May Saints Unleash Drew Brees?

January 16th, 2021

Return will help.

In November, Drew Brees fractured ribs. Needless to say, he also missed some time.

Brees returned just before Christmas, but he largely has been a checkdown artist since. Oh, he puts up good numbers and that is in large part due to his superior weapons, like running back Alvin Kamara who can take a short pass and turn it into a 30-yard gain.

Gregg Rosenthal thinks Sunday’s game may be when Sean Payton lets Brees step away from the wheelchair — in part because he’s had one more week of healing. Another reason, Rosenthal believes, is the Bucs are prone to giving up big pass plays.

And with the Bucs struggling the past month to get to the quarterback, it’s all the more reason to let Brees air it out, Rosenthal types.

Brees has had to work hard for yards since returning from the rib and lung injuries that forced him to miss four games. He’s topped 7 yards per attempt once in his last seven starts overall, and big plays have been hard to come by. Facing the Bucs may change that, however. Tampa is struggling to rush the passer (three sacks over the last two games) and is prone to giving up chunk plays; the pass defense numbers (such as EPA and DVOA) have declined after a strong first half of the season. The matchup was a brutal one for Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles during a 38-3 loss in Week 9.

Joe doesn’t know how the Bucs keep the Saints under 30 points. Bowles’ history against Drew Brees is awful. The Bucs just last week made an XFL backup hack look like Russell Wilson. This is not a good blend for the Bucs.

And this is why Joe believes for the Bucs to win, it’s got to be in a shootout. First one to 40 takes it.

32 Responses to “May Saints Unleash Drew Brees?”

  1. SB Says:

    I actually believe that we are dialed in for this game

  2. Pickgrin Says:

    Time for this expensive and talented – yet recently under-achieving D-Line to STEP the F*ck UP!

    Bucs win this game and head to the NFC Championship if we can get an effort up front tomorrow from Suh, Barrett and JPP that even resembles the harassment these guys dished out to Rodgers back in Oct.

  3. TheBradyBunch Says:

    I highly doubt Brees will air it out. The Bucs have shown zero ability to stop offenses who dink and dunk the ball. Bowles will have the corners giving a 5 yard cushion on all passes 10 yards or less. Why try to throw it 25 yards or more when you can make 8 yard passes all day with zero resistance. The weakest part of our defense plays perfectly into what the Saints like to do on offense.

  4. #1bucsfan Says:

    If our defense can do what we did against the packers to the saints for sure we win this game but a shootout. I’d much rather have a suffocating defense but reality is this will prob be a shootout.

  5. TampaTown Says:

    Another terrible defensive performance and Bowles should be fired.

  6. Mitch Says:

    I’m pretty sure Devin indicated in his press conference earlier this week they would be playing them different this time around. I don’t remember exactly what he said but it was the same one where he said this needs to be a statement game & that he wants to get a pick and a sack off of Brees.

  7. BillyBucFan Says:

    I watched every play where Lattimore covered Evans and he was in press man even when the rest of the team played zone.

    1 on 1 matchup is almost a guarantee if that continues.
    Of course after Godwin or AB torches Jenkins, that may change.

    Either way, I believe Big Mike will have his number tomorrow.
    Back shoulder throws then over the top.

    I can see Gardner Johnson running his mouth and the Saints DBs arguing amongst themselves by halftime.
    Hopefully his own team punches him in the mouth.

  8. Logan Says:

    I am a huge Bucs fan but I have zero faith in this defense. I want to believe they will be dialed in. I want to believe they have a chip on their shoulder and show the NFL world they are better than they have been, but experience tells me we will be getting the same old defense. We are gonna get soft zone coverage, with zero pressure and we gotta hope that the Saints fumble or Brees throws an easy pick to keep them from scoring. I hope to God I am wrong, but again, experience tells me this is who they are.

  9. aFEDupBUCfan Says:

    44-21 saints💁🏾‍♂️

  10. J dubb Says:

    I feel like our D will play Brees a lot better than Heinecke. A lot of Heinecke’ s plays came from scrambling around and running with the ball. That is not Brees’ game. I think we can slow him this week, I fear Rodgers more.

  11. Alexander Nascimento Says:

    The QB must go down early and must go down HARD.
    If we can pull this off, and knock Brees out of the game, you can put that game in the bank.
    Of course, easier said than done, but a guy can dream, right?
    Go Bucs!

  12. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Why would Payton change his O so Brees can make big play? Our DB’s play bend don’t break defense that is why DB’S so far back to prevent the big play. Tje problem is they don’t react to the underneath passes quick enough. In most cases Bucs not bad in red zone but used to always make a penalty or two allowing the TD. Lately no penalties and more field goals. Saints are good in red zone so this defense won’t work. Not sure what they do except same as our concerns for Brady, make Brees uncomfortable and rush his throws. Stop Kamara, Thomas did nothing against Bucs last 2 games.

  13. Mark Says:

    Using stats from the last two games is silly. Bucs were in control of both and clearly held some blitzes back. XFL qb looked great against what was essentially a prevent.

  14. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Which begs the question, why are we in a prevent defense against an xfl QB?

    Seems like we are in prevent every game , until the second half ( maybe)

  15. DBS Says:

    We have seen it time and again. 3rd and 17. Easy 1st down on a pass. Only they will do it with Hill on a trick play. It could even be on a scramble by missed tackles. That is just how this defense is. We have watched it time after time. The only hope we have is the offense and Brady .

  16. Joe Says:

    Why would Payton change his O so Brees can make big play?

    Matchups. Also Payton may thing a couple of Bucs corners are vulnerable.

  17. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Somewhere ndog is dreaming of a Brees injury and Taysom Hill out with COVID so his hero can destroy us.
    I would love to see the Soiled Messiah play against us.
    He’s at his best when the pressure is on!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!

  18. Pewter Power Says:

    The only reason this team isn’t going to the super bowl is not because of the players it will be the coaches fault. Arians is too stubborn to do something different and is giving leftwich/Bowles to much power to game plan and they both suck especially when it comes to the Saints. I expect this team to come out with the same pathetic game plan and lose convincingly.

    Yes Bucs shut down the vet and the nostalgia is just ridiculous. Defense was never the issue it was offense which is why the coach got fired and a new one hired. This team is nothing like the 2002 Bucs. Defense will get shredded again relying on defensive front too much to win and ignorantly playing zone the majority of the time with press corners. No faith whatsoever in this coaching staff at al to beat the Saints

  19. Bill_T Says:

    Every time you use terms like “XFL hack,” you illustrate your cluelessness. Heineke played the game of his life and he would have done the same to any other team. Even though he played lights-out, we still beat WFT.

  20. Pryda...sec147 Says:

    Devin white has a monster game

  21. mg Says:

    When all you see on TV is the back of the jerseys of your pass coverage team, 40 won’t be enough.

  22. The Red Mirage Says:

    38-31 Bucs

  23. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Again I find myself disagreeing with joebuc …. Yes the defense has been up and down this year… But with white back that makes A HUGE difference… I think the defense shows up this game and has one of their better games of the year!! I think they pick Brees off once and sack him twice!! I think white gets one and Barrett gets one…. I don’t think they’ll play that 10 yard off routine this game!! I think it’ll be tight coverage and trust the one on one…. Davis does an EXCELLENT job against Thomas because he matches up well with him…. I think you’re wrong and I think the bucs hold the saints to 24 points!!

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We should force Brees to go deep……that will likely mean we are shutting down Kamara….and the short passing game…..or the Saints are behind 2 scores….

  25. Pewter Power Says:

    white has been there and the defense still sucks. White won’t make a difference because he’s horrible in pass coverage. Everyone talking about Michael Thomas and Kamara but for some reason no one is talking about how Jared Cook eats against this defense. We don’t even have someone that can cover the tight end

  26. Leighroy Says:

    I see the saints using Taysom Hill and the screen game with Kamara to keep Bucs D off balance and counteract the blitz early. Then once Bowles adjusts back to the usual zone, Payton will get back to letting Brees slice and dice. Payton is just too smart, arguably the best offensive mind in the league. Cat and mouse.

    But the real key is the O. If they must, D just needs 1 critical stop and the O gotta score once more than them in a shootout!

  27. Jerry Says:

    Bucs also didn’t really gameplan for Heineke. They were planning for Alex Smith who is far less mobile.

  28. Defense Rules Says:

    Yes the Bucs lost 38-3 in the last meeting, BUT … Drew Brees paid a heavy price. That was the game supposedly when he fractured so many ribs. Made it through the first half of the next game (49ers), but Jameis played the whole 2nd half of that game. Drew missed the next 4 games, and when he did come back against the Chiefs, the Saints got whooped, badly (Brees had one of his poorer games).

    Brees bounced back in the following game against the Vikings, but Payton obviously modified their normal gameplan a bunch (Saints rushed 45 times versus 28 passes) to help him. His 2 games since then (Panthers & Bears) have featured a very BALANCED ATTACK in terms of run vs pass.

    Since coming back from his 4-week absence, Brees has done reasonably well (12-for-24) when it comes to throwing deep passes:

    o 4 for 11 deep against the Chiefs.
    o 5 for 7 deep against the Vikings.
    o 2 for 3 deep against the Panthers.
    o 1 for 3 deep against the Bears.

    One thing that’s always impressed me about Drew Brees (much like Tom Brady in this regard) is that he’ll take what the defense gives him. If you can’t stop the run, the Saints will pound you with the run. He’s also very selective as to WHEN he’ll throw deep, and I applaud his patience in setting up the deep pass opportunities. I’m gonna guess that PATIENCE combined with TAKING WHAT THE DEFENSE GIVES HIM are two of the key reasons why Drew has the most passing yards in NFL history.

  29. David Says:

    I still think most of their offense is check down and the Bucs defense absolutely needs to make the tackles. Fly to the ball, wrap up, go for the ball only when the runner is secure, and make the damn tackles

  30. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Brees has absolutely no arm strength. He can’t throw the ball 30 yards with any zip at all. Our corners need to be up on the Saints receivers. 42-38 Bucs.

  31. SOEbuc Says:

    “Oh, he puts up good numbers and that is in large part due to his superior weapons, like running back Alvin Kamara who can take a short pass and turn it into a 30-yard gain.”

    The Bucs are good at making short screen tackles when they are playing closer. Practice squad and backups chew up yards in this zone blitz getting no pressure. If it’s the same and we lose, Bowels can start talking with whoever he wants and I wouldn’t give a sh!t.

  32. Scooter Says:

    Halftime. A trick play and a long punt return. maybe Bucs caught Aints looking to Green Bay.Aints are beatable today.