: 38.1
    JW2 rating 158.3


  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think that Winston pass pi$$ed off our defense…….

  21. Jerk04 Says:

    Anybody see the guy joe calls America’s qb, getting caught yawning on the sideline. Yeah he’ll of a teammate and better human being.

  22. Jmarkbuc Says:



  23. DaBux Says:

    I almost shed a tear for Drew Brees retiring.

    Then I realized a condensation drop fell off my beer can and hit my shorts.

    Screw the Aints.

    Y’all lost, it’s in black and white, scoreboard, good day now!

  24. bojim Says:

    My Nola FB friends sure got quiet in the 4th. They think . I just said, “who dat?”

  25. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Chomp on that “W”! Brees was a worthy adversary, but I hope that we never see the likes of him ever again. Please retire!

  26. firethecannons Says:

    Multiple picks to end his career at the hand of the Bucs! sweet!

  27. tbbucs3 Says:


    Im not a Saints fan I just don’t obsessively hate my former QB like a lot of you do.

  28. BringBucsBack Says:

    Doosh, I too saw that sideline moment & I read it just as you did. Drew pointed to JW & said something like, “it’s your’s now”. Honestly, with the way Drew was unable to throw deep, they probably had a better chance with JW. Although tonight, Drew was the ATM!

    Oh yes, congratulations to the 2020 NFC South champs; NO ‘aints! 😉

  29. Bird Says:


    JAmeis is in your poster name
    Get bent loser. And toy are the butt hurt guy after some special nights w jameis
    No. Wasnt worried at all about completing an open pass to a open receiver on a trick play.
    You think the bucs would be here with yah boy

    And I hope jameis gets chance to play for saints. Love that matchup twice a year. Passes coming our way.

    Stay lame you homer

  30. Hodad Says:

    Brees got a hat, and tee shirt for winning the NFC South. Only cost him some broken ribs, and a punctured lung. Have a nice life in the booth. Thanks for hanging on a year to long.

  31. Russ Says:

    Right on Joe!!! Go Bucs from Chicago!!

  32. skinnypigeon Says:

    Winston will be the starter in San Fran next year.

  33. Colonel Angus Says:

    The beautiful thing about this one is the Bucs took it legitimately from the Saints, despite the refs gifting New Orleans many a call. The Rams and Vikings games the Saints got screwed by the officiating. Bucs beat 2 adversaries tonight, let’s hope the face just the Packers next week. But we all know that GB is NFL darling team, so expect the same border line penalties to not be in our favor.

  34. tbbucs3 Says:


    Jameis seems to live rent free in your head…..

    Also, show me where I said I think the Bucs would be this far in the playoffs with Jameis at QB?

    Ive said numerous times on here that the Brady was the clear upgrade over Jameis. News flash, Jameis is not a better QB than the greatest of all time, what a shocker.

  35. Jmarkbuc Says:



  36. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Do YOU need some water?

  37. NotTampaTom Says:

    Totally agree Colonel.

  38. Lokog Says:

    🖕🏽 Them blew that team and their fans

  39. Anonymous Says:

    It was a thing of beauty. There is no team I hate more than the Saints.

  40. theCanuckBuc Says:

    It was a thing of beauty. There is no team I hate more than the Saints.

  41. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Even YOU could have made that pass. Any decent high school QB could hit a guy that freaking wide open. Mitch Trubisky made that same throw against the ‘Aints for what would have been a TD but it was dropped. This is where Peyton got the idea to begin with.

    You JW jock sniffers show your desperation. We’re headed to the NFC championship and you bring up a LOSER like JAMEIS. And by LOSER I mean a career 28 and FORTY TWO LOSSES…sadly with our Bucs.

    I do not understand how the DB assigned to cover JW didn’t simply come up to the line and stuff him…IF he dared to release into an actual route…when he didn’t it wouldn’t have taken much talent to simply follow him to the ball.

    What did the Buc D think JW was going to do at WR?

  42. tbbucs3 Says:


    Read the 1st eight or so comments on here….they are all bashing Jameis so dont say Im the one the one that brought Jameis up….Im simply responding to classless Bucs fans who are bashing the former QB after he made a great play.

    Oh and believe it or not ask any Qb….hitting a wide open pass is harder than it looks because you can overthink it and some QBs will try to baby arm it….its especially harder in primetime playoff game. It was a great and clutch throw.

  43. View from 132 Says:

    Would not surprise me to see Payton move on with Brees gone, or retire until a team threw a ton of money at him to un-retire.

  44. Steven007 Says:

    tbucs, that was the opposite of a cl utch play bro. No defender within 10 yards of Winston. No defender within 10 yards of the receiver. Two professionals playing pitch and catch with no defenders. Let’s be real dude.

  45. tbbucs3 Says:

    You guys act like its Madden its hillarious. Jameis wasnt warmed up at all it was his first pass in a big spot against a former team. Gotta give credit where its due.

    I support all former Bucs QBs from Jameis to Josh Freeman to Josh McCown to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  46. Ocala Says:

    Saints are possibly in the worst shape any NFL team has ever been with the salary cap.
    They are going to take a huge step back next year.

  47. NotTampaTom Says:

    Lame-Azz is a disrespectful punk. Glad he’s gone

  48. Jmarkbuc Says:


    You don’t obsessively hate our former QB, you obsessively live him… and that could be a problem for you around these parts.

    Become a Saints fan, you can’t have it both ways.

  49. Jmarkbuc Says:

    *love him

    Adore him
    Worship him
    Have dirty, sweaty thoughts about him

  50. Tbbucs3 Says:


    “You can’t have it both ways”

    You mean support both Tom Brady AND Jameis Winston? Man what a concept. Supporting former players. I know that’s hard for you trolls to understand.

  51. 813bucboi Says:

    I’m glad those clowns have to eat crow lol


  52. HereForTheDeepDowner Says:

    JaYMISS who…..

  53. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Cry me a river, and eat an L.

  54. gbobucsfan Says:

    Guys, JW is a free agent at the end of the year. He may stick with the Saints but probably not.

  55. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Mr Pick-6 the starter? What is Taysom Hill retiring also? Sean Peyton might look great coaching Drew Brees, but you can’t fix stupid and you can’t even reason with stubborn. I hope the Saints put all their crab legs in Mr Pick-6’s basket, but I doubt it.

  56. 6throundpick Says:

    Those two regular season games now seem like…what two regular season games?

  57. Logical@nalytics Says:

    Winston going to throw for 5k in the Saints system if they keep him(pro bowler). So stop the foolishness and go get y’all heads bashed in by the cheeseheads

  58. LargoBuc Says:

    yea 5k and 30 ints

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe 15 , the saints offense would allow him to check down, TB offense didnt