Buccaneers 31, Falcons 27

December 20th, 2020

Today was textbook 2020 Buccaneers football — and textbook Falcons football.

It’s why one team is 9-5 and the other is 4-10 and looking for a new head coach.

Man, the Bucs have become cardiac kids. Spotting the crappy Falcons a 17-0 lead on the road? No problem.

Yeah, it’s a big problem if you want to be a Super Bowl team, but today Bucs fans will take it.

What a ferocious finish for Tom Brady, who racked up 390 yards on 31-of-45 passing, 2 touchdowns and no picks.

Leonard Fournette was no Ronald Jones, but he did a good job helping ice game late and pounded in two TDs on the ground. It was the most points scored on the Falcons since Raheem Morris took over the head coaching gig 2 1/2 months ago.

Typical Bucs defense, smothering on the ground, very shaky against the pass and enough pass rush to close out a game, with Devin White joining that pass rush for a change.

Joe is not complaining, not today. One more victory and the Bucs are in the playoffs. It’s that simple.

Beastly days for Mike Evans and Antonio Brown, which is how it should be when you have this many freakin’ weapons.

The Bears (7-7) beat the Vikings (6-8). So erase the Vikings from the Bucs’ playoff picture and remember the Bears still own a head-to-head tiebreaker on Tampa Bay.

68 Responses to “Buccaneers 31, Falcons 27”

  1. Wesley Says:

    These starts are PATHETIC

  2. Alexstotle Says:

    Everyone just has to come in late and watch the second half only. Lot less stress and anger.

  3. TomTerrific Says:

    Haye the start, love the finish. Playoffs baby!!!

  4. Bucfanforever Says:

    One win seals playing in January. They control their own fate.

  5. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Free first downs? Well merry Christmas to us!

  6. sincethebeginning Says:

    Did you notice how Brady kept the game ball afterward? Bro wants to remember the game he brought us back from disaster with his own playcalling and style of play.

  7. Colonel Angus Says:

    NFL is a 60 minute game. All these comebacks should help build some character, at least they’ll be used to it come playoff time.

  8. Swanee22 Says:

    The team will not half a first half like this again. Brady will be calling the shots on offense and freedom to audible at will.

  9. BucsBro Says:

    Thank you, GOAT.

    Simple as that.

    He saved our season.

    Now time to pound Detroit and get in the tournament.

  10. DoooshLaRue Says:

    We’ll take it.

  11. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Thrilled to come out with the win, but can we learn how to cover receivers and get a pash rush early? Also, can we tell the team the game starts an hour earlier than it actually does?

  12. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    I knew my halftime giving up superstition would work. Go Bucs! I only changed my jersey twice and raised the flag one level. We entered God mode my friends.

  13. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    Great team win by this team! These players we focused after the first half and wouldn’t be denied! Very happy..

  14. 123urout Says:

    Bucs cannot have 0 pts against the rams or seahawks in the playoff. They need to have an explosive game for 60 minutes

  15. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    The play of the game was Winfield’s play in the endzone on that TD pass to Ridley.

  16. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Do we really want TB12 throwing 45 passes?

  17. BucsBro Says:

    Swanee — I hope so. Lesson better be learned after this game. Same thing happened early in the KC game.

    We played short-to-long today in the pass game. Set up short, then the deep ball comes open (AB). That’s Brady Ball.

  18. TampaTown Says:

    I can’t believe that 1st down call

  19. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Now I have to go play Santa for the kids. Thanks Santa for the early gift!

  20. BucsBro Says:

    Alvin — That was a hell of a play by Winfield. Saved the game.

  21. Chuckstutz Says:

    Love our prevent defense. Damn near prevented us from winning. Again.

  22. Buc4evr Says:

    A winning season!!! And the end to this game was just so funny. No way we made that last first down at the end. Hope the dirty birds are pissing and moaning tonight. LOL.

  23. Siege The Bay Says:

    way to turn it around! even without the 1st down game was already over.

  24. BradyBucs Says:

    Tom Brady is now 1 TD pass (32) from tying the Bucs single season record (33) set last year by Winston.


  25. Rod Munch Says:

    Bucs are not in the playoffs yet, they need to win one of these final two since they’d lose a 9-7 tie breaker to Chicago. People need to stop celebrating early, the Bucs haven’t won anything yet.

  26. BucsBro Says:

    Town — call was a gift. But I’ll take it!

  27. #1bucfan Says:

    We have the most inconsistent football team ever. Love that we got a win our record is the best we have had in forever but geez we can’t start like this in the playoffs. Why are so many WRs running open down the field. Tighten up boys or it will be a short playoff run

  28. Alexstotle Says:

    It’s good to get Brady Calls for the Bucs! We’ve always been on the opposite end of bad calls for far too long!

  29. FairMinded Says:

    Great comeback. Poor showing overall. We’ll take the win and celebrate for sure but these players and coaches better not think this kind of inconsistency will get them far in the playoffs. And as long suffering Buc fans we’re happy to celebrate a victory and winning season (9 wins!) but we know this team can put out it together and be truly dangerous

  30. geno711 Says:

    Atlanta leading or within one score in the 4th quarter of 12 of 14 games this year but are only 4 and 10.

    They are not a horrible team for 3 quarters but a horrible team in the 4th quarter.

    Glad we were able to get back in the game.

  31. Tamoabaybucfan Says:

    Grisly showed up big time at the right time……

    I think only 2 penalties & they were on special teams……

  32. Tbbucs3 Says:

    The slow starts are HIGHLY concerning

  33. Coburn Says:

    Less zone in first half and give Brady the reigns.. no waiting til you’re down then expecting Brady to clean up the mess his way

  34. Will Says:

    At work and missed the 2nd half. But have it recorded at home. Glad to see we woke up and won this thing.

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    We play them again week after next. They’ll have a chance to be spoilers….

  36. Rod Munch Says:

    Part of bringing Brady in was to get those calls the Bucs never ever get – and that last 1st down was certainly that. Strange call that goes against 100% of the time in the pre-Brady era.

  37. Logan Says:

    I’m not saying they’re last year’s Chiefs, but I do remember the Chiefs winning a lot of games coming from behind.

  38. ModHairKen Says:

    So, shut your mouth, Raheem. You’re now not getting the Atlanta job.

  39. Davenport Says:

    Winning is a great deodorant but we all know that good teams bury you in games that start like this one.

  40. Craig Says:

    Brady was very apprehensive to start the game. Missed Donovan Smith and didn’t trust Josh Wells.

    Second half, Leftwich actually abandoned his signature long, slow plays. I hope he can remember to do that some more. Slants and natural picks could get them a long way, maybe all the way home.

  41. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    TampaTown Says
    “I can’t believe that 1st down call”

    It really would not have mattered. We would have gone for it and gotten it anyway.

  42. Alaskabuc Says:

    Flat ass starts and second half turn arounds aren’t going to cut it in January. Would like to see a complete game in the next two weeks or I will maintain lack of faith in BA and staff’s overall competency level.

  43. Patrick Says:

    Love it! Raheem Morris had another 2nd half meltdown as a head coach! BHAHAHA!!!!!

  44. Dbbuc Says:

    And Pat’s are officially out of the playoffs.

  45. adam from ny Says:

    wow…….bunting is the new hargreaves

  46. Rod Munch Says:

    Did the Bucs run a slant today?

  47. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Yes they did Munch.
    And that was about the same time that we got our heads out of our asses offensively.

  48. Koryc Says:

    Joe’s: why does Bowles have a 3 and 5 but the DBs are playing 11 yards off? Automatic 1st down. Ps Murphy bunting sucks

  49. MadMax Says:

    I see it now…playing possum the first half and then bring it the 2nd half. Ok….if thats what it takes….just win baby!

  50. firethecannons Says:

    best play of the game on both teams was Winfield pass defense in the endzone

  51. Rod Munch Says:

    DoooshLaRue – I don’t know why we’re not using more slants, in particular with Godwin and Brown, they’d thrive on that and keep the pressure away from Brady. But I missed the slants, will look to see how they were calling it when I rewatch it. Thankfully we got the W in any case.

  52. Gettinthebucs Says:

    Definitely wasn’t pretty but a win is a win. Let’s go Bucs!

  53. Rod Munch Says:

    firethecannons – Yeah, that was an exceptional play. It’s amazing how much he physically looks like Ronde on the field, and seems to make plays like him. What a great pick.

  54. Buczilla Says:

    Devin White was amazing today and I think that he has 8 sacks on the year. That’s a crazy number for an inside linebacker!

  55. Jmarkbuc Says:

    What Alaskabuc said

  56. JimmyJack Says:

    Evans was amazing today. He and Brady have long found the chemistry I have been waiting for. Mike is my player of the game. Devin White gets the gameball though. He won the game for us!!

    The consistency is what seperates us from being elite. Amd its all on the offense. The defense is good enough to make big plays when it matters. But they aren’t going to smother anybody. The offense is built to do that. If the offense can ever start to dominate for 60 minutes we will be good enough to beat anybody.

    I am cery impressed with the Bucs this year. They still give some heart ache but they proove every week they are a true contender and a legit reaso to be optimistic!

    GO BUCS!!

  57. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Yeah but !
    WTF is going on with pass coverage in the first half ???

  58. Jameisgirl1 Says:

    Second week in a row that the refs have bailed out Tom Terrific. Won him a super bowl against the Falcons. Tampa may be on to something. Congratulations! Long time coming

  59. JimmyJack Says:

    Oh and Buc fans dont give up on the division just yet. 2 game left and theres no guarantee the Saints dont drop em both.

    As a long suffered Buc fan I could care less how my team wins The South. I will take any bragging rights i can get. No matter how petty. Feels good

  60. Buc4evr Says:

    Doesn’t matter what the score is, how many sacks or bad throws, TB is cool under fire and never gives up. He’s a monster in the fourth quarter.

  61. JimmyJack Says:

    Anybody notice we didnt throw the ball deep the entire first half(i think)?

    Everybody asking about our identity this and that…….maybe our identity is just that. Big huge pasding plays on offense…….Its exactly what Licht intended when he built this team.

  62. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    The 2nd half reminds me of what Adm Yamamoto said in Tora Torah Torah, ” I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant. ” That’s exactly what I feel this offense is, every game it sleeps the first half and then wakes up. It seems as Brady goes it goes. This defense is so frustrating gives up so many plays, but also it can make plays when it counts. Winfield has made 2 game saving plays, Devin White came thru huge today.

  63. Ed Says:

    The best thing Brady did was use first down to throw those WR screens to Brown and Godwin. Mike Evans cannot make those quick bursts but Godwin and Brown will. That killed the Falcon blitz. Kudos to Leonard Fournette making some key pickups and blocking the blitzed.

  64. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Bucs fans down 17-0… “Fire everyone”. Bucs fans after 31-27 comeback win…”uhh, well, uhh, we good” 🤪

  65. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Meanwhile may I enjoy kicking someone when they’re down…if they’re like a major jerk?

    Brady closes in on the playoffs today…Bill Belicheat and the Pats missed the playoffs for the first time in 12 years with their loss to Miami. Hmmm. Who needed whom?

  66. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    You like that!!!!

  67. TheBradyBunch Says:

    Town and BucsBro – that was a horrible call tho. First they make a bad spot, then the make a bad call when the ball isn’t there when measured. I mean wtf, how do they screw up both things and then compound it with screwing up the review. Probably didn’t matter but that was bad officiating.

  68. Hawk Says:

    It was **not** a bad spot. The ball is spotted where it was when his *body* made contact with the ground. Not where the ball was when he pulled it to his body. At that point, the ball was already dead.