Rob Gronkowski Appreciates Playing For An Offensive Guru Head Coach

January 21st, 2021

Interesting take today from Tampa Bay tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Joe expects some Belicheats fans will be annoyed.

Asked about what stands out regarding the coaching style of Bucco Bruce Arians, Gronk explained that he’s being coached in a way he not used to.

“You know, just the offensive knowledge he has,” Gronk said of Arians. “Just the little details that he presents and brings to us and the knowledge of where everyone should be, or the knowledge of [a] route, just the specifics and the details of everything. Just when you thought you ran a great read or you read the coverage right, he always has a little bit more knowledge. Just his knowledge of the offensive side of the ball is just phenomenal.”

Joe heard all that from Gronk and wondered if Tom Brady thinks and feels the exact same thing.

And yes, Gronk reiterated to Joe and virtually assembled media today that he wants to play for the Bucs next season, if they’ll give him a new  contract.

32 Responses to “Rob Gronkowski Appreciates Playing For An Offensive Guru Head Coach”

  1. Allbuccedup Says:

    Sign Gronk bye Howard or Brate can’t afford that luxury anymore cap won’t allow it.

  2. ClodHopper Says:

    Gronk has been acting like he likes Tampa almost as much as he(we) likes sexy blondes.

  3. Casual Observer Says:

    Agree. I would keep Gronk and Brate.

  4. crazybucs_CL Says:

    @”Just his knowledge of the offensive side of the ball is just phenomenal…..”
    OK, sound to me a good offence adviser….coordinator….. at most….
    but not a sleepy HC……..

  5. Not your Mom Says:

    Keep em all and let God sort it out

  6. Robert Says:

    love Gronk, but ONLY if Brady stays AND the deal is team friendly.

    Mad respect for him, but he’s on the downside and looks like lineman out there sometimes. It was great for WTF, when we played them….but w/o TB and motivation he would slide very quickly IMO.

    His value diminishes quickly w/o the TB chemistry, routes and trust.

  7. Godlovesbucs Says:

    Gronk will only want to come back if brady stays. I would prefer oj over brate. He was looking really god before injury. All comes down to cost tho.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sure…..but who goes… suspicion is that it’s Shaq & probably Suh….replaced by draft picks….

    Something has to give….Howard at $6mil…..

  9. Owlykat Says:

    Howard gets injured too easy and has never played like a first rounder. Trade him off. Retain Gronk, Brate, Auclair, and Hudson.

  10. NoBody Says:

    Shaq and suh ain’t going nowhere. Well restructure and figure it out, gunna be ALOT of free agents this offSeason with very little spending money. We’re gunna put ourselves in salary cap he’ll for a while (see Philadelphia Eagles) but we’ll make it work as our chips are ALLL PUSHHED IN

  11. Bird Says:

    Yah. Cant rely on OJ. Sorry guys. Guy is always out

    Brady coming back
    Gronk’s mom lives in fort myers so of course gronk wants to be back

  12. Coburn Says:

    Owlykat when you put it that way that sounds decent. Two solid blockers (Gronk can catch too) and two light in the pants receivers. Of course some will say OJ can do both, but we’d be gambling on him staying healthy.

  13. stpetebucsfan Says:

    We need to make it happen! Bring back Gronk. Brate has played well this year so it looks like OJ is the guy on the chopping block to me.

    Ok we’ve exhausted a lot of the football talk how about some gossip. Think Brady is intense…if you didn’t catch this on Jimmy Fallon’s show it’s pretty interesting. Giselle Bunchen..talking about the Brady family and she and Tom’s first date and then gives some interesting meditation tips. Since I meditate I appreciate where she’s coming from.

    Again I point out…in seven seasons without Brady BB went 1…ONE winning season…6..SIX LOSING seasons. How is that a good coach. Then after this video it just reinforces my humble opinion that BB is a great defensive mind who sucks at offense and is a 1-6 HC.

    Some of this is only my opinion…1 and 6…48-64 during those seven year are SCOREBOARD not opinion.

    Somebody here tried to insinuate that Brady wouldn’t be a winner without BB.

    UH…excuse me 11-5 with the freaking Bucs…in Covid a division with the Saints while BB went 7-9…do records mean nothing.

  14. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I do a lot of business in the Boston area. I loved it when we sparred for about a week when they said Tom Brady will never leave the Patriots! HA! But, most all of those are now pulling the Bucs because of Brady and now Gronk. I sent a Boston friend of mine a Brady Bucs Jersey and he wears it on gameday now. Stilll loves his Pats, and even Belichick, but Brady is the guy. Gronk is just way cool. My wife has two of his Jerseys. This stuff is unbelieveable. As for Arians and the offiense, Gronk knows more than I, but I’ve just not been sure who is calling the shots. Over the past two years, I’ve not been impressed with the play calling…until recently (and then not ALWAYS), but I give all a pass this week. Nothing critical to any of them. Get it done. Just win Baby!

  15. Beeej Says:

    We run a 12, need 3 competent tight ends

  16. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Gronk could play on any team in the league, he just enjoys his buddy TB12. There are very few TE that can block & catch as good as Gronk. Nothing wrong with a pulling guard with hands.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Yep. Gronk and Brate.

  18. Aceofaerospace Says:

    I agree. Time to part ways with OJ. There’s an old saying, “You can’t make the club sitting in the tub”. I’ll take another year of Gronk over the “potential” if OJ ten out of ten times. I know he’ll get another shot somewhere and I hope he can stay healthy, but it’s time to cut our losses.

  19. Winny Testaverde Says:

    O.J. might have next season guaranteed as part of the 5th year option…guaranteed for injury. It’s been incredibly fun watching this once in a lifetime offense for the Bucs.

  20. Hoops Says:

    It goes without saying that Gronk is a hall of famer. A no brainer.
    Brate catches the ball. He has the highest rating on the team for receptions. He is a really good TE that would start on any team in the league. I’m glad to see that Lefty is actually using him like he should have been all year. Why would you get rid of him. The best ability is reliability. . Go bucs!

  21. BillyBucFan Says:

    All I know is I’m gonna enjoy Gronk playing in 3 days.
    They tried to get him more involved, but Davis is good in coverage.

    I think he will feast against GBs linebackers.

  22. BucEmUp Says:

    That knowledge didn’t really help out too much when they refused to let Brady throw short routes, screens and dump offs. Arians knows how to get guys open down field but that makes an offensive line tired eventually.

    Gotta mix it up and keep the defense guessing. Early in the season they KNEW we were going deep or running the ball. Way too predictable. What I have seen over the last 4 to 5 games is exactly what the playcalling needed to do. Keep it up!!!

  23. 813bucboi Says:

    ease up on the dump OJ talk….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  24. Infomeplease Says:

    Gronk is a WINNER!! You can’t have too many winners on the field at once. Hall of Fame someday-1st round!!! He’ll be here next year!! He’ll have a huge game Sunday. The middle of Green Bays field is the weakest part. Like the time the Bucs played them Gronk will play LARGE!! GO BUCS!!! GO BUCS!!! GO BUCS!!!

  25. RIs_Buc Says:

    Since “Camp” I’ve said the depth chart should be:

    But I have to admit, Brate doesn’t run go routes and I don’t think he could make that over the shoulder basket catch like Gronk.

  26. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    I wish we could draft Kyle Pitts but when you are drafting in the 32nd position of the first round there is no way we can land him.
    Maybe we could trade OJ to the team that is gonna take Pitts. (Likely Carolina)
    It will suck if they take him and we have to guard him twice a yr.

  27. August 1976 Buc Says:

    TB here= Gronk here, TB rides off into the sunset one day, and Gronk jet skis off to party island the same day never to be seen playing TE on an NFL field again. GO BUCS!!!

  28. Will Says:

    OJ can’t stay healthy and isn’t physical enough and I was hoping that him being around Gronk would change the physicality part of his game but he got hurt again. Maybe he needs the TB12 treatment to stay healthy. I was at the Rams game in 2019 and saw him walking to the locker room after the game with his shoulder pads off and myself, my wife and a buddy that is a Rams fan were all in shock at how big that man is. I think the muscle might be the issue get rid of some and become more flexible. As far as the physicality hopefully even though he’s not playing just being around Gronk and learning how he practices and prepares will help him. If we let him go and our old head coach is still the OC in Atlanta he’ll grab him and if he does turn into a beast we’ll be dealing with him for years to come.

  29. JimBuc2 Says:

    Just cuz you played for Nick Saban and got a bod does not, repeat not, mean you deserve a roster spot. I’ll take production over potential any day. Personally, I thing OJ is a girly guy.
    Harvard man Cam Brate has delivered when called on. Cut ties with OJ. Let him make hay somewhere else.
    Go Bucs!

  30. Hodad Says:

    Amazing old beat up Gronk can go a whole season. Has OJ Howard ever done that, once? Brate can take another pay cut, and as much talent as OJ has, he never stays healthy, so I’d trade him, not pay him. Injuries happen Hodad, can’t help that. Yeah but some players are just injury prone, and can never stay on the field. Look at Cichy. He was always injured with us. We resign him, and he lasted few snaps on teams, than breaks something. Look for iron men, not tinfoil men.

  31. Will Says:

    @Jimbuc2 I’m in agreement with you. I’ve never felt that for as big as he is that he plays with the physicality he should. He should punish little DBs instead of running out of bounds at the 2 or 3yd line. He has a couple years to prove he belongs on this team and can stay healthy if not he’ll be gone. Looks like Tarzan plays like Jane I’m hoping he gets it together and can stay healthy while doing it.

  32. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    I would take Cam over OJ. I see the potential OJ has, but I have seen players who never realize that “potential”, and OJ gets hurt a LOT.