Bruce Arians Talks “Mush Yards” & Tackling Fixes

December 16th, 2020

Interesting comments about Sunday’s bending Bucs defense from head coach Bucco Bruce Arians.

Against the Vikings, it was very much a mission accomplished for the Bucs defense, though it wasn’t all roses and daises. There was a plenty of stink in there with “14 missed tackles.”

The poor tackling — the Bucs missed the same total against the Rams — was very much on Arians’ mind last night during his official team radio show.

Arians suggested that the Bucs have been sloppy in practicing when it comes to tackling and he suggest a fix.

“When you’re practicing, break down just don’t tag people. Break down and get in good tackling positions and we’ll tackle better,” Arians said.

Joe found that line especially interesting considering last week defensive coordinator Todd Bowles said the bye week very much was about returning to fundamentals.

As for the Bucs’ run defense looking very average against Minnesota when it usually is elite, Arians said the run defense was victimized by the tackling, some poor position play and less safety involvement in order to prevent big pass plays.

“More of us mis-fitting a couple of run fits, which gave them two gashers; we were not in the right gap,” Arians said. “And then just missing tackles, hitting them at two yards and they gain five. Little things like that, mush yards, I call them. But the big runs, we were really mis-fitting or just missed the tackle straight out.”

Blocking and tackling never go out of style.

On Sunday, the Falcons should provide a great tonic, a Dirk Kotter offense that can’t run the football. Atlanta ranks 30th in yards per rushing attempt.

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11 Responses to “Bruce Arians Talks “Mush Yards” & Tackling Fixes”

  1. chris L Says:

    sounds like with the safety comment they did not want to get burned on the deep ball which makes sense. they gave up long drives and yards but stood tall when it mattered and kept them out of the redzone. turnovers and redzone efficiency = two most important stats to determine who wins a game. we won both those battles so no doubt we end up winning 26-14. missed kicks count as turnovers too.

  2. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Love it “mush yards”

  3. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Oh boy I love talking about tackling. I mean my online name includes the word “tackle”. Ole Tackleblockwin’s Junior High School football coach used to say something like, “ if you don’t think you can make the tackle yourself, then at least slow him down with good technique and desire.” He would get furious if defenders were leaping at ball carriers. And heaven forbid if you were one on one with a ball carrier and you tried to strip the ball instead of using proper tackling technique and wrapping up. Technique, technique, technique. It’s all about positioning correctly and tackling as a group. Some of the best tacklers were not always the biggest of guys but their smarts and desire could get them in proper tackling positions. There are few better feelings than making a clean tackle vs a bigger guy than you.

  4. PSL Bob Says:

    I was feeling it during the game. They’d hit Cook for what looked like a short gain, and all of a sudden he’d pop forward for a 6-8 yard gain. The next 3 weeks will provide an excellent opportunity to get the tackling back in order and gear up for the playoffs. Playoffs? Indeed!

  5. Chris A Says:

    Thanks, Chris. Joe was saving this for tomorrow, so will share it then. –Joe

  6. Louis Says:

    Perhaps it’s best to sit Rojo for the atlanta game and let his hand rest for a week….great opportunity to see what we have in Vaughn…plus the Falcons have a poor run defence. Added benefit is that Vaughn gets reps if he is needed to fill in during a playoff push, and get his timing down playing with the starters.

  7. unbelievable Says:

    Gee, maybe the head coach or one of the 113 coordinators and assistant coaches on the staff could make these guys tackle in practice then?

    Probably too novel of a concept for them.

  8. Jmarkbuc Says:

    The coach speak from this staff is incredible…

    Bowles said they are working on fundamentals, BA says we are practicing sloppy.

    Not sure what all these coaches are for, and if we actually even practice, since we don’t do game plans.

  9. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Where do they sit in the passing game? That’s where they’ll attack us and succeed. The line can’t get to the qb fast enough and because of Bowles soft zone coverage the dbs can’t cover. Same recipe every year. Green Bay was an aberration bit the norm. Soft coverage and missed tables and they made Cousins look like a mobile qb.

  10. SlyPirate Says:

    Another problem was readily apparent. They had Dalvin Cook. The guy is elite. He leads the league in all purpose yards.

    Yes, the Bucs took OJ ahead of Cook but what about Jacksonville? They took Fournette at #5. He wasn’t even good enough make the active roster in the last game.

  11. Ed Says:

    Bad tackling means bad fundamentals which is an attribution of poor coaching or players not doing their preparation. Choose any of above. This team has to learn to play just as hard in the first quarter as in the 4th. If Brady is indeed innacurate to start the games then how about changing the plays to let him carve up the defenses with his 8-15 yard darts. Gronkowski or a rate aren’t quick but Brown and Godwin and McCoy are so call their numbers earlier in the game, run slants and make Evans do some work over the middle. Then take your shots in the second quarter and in the third. This team can go far if it can hold the ball. Give the D some rest by holding on to the ball for 6 or 7 minutes