Bruce Arians’ Message To Players: Look But Don’t Think

January 20th, 2021

Once upon a time, Buccaneers coaches used to be concerned about players driving down Dale Mabry Highway and getting ideas as they stared at the marquees of Mons Venus and 2001 Odyssey.

Nowadays, Bucco Bruce Arians is worried about something else when his players cruise around Tampa.

All that Super Bowl hype signage on every other Tampa street-light pole, plus Super Bowl displays seemingly everywhere, easily could get players thinking past the NFC Championship game.

Arians said today that he is telling players to keep a razor focus on the Packers and to avoid the noise literally all around them.

“You start thinking about the Super Bowl, get your ass beat and be packing your bags on Monday,” Arians said.

It’s certainly a rare dynamic to have a team surrounded by so much Super Bowl hype long before qualifying for the game.

Joe suspects there are a handful of psychologists out there who would claim it’s somehow a good thing.

24 Responses to “Bruce Arians’ Message To Players: Look But Don’t Think”

  1. aFEDupBUCfan Says:

    36-17 GB๐Ÿ’๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ. Our Secondary will not go back to back weeks and play the way they did this past Sunday. Gotta feeling the defense will be humbled this time around. Dean will be hit with multiple double moves due to his pick in the first game. Brady will be brees like this week.๐Ÿ’๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ….. Even with Vita Vea who is a huge plus cause to play Rodgers with no pressure score will be 44-17๐Ÿ’๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  2. huh Says:

    January 20th, 2021
    Buccaneers coach Bruce Ariansโ€™ concerned about players driving down Dale Mabry Highway and getting ideas as they stared at the marquees of Mons Venus and 2001 Odyssey. His Message To Players: Look But Donโ€™t Think โ€œYou start thinking about that thang, you get your ass beat and be packing your bags on Monday,โ€ Arians said.

  3. Steven007 Says:

    Fed up, hey idiot, that’s basically the same thing you said the last two games. How’d that work out for you?

  4. PatsBucsfan4years Says:

    Bucs 33
    Packers 31
    Barn burner with Succup hitting 31 yard FG with 0:02 left

  5. Darin Says:

    Get a hobby and a girlfriend. You need some tail baaaaaaaaad. Nothing better to do than predict a loss on this here bucs site? And you give two different scores. Not every day I witness such stoopidity

  6. Chris Boyd Says:

    i cant see bowles switching back to that soft zone. i honestly think he just did it cuz of the teams we were playing at the end of the reg. season, and against washington he didn’t know what to expect.but if its this clear that we’re a better press man team to us, you can be sure he knows it too. im guessing we’ll see a lot of 2 deep safety, press man, with lbs doing some blitzing, some dropping back into zone, we’ll see winfield blitz, prolly get an smb blitz or two, too. davis will do a solid job against adams, like he has whenever he has lined up against thomas, hopkins, adams….but part of why gb has been so successful is their run game, and especially if we get vea back, we’re set up to stop that. make them one dimensional, they lose the effect of the play action, we take advantage of them missing bahktiari. offensively, they cant stop the run, they have an okay pass rush, but nothing like what we’ve dealt with the last 2 weeks. alexander is a great corner, super underrated, and their safeties are solid, but a little undersized, we should be able to take advantage with gronk and brate. literally the only major advantage they have is rodgers, and its hard to say there’s a giant gap between anyone and brady, and their home field, but there will be minimal crowd noise, and the adrenaline better be pumping so hard that you dont notice the cold in a game like this. we should win this game, fairly easily. lets go bucs!

  7. buc15 Says:

    @aFEDupBUCfan – Is that you Steve Smith?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I. Just want to let this be said as a patriots fan you are going up against the best offensive in the league but guess what that doesn’t matter because you have tom Brady the best ever but the only way you win the game isn’t tom it is his receivers tom can’t catch the ball to so to the bucks go bit it you sux but to tom brady the best ever i hope you win we miss you in Boston

  9. Mario V Albano Says:

    A fast defense towards Rodgers & a defense cover-2 approach. Knock Rodgers out early, Buccaneers waltz to Super Bowl, baby. Hey Brucie, give credit NO ONE gave to Tampa Bay the whole season! TB12, AB, Gronk, Evans, Rojo, DLs & OLs got none: Special Team will come as well to beat everyone’s butt, you’ll hear?

  10. G in MA Says:

    TB good luck with you all the way . For the rest of the team good luck don’t let the bright lights blind you! Stay focused!
    Patriot fan since 1960 .

  11. PSL Bob Says:

    A Bucs win will require more play action on first down, more deep throws by Brady, get a healthy lead and then start pounding the ball. On defense we need more blitzing than we’ve done the last few weeks to get Rodgers off his spot. Mix man coverage with zones. Let the D hunt the way they did in the Saints game. I don’t think 30 points will get it done in this game. Brady’s got to be on his game and connect with Godwin and Gronk, who’ve got to make the spectacular catches they’re accustomed to. Everything has got to be clicking this game, because GB is a very, very good team and playing lights out. Hopefully, the Bucs can do the same and bring home a W.

  12. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Tampa take down that SB crap, Bucs are about to see Heinike on steroids. Roger’s ain’t no rookie or beat up he’s the real deal and nothing worst than the home team losing in Lambeau. Those cheeseheads have nothing else to look forward to. Go Bucs!

  13. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:


  14. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Speaking of the Super Bowl, the city of Tampa FINALLY got rid of that stupid law, preventing anyone from buying Beer, Wine, or Liquor until 11 am!

  15. bojim Says:

    Packers are next. Do not take them lightly. Got to get by them first!!

  16. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Hey aFED…….you are the true definition of a troll…..NDog? Tmax? Buco Sheepo? DB55? O’Neill? Which one? :Please have the nads to claim your true identity. I’m sure you probably used another name last week to say the Bucs would lose.

  17. #1 Buc s Fan Says:

    I think the Packers will come out fast and furious. They want to show everyone that week 6 was a fluke. I could see us down 10 or 14 at the half but I think we will win it by a fg. 34-37 Bucs are going to the Bowl baby. If we can get any kind of pass rush going, Rodgers will struggle. He did uncharacteristically bad eeven from a clean pocket in week 6. That will not happen again. Pressure him we win. Dont, it’ll be a long day

  18. David Rice Says:

    I wonder where they are practicing this week? Better get acclimated to the Green Bay temps!

  19. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Don’t worry….aFEDupBUCfan Says:

    He simply left out three letters in his name…UCK needs to follow the F

  20. Brady is a cheater Says:

    Fed up is right y’all. Brady will look slow like brees did. And the Tampa d will fold up in the cold. Pack your bags boys

  21. Robert James Says:

    man , i fell in love at space odyssey with a girl just trying to pay her through college.


    Bro fed up!!! Your FR FR a total pencil โœ๏ธ neck I can just tell that you live with your mom still.

  23. David Says:

    Balanced attack and back to the play action. The Bucs O are going to bust out in the playoffs this week.

    D- The soft zone days are gone. Tight physical coverage and getting pressure on
    A-aRon. The other big key is stuffing the run. The Packers have rushed for a lot of yards the last several weeks and have been a balanced offense. The Bucs D is not going to allow that.

    BUCS 37
    pack 17

  24. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Surely it makes them focus more?!? … I’ve played in playoff games and such and I never looked past the next team…. Of course their weren’t millions of fans watching and a chance to make history either!! Lol …. Biiiig difference!! … I think they’re up to the challenge!! … I think it’ll be really close all the way to the end of the 3rd quarter then the bucs will take a 7-10 point lead that they don’t give up