Brady = Playoffs

December 14th, 2020


A Hall of Fame selector not named “Ira Kaufman” doesn’t think Bucs fans or Patriots fans should be one bit surprised.

The Bucs, says Clark Judge, typing for, became a playoff contender the moment park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, handshake-stiffing, jet-ski-losing, biscuit-baking Bucs quarterback Tom Brady walked through the doors at One Buc Palace.

And the Belicheats? They just became another team when Brady signed with the Bucs.

Tampa Bay hasn’t made the playoffs since 2007 but could … no, should … this season. The Patriots haven’t missed the playoffs since 2008 but could … no, will … this season. The difference? Tom Brady. The Bucs have him; the Pats don’t. Simple as that.

The way Joe looks at this, the reason why the Bucs are knocking on the door of the playoffs is that guys wanted to play for Brady. He has street cred. He’s got rings.

YouKnowWho, Joe is convinced, had lost his teammates and some on the roster now likely wouldn’t be here if not for Brady.

Before Brady even took a snap from the sweating rear end of Ryan Jensen, he was the glue for the Bucs, now likely a win away from clinching the playoffs.

20 Responses to “Brady = Playoffs”

  1. Augsut 1976 Buc Says:

    In spite of all the growing pains, this is still the best season since the yungry Bucs. And they did not even make the playoffs that year, because of being stiffed by a phantom call against the Lions. Who knows what will happen but it is nice to be in the 6th spot for the playoffs instead of DRAFT TALK on Dec 14 GO BUCS!!!!!

  2. James Walker Says:

    The Bucs will win 10 games. The Bucs are the underdogs.

  3. SlyPirate Says:

    Brady is easily the MVP if you consider all of the intangibles he brought that turned this flailing franchise into a playoff team.

  4. SlyPirate Says:

    1 Bucs Win and 1 Bears Loss = Playoffs

  5. Fred mcneil Says:

    I just woke up from a terrible dream … the WTF …..I mean WFT won the super bowl.

    Worst dream I ever had.

  6. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Brady has been a good game manager, and that’s all this loaded offense needed to produce points consistently. He hasn’t put up anywhere near the kind of yards the previous QB was putting up despite having a better OL and even more weapons at his disposal. However, he’s eliminated a lot of the costly mistakes.

    Of course, this offense is designed to be error-prone and risky because of the coaches who are running it, so that’s why you so such incredible inconsistency from one game to the next–heck, from one quarter to the next. The Bucs will probably make the playoffs as a 9-7 team, but they are certainly going nowhere until they hire REAL COACHES.

  7. Fred mcneil Says:

    As long as they beat Atlanta next week I don’t care

  8. Fred mcneil Says:

    BTW, you are right about Miller, Joe.
    Save his tiny ass, tho.

  9. adam from ny Says:

    me luv tom gravy !

  10. Fred mcneil Says:

    Atlanta lost a close game today.
    Don’t take them lightly.

  11. Roy T. Buford Says:

    If you look at some slim victories the Bucs had this season, like LAC and NYG, it’s quite realistic to believe those games would have gone the other way were last year’s turnover machine QB here. In that case, right now, the Bucs would be 7-9, with a very slim chance of post season, at best. Would Winston have found a way to make some crazy throws and win others that Brady can’t make now? Not really. And the close ones with LAR and KC likely would not have been close in the end either.

    So yes, Brady makes all the difference. His highs are higher than Winston, and his lows are not as low. 62 years old or not.

  12. Beej Says:

    we LOST 3 games by a total of 8 points or something as well

  13. Rifka Says:

    Brady, GIVE BACK the MILLION DOLLARS you wrongfully took from the taxpayers, or donate to small business owners.

  14. Ftmyersbuc Says:

    7 points beej.

    3 to kc, 3 to lar, amd 1 to chi.

    That Chicago game still pisses me off. Very winnable game. People have Brady crap for not shaking foles hand, i wouldn’t have either a loss like that to a team you know your better than and Khalil mack talking trash ti brady all game eff those losers. If football was a series sorry we win 4 games to 1 against the bears.

    As far as playoffs, if the current 7 team, 3 wildcard system had been implemented in the “lost decade” we wouldn’t be quite as lost

    2010: 10-6 7th Nfc seed
    2016: 9-7 7th Nfc seed.

    So twice we would have made it. The 6th seed both those years had the same record as us (2010 packers were 10-6; 2016 lions were 9-7) we just barely lost out on tie breakers. If we finish with the 5th or 6th seed it will feel much more justifiable. That bears have i knew would haunt us.

    Maybe the saints will choke 3 more times and we win the division.

  15. Crack3rK Says:

    Joe says…(Best line ever)…”Before Brady even took a snap from the sweating rear end of Ryan Jensen…” Spit my coffee on my monitor LMAO.

  16. JimbobBucsFan: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    It is obvious now that after 20 years and 6 rings TB said said something to himself like “I think I can win another one somewhere else.”. He looked around and saw the talent and coaches JL had assembled and well, you know.

    Odds are long but not absolutely impossible for the Buccaneers to win the big one this year. But I predict that TB will be back next season with an even better version of the team and will complete the quest.

    Meanwhile, Go Bucs!

  17. Garv Says:

    For these reasons and more TB12 is the team MVP. that is not to downplay the seasons of players like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, LaVonte David, JPP etc, but the fact is going from #3 to #12 changed not just the position but the make up play of the entire team.

  18. SOEbuc Says:

    I’m all down for Brady getting another SB with the Bucs, but that first quarter went by with one of two 3 and out, like usual. Totally whiffing on wide open Gronk and Godwin. Can’t have that against playoff teams.

  19. stpetebucsfan Says:


    The previous QB was a CHOKER…Tom Brady is a WINNER. There is a HUGE diffference.

    JW rode Jimbo’s team to one title but how did he play against Oregon in the BIG Game…how did he play for us in the BIG game…the bigger the game the smaller the QB became.

    There is ONE new OL…the same RB…the same top two targets..swap Gronk for OJ…and by the end of last year he had the same defense. So how did he end last year.

    Oh that’s right in typical JW choking fashion…a pick six to end the game and the season and his career with the Bucs. If you were writing the JW story you’d get laughed out for being faky starting the career with a pick six and ending it with a pick six. Such perfect symmetry.

  20. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Brady has made plays when they needed sometimes… But it’s the defense that has sealed the game more often than not… And the running game a little…. But the defense has what?? At least 5 or 6 games that they won it on a defensive turnover!!