“He’s Demanding Out Of Everybody All The Time”

January 5th, 2021

Joe’s ears really perked up when Donovan Smith starting talking in a pensive, hush tone.

Things got real serious for a moment on the Buccaneers Radio Network this week when Smith was asked about the daily impact of Tom Brady on the team.

The veteran left tackle struggled for words, and even asked fellow guest Ali Marpet for help expressing himself.

“It’s just this, you almost get this type of a vibe where like it’s just always just greatness,” Smith said of Brady’s way. “He is demanding out of everybody all the time, doing the right thing, doing their job, communicating and stuff like that. I think COVID makes it really difficult to really gauge, you know, how we would normally be throughout the locker room and through the facility with him. But it’s been pretty great, he mixes and mingles with a lot of guys – you know offense, defense and what not. So it’s been great to have him around.”

Joe sincerely was struck by how seriously Smith took the Brady question in what was a very light-hearted interview. He was asked about other players and reacted very differently.

Joe hates looking ahead to next season with a playoff game ahead, but Joe sure hopes Brady is willing to join the Bucs for 2021 spring practices, which he didn’t always do in New England. A full and normal year of Brady could really forge a long-term culture change at One Buc Palace.

46 Responses to ““He’s Demanding Out Of Everybody All The Time””

  1. WiscoJoe Says:

    Hopefully with a padawan taken in this years draft willing and eager to learn from TB12.

  2. Beeej Says:

    If Saturday is the last game he ever plays, his impact on our team will never be surpassed

  3. Shecky Says:

    That’s pretty freakin’ awesome. I don’t know how many times it needs to be pointed out Brady is just a special cat; as a player, teammate and as a leader.

  4. Casual Observer Says:

    Brady’s positive intangibles are ubiquitous throughout this organization. We hear about some of it from many sources. And his on field performances (especially these last few games) aren’t too shabby either. What an addition. What a leader!

  5. Roy T. Buford Says:

    For the life of me I don’t understand why Joe can’t understand and embrace the reality of leadership and exponential (good or bad) impact it has on a team. Brady is the expert in his field; sets the example; selfless; cares for people; integrity, work etchic, charisma…and RESULTS. Brady’s definitely the leader of WHOLE team, and given what we see around town, and in the news…he’s the face of the franchise.

  6. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Going around town today doing some of my home projects, I stopped into Ace Hardware. Well, on the next aisle I overheard a customer talking to an Ace employee about his project for Saturday, and the Bucs game came up. And then up came Brady and how he’d make sure the Bucs win this.

    Uncommon as of late. It was like the old SB era days when you’d see and hear Bucs talk all over the place. Get the fever!

  7. gbobucsfan Says:

    Dang, is it Saturday yet? Can’t wait!

  8. David Says:

    It will be real important for them to draft a QB to sit behind Brady hit a year (maybe 2?) and just learn how to lead the team day in and day out.
    Kyle Trask seems to be a good choice with the draft pick they’ll be getting.

  9. Robert Says:

    I still say we’d have had more wins with JW.

  10. Joe in Michigan Says:

    It was close, Brady only had 11 more wins as a starter (so far) this year. Hahaha

  11. Godlovesbucs Says:

    Robert- Huh??? Winston never won this many games in his time here. What games thatbwe lost would winston have won? And more importantly what games did we win that winston would have lost?

    I highly doubt we win the chargers game or the first atlanta game with winston. And possibly not the NYG game. Only game you can maybe say we would win woth him os the chicago game, and even that is a stretch.

    I liked winston. I wqnted him to succeed. I was even ok keeping him this year. But to say he would have won more than brady is a huge stretch to say the least.

  12. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Have you ever heard in 20 years a teammate of Brady bad mouth him? Even Drew Bledsoe whose position he stole couldn’t say anything bad about him. Greatness brings respect. Like any good manager defining what motivated your team is the ultimate skillset.

  13. Buc1987 Says:


  14. sincethebeginning Says:

    Golly jeepers, that sounds like evidence of “leadership”. Maybe that really does matter after all.

  15. Robert Says:

    Need to check yo sheets

  16. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Winston eats W’s, you eat D’s.

  17. Listnfrmafar Says:

    FYI Joe, Arians is 0-2 in playoff games against st Rivera. Things that make you go hmmm.

  18. Mitch Says:

    Listnfrmafar- Arians was also limited too a 4th string QB in one of those games. Much like Rivera may be Saturday with Heinecke.

    Also Wirfs went up against Chase Young in college and held him to a single tackle on a run play. Man, I know Donovan is going to show up for the post season, and Wirfs is going to stonewall them.

  19. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Robert, please call your Mom into your room, have her give you a lollipop and change your diaper.

  20. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Mitch, just stating the facts. 2nd meeting Arians had the highest scoring offense with a healthy Carlson Palmer and got his ass kicked 49-10

  21. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Good info to tuck away, Mitch.

    Robert’s just punking the readers here. No one can possibly be that stupid.

  22. BillMFL Says:

    I have to admit that I was concerned that Brady was not quite what he used to be. But he sure came on. as the season went on. Both his accuracy and velocity began to show. The whole offense got better too. I think Brady got to play the game his own way and seemed in much better command of the offense.

  23. Howard Cosell Says:

    ……a long-term culture change at One Buc Palace.

    Is?……Is it?….is it possible?
    A real culture change?
    That means Brady will have to change the Glazers into good owners permanently, not just the year they have Brady

    Brady is a trip.
    Howard really thought he would come to Tampa and struggle to win like D-jax, GMC, Kwon, Winston, Revis, Davin Joseph, Penn, Aqib, Gaines Adams RIP, Barrett Ruud, Michael Bennett (no good reason!). FitzMagic and Josh Freeman.

    Don’t forget the sh*theads like Swaggy, ASJ and the Sergeant.

    Watching from Tampa Howard had no idea that Brady was the force of nature behind NE’s success….and now ours

  24. Mitch Says:

    Listnfrmafar I understand what you are saying, but Alex Smith isn’t the MVP like Cam Newton was that year and this Washington team didn’t win 15 games like the panthers did. It’s a completely different team, and though I know we Bucs fans can be naturally cautious, pessimistic, or even traumatized by our mostly laughing stock of franchise(except 79 2000, and 2003).. I refuse to be this year. I’m wearing the Bucs proud; they will win big Saturday.

  25. jjtixs Says:

    @ Howard.amen brother……………….and wherE is ASJ ?????????????

  26. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Mitch, not sure about playoffs but Alex Smith is 2-0 over Brady in reg season. I’m a bit concerned about match up.

  27. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I always wondered IF it was Brady, or Belichik, but now there is no doubt. W/O Brady, Belichik has been exposed as a mere mortal.
    Tom Brady made him look invincible, when he was a Patriot.

  28. mg Says:

    TB-12 takes his job seriously. The ultimate professional.
    It’s catchy. Go Bucs.

  29. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    Brady’s throwing lasers & touchdowns; Belicheat is throwing phones and fits with the media. It’s been enjoyable.

  30. Howard Cosell Says:

    All the flattery aside, the Bucs need a sense of urgency or they’ll get humiliated by “The Football Teams” d-line

  31. stpetebucsfan Says:

    OK I finally have a Brady story. My wife and I were walking at Crescent Lake on a lovely day with many dog walkers. I would stop some of them to ask the breed of their dog.

    One young lady had an awesome Newfie. In chatting with her she revealed she had recently moved to St. Pete from Boston.

    I asked her if she was pissed that we stole Brady. She smiled back and said “Oh no I live here now.” What a freaking awesome area that we hear too infrequently from our transplants. A lovely lady with an awesome dog.

  32. PatsBucsfan4years Says:

    WTF’s(Washington Team Footballs) have no business hosting a home playoff game…
    Going forward NFL should not let teams with win loss records less than wild card top seed be rewarded with a home game by being turd that wouldn’t flush!

    Tampa Bradys 48
    WTF’s. 6

  33. webster Says:

    So beeej says if the bucs lose sunday, brady’s impact on the team will never be surpassed. Wtf? So a wild card loss is a bigger impact than sapp, brooks, lynch etc winning a superbowl? Wow. Thats a new one to me.

    @ chris apple

    When will this fan base realize it takes a team to win? So i guess you forgot that the patriots had about 12 players 8 from their #1 defense opt out for the covid season? We as buc fans bi+c#ed and moaned about the bucs not having white and barrett for one week yet you dont think the patriots having like 12 players and a few pro bowlers opting out didnt hurt them? I can guarantee if the bucs lost 8 players from defense we would not be 11-5.

  34. Carl Says:

    Brady will never leave Football. Either news caster or a coach. My only hope is he gives the Buc’s and fans at least two more years. He looked great for a team he had never played with and had no pre-season to really connect to with routes to throw. One things Pats do is run almost syncronized routes and he just lays it to them on the run!

  35. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    PatsBucsFan I would second that they should come to us so they can slip on our field.

    Even my wife and daughter are seeing that he just loves football and is a consumate competitor. He’s truly changed this offense, defense not so much unfortunately.

  36. Capt.Tim Says:

    Brady is the Goat.
    He can win any game he plays.
    Fantastic to have him here. No negatives. Nothing but positives.

  37. Jmarkbuc Says:


    I’m glad that it appears that Tom was the reason, for Toms sake. I wouldn’t count BB out in the future… he did have significant Opt outs this season, and if there was ever a season to not do well it’s this Corona season….

  38. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Pat’s had 8 opt outs, 3 starters but only Hightower would of made a wrinkle off difference, the opt outs is an excuse. Bill Belichick makes $25 million which helped drain their salary cap and was not willing to sign Brady for $20 million. The bargain basement Patriots are no more, they paid Cam Newton $1.1 million, the old cliche, you get what you pay for. FYI they had the lowest payroll since 2016.

  39. SCBucsFan Says:

    Lombardi coaching with Walsh as his assistant would not have won 8 games with the Pats talent this year

  40. SlyPirate Says:

    JOE … In article after article you ardently claim to disbelieve in team leadership. Then, you get all choked up when a player talks about the leadership impact of another player. Check yo sheet Mr Joe Bucs Fan. Ya believe in leadership.

  41. PKmonsoon,ma Says:

    As a long time Pat’s fan and massholio who moved to SWF a year ago I left my pats loyalty back there. I am happy to see TB doing well. The pats owners and BB didn’t deliver on their promises to Tom. They were supposed to give him more say in the running of the team and involve him in decision making. They disgenuiosly asked his opinions and advise and didn’t follow any of it. Pardon the pun but they Patriotized him. Do you think if Tom stayed in NE all those teammates would have opted out? Go Bucs, go TB. I can see him involved with the Bucs after he retires. This move could be part of a long term plan of his and it could be mutually beneficial. He could be the John Elway of Tampa Bay. But more successful. Stranger things have happened.

  42. $acbuc$ Says:

    If Mr I’m a left tackle let Brady get hit continuously then pull him please. He has no finish the block in him. Any pass rusher with speed to power can beat him. He has a kick step punch the linemen to the outside and that’s it. The dlinemen with the third move gets him every time. They go right around him and on the quarterback before you know it.

  43. Jonny Says:

    Tom Brady, because of his work ethic, knowledge, immense experience and winner mentality is what a horrible perennially losing franchise like the Bucs needed. No matter what happens going forward, we will have players with a winning mentality from now on. I seriously hope Brady makes Tampa his home for this life and is involved in a major capacity with this franchise going forward. I also wish Arians forgives Winston’s immaturity and brings him back as a backup to get one last chance after Brady retires. This team can stay relevant for a long time of the heir in wait has humility along with the arm talent winston has.

  44. Hodad Says:

    He’ll be here Joe. Spring in N.E. is still winter, and who wants to be in N.E. in the cold when you don’t have to? Spring here is the middle of summer everywhere else. Brady will love working out here in the spring.

  45. Cj massie Says:

    My favorite comment on hear was about the Newfie(dof)

  46. Cj massie Says: