Derrick Brooks Pleads For A Complete Game

December 25th, 2020

Another great episode of TAMPA TWO loaded with insight from Buccaneers legend Derrick Brooks alongside columnist Ira Kaufman.

Don’t miss this one as the Bucs sit on the cusp of the playoffs.

4 Responses to “Derrick Brooks Pleads For A Complete Game”

  1. Cobraboy Says:

    I dunno. After 14 weeks of schizophrenia seems the trend is set in stone.

    Protect Brady and the O clicks. Pressure Brady and the O gets ugly.

    Pressure the opposing QB and the D shines. No pressure and the D is room-temperature butter.

    The gamble is which combo shows up…

  2. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I loathe the idea of the Bucs having to go to GB, SEA, or NO. If I had to pick, I’d rather they go to NO as Brees is clearly not well and the Saints are banged up big; not to mention the Bucs should definitely want to settle a score with the Saints. But yes indeed, the need to put four quarters of football together.

    That said, it is not out of the question that MIN will fight like he11 today for their own playoff lives and just may beat NO. Similarly, while CAR is out of it, they are no slouches with TB and would love to knock off a division rival.

    I’d say the Bucs have about a 10% chance still of taking the division, but that goes to about 40% if the Saints lose today and the Bucs win tomorrow. My numbers are just a WAG, but you get the point.

  3. '79 Defense Says:

    Derrick, those were fantastic comments. It would be great if the players listened to your words. Get out there, fully take care of business, and start sending a message!

    Also Derrick, have you thought about wearing an ’02 jersey during TampaTwo- or maybe the orange that you wore in ’95? It would be good to switch it up. Many of us are still trying hard to forget the ’14-’19 jersey ever existed.

    –Ira, that Bears game was Sunday night, not Saturday.

  4. Infomeplease Says:

    Derrick Brooks is absolutely correct. Is time for this team (coaches and players) to step up and send this message… WE ARE THE BUCS!! Our defense will shut you down!! Our offense will score!! There’s nothing you can do to stop us!!!

    GO BUCS!!!