January 3rd, 2021

Not mortal.

OK, Joe confesses: Joe was way wrong about park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, handshake-stiffing, jet-ski-losing, biscuit-baking Bucs quarterback Tom Brady.

When the Bucs signed Brady, one Joe looked at the cold hard numbers: Brady would turn 43 before he took a snap for the Bucs. And the history of 43-year old quarterbacks in the previous century of the NFL was not just below average, but terrible.

So Joe didn’t have a whole lot of hope Brady would become a stud with the Bucs. Joe sort of expected him to be a famous, expensive game-manager.

Boy, was Joe wrong. Brady is putting up some of the best numbers of his career. At 43! With a new coach, new offensive coordinator, new teammates, new conference, new division, new home, new state and a new climate.

Yet who is laughing now?

As such, in a column about what certain NFL teams/coaches/players will vow to do in their New Year’s resolutions, Joe’s good friend Mike Tanier of Pro Football Network hit the nail on the head when he scripted the New Year’s resolution for Brady.

I, Tom Brady, resolve to have patience with all of you mere mortals who are unworthy to bask in my reflected glory.

Brady isn’t a mere mortal, that’s for sure. A dude that is 43 and putting up some of the best stats of his life with everything new to him in the middle of a pandemic, turning around almost single-handedly a franchise that for over a decade could rarely get out of its own way, wow.

This is some special cat the Bucs got.

Aaron Rodgers? Excellent.

Pat Mahomes? Superb.

Josh Allen? Dynamite.

But for Joe’s money, Brady is your MVP.

20 Responses to “Patience”

  1. JP09 Says:

    Not bad for a downgrade!! I don’t like looking to next season while the Bucs finally made the playoffs and the season isn’t over yet. I will say this though, if you think this year was good, wait until next year with Brady at the helm. With a year under his belt and a full off season going into the season, we may see some truly historic numbers next year from Brady. As we all have witnessed, there has been no decline in arm strength. As long as the Oline keeps him upright he may throw 50 TDs next year!! Enough on next year though, time to take care of the Falcons and enjoy this playoff run. Go Bucs!!

  2. ClodHopper Says:

    Lol. Very funny.

    What’s going to happen next September? Everyone in the world will forget about this and be in a hurry to call him washed up. #Tradition

  3. '79 Defense Says:

    Man, it’s going to be difficult to adjust after Tom leaves to the endless Bucs search for a franchise QB worthy of a second contract. –Or will Brady be the first to get a second contract? That would be something.

  4. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Joe since you are in the mood for confessions, can you finally say Jameis is not and was never America’s QB? This title belongs to Brady.

  5. Roy T. Buford Says:

    It’s not just skill, but it’s also about leadership and the difference stong leaders can make…something else Joe is wrong about!

  6. Roy T. Buford Says:

    There is no question that while Brady is indeed THAT good, he also has a cast of stud receivers with him, even with a medicore O line on the left side. THAT has to account for something too. So of course the receivers make Brady even better. In fact, they can make ANY QB that much better, as they did with the last one, who turned out to be a bust. I’d love to get one more year out of Brady, and see them draft a developmental QB, even if they (hopefully) draft DEAD LAST.

  7. Georger Says:

    Where is all the talk about how hard BA’s offence is to run. QB’s do much better in the second year. If that is true what are Brady’s numbers going to look like next year 5250 yards 48 TD’s 6 int’s

  8. Bird Says:

    Welcome aboard joe to the Bucs pirate ship😂
    Took you long enough
    The other joe was here from the beginning. Most of us have with brady

    Brady is not gonna make a mockery of his legacy. He will go when its his time. The dude takes care of himself. Still has zip in his arm. I mean he is crazy enough to drink a few gallons of water a day with all the supplements he takes. So i think he is full go next year too

    I know bucs need oline and dline in draft. (They should not waste another db in draft. Get free agent db who wants to play with brady)

    But what if they go all in and got RB Etienne from clemson. Kid is amazing on screens which bucs are lacking and brady loves. I like rojo and i like vaughn but that would be next level pick.

  9. bucsince79 aka bumaneer Says:

    Well said,,,

  10. Kentucky Buc Says:

    This Bucs season is very similar to many of Brady’s seasons. Up and down, get blown out at least once then come together at the end of the season. It’s like he uses the whole season to practice and try things and get down what works best for each team he’s on.

  11. Hodad Says:

    Nothing new for you here Joe. You were also wrong about “America’s quarterback Jameis Winston”! That sounds more ridiculous now, then it did then.

  12. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Hell Hodad….. don’t forget about Johnny Foosball too.


  13. G DAWG Says:

    Brady is da KING

  14. Jason Says:

    Brady is like Bret Hart.
    The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be!

  15. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Two names out there for next year joe. Both free agents . Call me crazy here but these guys would complete this team. Gilmore and James White. Gilmore would be tough but he is getting a little older so price may come down. James White is do-able . Just thinking ahead. James is the ultimate pass catching back. Totally selfless.

  16. Bird Says:

    2019: 4,057 yards, 24 touchdowns, eight interceptions, 60.8 percent completion rate

    2020: 4,234 yards, 36 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, 65.9 percent completion rate

    Bradys numbers from Pats to Bucs And he has 1 game to go
    He will get 4500 yarda
    He will get hopefully multiple tds

    Brady loves his new team and new weapons

  17. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    Amen JP09! Drafting Etienne is what the Chiefs would do, and did.

  18. 6throundpick Says:

    TB12 has never been bad. He just has a history of being very, very god and/or great. Mr Consistency in a game that changes constantly. Nobody has been as consistent for as long. All the rest is fabricated; proven to be wrong, again and again.

  19. 6throundpick Says:

    Surely, there is some other reason besides hard work, dedication, diet, self-care, talent and intelligence, that Tom Brady has been such a consistent winner in the NFL? Of course, this implies that one knows all of these things. All I can attest to is what others have CONSISTENTLY remarked on for over 20 years. There will always be that slice that supplants all of that with unbalanced ego and fact-checking filtered through their own desires. What are THEIR credentials?

  20. Cindy Says:

    Maybe it’s time for disrespectful, incorrect more often than not, blogger, Joe…to start showing some much deserved respect, and start calling the man by his name…..”Tom Brady”…. and leave off the foul mouth adjectives!!