Arians Defends Tom Brady

December 17th, 2020

“I’ve got your back, Tommy.”

People seem to be down on the Bucs offense and some are even down on park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, handshake-stiffing, jet-ski-losing, biscuit-baking Bucs quarterback Tom Brady.

And Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians has about had it with people taking potshots at Brady. Arians went on the offensive in his presser yesterday.

“I don’t know why anyone’s criticizing Tom?” Arians said. “What he did at the end of the half and to start the second half [against] Minnesota – very, very few teams can score 17 points in a matter of five or six minutes.

“If we finished the half with 17 points, I don’t [care] how we start. He’s not getting enough credit for what he’s doing.”

Yeah, that last point Joe will raise his hand. Joe is one of those who continue to point out the Bucs are awful in the first quarter of games, where they’ve scored just one touchdown in the past six games.

No way anyone can say that’s good. Sure, if a team scores 17 to close a half, that’s great. But imagine if those 17 points were tacked on to an already 7 or even 10 points scored in the first quarter?

That way you turn opposing teams into one-dimensional offenses early (passing), and then your best defenders (pass rushers) are unleashed, which is what happened Sunday.

If Arians is comfortable and confident his offense will rack up 17 points to close out a first-half on a regular basis, fine. Joe just thinks that’s an unreasonable expectation, no matter the names on the backs of the jerseys.

For the record, Joe was not taking swipes at Brady. Joe’s been pointing out the entire offense hasn’t been getting the job done in the opening 15 minutes.

Look, Brady is No. 10 in passing (3,496 yards) and fourth in touchdowns (30). Whoever said Brady is having a bad year is flat out to lunch.

Joe sure never wrote that.

20 Responses to “Arians Defends Tom Brady”

  1. Robert Says:

    he needs to warm up more or something though, as he seems to overthrow a lot early in game…….maybe it’s nerves, maybe Gronk got slower….but it’s a pattern

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Don’t get me wrong….I love Tom Brady & am ecstatic that he’s a Buc….but there is certainly room for improvement….He’s been shaky and erratic early in games……that can’t be denied….
    He has had at least two opportunities to win games with the ball….enough time and he has failed.

    But….he’s much of the reason we are 8-5 and likely going to the playoffs after over a decade of losing….

    30=11 and only one fumble on a handoff…..that can’t be overlooked….

  3. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Dude has been in 9 SB and won 6.

    Maybe we need to start with some shorter routes or passes to a RB ( if they could catch) to get the old man warmed up…

    But nerves? No way.

  4. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Sometimes I think he overthrows because he doesn’t want anyone saying he has a noodle arm…overcompensating.

  5. sauron's eye Says:

    The offense sputters too much for this time of the year. Don’t want to pin blame on any one particular thing. It seems to be a mix. Play calling could be better, along with execution by Brady and all the receivers. They seem out of synch too often.

  6. lewis Says:

    Tom Brady has thrown 30 td passes and i do not know what the whining about what do you jack assssssessss need

  7. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Unmmmm so Bruce is saying he doesn’t understand why anyone is criticism Brady, forgetting that he was one of the prominent people, ahem, checks notes, who was criticizing Brady. BA is the drunk guy at the bar.

  8. lewis Says:

    That was meant for Joe

  9. SirClicksAlot Says:

    Brady definitely cost us points in the first quarter with those misfires. That said, he’s also the reason we finished the half with 17. So you have to take the good with the bad. It’s pretty clear at this point that Brady needs that first quarter to warm up and get into game rhythm. It’s a damn sight better than last year when Winston warmed up by throwing picks only to fall apart in the fourth quarter.

  10. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    The problem is against good teams that crap doesn’t fly. You get behind early and then you abandon the run game then it all falls apart. So we have got to stop the three and outs early and help support our defense with offense. Go Bucs! Just figure it out.

  11. Rob Tanner Says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if somehow everything clicks offensively in the playoffs? Holy spit! Holding my breath? NO! Crossing my fingers? YES!

  12. Imhere44 Says:

    Lol Arians throws him under the bus then says he doesn’t know why people criticize him geez

  13. Rico 210 Says:

    Most of you have never been in management. There is a way to help your employee improve without criticizing them. You recognize the problem and give them a solution. I see nothing wrong in pointing out the obvious. Have a great day.
    Go Bucs

  14. PSL Bob Says:

    Couldn’t agree more Joe. That was the first thing I thought of while reading your post. And I, and others, damn well can take potshots at TB if we wish. After all he is touted as the GOAT. He flat missed several open receivers in the first quarter of last Sunday’s game Had those passes been completed, who knows what the half-time score might have been. Love that he’s on our team, and admire all the good things he’s able to do. But…….he wasn’t hired to play 3 quarters of football.

  15. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Looks like Grandpa Smurf doesnt want to get fired

    Dont think that bad mouthing TB12 is going to pass with Mrs Brady

    BA now understands that Brady is the Glazer whisperer and in a higher position than Fat Bruce at 1 Buc place

    Like Kobe has stated many times, the elitist wine drinkingGlazers dont like anything whatsoever about the know it all rude sloppy beer belly Bruce. They despise his lack of etiquette and hygiene”

    Kobe Faker

  16. Clean House Says:

    Jameis Winston was #1 in passing and #2 in TD’s by season end.

    Anyone who thinks #10 and #4 is better than #1 and #2 is flat out to lunch.

    If we don’t win in the playoffs, all we have is a worse draft pick and a soon to be 44 year old at QB

    I hope Brady sharpens up and puts it all together.

  17. D1 Says:

    Clean house,

    6-10 is not better.

    30 picks and what a dozen fumbles combined with 26 passes thrown to a defender who couldn’t catch it and yet Winston somehow still managed to throw for more yards than anyone and the offense was 3rd in the league.


    As is, what those prolific accomplishments yielded for Mr. Winston. A 3rd string position , which will net him less than a million for the season. He knew what He was worth, so he said, and that uncomparable season statically wasn’t viewed by 32 teams as the season you believe it to be.

    One the one hand, we have 32 NFL franchises and the other….Clean House.

    I’m suggesting that you may want to rethink the accolades which you have so benevolently gifted Mr Winston. Or perhaps not , and simply continue on with your army of one approach.

    The latter path however is a fruitfull a venture as whizzing into a hurricane and hoping to not get wet.

    No matter I admire your steadfast opinion in the face of a undeniable tsunami of facts. Respect!

  18. Oneilbucs Says:

    Clean house I agree with you bro Brady will always get a pass regardless how bad he plays . And we gave him everything he wanted and next year I hope we move on . But we have to get to a superbowl this year . So I’m pulling for Brady to help us win but I’m not going to make excuses for him .

  19. Cj massie Says:

    Clean house. U are belligerent asf

  20. Ge Fit Says:

    Didn’t he beat GB ! What we ould be your record if Brady wasn,’t here ? The zOL is getting better. Never seen so much crying about a QB that had NO PRESEASON GAMES ? DIDN’T PRACTICE WITH ANYONE ?
    Look at NE l bet with there record they would take Brady back in a heartbeat ! Playoffs are around the corner when was the last time you were in them ?