“Hey, Don’t Use This In The Broadcast.”

January 31st, 2021

Tom Brady is candid

Guys like Joe Buck and other network game broadcasters meet with starting quarterbacks, key players and coaches prior to each game.

It’s the NFL’s way of making the broadcast better, smarter and insightful.

And with the networks paying billions for TV rights, you better believe coaches and players are required to participate.

It’s a reason Joe listens to those announcers carefully — because they have knowledge few others do.

Buck did a Q&A with the New York Post last week that Joe found particularly interesting. He shared that Brady is an open book, eager to educate as long as the knowledge is used for background.

Q: Tom Brady in a production meeting? 

A: He’s become that way too. He’s smart because he’ll say, “Hey, don’t use this in the broadcast, but,” and then he’ll give you the information, and you can turn it into your own observation or your own background and then make a comment off that. [He and Aaron Rodgers] are two quarterbacks that really kind of open the playbook for us and tell us what to expect or what they’re thinking going in. And he’s very funny too. He’s not a guarded person talking to our group.

Q: What is Aaron Rodgers like in a production meeting? 

A: He is very open. Brett Favre, you had to kick him out of the production meeting, because he just kept going. Aaron’s the same way. Aaron’s on the list that treat it as therapy. He will tell you genuinely who in his opinion’s playing well, who can’t play, who stinks and how the guys around him are playing at that moment in time. He’s funny, he kind of challenges you when you ask him questions, he doesn’t just spit out the boring athlete-speak. He is thoughtful about his answers, and I think he’s got a lot of respect for Troy [Aikman] and knows that we’re smart enough to know what he’s saying is not all usable in the broadcast, but it’s good background for our information.

So that’s a tiny glimpse of how beans are spilled behind the scenes.

And it’s why Joe was extra intrigued that Buck mentioned in the same interview how much Tom Brady is doing for the Tampa Bay defense. Eventually, those details — with real examples — will come out.

As strongly as Bucco Bruce Arians talked about Brady and the Bucs defense, something especially unique must be happening.

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15 Responses to ““Hey, Don’t Use This In The Broadcast.””

  1. OBF Says:

    Let’s hope Brady plays the misinformation game this week!
    I wouldn’t trust the broadcasters in a game like this

  2. Winny Testaverde Says:

    I’m glad Joe Buck…and heaven forbid Father Dungy are not doing the broadcast. You can almost feel them rooting against the Bucs in all 3 playoff wins. CBS has it and Romo & Nantz will get another crack at it since they did the regular season matchup. Romo is good…might be trying a bit too hard at times but I prefer him & Nantz vs the alternatives.

  3. OHBucFan Says:

    That wasn’t my take. Brady and Brees then Rodgers and Brady. Gold for Fox. I think the Fox boys were just like us in the second half, wondering if anyone wanted to win the game, but otherwise, they called a good game.

  4. FanO’Bucs Says:

    Brady is the dude

    GO BUCS!!!

  5. Buxszntkt Says:

    Gotta say hate seeing Patriot #12 jerseys loitering around town. These pathetic patriot fans need to find a winning team to identify with as their own self worth has become so predicated on having a sports team that wins. With their team watching from home they are deciding they are Tom Brady fans now rather than loser Patriot fans. We don’t need you guys ! Go home to Bahston! Expecting my in-law to arrive Friday with his NE#12 on Friday. I guess he wants to be part of a super bowl team fan base when he really is not.

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    No question in my mind that Tom Brady has rejuvenated the Bucs. By the same token however, I think playing for the Bucs this year has rejuvenated Tom Brady as well. I’m sure that it wasn’t easy, even for Tom Brady, to essentially start over at age 43 in a new city, in a new system, with new coaches & new players … and new fans … but the result speaks for itself.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Byron Leftwich in a TV production interview:

    Announcer: “So, Byron….tell us your coaching philosophy”

    Byron: “I just want to give players an opportunity to succeed”

    Announce: “Could you expand on that?”

    Byron: “Well, we want to put players in a position to make plays”

    Byron: “Let me clear that up….We want to give the players their best opportunity to win football games”

  8. '79 Defense Says:

    As much as I can’t stand that Packers and never cared for Rodgers, I did feel a bit sorry for Rodgers after watching the NFL’s Mic’d up conference championship video (which they really did a great job on).

    After the game, JPP is talking to Rodgers, telling him how he respects him and telling him to keep his head up. It makes me appreciate JPP more, as well. Really glad he’s a Buc, and what a steal getting him was.

  9. gp Says:

    Buxszntkt Says:
    January 31st, 2021 at 12:06 pm

    Gotta say hate seeing Patriot #12 jerseys loitering around town.

    I hear what you’re saying brother but we should be welcoming them!
    Pointing out to them the best eateries and bars etc until they’ve emptied out their bank accounts.
    Then they can go home!

  10. gp Says:

    BTW, been meaning to ask. Are you an electrician?
    Your name sounds like a high voltage short.

  11. Liaastnfrmafar Says:

    Why would anyone feel bad for Roger’s? He’s very quick to throw his coaches under the bus when in 3rd & goal he throws to Adam’s in traffic versus putting his head down and run it in rather easily. To me that is just as bad as kicking the field goal. Roger’s put LeFlure in that situation. Take your $23 mil (which he’s trying to renegotiate) and go buy yourself a crying towel. He just can’t win, stop blaming everyone else.

  12. Buxszntkt Says:

    Lol, NO !

  13. Buxszntkt Says:

    I’m president of the Kay Adam’s fan club

  14. 6throundpick Says:

    The TB defense is saying: if we get the ball back to our offense, we’ll win this thing. OUTSTANDING!

  15. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I find it hard to believe that anything Joe Buck does could ever make the broadcast better, smarter and insightful. I wonder if he and Troy are going to complain about three American strategic bombers flying over for the SB like they did a regular season game.