Ira Kaufman Explores The Leonard Fournette Saga, Donovan Smith Drifting, Bucs-Falcons Predictions, Cosmo’s Interruption & More

December 19th, 2020

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3 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Explores The Leonard Fournette Saga, Donovan Smith Drifting, Bucs-Falcons Predictions, Cosmo’s Interruption & More”

  1. Chris L Says:

    Looks like Brady bought the entire team some gifts today? I mean this may not be out of the ordinary for QBs but how awesome is this guy?

    Yes he can improve on things but I do believe he has changed this locker room and team and they rally with him. It must have been hard to team build in the age of covid but this team plays for each other and I think we can all agree brady has been a breath of fresh air.

    We all knew about the accolades and great play but this guy is 43 with nothing left to prove but seems like such a chill dude and great teammate and down to earth. I didn’t know it before but seeing him up close now as our QB and it is just awesome. I feel even when he leaves, he is going to leave a mark on this team and our young players for years to come and hopefully they can emulate his style for years to come and future teammates.

  2. Bucs4821 Says:

    Agreed on Freeman. I remember the stories, “every day it’s a race between Freeman and Barrett Ruud to see who can get to the building first.” If he didn’t have the work ethic, then say “he needs to do more,” through an anonymous source, or say nothing.

  3. KnoxvilleBuc Says:

    Podcast was awesome as always! Glad to hear some love for Marpet! He isn’t elite but he’s a rock on the line. A potential pro bowler every year. I’m glad you mentioned you mentioned him as a pulling guard. Top 5 pulling guard in the league. Very athletic and he seems like he’s at his most comfortable part of his game when called upon to pull.