Joe Tryon And The Bucs

January 23rd, 2021

Stressed as we count the hours until tomorrow’s 3 p.m. Bucs kickoff at the NFC Championship?

Joe’s got a fresh 2021 mock draft from a true draft guru to divert your attention.

Former Ravens, Browns and Eagles scout Daniel Jeremiah, the former college QB who now is the lead NFL Network draft guru, popped his first mock draft of 2021 yesterday.

Mock draft season in Tampa is usually served with stuffing at Thanksgiving, but this is a very different and glorious year.

Joe enjoyed this mock draft primarily because Joe had to scroll so far down the page.

Of course, the Bucs’ draft position isn’t set yet, but Jeremiah hypothetically placed them at No. 29, which apparently means he believes they will lose Sunday at Green Bay. (Booo, Jeremiah. Booo.)

Jeremiah has the Bucs possibly trying to replace free-agent-to-be Shaq Barrett with a bigger linebacker/edge rusher, redshirt junior Joe Tyron. He stands about 6-5, 260 pounds out of the University of Washington.

Pick 29
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Joe Tryon · Edge rusher

Tryon is very well regarded around the league. He has size, length and power. He would be a nice fallback option if the Bucs lose Shaq Barrett in free agency.

Joe is always in favor of drafting a pass rusher, but Tyron is a unique choice because he didn’t play during the 2020 season. He opted out of the season early and declared for the draft when The Sickness put the Pac-12 season on hold.

How do you judge a guy like that well enough to choose him in Round 1?

This draft will test the skills of scouting departments like no other, especially after the NFL just banned private workouts and player visits to teams.

35 Responses to “Joe Tryon And The Bucs”

  1. January1979 Says:

    Joe, not that it matters but Jeremiah based the last four spots on season records since the games haven’t been played yet. No slight meant against our Bucs!

  2. mad max Says:

    DT Darius Stills will hopefully be there when we pick 32nd…my lineage of draft help continues….you’re welcome Mr. Licht and Glazers.

  3. Topdoggie Says:

    The way I’m thinking is if he had played no way he makes it down to us in the draft.

  4. Topdoggie Says:

    Madmax who does stilis play for?

  5. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    DL and QB definitely areas to be addressed.

  6. westernbuc Says:

    I don’t want anyone on my roster that opted out.

  7. Darin Says:

    No thanks on a guy who opted out. More opt outs could be ahead cuz virus’ will always be around.

  8. Mort Says:

    Stock the cupboard with D linemen. Both tackle and Edge rushers. Probably edge first.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We will need to draft a player or 2 that replace big money players due to our cap situation….that money would go to Godwin.

    My guess is the it would be Shaq & or Suh……..we may get comp picks & use them to move up and select a DT/DE.

  10. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Hey , what the hell. Never, ever talk about the draft when your team is still playing.

  11. Alexander Nascimento Says:

    Joe, Daniel Jeremiah considered the regular season standings to determine lhe last 4 picks but let it clear that this final four positions are TBD in the following weeks.
    Go Bucs!

  12. Bird Says:

    Edge rusher and defense tackle x 2

    Go bigger schools in first 2 rounds
    And maybe smaller schools in rounds 3-4
    Get db free agent cause no need to keep drafting dbs in early rounds and kinda missing. Our dbs need year 3 chance like brian kelly got.
    I like carlton davis from group. He just lacks in area of elite speed / vert

  13. Bird Says:


    Weather for tomorrow
    Going to snow only in morning it appears and not during game
    Wind only 6–7 mph so not a factor
    Weather 27-30 degrees which isnt terrible for this time of year as it is in single digits 8 degrees today as I’m posting.

    So nothing will affect passing game as guys will be wearing receivers gloves anyways for those cold hands.
    And lets get physical and hit people in run game. Cause it hurts to get thumped in cold weather

  14. Bird Says:

    Check out Tim Keown on bspn article about ryan jensen

    Pretty bad arse
    No wonder he is a little nasty
    Black belt in tae kwondo too
    Love jensen even more . Is he best center in NFL?

  15. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Mock draft season in Tampa is usually served with stuffing at Thanksgiving, but this is a very different and glorious year.

    That is a great line Joe!
    What a season so far!

  16. aFEDupBUCfan Says:

    Corner is out biggest need

  17. SteveK Says:

    Agree w Joe in pass rush logic.

    However, if Najee Harris or Travis Ettienne are there when we pick, in drafting the RB and getting Brady ankthe rated outlet out of the backfield-that can Catch to compliment RoJo.

  18. Allbuccedup Says:

    I don’t see how you can draft anyone in the first round that opted out. He probably won’t get selected until late second or third round.

  19. Aaron E May Says:

    I think we should go OT with that pick – we’ve seen very good tackles fall to the bottom of the 1st round or even out into the 2nd…how many really good 1st round talent…rush the passer edge rushers…fall to the bottom of the round? It would have to be a player with character issues or an injury.

    This is the 1st time that I can think of where my 1st draft post came in NFL week 20!

    Go Bucs!

  20. #1bucsfan Says:

    Deff gotta get more pass rushers. Badly. Also we need a QB to groom for after Brady. We need help in the secondary hopefully get a veteran from FA and we need to beef up the Dline a little more. Eventually going to have to replace suh and JPP both are on the wrong side of 30. Who knows about Shaq but deff gotta have a back up plan. Maybe another running back. Hopefully it will be a busy offseason for mr JL and that he has to to deal with the last pick in the draft.

  21. Leighroy Says:

    Aaron E May: TJ Watt, Cam Jordan, Bud Dupree and Chandler Jones, to name a few. So uh yea, “plenty” to answer your question.

  22. SKBucsfan Says:

    If we have to discuss the draft at this time the it’s O-Line or Edge in the first round …ALWAYS! Keep improving the trenches and the rest becomes easier.

  23. gotbbucs Says:

    There are four of five LB/DE’s that I would be happy with with our 1st round pick. Tryon is one of them, and probably the only one that will be available this late in the round.

  24. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Barrett will likely be back – a new contract probably wouldn’t add more than $3 million to current salary cap.
    During Tryon’s last season, 2019, he hardly showed up on stat sheet vs Oregon and USC. He had big games vs Oregon St, Utah and Stanford – and didn’t do much in Rose Bowl vs Ohio St – that’s a 1st round pick?

  25. Beeej Says:

    I don’t think Shaq will merit Lawrence Taylor type money. He likes Tampa, his family likes Tampa… Hopefully he’ll settle for a reasonable amount

  26. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Bucs fans: Have you seen Zaven Collins of Tulsa play? He could be the Bucs edge rusher and also drop into coverage (think of how many times you saw Shaq, JPP, or Anthony Nelson in coverage this year). I’m in agreement with taking an edge rusher in the 1st, if there’s one there that merits the pick. If not, edge in the 2nd, there’s several good prospects this year.

  27. TOM Says:

    Collins is one badass. If he falls that far (although I don’t think he will) grab him. There are also a few OL that should be considered. I would also try and sign Fournette to a team friendly contract. No AB.

  28. james west Says:

    we picking 32 not 29 LFG BUCS

  29. Duane Says:

    So many tough decisions in the off season. They should find a way to bring back Lavonte, JPP, and Suh. It hurts to say, but Shaq and Godwin could be luxuries we cannot afford. Draft the best available player, and see what the free agent market looks like to pick up the remaining pieces. Likely to be some solid veterans looking for a new job next season.

  30. Pigsueybucsfan Says:

    Isn’t JPP under contract for next year already?

  31. Joe in Michigan Says:

    The website I looked at:
    Edge Rushers:
    14) Gregory Rousseau, Miami
    31) Patrick Jones, Pitt
    48) Quincy Roche, Miami (also played at Temple, so Arians knows of him already)
    53) Hamilcar Rashed, Oregon State
    54) Chris Rumph, Duke
    56) Carlos Basham, Wake Forest
    63) Joe Tryon, Washington

    Linebackers/Edge Rushers
    3) Micah Parsons, Penn State
    34) Joseph Ossai, Texas
    37) Zaven Collins, Tulsa
    49) Dylan Moses, Alabama
    97) Azeez Ojulari

    This is one website’s opinion, anyway. My point is there seems to be some depth in the draft for edge rushers, to where the Bucs might find a good one in the 2nd or 3rd.
    As far as Darius Stills, he’s the 133rd rated prospect, listed at 6-1, 285. I don’t see a position fit on the Bucs, as they want their DE’s to be stout, 300+ pound guys. Just my opinion, anyway.

  32. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    I like an edge rusher as much as the next guy, but at some point, we gotta replace Brady. I would like him here next year so he can learn from the GOAT. We need a QB no later than Round 2 and if they are going fast, we need to trade up.

  33. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Alvin Scissors Harper: Agreed on QB. If one falls to the Bucs that Arians likes (Mac Jones?). I don’t necessarily like the thought of trading up, as it probably cost the Bucs their 2nd Rounder, where I’d like them to be able to get an edge rusher.

  34. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Joe in Michigan….we gotta get a QB in the draft. I think we can all agree, we don’t have the future QB on the roster currently.

  35. teacherman777 Says:

    3 peat!

    We are not drafting Brady’s replacement!

    He will win 3 straight Super Bowls.

    We will keep Suh, Barrett, and JPP and draft tgeir backups.

    We will keep our vets and let rookies have a year to be backups.

    Thats what a successful franchise does. They think long term.

    Go Bucs!

    1st round- DT/DE (like Suh)
    2nd round- OLB
    3rd round- CB (4.3 CB)
    4th round- OLB
    5th round- LB (replace Cichy)
    6th round- C
    7th round- (top rated player who dropped for “character issues”)