Arians Talks Devin White Pass Rush Maturation

December 29th, 2020

Buccaneers savior linebacker Devin White has nine sacks in his last 10 games and Bucco Bruce Arians says there are Xs and Os reasons for the explosion.

White, per Arians talking on the Buccaneers Radio Network, has figured out the art of blitzing.

Joe thinks that’s awesome, in part because general manage Jason Licht said in early November that it’s not an art you master overnight.

“It’s one thing to blitz, it’s another thing to blitz tentatively,” Arians said. “He does not blitz tentatively anymore. He’s a force when he’s coming, but he also knows when that [running] back might be chipping or leaking out. And that hurt him in the past. Now he knows exactly when he can go. He’s matured into one heck of a player.”

Arians also added the White has done a much better job of finding creases to get through.

If the Bucs are going to march through the playoffs to the Super Bowl, then they likely will need a monster defensive performance in most of the games.

Right now, the guy most likely to deliver is blitz-artist White.



20 Responses to “Arians Talks Devin White Pass Rush Maturation”

  1. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I swear I read that title and saw pass rush masturbation….. and thought, yeah Joe really does love a good pass rush.

  2. MakeAPlay Says:

    I’ve always been on the same page as one Joe with White. If he can rush the passer, he was well worth that #5 pick. Really glad to see it coming to fruition.

  3. AJ Says:

    On obvious passing downs. Like to see JPP move inside with Devin coming off the edge. Bring Minter in @ Mike, he’s good in pass coverage. I think that’s a heck of a lot of pressure coming at em.

  4. Godlovesbucs Says:

    Front 5 on passing downs. DT gholston and DT JPP. NT suh. OLB White and Barrett. keep lvd in and bring in edwards and whitehead at safety and move down winfield to white’s lb/nickel spot. Outside with davis and dean.

  5. Casual Observer Says:

    Good points about Davis. He is improving with each game. Wonder if VV will get back for the Big One?

  6. Rod Munch Says:

    Ronde did a good job breaking down White’s sacks vs the Falcons – go look for it on YouTube. His burst is elite, when he decides to blitz, he is there almost instantly. According to Ronde, it looked like he sort of free lanced those plays, he read the RB and decided he could get to the RB before the QB could get the ball to the RB, who would be wide open if they got the ball. But that’s what you do in a blitz, it’s risk/reward. But getting that middle pressure, with JPP and Shaq on the edges, that’s something if you can do it consistently. The Bucs just need to do that more often and do less of the soft zone. Against bad teams the Bucs defense can win just because they got better players, but against good offenses, they have to pressure the QB like they did in the Packers game, if they just sit back in a soft zone they get picked apart since they can’t get pressure with just 4 rushing (and often even 5 rushing). Yes, you will get burned in man to man – but that’s better than dying a slow death and getting worn down from being on the field the entire the game.

  7. Rod Munch Says:

    The 5-10 Giants with a chance to win and get into the playoffs and host a game if the Redskins lose… amazing.

    I was rooting for the Cowboys to win, but their offense suddenly looks a lot better. Still, I think I’d rather the Bucs offense get a bad defense in the Cowboys, and hope the Bucs defense can actually come through in a bit spot – but the Cowboys have three good WRs, and that’s a bad matchup for the Bucs corners. So would you rather face that, or face a Giants team with a pretty good defense but a bad offense? Or would you rather face a Redskins team with a very good defense and a bad offense, and also with a coach who has faced the Bucs for many years?

    I think the Cowboys is still the best matchup for the Bucs – you’re getting a dome game so there’s no weather concerns, and it would, hopefully, be a showcase game for the Bucs offense against the worst defense (by far) of any team in the playoffs. The issue is if the Bucs defense collapses or not – which is less of an issue against the Redskins and Giants.

    All of this assumes the Bucs beat the Falcons, who absolutely should have won that Chiefs game, so it’s not a given they wrap up that #5 spot.

  8. Destinjohnny Says:

    If Jason wouldn’t have missed on so many corners and safety’s ……
    We would be really hard to beat

  9. Roy T. Buford Says:

    D. White is really coming into his own. He could really be the next Derrick Brooks after all. The great thing is the Bucs have a feared front seven now. The secondary has some issues, but this D is third the league. Similarly, the offense is very well respected if not feared. So much hinges on how well this O line protects Brady in the weeks ahead.

  10. unbelievable Says:

    @Rod I would prefer the Giants, then Redskins, then Cowboys.

    Even though we’ve struggled against good defenses, I still think we simply over power that Redskins. Meanwhile the cowboys offense has been firing on all cylinders. Not looking to get into a shootout.

    But the Giants seem even easier to me, as they have both a decent defense and decent offense, but neither are outstanding or worry me much at all. We played incredibly poorly against them the first time around. I don’t expect that to happen again.

    Of course, we gotta win this weekend or else it might not matter (if Rams somehow win)

  11. Godlovesbucs Says:

    I would rather play daniel jones over alex smith or andy dalton.

    And the #5 is ours if we win OR if rams lose

  12. SOEbuc Says:

    This should’ve been happening all year but they were dropping him into bad coverage and blitzing DBs.

  13. orlbucfan Says:

    LVD has been player coaching White for 2 seasons. Just wait cos the results will be killer.

  14. MadMax Says:

    He’ll be the second coming of Barrett next year….just wait on it, Bowles has to put him in position…

    Im loving it…all the naysayers that were down on our pick of D. White are shush now, as they should be….i saw it when i was hoping we’d pick him at #5, and looky now lol

  15. Mitch Says:

    D white has developed nicely as a blitz linebacker and run stopper. He is a force no doubt. I’d just like some more forced fumbles from him or INT’s.

    Also good news! Rojo was activated!! He’s back and hopefully will be fresh for the playoffs.

  16. Ericb Says:

    Another negative article JOE were clicking write about the obvious like were winning…yes we need improvements but were going good!
    GO BUCS !!!

  17. Joe Says:

    I swear I read that title and saw pass rush…


  18. ModHairKen Says:

    White always had it figured out. It’s Arians who just figured out White already had it figured out. You figure?

  19. David Says:

    I think they would roll the Cowboys. The Cowboys can’t stop their offense. And the Bucs front should get pressure all day on Dalton.

    Giants are average on both sides of the ball. It was a close game the first time because the Buccaneers played sloppy and did everything wrong they could possibly do. That won’t happen again.

    I don’t think the Redskins offense can do a thing against the Bucs. They might be the hardest matchup because of their front seven on defense though.

    Saints and Seattle are the hardest teams in the NFC for the Buccaneers to get by in my opinion.
    I know Green Bay is tough in Green Bay but they have played a grand total of 4 teams with a winning record. They beat the Saints and Titans, lost to the Buccaneers and Colts.
    Just like everyone has known for a decade, the Buccaneers showed that if you get pressure and hit Aaron Rodgers early, he gets rattled and rushes… like most quarterbacks.

  20. Listnfrmafar Says:

    With this Bucs receiving core, the last thing we need is bad weather to hinder their abilities. Bad weather isn’t a real challenge for Brady, he actually excels in it but we need ME13 & CG14 able to get open not as much the issue for Gronk & Brown. I focused on White in Detriot game. His patience to find the open gap is as good as any veteran. The sky is the limit for this guy.